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The Shifter's Mate

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Savannah, Georgia-

He walked into the little corner cafe that he had started visiting everyday for the last two in a half weeks he had taken off of work to take care of a personal issue. He usually came in half an hour early, a round seven, fifteen am. And quickly and quietly moved up to the counter to order himself a nice couple of lemon poppy seed muffins, and some coffee with a side of whole milk to help wash his breakfast down.

And upon getting his order, left a crisp ten dollar bill lying on the counter for the kid behind the register as he picked up his stuff and silently moved to his usual booth in the far corner facing the door.

And then sat down and slowly took his time fixing his coffee just the way that he liked it as he waited for the eight am breakfast rush with a small rush of excitement that even the prospect of seeing the normal human up close and personal didn't seem able to dim in the least.

No, if anything he was looking forward to seeing her up close again when she finally came in for her early morning shift at eight since that was when she always seemed to come into work at the cafe.

She was the reason he had left his home in Atlanta, Georgia for the past two in a half weeks and was spending them in his current location in Savannah, stalking her.

Her name was Sara Circe, she was a local collage freshman who was born into old money but preferred to work her way through school at a nice respectable job. Which was good since he would have absolutely hated dragging her out of a strip club in nothing but a string bikini, by her hair.

He'd had the chance to see her several times over the past two in a half weeks since arriving in Savannah, and had to say that he was more than passingly pleased by Sara's appearance (though he'd had to pick his jaw up off of the ground the first time he'd saw her in person, if only to hide his fangs) as well as her personality.

Those that she worked with called her by the nickname Venus. And the first time he had set his eyes on her, he understood why. The woman was the personification of beauty.

A statue of an ancient goddess given living, flesh and blood form.

His Sara was a tall-ish, and leggy- he liked that, just seeing her long slender legs made him want to purr and rub himself suggestively against her delightfully, beautiful body- woman with soft creamy skin, collar bone length strawberry blond hair that almost took on a pink-ish blond hue in certain light, that she kept up off of her nape in a classy twist style held in place by a black hair clip. She had long bangs that sometimes hung down in her eyes- which were a wide pretty turquoise color rimmed by short dark lashes.

But his favorite feature had to be her plump pale rose colored lips that were just begging to be kissed until they were swollen and bruised.

Smart, funny, beautiful- and as of almost a month in a half ago- she had also become the absolute center of his universe despite the fact that she didn't know it. It didn't matter any to him in the least.

She carried a part of him within her. He could smell it and her naturally sweet floral scent before she even entered the café. Hell, he could probably track her from the smell of that small part of him that rested under her breasts, but he didn't want to cause her to panic or feel afraid.

The Alpha nature in him wouldn't like it if she feared him. Especially since it was getting close to time to finally make his move and take her back home with him.

Was he aware that he would be technically kidnapping her? Yes, yes he knew. As a law man in Atlanta as well as an Alpha he knew very well what was acceptable and what wasn't in society. It didn't matter if he was in the community or here among the human's.

He knew enough about the law to know that taking Sara would be considered wrong. However, he wasn't a wholly human. Not in the conventional sense at least, and as such, he could bend certain laws and rules and apply them to the situation and get away with it.

Especially once he had her back in Atlanta. Atlanta was the designated community of the Alpha's, and as such, once he had Sara over the state line- none could touch them unless it was one of his own.

This gave him a measure of assurance and protection from retaliation from the human law enforcers while securing the mother of his pup.

He figured that he would have to grab her after work either today or tomorrow, perhaps while she was at home trying to rest after her shift- He already knew where she lived, he'd been following her at a discreet distance to her home, off and on to make sure that she made it there okay.

And some days when she was at work, he'd go to her place and simply let himself in and explore her home to get a good grasp of the things that she liked to be surrounded with.

The first time he'd done it, he'd taken notice of many things. How nicely kept and cozy her home was, the potted plants on the window sill. The color scheme (cream and pale aqua). The kinds of stuff she liked to read.

That she seemed to like nature paintings. She had some floral watercolors and oil paintings that were beyond stunning to look at. She also had a few mountain paintings as well which had made him smile a little bit before he had moved on to check out the rest of her home.

And before he had left, he had gone through everything but her panty drawer.

Her sock drawer he had absolutely no problem with checking out- and even though he was allowing his Alpha instinct to run amok here- he refused to disrespect the mother of his pup in such a way that he would go through her panty drawer like a sleazy pervert.

The female deserved better from him, and he intended to see that she had it.

Still the entire reason for going to her home and looking around in the first place was to gather information on what she liked and what she didn't like. Everything from the pictures on her walls, her clothing, her favored shoes, even the stuff that she liked to eat and drink- had been taken note of for when he was ready to take her home with him.

Another thing that he had thought about was whether or not she should have any contact with her family once he took her. And this particular choice had really been eating him up inside. Mainly because humans didn't have a concept of pack like Alphas did.

Instead they simply had very close blood kin and some friends that were basically like family. He understood this. Truly he did. And while he didn't want her family to be cut off from her in any capacity, he was reluctant to let her have immediate contact with them via e-mail, phone calls and such.

The reason for this was because he had done some research on them, and while the mother had come up as a decent female to be around- Sara's father and older brothers were the equivalent of feral's in his mind. They were absolutely insane.

And the reason that he had thought this was because the two business men had been trying to force her- yes that was exactly what he meant, and the mere thought of it still angered him- to abort his pup and marry/mate someone that she obviously disliked greatly.

There had a been a newspaper article a week back written by Sara's mother about her husband and son's unscrupulous methods in gaining new clients and how they were 'attempting to pimp out Sara for their immediate benefit'. The woman's letter to the local press had even included details on how they were attempting to force her to abort her child by drugging her and driving her to the nearest clinic well over a hundred and some odd miles away to get the baby removed while she was still unconscious.

However she also stated in her letter to the press that her poor daughter had awoken, to find herself in a strange place, wearing a paper gown and in stirrups, horrified. And before the procedure could be done and had had to run away from her own father and brother to save her baby.

She went on to say that her husband and son were both disgraces to the family and she hoped that they both died of a stroke when Sara finally settled down with a nice young man of her choice.Rick had automatically liked the woman for writing that despite the fact that no police had reacted to the information and the two bastards were still running free and harassing his Sara daily now. And Sara's mother had been at the top of his 'you're my new friend' list ever since.

While her husband and son were now at the top of his 'buddy I have fangs and I will fuck you up' shit list.

But that was okay, they could keep being asses a little bit longer and then Sara would no longer be within their reach. He was so absorbed in his own thoughts that he almost missed Sara's scent washing over the café, mingling with the scents of coffee, milk, muffins and just about everything else behind the counter that he couldn't quite think of at the moment.

His eyes cut across the room to the woman's figure as she walked in, and blinked at what she was wearing. He'd never seen her wearing a vivid red mid length clubbing outfit before. Mainly because she generally didn't have such gaudy things among her stuff at home. Not only that, but her makeup and her hair style was all wrong.

She looked like a whore...

"Sara- Holy shit what the hell happened to you?" One of the girls behind the counter asked as she took in the exhausted mother-to-be's state of dress with a curious glance.

"I'll give you one guess."

"Those bastards," The other girl practically snarled as she came around the counter and took hold of Sara's arm and slowly led her over to a table and let her sit down before she joined her. "What the hell did they do this time?" She asked, as Rick leaned up a little bit in his seat and waited for Sara to talk.

She was attempting to rub off the makeup, which wound up only smudging it in some places before she said. "Dumb jerks still can't take no for an answer, so they set up a 'date' at a local hotel after they grabbed me yesterday while I was on my way home. I don't know if they chloroformed me or something, but the next thing I knew- I woke up in the fucking hotel room, on the bed- dressed up in this ridiculous getup," She motioned with her hand to her outfit and hair and makeup before going on to say, "Nathan was in the room. Standing over me with his dick out, he'd apparently been shooting up while I was out of it and decided to get the party started."

Her co-worker's jaw dropped at the implication of what had happened to the young woman before Sara said, "So I kicked him in the dick, smashed a lamp over his head and then tied him up with the chord and left. I went straight to the hospital and had a kit done and had the baby checked. Nathan never got that far, thank god. But before coming here I did file charges against my dad, brother and Nathan. All of them were arrested about twenty minutes ago."

By this time, Rick was dangerously close to going up to Sara and asking what station the three were being held in so that he could unalive them but managed to hold himself back because he was fairly certain that Sara wouldn't trust anyone who coldly picked more than one person apart with their bare hands and left them as bloody smears on the walls.

Instead he settled himself back and continued to listen while planning out how he would take her.

He could try grabbing her after work, late at night when she was exhausted and in a weakened and vulnerable state. God knew that it may actually make things a little bit easier if he could catch her while she was in a deep sleep and merely collect her, some of her things, and walk out and put them in his car and drive off.

If he did take her late at night, he'd have to be careful not to rouse her since any noise that she could make would draw unwanted attention that he couldn't afford if he was going to take her with him.

Sara's co-worker sighed and asked her if she was up to working, nearly causing Rick to snarl. Sara should be at home sleeping or something after the traumatic night that she'd had. She was in no way whatsoever fit to work today.

Or at least that was his opinion, but it didn't seem to be Sara's opinion.