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A Blade Over My Head - Alternate Ending

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“No Alice, I don’t know how many times I have to say this. Harry is my mate. We have mated already, it’s done.”

“What do you mean you mated already?” Carlisle cut in. “He was still human, unchanged.”

Jasper could only shrug. “That is between me and him. Irrespective, we have mated, and he will not be becoming a vampire. Any further explanation is up to Harry.”

Silence descended over the room, heavy with disbelief.

Jasper could only sigh. “I’m going to go. Call me when you are willing to listen to reason.”

With that, Jasper turned on his heel and walked out the front door, pulling out his mobile phone as he went. “Harry, can you come get me? I’m by the car.”

The family poured out the front door to the sound of a crack, they saw Harry step up to Jasper, wrap his arms around the vampire, then the pair disappeared with another crack.


Once his head stopped spinning, Jasper turned to Harry and gathered him up in a crushing hug.

“I am so sorry love, I never expected them to behave that way. I thought… Well never mind what I thought. We are together and nothing will change that.” Jasper stated firmly, missing the look of astonishment Harry directed at him.

“Are you sure Jasper?” The dark-haired man asked, pulling away to hug himself. “Are you really happy to give up your family for me? I’m not much, they have loved you for a long time.” Harry cut his eyes away, unwilling to watch the first person that had been his walk away.

Cool fingers slid over Harry’s cheek, tugging his chin around so that amber eyes met green. “Harry, I am not leaving you. You are my other half darlin’. I know this is all new, but I hope in time, you will believe me.”

Jasper pressed a tender kiss to Harry’s lips, encouraging the other man to melt into his embrace.

Eventually, the pair moved to the loungeroom where they settled on the couch by the fire, just soaking up the comfort of each other’s company. Hours slipped by before Harry finally stirred.

“I’m hungry, going to fix myself something to eat, will you come keep me company?” There was a painful vulnerability in Harry’s voice, almost as if he worried if he turned away from Jasper for a moment, he would disappear.

“Of course, darlin’.” With a grin, Jasper swept Harry up into his arms and blurred to the kitchen.

Harry soon set to fixing himself some toasted sandwiches while Jasper lounged on the bench, sharing silly stories from his life. Once Harry had finished, Jasper grasped the other man around the waist and pressed him down onto the table top, kissing the breath from his mate.

With a laugh, Harry submitted to the vampire’s ministrations, wicked fingers stroking and caressing their way over heated flesh. A cool wet mouth slid over his aching erection, the feel of lengthened canines skimming over sensitive skin. Harry couldn’t resist arching his back, fingers tangling in honey blonde hair.

Gasping out some Latin, Harry felt himself cleansed, lubricated and loosened. Jasper hummed in approval and soon cool fingers were plunging into Harry, twisting to press insistently against that sensitive bundle of nerves. The dark-haired man could feel his orgasm coiling rapidly and all too soon he was coming with a shout.

As he drifted back to awareness, he could feel Jasper sliding home, cool hardness filling and stretching Harry deliciously. With a moan, Harry wrapped himself around the vampire, tugging him down for a messy kiss. The wizard could still taste his essence on Jaspers lips and when one of Jaspers fangs caught on his lip, a trickle of blood joined the mix. Jasper moaned loudly, sucking hard on the abused lip.

They made love on the kitchen table, washing away thoughts of families who disapproved or the looming sense of abandonment. Instead the pair simply revelled in the company of each other. All too soon, Jasper was coming, filling Harry with his cool seed and the wizard couldn’t help but wonder if there was life growing inside of him.

Harry couldn’t help but think his status as Master of Death would preclude him from being able to bear but he couldn’t shake the image of a green-eyed honey blonde boy. Eventually he cleaned them up and the pair drifted off to bed.


The next morning, Harry awoke with a groan and a stretch, feeling that lovely familiar ache through his body that spoke of being well fucked. With a sigh, he rolled over to face Jasper and immediately, a long-fingered hand reached out to begin carding through Harry’s messy hair.

Suddenly, Harry’s eyes lit up and he lept out of bed, summoning his back pack while Jasper watched in bemusement from the bed. Riffling through the back pack, Harry tugged out his old charms book with an exclamation. Rushing back to the bed, he began flicking through the pages until he finally settled on what he was after.

Jasper watched as a wand extracted itself from the back pack and smacked into Harry’s open palm before he began tracing shapes in the air and muttering to himself. Once satisfied, Harry then cast, ending with the wand pointing to his own abdomen as a string of Latin fell from his mouth.

The vampire watched with curiosity as Harry’s stomach lit up a soft blue. He waited a few beats for an explanation, but nothing was forthcoming. Shifting, he looked properly at Harry’s expression to find it filled with astonishment and hope.

“Harry?” Tender fingers reached out to brush his cheek.

Wide green eyes snapped up. “I’m… I’m… I didn’t think I could, not anymore, not after… But…” He trailed off, staring down at his blue limned stomach once more. Jasper looked down as well, fingers trailing down Harry’s chest to press his palm against Harry’s flat stomach.

“Darlin’? Are you sure? You’re really… We could have a family?” Jasper’s voice was soft, hesitant.

Their eyes met once more, Harry nodded slowly, hands pressing over Jaspers, holding them to his stomach. “Pregnant.” He half laughed, half sobbed. “I’m pregnant.”

Jasper could only reach out, gathering the other man into his arms. Before he had been turned, he had assumed he would have a family one day. After, he figured being a vampire precluded him from the possibility, him being gay even more so. But now, the universe had blessed him with Harry, his little miracle.

“You’re pregnant.” Jasper repeated, Harry’s face now buried in his throat nodded. “We are going to have our own family.” Another nod and a shuddered exhale against cool skin. “I am so glad I found you Harry. My life was so empty without you, and now, you have given me everything.”

Tangling long fingers into raven hair, Jasper tugged Harry’s face up so he could press a tender loving kiss to his lips. Their kiss was slow and luxurious as they curled back up in bed, blankets tugged over their heads. Their hands stroked and touched, Jaspers fingers never leaving his belly, imagining it stretched and full with his child.

Eventually, they drew apart. “Well I certainly wont be able to continue travelling if I’m pregnant.” Harry chuckled.

“How long a wizarding pregnancies normally?” Jasper asked quietly, remembering the horror that was Bella as she carried her daughter.

“Six to seven months, men’s bodies aren’t designed to carry children naturally and while magic helps, it also encourages birth a little earlier. Why?”

Jasper swallowed heavily. “Bella’s pregnancy lasted a little over a month on the outside.”

Harry couldn’t help but gape. “A month?! We have a month?! On the outside?!” Hysteria began to edge in a little.

“Perhaps yours will take a little longer?” Jasper offered weakly, to which Harry could only glare.

“Well if that is the case, we need to get moving. We have little to no time to waste.” With that, Harry sat up and summoned his phone.

Dialling briskly, he shot another dirty look at Jasper who could only look sheepish. “Griphook? So something else has come up.”

“Yes something else. Meeting or staying with his family did not go well, so we are back at Seattle. But that’s not the reason for my call. I am, apparently, pregnant.” The last is blurted out in a rush.

Jasper can almost feel the heavy silence at the other end of the line.

“Apparently, we only have a month if we go off Jasper’s sister-in-law’s timeline, with me being a wizard, who knows. For now, let’s run with a month. We will need a secluded property somewhere quiet but with a wizarding precinct that we can access easily. If possible, I will need a healer, one with high level secrecy clauses. While I can’t die, I don’t really want to gamble with this so having someone on hand to help would be appreciated.”

Jasper watched as Harry nodded along with whatever Griphook is saying.

“Germany could work.” Green eyes flick to Jasper. “Can you speak German?” The vampire can only shake his head. “We will need another babel fish. Can you send through an information packet to me? The house will need to be move in ready, two bedrooms with an office minimum, perhaps a bit of land? Backing into a forest or something? We will need it in the next couple of days though.”

Harry falls silent, listening to Griphook. Jasper can't help but get up and wrap his arms around his mate, chest to back. Harry leans back into his embrace as Jasper traces tender fingers over his abdomen, already the firm lines of muscle have softened a little. The vampire can't help the thrill that runs through him at the knowledge that his incredible, wonderful mate is granting him a family.

While he is lost in thought, the conversation on the phone ends because Harry's head drops back onto his shoulder exposing a delicious amount of neck that Jasper has no hesitation nuzzling into the soft skin, licking, kissing and nibbling. A moan rumbled through Harry's throat and when Jasper's hand slips lower, he realised the dark-haired man was already aching hard. Wrapping his hand around the length, he stroked slowly, relishing the feeling of Harry sagging against him, his other hand still pressed against that flat belly.

“A family,” he breathed into Harry's shoulder. “We are going to have our own family, us together.”

He felt finger slide into his hair, tugging so his mouth was pressed into the crease where shoulder met neck.

“I never dreamed I would have a family.” Harry whispered. “Never dreamed I would find you.”

Harry turned in his arms, kiss fierce and demanding. With a groan, Jasper scooped the wizard up, moving back to the bed and pressing him down. The dark-haired man arched as Jasper kissed his way down his body, lavishing loving attention on peaked nipples and flat abdomen before sucking Harry’s hard cock down without hesitation. The wizard shouted, body jerking, fingers tangling in honey blonde hair as Jasper swirled his tongue around the leaking head. The vampire trailed his fingers down, tracing gently over his mate’s entrance and as he caressed the sensitive skin, he felt it suddenly get slick, the rim softer and looser.

He was really beginning to love magic.

Lovingly, he slid a finger in, mouth still working over the hot length against his tongue. He didn’t want to rush ensuring Harry was stretched enough, the man was bearing his child, his child! Gratitude and love crashed through him at the thought that in a month, they would have a family, a real family together. Harry was a babbling mess as he worked up from one finger to two, then eventually three.

Allowing the cock to slip from his mouth, Jasper settled over Harry, pressing his aching length to the wizards’ entrance. Suddenly, warm thighs wrapped around his hips, encouraging him to slide home. Gasping and panting, the vampire worked his way in, watching wide green eyes that gazed lovingly up at him, fingernails scrabbling at marble skin. Once he was fully sheathed, he pressed his forehead into a sweaty shoulder; the pair rested in the moment, whole, complete.

Lifting his head, Jasper gazed deeply into Harry’s eyes and they shared in the realisation that this was forever, they would be together, have each other, forever. It was more than either had ever expected, had hoped for. With a tremulous smile, Harry leaned up to press a tender kiss to his mates lips and tightened his thighs, causing the vampire to shift inside him. The pair moaned and Jasper began to move, rocking in and out, he adjusted the angle until Harry arched and groaned.

With another brush of his lips to heated flesh, Jasper began gently fucking his mate, pleasure coiling slowly, a golden threat tightening around the pair. Time ceased to mean anything as they moved together. Reaching down, Jasper wrapped his hand around the wizards leaking length and stroked, movements languid. With a sigh and a moan, Harry came, white ropes splatting over his stomach. Feeling his mate tighten around him, Jasper tipped over the edge, sinking his fangs into Harry’s bared throat and drinking deeply, revelling in the sense of connection.