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The Academy Watches

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Reginald Hargreeves looked around. He was in his office, wasn’t he? He remembered working through the night, his eyes felt heavy and then... Why was he sat in the dining room now? Why was there a television set in the room and why was there a set of DVD’s by the television?


“Dad?” A voice asked, turning he could see Number One, Luther, stood before him, looking confused. It appeared the boy’s time on the Moon hadn’t lessened his loyalty to his father, Reginald was pleased to note, as soon as Reginald gave him his attention he could see Luther’s back straighten and his eyes brightened.


“Number One. Why have you returned from the Moon?” Reginald asked him, Luther shrugged his shoulders.


“I don’t know. I went to sleep, and I just woke up in here, seeing you.” Luther explained. “What’s happening, sir?”


“I’m not sure, Number One.” Reginald said. “I suggest we return to my office to discuss this and see about returning you back to the Moon station.”


“What am I doing here?” Diego said, appearing before the others, Reginald and Luther taking a step back as he did.


“Number Two?”




“Dad.” Diego spat, then giving a slightly softer tone. “Luther.”


“What was in that drink last night?” A new voice said as Allison appeared over by the television.


“Whatever it was, I had it too.” Klaus said from behind them all, Reginald’s lip curling into a sneer as he spoke.


“I wouldn’t be surprised if you were on something, Number Four. You always were a grave disappointment, but I’m fairly confident myself and your siblings wouldn’t have partaken in anything like that.”


“Lay off him.” Diego growled at his father, who ignored him.


“You’re just like him, Number Two, never able to live up to your potential. A waste.” Reginald snidely said as Diego wilted, looking as if he’d been punched in the gut.


“Shut up!” Klaus said. “You’re a sadistic, sad and bitter old man and we’re all better without you, even Luther, all the way on the Moon most of the time, at least he’s out of your daily poisoning.”


“What’s going on?” Another voice said, turning they could see Vanya stood in the corner. “How did I get back here?”


“What are you doing here?” Diego snarled. The others looked to have a mixture of shock and anger themselves, except for Reginald, who looked disinterested in the appearance of his wayward daughter.


“I just woke up here, I went to sleep and then I was here.” Vanya said awkwardly, cringing when she looked around and saw that they were all there. “Hi, everyone.”


“Vanya.” Luther said shortly, Klaus nodded to her and gave her a small smile.


“Vanya, how have you been?” Allison said, giving her a smile as well. Vanya returned the smile to Allison and Klaus.


“I’m sorry, Allison, I really am.” She said, looking at her feet.


“You should be.” Diego said before anyone else could say anything.


“What’s happening, Sir?” Pogo said, Pogo appearing besides Reginald.


“It appears we all went to sleep and awoke here, my friend.” Reginald told him. “As to why, and as to why there’s now a television in the dining room, that I don’t know. Yet.”


“Wait a minute.” Klaus said, looking around. “There’s a note here!”


“What does it say?” Luther asked.


“Dear Hargreeves family, these DVD’s will teach you about the events that are soon to come, and how to ensure that you save the world as your father intended for you.”


“Well, that was weird.” Klaus said after reading it again to everyone.


“What do we do about this?” Diego asked.


“We watch them, of course. If they can help you children to achieve your potential and save the world, we shall all watch them. Number Seven, I’m not sure why you’re needed for this, but you shall also sit quietly and watch.” Reginald barked as the children bristled.


“Listen here old man...” Diego started before Klaus jumped in.


“Hell no. We’re doing being your lackeys. If this is about your supposed apocalypse, I know you’re behind it. Pathetic.” Klaus said.


“Wait a minute, why would Dad have brought us here for this? He would have told us all. Let’s watch these guys.” Luther said.


“Luther, isn’t this odd to you?” Allison asked.


“It’s weird, yeah, but we need to know all of this.” Luther argued. “Come on guys, the quicker we watch, the quicker we leave I imagine?”


“Why can’t we leave now?” Klaus asked, heading for the door, and opening it. “Aha! See you guys in a few years or maybe never.” He said, walking out of the door, only to reappear by the television again.


“What the hell?!” Diego said, stunned.


“Well, I guess that answers that. We cannot leave. Simply sit and let us get through this.” Reginald said.


“When is this?” Vanya asked.


Before anyone could answer, there was a flash of light and the sound of wind from above, looking up they could see a dark light forming on the ceiling and lightning began to flash.


“Get down!” Luther yelled, shoving Allison to the floor and throwing himself over her, Reginald and Pogo heading to the side of the room, Vanya and Klaus rushed for the sides as well as Diego pulled out his knives.


“What’s happening?!” Vanya called out.


“Some kind of temporal anomaly?” Luther asked as they all looked to see an old man appear in the hole above them.


“Who’s that?” Allison asked as the person stepped into the hole and screamed, before landing on the floor below them, much younger looking and in baggy clothes.


“Does anyone else...see little Number Five?” Klaus asked as they all stared at the newcomer. Looking at the others and then himself, Five uttered a single word.