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The View From Up High

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        Heroes, police, and villains all were very much surprised when many young teenagers just walked out of a black portal, dressed to the nines.

        Izuku reached up and pulled off his mask, letting it drop to the ground. He adjusted his gloves as his teammates did the same. Their faces were bared to the world.

        “Innocents have been hurt today,” Izuku said, his green eyes steely as he looked at the so called mighty All for One. “And that is unacceptable.”

        Izuku had been called useless all his life. But he’d brought a pack together.

        And together with the pack, chaos reigned.

        Sparks flashed in Katsuki’s hands, illuminating the maniacal grin on his face. He closed his hands into fists, smoke seeping out as he bent his knees. “Die you piece of shit!”

        He launched himself at Shiragaki, though the villain moved and instead his fist connected with Mr. Compress. Izuku pushed off from his position and landed at Katsuki’s side, placing his back against Katsuki’s.

        Izuku put a hand on his neck and rolled his shoulder with his eyes closed. “Normally I’m not inclined to agree with Kacchan,” he said, opening his eyes and smirking just as wide as Katsuki, “but given the circumstances, I think I do.”

        Katsuki growled. “Shut up!” he shouted, explosions popping as clones from Twice surrounded them. “I’ll kill you, you nerd!”

        Izuku turned his head and placed a kiss on Katsuki’s cheek. The gleam in his green eyes was a challenge. He tilted his head then turned toward the clones of Magne and Spinner that were directly in front of him.

        Izuku powered up One For All, Katsuki flared his explosions, and in one movement, they jumped, their fists connecting with their own opponents and making them turn to dust. Ochako chuckled, her arms folded lightly, from her place.

        She nonchalantly moved over to the broken rubble that had been created in the fight between All Might and All For One. She touched one of the larger pieces and made it weightless. She picked it up and threw it like a frisbee, making gravity effect it once again. There were shrieks of terror as the league members scattered. Twice lost hold of the clones surrounding Izuku and Katsuki and they disappeared.

        The enemy turned to Ochako while Tsu joined her. Ochako placed her hands on her hips with a proud grin.

        “Move out of the way, ladies. It’s our turn.” Ochako turned to Tsu with a bright smile. “Ready, Froppy?”

        Tsu nodded confidently. “Ready, kero.”

        Ochako positioned herself for a jump, putting her fingertips together. Tsu wrapped her tongue around Ochako’s waist. “Let’s go!”

        Tsu flicked her tongue and threw a weightless Ochako towards some of the League members. Ochako released her weightlessness right over the top of the villains and started a swift decent. She pulled on Tsu’s tongue to pull the other after her.

        They both landed in front of Himiko. She twirled her knives around, her yellow eyes wide and her grin too toothy.

        She let out a giggle. “Oh, this’ll be so much fun!”

        Ochako tilted her head and returned Himiko’s smile. “Really?” she said. “I thought so too!”

        Himiko’s eyes hardened and she dashed at Ochako, swiping with her knife. Ochako ducked the knife, kicking out with her leg and tripping Himiko. With Himiko off balance, Ochako grabbed onto Himiko’s arm and slammed her into the ground, making her knife fall out of her hand.

        Himiko twisted in her hold, throwing Ochako off. Before Himiko could get to her fallen knife, Tsu spat her stomach contents in her face. Himiko shrieked and writhed on the ground, trying the claw the disgusting green slime like substance away.

        Ochako let out a laugh as she put her knee in Himiko’s back and took the quirk suppressant cuffs from her breast pocket and cuffed Himiko’s hands behind her back.

        “I’ve got one!” she shouted as she stood. “You losers need to catch up!”

        “I think you’ve been spending too much time around Bakugou!” Mineta said from his position with the rest of the group. Katsuki roared with laughter.

        Momo smiled at Shouto. He nodded, his own lips quirked in the smallest of smiles.


        “We’ve got him.”

        Shouto held out his hand and Momo took it. He created a slide of ice and pulled Momo along after him down it. Directly headed for Twice. In a panic, Twice surrounded himself with more clones of the League of Villains.

        Shouto pulled Momo close and blasted them above the heads of the clones, landing right where Twice would have been had he not moved. The rest of their packmates slid down the slide and began their attack on Twice’s clones.

        Twice backed up a step, a katana forming in each of his hands. Momo only unbuttoned the top button of her shirt and pulled a katana of her own out of her chest. She held it in both hands, at the ready.

        “I’m glad I took those lessons now,” she mused.

        Shouto gave her a wry smirk. “Is there anything you haven’t taken a lesson on?”

        Momo laughed. “No, not really.”

        Twice leaped at Momo, aiming both swords to slice her down. But Momo crossed her katana over her body and blocked the strike. She pushed him off, and he moved to turn and slice her at once, but he was stopped by the ice creeping up his body.

        He’d landed on Shouto’s ice, and it slowly encased him. Twice struggled, but couldn’t get loose. Shouto slowly stalked towards Twice as everything but Twice’s arms and neck couldn't move. Shouto let the fire of his quirk lick at his fist before slamming it into Twice’s face, knocking him out. Momo pulled quirk suppressant cuffs out of her arm and locked them around Twice’s wrists. All of his cloning turned to dust.

        Izuku and Katsuki looked around the group. None of their pack was worse for the wear, but the meager members of the League weren’t looking too hot. Kurogiri, Twice, Himiko, Magne, Spinner, and Mr. Compress were all in cuffs and unconscious on the ground because of the groups’ collective effort.

        Shiragaki had been downed, too. By Izuku ripping his thumbs off. His hands were bloody, but the bleeding had stopped, though he continued to whimper on the ground. His quirk was useless, and he was out of the fight.

        Izuku’s attention turn to the so far bystanding All For One.

        “To think this old fool would have his quirk stolen by one of the villains he so much wants to beat into submission,” the disfigured man taunted.

        “A smarter decision than you ever fucking made,” Katsuki said, a smirking going to his face. He looked at Izuku out of the corner of his eye. Izuku looked back.

        “Ready, Kacchan?” Izuku asked.

        “Ready to beat this bastard into the ground where he fucking belongs.”

        Izuku and Katsuki blasted off the ground and began making their way to All For One, bypassing every obstacle put before them with ease. With less than three meters before them, they jumped. Shouto threw Ochako up to them, and she touched each of their ankles before falling back towards the ground.

        Katsuki summoned the most destructive explosion he could muster, and Izuku powered up to fifty percent- a recent development on his part. He’d only recently been able to get up to forty with Katsuki’s quirk training, but he figure fifty was an okay gamble for this particular situation.

        The two continued, now even faster from their now weightlessness and momentum, at All For One. All For One summoned a wall to save him from their combined blast, but it shatter on impact and he still fell to the ground. Shouto’s ice gripped at him and Mineta launched his sticky balls.

        Denki’s electricity crackled in his hand and acid pooled in Mina’s. They shot at All For One, Yuuga curling his arms behind his head and blasting with his stomach laser. Momo made bombs at lightning speed and Mezo threw them all at once. They exploded upon impact with the villain.

        Ochako finally released her quirk’s hold on Izuku and Katsuki as the smoke began to clear, and they fell at a rapid pace down to All For One. Izuku’s fist crushed his skull, and Katsuki’s went right through his heart.

        When the smoke cleared, the mess that had once been All For One was unrecognizable because of all the quirks used on him. No immortality quirk or regeneration quirk would have saved him from the holes that riddled his body. Even if his body was still alive, there was no possibility that he could be.

        Sirens sounded, and the shouts of people- police and journalists, likely- swarming the scene could be heard, though barely over the ringing in Izuku’s ears.

        His eyes zoomed in on the body of the man named Yagi Toshinori, the man who had once been the Symbol of Peace, the hero All Might. He’d explained, in one of Izuku’s training sessions, that he had been born quirkless. And without One For All, he’d be quirkless again. One For All had died in him in the battle with All For One.

        He’d been the one hero Izuku and Katsuki respected, because he was a hero, not just some shitty bastard that was in it for the ranking or money. But he genuinely did want to help people, even if he was only human and couldn’t be everywhere at once.

        Izuku was surprised the unconscious man hadn’t gotten wrapped up or injured in the carnage.

        He met eyes with Ochako, the closest to Toshinori. She nodded and leaned down, touching him gently on the arm. Hanta threw his tape and it wrapped around Toshinori’s waist. When Dabi summoned another portal to get them back to the base, Hanta pulled his tape back and pulled Toshinori through.

        Izuku and Katsuki stood on either side of the portal as the others dashed through, the shouts of the police getting closer in the crater they’d made. With the last of their pack in the warp, they nodded to one another and jumped through.

        By the time the police got to the crater, the pack was gone. The only clue they’d ever been there was the many bodies of League members littering the ground.

        It was dark, was the first thing Toshinori noticed. Dark, but there was muffled sound, and he hurt immensely, so being dead was immediately ruled out.

        “- and you were all bam and hi-ya! And it was so cool!” the voice of a young boy squealed somewhere almost beyond Toshinori’s awareness.

        There was a familiar chuckle, but couldn’t place who it belonged to in his half-conscious state. “Keep your voice down, Kota. He’s still sleeping.”

        The boy let out a squeak. “Right, right. Sorry.” The familiar voice let out a quiet hum and Toshinori creaked open his eyes.

        The first thing he noticed was, of course, the green hair of the ninth holder of One For All. Ah, he thought. It was Young Midoriya’s laugh. The next was the young, dark haired boy at Izuku’s side. And beyond them, Katsuki and Dabi. There was an IV in Toshinori’s arm, dripping fluids. There was a band around his other arm, and several other wires clipped to monitors on his hands. The sterile scent in the air was that of a hospital, but the large (large enough to even accommodate Toshinori’s large stature), cozy bed and comfy pillows weren’t hospital material at all. It was all… very strange.

        Toshinori’s eyes met Dabi’s, and for a moment he couldn’t breathe from the chill in them. But Dabi looked away to nudge Katsuki. Katsuki pushed off the wall and began to walk over to the bed. Izuku and Kota looked over at Toshinori as he did so.

        Izuku smiled kindly at Toshinori. “Oh good,” he said. “You’re awake. We were worried for a bit there.”

        Toshinori’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Wha… Why…?” His voice sounded so weak and cracked, his throat incredibly dry.

        Izuku shook his head sadly. “Well, we can’t exactly walk into an actual hospital, can we?” He shrugged as if it weren’t a big deal. “I mean, we don’t have a Recovery Girl or anything, but we make do.”

        Toshinori felt even more confused than before. “No… No… Why am I…” He almost couldn’t bring himself to say it. “Why am I alive?”

        Dabi scoffed and folded his arms. “Honestly, it’s a miracle that you are with how little organs you have,” he said with a roll of his eyes. Toshinori looked at him with a mix of horror and shock. “Jirou managed to pull your hospital files.”

        “I… I’m still… confused.”

        Katsuki let out a growl, leaning into Toshinori’s face. “Listen up, old man, because I’m only going to say this once,” he stated. “You’ve meant a lot to me and Deku growing up, so we sure as hell weren’t going to just let you die.”

        Izuku pulled him back, but the motion seemed to have little heart in it. “What Kacchan means to say is…” Izuku sucked in a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. “You’re retired now. You don’t have anything to do. Not even look for a successor, because you already passed it on to me. Do you really have anywhere to go?”

        Toshinori tried to fumble for an answer, but he couldn’t give one. His mouth and his brain weren’t cooperating.

        “We sure as fuck ain’t turning you away,” Katsuki told him. “So if you want to fucking stay, you can fucking stay.”

        Izuku sat on Toshinori’s side, patting his hand and squeezing it gently. “But if you want to go, you can do that too.” His expression seemed to twitch and change, to turn into something that he’d only seen on the boy when he declared he wouldn’t be a hero. “But no one will believe you if you try to turn us in.” But then he went back to normal so quickly Toshinori might have gotten whiplash.

        Dabi nonchalantly looked at his nails. “There’s also the plus that if you stay, I might know someone that can regrow your organs and get you back up to full health-” He froze and looked up at Toshinori. He shrugged. “Well, mostly full health.” Then he went back to admiring his nails.

        Toshinori licked at his lips. He couldn’t- could he? He really didn’t have anywhere else to go. He didn’t have any family anymore. Hadn’t for a long time. But he’d still been a hero. And he was surrounded by villains! “I don’t… I can’t…”

        Kota’s eyes turned watery and wide. “Grampa Toshi isn’t gonna stay?” he said, his voice quivering.

        “I…” Toshinori couldn’t look at the boy. He had to turn away and close his eyes. Oh, Young Midoriya, you’ve taught the boy well. “Oh. How can I say no to an expression like that?” he said, his voice giving in.

        Izuku squeezed Toshinori’s hand again, a bright smile on his face. “Welcome home.”

        The apartment was dark when Aizawa blearily wandered from his bedroom into the kitchen. All the curtains were drawn closed, keeping any and all light from outside in the outside. He let out a yawn as he opened his fridge, seeing only cold take out from the night before.

        Aizawa sighed heavily and rubbed the back of his head and pulled the take out out of the fridge and wandered into the living room. He sat cross legged on his couch, his cat curling into his lap as Aizawa turned on the TV.

        The light from the TV was ridiculously bright and it took a moment for Aizawa’s eyes to focus on the brown haired anchor.

        “I’m live on the very place where Pro Hero All Might and the villain known only as All For One had their great battle this very day three years ago,” she said, and Aizawa recognized the background she stood in front of. “The fight was interrupted by a gang led by two individuals called Deku and Kacchan, and this interruption led to the arrest of many League of Villains members and the death of All For One.” The description was said over a recording of the fight three years before before switching back to the anchor. “There is much controversy about All Might himself since the fight, as though the ex number one pro is proclaimed dead and a nationwide funeral held, some still speculate that he’s alive. No one knows for sure, all anyone really knows is that since that day three years ago, neither All Might or Deku and Kacchan and their gang have been seen-

        The anchor was cut off by a large explosion on the roof of a building on the other side of the street. The camera shook and Aizawa shot into an upright position. The cat yowled as the take out dropped from his hands.

        The anchor let out a shriek. “What was that? What was that?! What- Oh my God. Oh my God. Are you getting this?!

        The camera zoomed quickly onto the top of the building as figures stepped out of the smoke of the explosion. Aizawa’s eyes widened.

        The figures were ones Aizawa had not thought he’d see so soon. If ever again.

        They wore their masks, though they all stood tall and proud and their faces were well known. The wind swept their hair about them as the camera locked on the faces of Kacchan and Deku.

        The duo seemed to look directly into the camera. Then with a grin, they disappeared just as quickly as they had come. After a few moments, the view from the camera moved to a shot being taken from a helicopter. None of the group was there. The only evidence of them being there at all as the smoke cleared was the message The V&V have returned .