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Even if it Repeats Forever

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Slumber was something he fought for, something he yearned for, something that was very little in his time of being a student, a teacher, a worker and a young adult that just couldn't find the one thing he craved so much and seem to always be out of his reach. 

Jungkook did so much that he couldn't keep up with half the things he does during the day. He's always on the run, always trying to make sure he keeps to his schedule and check them off as he goes. School is a must, teaching the kids to dance at the center was required for class, making sure he was at the diner every other day from five to close was to bring in money to pay for said school, and he just kept that his body wanted to be at the age where the night time is when it's wired with energy rather than restoring that energy to get ready for school in the morning. 

So, the fact that it was one of those nights that he finally fell asleep Jungkook felt at peace. He got off of work early, his boss saying that he could leave before closing since it was a slow night. Jungkook didn't hesitate to take the bus home and get to his apartment to take a shower before going to bed. His body ached when the hot water hit it, but the tight muscles loosen and Jungkook was relaxed by the time he heated up some leftovers and made it to his bed. The bed felt like clouds to him and for once in months, he was going to get the full eight hours he craved. 

Oh, so he thought. 

"Mmm," Jungkook whined, eyes fighting to wake up because something was holding his lower half down. It felt like he hasn't even slept for that long before he was wakened up by something that wouldn't let up, his mind not catching up to his surroundings. "Ah, hyung,"

It took a minute, he was then hit with the pleasure that shot up his spine. Curved around his chest and belly and kept him warm with want. Jungkook huffed when the pleasure stopped, eyes blinking open as he felt the weight shift more on his thighs to hold them there. It was dark, well after midnight, but the light from the moon was enough for him to see the outline of the figure before him. Tall, lean, handsome--all words he uses on a daily to describe his boyfriend. 

"Hyung," Jungkook spoke but was cut off by the feeling of something sliding between his cheeks. Jungkook cried out when he felt the coolness from the wetness he felt on his rim. It was too much and not enough. 

Namjoon smiled when Jungkook got lost in the pleasure of it all. "Baby, you were saying something."

Was he? Jungkook couldn't think, not when he was on the verge of crying. Everything felt so good, but so far away as well. He could fell the edge of his orgasm right there but it was like a tease, something in sight but still too far away for him to reach. Without even realizing it, he kicked his foot out, causing him to hit the person who caused all this. 

"Brat," Yoongi moved the covers from over his head and leaned up to look at Jungkook. "Don't go kicking me." 

Jungkook squirmed, "You did this, hyung," his other boyfriend huffed while Namjoon laughed. "I wan'a cum." 

"Don't think you can make the rules when I'm the one eating you out baby," Yoongi teased, pressing a finger against Jungkook's hole. When the younger shivered, Yoongi pressed a kiss to the pale skin and smiled when Jungkook whined. "I'm doing you this favor and you're being mean to me." 

Nobody asked him too, Jungkook wanted to reply. He wanted to sleep and that's it. Jungkook never asked for his horndog of boyfriends to come home after the studio and decide now would be a great time to come and eat him out while he was sleep. Yeah, it was one of Jungkook's fantasies but that was something for when he was well rested and not living off of five cups of coffee and whatever Jimin brought with him for lunch every day at the center. 

"I was sleep," Jungkook mumbled. "You woke me up, so finished." 

The sound of the slap startled him more than the sting he felt on his right buttcheek. Namjoon giggled when Jungkook jumped, burying his face in the pillow while Yoongi kept rubbing the redding area. "Don't get snappy bun." 

"Hyung's being mean, huh, baby?" Namjoon thumbed the apple of Jungkook's cheek. "Woke you up and now he's being mean."

"Yeah," Jungkook breathed, ignoring Yoongi's indignant noise from the foot of the bed. "hyung's being mean, hyungie." 

Namjoon kissed Jungkook's red pouty lips, smiling when Jungkook whine after Namjoon pulled back. "Want hyung to eat you out like he's supposed to?"

Before Jungkook could answer, Yoongi was back to what he started, tongue pressed against Jungkook's opening. The younger moaned when Yoongi pressed a finger alongside his tongue and fucked in and out of Jungkook's tight hole, loosening it up as he continued. Namjoon laid down so that he was face to face with the younger but he wasn't close enough. Jungkook wanted to reach out to the elder, but he felt that the minute he let go of the hold of his pillow, that he would fall apart. 

"Feels good baby?" 

"F-uh, uh,--feels go-uuh-od," Jungkook cried when Yoongi jabbed at his prostate. Jungkook's body was feeling like jello, loose and wobbly, melting into the bed. "C-cum." 

Yoongi pulled back, spit all over his tongue, while he worked another finger in. "Already? Barely had time to be worked open, Kook, thought you could do better than that?" Jungkook hips were held by Yoongi's other hand, making it impossible for him to move. "Wanted to fuck you open before Joon fucked to back to sleep. Make you nice and full with his cum before slipping your plug in. Let you stay full until the morning, while Joon makes breakfast, I'll fuck you awake. Just want to take care of baby but he can't even wait, huh?"  

Namjoon watched as the first tear fell down Jungkook's cheek, passing his chin until hit his pillow. 

"Such a shame, Joon was looking forward to fucking you too." Yoongi teased, rubbing down on Jungkook's prostate, laughing when the younger kicked to be freed. "You know his cock is so big, long too. Would hit all the right places inside you until you couldn't stand it, fuck you until all you know is our names. But you just want to cum and forget about Joonie, right? I thought we fucked the manners into you a long time ago?"

It wasn't fair, Yoongi was being mean and all Jungkook wanted to do was cum. 

"H-hyung," Jungkook cried, watching Namjoon as the elder looked at him. "Koo--Koo wants t-that. Ca-can't. Cum. Koo--"

Namjoon shushed the younger when Yoongi kept playing with the bundle of nerves, sending Jungkook into a trembling mess. "You can cum, baby, hyung will still fuck you. It's okay, you did so well, baby bun, you can cum for hyung."

Jungkook shook his head, crying out when Yoongi went back to eating him out. "Koo--"

"Cum baby, it's fine."

Yoongi already had the third finger before Jungkook realized it, working all three finger in and out with the mix of his tongue to loosen Jungkook up. The younger couldn't move, body pinned as he rode the high of the upcoming orgasm that was right there. Yoongi groaned, pleased with his work, stuffing his face deeper into Jungkook's ass. Jungkook never understood it, but Yoongi loved eating both of them out, didn't matter the occasion, the eldest of the three never wasted the chance of having the pleasure of rimming his boyfriends. 

"Namjoon hyung, hyungie, K-Koo's go'na cum." Jungkook warned, eyes teary and red, his thigh trembling and his stomach taut. "Ahh," 

Namjoon watched as Jungkook's eyes rolled back, his mouth dropped open as Yoongi kept fucking him through the orgasm. He watched as the youngest tightened up before his whole body loosens up, melting into the sheets that were dirted from the cum from Jungkook's now flaccid cock. Jungkook whined when Yoongi kept fucking him, pushing until the eldest felt that Jungkook was done, milking him dry. 

When Yoongi was done, Jungkook felt a kiss against his hole before the eldest moved back. Immediately Jungkook eyes shot open, a sick noise coming from his throat from realizing that he was now empty. It showed how spoiled Jungkook was when he quieted at the feeling of being filled on both ends when Namjoon pressed his fingers against Jungkook's lips and Yoongi gently eased two fingers backed into his puffy hole. 

"Spoiled," Yoongi huffed, feigning being put out, but failed when he smiled at the way Jungkook was sucking on Namjoon's fingers. "Still want Joon's cock?"

That seemed to light a fire under Jungkook's butt because the younger let his boyfriend's fingers drop from his mouth to nod. "Yes, please. Koo was good, want cock." 

"You heard the baby, Joon." Yoongi teased Jungkook's prostate, making him hiss. "Hand me the lube." 

"No--ah, hyung," Jungkook choked when Yoongi pressed down.

Yoongi squirted the lube down Jungkook's crack, working it in. "I'm not letting him fuck you dry, last time you couldn't walk for two days. You masochist ways aren't winning today." 

Jungkook huffed while Yoongi lubed him up. Sometimes he boyfriend worried too much, Jungkook could take either of them dry on a good day and honestly, Yoongi can shove it because he was the reason Jungkook couldn't walk for two days and that was because the smaller man decided he wanted to spank Jungkook before fucking him.  

Brought out his thoughts from the sound of the bed squeaking, Jungkook looked to see Namjoon at the edge fully naked with one of his legs cocked and his cock just out and in the open. The tip was red from watching Yoongi play with Jungkook but the small bead of precum was right there on the tip and Jungkook felt his mouth go dry at the thought of having that cock in his mouth rather than his ass. Being fucked was great but the idea of being face fucked made is semi jump. 

"You're such a whore," Yoongi laughed, feeling Jungkook tighten up around his fingers. "He hasn't even done anything yet." 

"Doesn't matter," Jungkook stated, watching Namjoon's body flush pink at the predatory stare. "I want him to fuck me so hard, I choke on his name and that's the only thing I taste for weeks. Do you see his cock?"

"I've sucked that cock." 

"So have I, you're not special."

"Got fucked by that cock, a year longer than you." 

Jungkook glared, "That's cheating, you were already dating him." 

"Fucked my throat so good that I came from that twice," Yoongi shrugged, slipping his fingers out Jungkook's ass. "Would have been three times but he thought I was going to die from lack of breathing." 

That actually didn't sound too bad, Jungkook thought to himself. "That's kind of hot." 

"Right?" The eldest grinned. 

"Can the both of you stop talking as if I'm not right here?" Namjoon groaned, "And Yoongi stop telling people that." 

Jungkook snorted when Yoongi said, "You act like I tell everybody about the best orgasm of my life, honestly Joon-ah."

"You literally told Hoseok and Seokjin hyung the day after it happened and kept looking at my dick for weeks like you were addicted."

"Okay, but same." Jungkook smiled, giggled when Yoongi smiled back at him, "Baby understands."

Jungkook swore Namjoon mumbled something about menaces but he didn't stay on that thought too long because next thing he knew, he was being picked up and dropped into Namjoon's lap, who was now sitting at the top of the bed with his back against the headboard. Jungkook liked fucking with Namjoon--he loved it with Yoongi too but the small man also liked to play with Jungkook too long and make him cry--because Namjoon didn't hesitate, didn't make Jungkook wait too long. 

The slide of Namjoon's cock felt so good, Jungkook could feel his mouth salivating from the stretch of the thick cock. His head fell forward as Namjoon split him open, working Jungkook on his cock and easing him until Jungkook's ass met his thigh and glorious thighs. The fullness of everything made Jungkook want to cry, but he cried earlier and he didn't want to do that again because then Yoongi would get mean again. 

"Even after all the fucking you had, Joon can still slide right in. Slut."

Nevermind, he was always mean to Jungkook.

Namjoon's large hands felt larger on Jungkook's small waist. The two always told him about how much they loved his waist, how small and petite it was and how they loved to hold it when they fuck him stupid. This was one of those times because Namjoon used that same waist and moved Jungkook on his cock. The younger moved to hold on to Namjoon's shoulders as the older man worked Jungkook's walls with his cock, smiling up when Jungkook moaned out. 

"Feels good doesn't it, Koo?" Yoongi was pressed against the younger's back, trapping him. "Joon-ah has the best cock, God, I know it feels like the greatest thing. I bet the feeling of his big cock sliding against your walls feels so good, right Koo?"

Nodding dumbly, Jungkook whined at Yoongi's words, because the eldest was right. It felt so good, the wet cock sliding in and out of his hole and Jungkook felt so full

Gulping, Jungkook could feel Yoongi behind him, the other man had got undressed while Namjoon was fucking Jungkook and was now rutting his cock against Jungkook's back. The precum was making Jungkook's back messy but in the short time, Jungkook just imagined Yoongi pressing in alongside Namjoon. 

"Fucking slut," Yoongi whispered in his ear, startling Jungkook so much that he lost his footing and sunk all the way down on Namjoon's cock--having the other now putting on sought pressure on his nerves. "You really have a pain kink, huh? Thought I couldn't see you tightening up? Baby wants two cocks in him, Joonie, such a whore. A spoiled brat, really can't be grateful for the one cock he has in him now." 

Namjoon grunted, "That true, Koo? Want hyung to fuck you while I'm in, you?" Jungkook whined as Namjoon held him down, not letting up on Jungkook's prostate. The younger trembled with pleasure as the sensation shot up his back. "I'm not good enough?" The man pout.

Eyes wide, Jungkook shook his head, tears at bay but threatening to spill. "No, no hyungie! You're enough!"

"That's mean, Joon-ah," Yoongi faux pout over Jungkook's shoulder. His cool breath sending chills down Jungkook's back. "You know he's too dumb on cock to answer that." 

"Nuh," Jungkook cried when Namjoon fucked up into him, "H-hyungie."

"Not tonight, bun," Yoongi smirked, backing off. "Joon's gonna finish you up and then I'll take care of the rest." 

WIth Yoongi out the way, Namjoon decided he wanted to fuck Jungkook on his back. The younger blinked and he was on the bed, Namjoon crowding over him. From this angle, Namjoon felt so deep and close, surrounding Jungkook and making him feel smaller. Placing Jungkook's legs on his shoulders, Namjoon was able to move deeper into Jungkook's swollen hole. 


"Bun's noisy," Yoongi giggled. 

Namjoon fucked Jungkook like that was all he was here to do like that was his life mission. Fucking Jungkook while the boy gagged on his tongue from the pleasure, eyes fighting to stay open. Namjoon's rhythm was fast and rough, his ball slapping against Jungkook's ass. Jungkook jolted when Namjoon pulled at his nipples, knowing that the younger was sensitive. 

"H-hyungie," Jungkook whined, tears spilling. "N-"

"Koo will let hyungie play with him right?" Namjoon asked, eyes lidded and blown. "Right, Koo? Can hyungie do that?"

Yoongi snickered but Jungkook nodded his head, letting Namjoon do as he pleased. "Yeah, hyungie."

Nipple stimulation and getting fucked like he was the last hole in the world, Jungkook knew there wasn't going to be a chance he could last any longer. Namjoon was too good at what he does and Jungkook was too wired. With a few twists of his nipples and a couple of jabs at his prostate, Jungkook was cumming a second time for the night. He was loud and hoarse when Namjoon kept fucking him, kept using Jungkook until he came--hot and deep inside of Jungkook. 

"Such a mess," Jungkook trembled, breathe ridged at Yoongi's words. "Truly, a messy bun." 

Namjoon empties the rest into Jungkook, pushing one final time into the boy's swollen gland and pulled out. Yoongi was quick to put Jungkook's buttplug in, knowing that the youngest would cry if not. Jungkook shook from the aftershock of having two orgasms in a short amount of time. He was drained and he knew it was now that time where it was late in the night and early in the morning. 

"Can Koo help hyung with something?" Jungkook eyes fluttered open, not even realizing they closed, to look at Yoongi. "Can't let hyung go to bed without cumming, not after Koo go two and Joon-ah got one. That's unfair isn't it Koo?"

"Mm," Jungkook hummed, eyes low and heavy. "H-hyung."

Yoongi moved to push Jungkook's thighs together and--oh, yes. "Be good for hyung, okay?"

At the first push of Yoongi's cock between his thighs, Jungkook moaned, feeling so sensitive and strung out. His body was on fire and he was still trembling but he didn't want Yoongi to stop, didn't want him to go to bed without cumming. The red-head of Yoongi's cock moved through Jungkook's thighs, damn near purple but Jungkook loved watching it. Loved the precum that dripped down his thighs and onto his softening cock. Like that he can see the way Yoongi fucks his thighs and just uses Jungkook. 

It didn't take Yoongi long, after teasing Jungkook and being on edge himself for so long, it wasn't a surprise when the eldest came after a few minutes. Jungkook closed his eyes when Yoongi's cum shot up to his face, hitting Jungkook's cheek and nose. The youngest felt Yoongi tremble whine lowering Jungkook's thighs, massaging them gently. 

"Keep your eyes closed bun," Namjoon's voice sounded over him, before Jungkook felt a warm cloth run over his face. 

Yoongi kept massaging his thighs while Jungkook let Namjoon clean him up. Even though he was woken up out his sleep, Jungkook wasn't mad, actually was a little pleased to be woken up by the events that left his body feeling more at ease than it had in the last month. Yoongi and Namjoon cleaned him up and helped Jungkook back under the covers where the two joined him after cleaning themselves off as well. 

"Drink," Yoongi tipped the head of the water bottle to Jungkook's lips. When the younger was down, Jungkook heard the bottle being thrown somewhere in the room. 

He was woken up out his sleep for sex, but if Jungkook's being honest, being wrapped up in his two boyfriends after two great orgasms was the best way to sleep. 

And even when he woke up to Yoongi eating Namjoon's cum out his ass and fucking Jungkook until the younger cried, plugging Jungkook back up and helping him wash up for the day while Namjoon was in the kitchen fixing them breakfast, Jungkook didn't complain. 

It was the best sleep he got in months.