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The Watcher in the Woods (Temp On-Hold for Rewrites)

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‘Run, just run! You’re not strong enough! RUN!’ the petite blonde slammed her body against the large rock behind her, shaking her head desperately trying to crush the thoughts clouding her judgement. “Remember your training Elizabeth, fight dammit!” Her breathing was labored as her brother’s voice rang in her ears, trying to get through to her.


She could feel her body's own natural fight or flight response trying to override her training and it angered her, this was not supposed to happen. Her determination only grew as she looked around the dark forest, her entire body drenched from the rain pouring from above, trying to find cover.


Overhead a thunderous roar accompanied by a flash of light silhouetted her attacker who was getting dangerously close to her current location. She knew she had to think fast if she was going to survive this. She searched the darkness, her eyes still adjusting from the lightning, before finally spotting a hollowed out tree trunk. She could easily slip into it without being seen and it offered her just enough shelter from the elements that she could formulate a plan.


Squeezing in the small burrow she was able to catch her breath and regroup. She examined her surroundings for a moment before checking her ammo. ‘Only one clip left... Hope silver works on this fucker.’ she pants as she reaches into her vest pocket to find her remaining clip, jamming it into her Beretta. It’s not her go to weapon of choice but given the circumstances it will have to do.


“You can do this sis, just demobilize him and then put him down with your gun. If all else fails, you have your sword.” the voice in her ears says as she squeezes her eyes shut and crawls quietly out of her hideaway. In the darkness of the wood, she is visually impaired and the sheets of rain pouring down make it hard to hear a sound. She hopes beyond hope that it won’t be able to hear or see her either.


As she emerges from the tree she crouches down and hides behind the same rock as before. ‘If I can just-’ her thoughts are cut off as she peeks over the rock to see nothing but darkness and trees. She feels her shoulders sag slightly and breathes a sigh of relief that she has not been spotted.


That relief is squashed seconds later by a growl and an angry snort on the nape of her neck. Before she has time to react she feels the teeth rip into her skin, her screams piercing the serenity of the woods and then there is nothing. Only darkness and pain.


“Dammit Elizabeth, again? Really? If you can’t even get this right in the simulation, how the hell am I supposed to trust you in the field? This is not a game you know!” Charles “Chic” Cooper shouted. He cursed his sisters negligence under his breath as he turned back to the control panels to reset the simulator for another round.


“Jesus Chic, you think I don't know that? I’m the one getting my ass ripped to shreds by your freaking holograms. And did you really need to put pain reactors in this damn thing?” She scoffed, picking herself up off the ground and pulling off her VR headset and gloves. She dusted herself off and pulled her golden hair out of her ponytail, running her hands through it in frustration before pulling it back up into a bun. She knew the importance of her training and she hated when she failed a mission, even if it was fake. She couldn’t afford to hesitate or make mistakes, not when so much was at stake.


Elizabeth Cooper, better known to those close to her as Betty, was an enigma. She was beautiful, cunning, and brilliant, the poster child of the average american teen. Popular cheerleader who was also in the top of her class and head of the school newspaper, she was the picture of perfection. She had the looks of a classic hollywood film star and the wit to match. 


Even her family seemed to be straight out a 1950’s comic book: Mom & Dad (high school sweethearts at that) who owned the town newspaper, a brother and sister who were just as smart and accomplished as she was, beautiful house on the nicest street in town. The Coopers were one of the oldest and most respected families in her hometown. 


She and her family lived in the sleepy town of Riverdale, where the worst that ever happened was some kids tagging government buildings or skinny dipping in Sweetwater River. At least, that is what the town folks who don’t know the truth believed. The truth was that there is another side to Riverdale, a dark side, and only a privileged few know the truth. 


That their average little town was actually overrun with monsters and supernatural creatures and has been since before the first settlers came to Riverdale. For 300 years Riverdale had been a sanctuary for the mythical and otherworldly, a place where they could live their lives in peace and harmony.


But that peace was threatened during the first great war after a new creature appeared causing years of bloodshed and hate. In the beginning, before the clan wars, the three werewolf tribes inhabited and protected the all the lands surrounding Sweetwater River. They lived in harmony on this land for generations, allowing safe passage and welcoming anyone who was in need, before they were forced out by the first family of Riverdale: The Blossoms, Descendants of the Bathory’s. 


The Blossom’s were the first known Human-Born Vampyric family, ‘perfecting’ the secret to being a human with vampire abilities. They still have all the features of the typical vampire: pale skin, blood red hair, crystal blue eyes. But unlike the vampires of yore, their ancestors had chosen to cross breed with humans, essentially negating the horrible side effects of being a vampire. 


The most infamous of their bloodline was Elizabeth Bathory, the first successful natural born half breed in supernatural history. Elizabeth, also known as The Blood Countess, was beautiful and ruthless in her bloodlust. It was rumored that she had killed over 650 victims in her 54 years before being discovered and imprisoned. It wasn’t until she subsequently died in prison that it was discovered that half breeds actually can be killed. 


These new vampires were not immortal like the originals, they had heart beats and blood pumped in their veins. And while they could be killed, it would take a hell of a lot to harm them in any way if they had a steady supply of blood. They would age like any normal human until their 21st birthday, after which they would age much slower than the average human, retaining their youthful appearance better than their human counterparts. 


Unfortunately, the trade off for youth and power was blood. They didn’t crave it or need it to survive per say, they still needed human food for that. But blood was the only way for them to stay young and have semi-immortality as long as possible. 


When the Blossoms first settled into the woods along Sweetwater River they were able to push two of the tribes into neighboring settlements outside of Riverdale but one tribe resisted. In their rage the Blossoms almost single handedly eradicated the third and final remaining werewolf tribe in the area, the Uktena, before the Watchers stepped in and stopped them. 


The Watchers were first spoken of in the Book of Enoch as angels who were sent to Earth to watch over the humans but who ultimately were overcome by desire and sin and began to breed with human women. This ultimately lead to the fall of the original Watchers, resulting in them being cast out as Fallen Angels. However, the descendants of those angelic human hybrid children would rise to become the Watchers of today.


One of those descendants was a man named Abraham Van Helsing. He was known in history as the great hunter of his time even though he was mostly there to watch over and keep the peace between the human and supernatural worlds. He and the other children of the angels formed an alliance and the new Watchers were born. 


Some of those Watchers had come to Riverdale with the Blossoms, disguising themselves as servants, allowing them to watch and observe in plain sight without fear of being found out. They were not supposed to interfere, only observe, but when they saw the mass genocide of the Uktena they stepped in and garnered a peace treaty. 


This treaty involved splitting the town between North and South, with the Blossoms reigning over the former and the latter being a place where the Uktena could live without fear. The two families of Watchers, the Coopers and the Smiths, settled in Riverdale to be the peacekeepers between them. The Coopers settled to the North and the Smiths to the South, both tasked with protecting Riverdale from the evils of both worlds. 


It almost seemed inevitable that at some point the two families would aline themselves. So when Alice Smith and Harold Cooper married at age 18, not many people were shocked by the union. Once married they settled on the Northside and within a year began having their children. They then purchased the Riverdale Register, the town’s only newspaper, allowing them to handle the flow of information available to the town. Soon enough they had three beautiful children who would one day follow in their footsteps.


Chic Cooper, 25, was the eldest and only son of the Cooper clan. He was tall and lean with blonde hair, blue eyes, and the features one would expect if they imagined your stereotypical greek God. Chiseled and stunning. Striking and strong. Most people mistook him for a model when he was out and about while in the city. But Chic was more than just a pretty face, he was also a genius. 


By 8 years old he was an accomplished hacker, by age 12 he had quickly moved into building his own holographic interface, and by age 16 he had designed and built a fully functional fighting simulator created to assist in their training exercises. All this lead to his early acceptance into MIT at 16 for aerospace engineering. By the age of 25 he had graduated, received his a phd, and was now back in Riverdale making all of the Coopers tech and heading up training his sisters.


Polly Cooper, 17, was almost if not just as brilliant as her brother. She wasn’t just beautiful, she was angelic: tall and slender with flowing flaxen hair that cascaded to her waist, sparkling blue eyes, and a smile that could light up a room. She would often help Chic with his equations and with his builds, so much so that everyone believed she was slated to take a similar path as her brother.


That was until she turned 16 and became friends with a local spiritualist named Evelyn Evernever. Evelyn convinced Polly that her talents were more suited in the mystics and shortly after convinced her to runaway to join her father's compound known as “The Farm”. 


It wasn’t until sometime later that the true reasons behind why the Coopers agreed to let Polly move out came to light. Turns out that Polly had become romantically involved with Jason Blossom, the heir to the Riverdale Vampyric Empire. 


Hal and Alice would do anything to keep their daughters from being entangled with the likes of a Blossom. Even if they had to ship her off to a spiritual compound to do it. They were worried about their bloodline being tainted and would not allow their grandchildren to be bloodsuckers.


And last by certainly not least was Betty. She was fairly shorter and somewhat curvier than her siblings but was graceful and agile. Her golden hair was wavy and often kept in a neat ponytail. She was the only sibling to have her mother's green eyes and fire in her belly. At 15 she may have been the youngest in age but she was far superior in many ways. 


She not only had the same intellectual abilities as her siblings but she was also blessed with an eidetic memory and hyperthymesia, which allowed her to retain a great deal of information and vividly recall things she had learned quickly. 


She was proficient in several different fighting styles: Aikido, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga, as well as Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 


She was a skilled marksman in shooting as well as with a bow and was proficient with swords, throwing knives, and other handheld weaponry. 


She was well trained and highly skilled and was being groomed as the next lead Watcher of Riverdale. She took her training very seriously and worked hard to keep a low profile and blend in with the status quo. 


She presented as all sweetness and pastels when in reality she was a deadly assassin who was charged with protecting humans and supernatural beings alike. She was the glue that would hold this town together. 


“I am just saying Liz, if you can’t even fight a holographic Wendigo, how the hell do you expect to take down a rogue werewolf during the blood moon?” 


Chic quirked his eyes at Betty, whom he insisted on calling Lizzy and was the only one allowed to do so and keep all their digits, who grunted back in frustration. “Jesus Charles , I get it. I screwed up ok? My head is not on straight today and I’m just as pissed at myself as you are. I just have a lot coming down on me at once.” Betty said, pinching the bridge of her nose to hold off a migraine.


“Mom is breathing down my neck to push in as much training possible before the next full moon and Dad is trying to drag me to these negotiations with the council so I know what to expect later. Then somehow Weatherbee convinced me to be the new student liaison for this year, which has been hell since they announced the schools are merging. And let's not forget that I also head up the back to school bash committee and...” Betty rambled on and on, pacing back and forth across the training floor, hands curling in and out of fists. 


Chic’s face softened at the sight of his baby sister's struggles and he knew she was spiraling. “Liz, Lizzy, ELIZABETH!” Betty stopped in her tracks and stared at him through the safety glass. “Just breathe Lizzy. You’re freaking yourself out over nothing.” 


She narrowed her eyes at him and he took the hint. “Well, not nothing, but you're stressing out way too much for someone about to start her sophomore year of highschool. Look, I think that's enough training for tonight. We can pick up where we left off later.” Chic began shutting down the training program and smiled.


“Besides you need to shower and get ready for school tomorrow. I can smell you through the safety glass” he teased. Chic had always had a soft spot when it came to Betty and knew that sometimes she had to be forced to take a break or she would push herself too hard. 


She giggled and stuck out her tongue at him. “Ok, you’re right. Besides, I'm sure the She-Devil herself will give me quite the workout at tryouts tomorrow anyway. Plus I still need to do my nightly run before bed so I should probably do that before it gets too late. Tell Mom I probably won’t be back for dinner.” 


With one final wave, Betty turned and climbed the stairs to the back exit of the bunker that lead to the edge of the forest. The Coopers secret training facility was located underground in a large bunker leading from the underside of their home and into the woods that stretched out back. It allowed them a place to train that was accessible and secluded but that was close to their home.


It was one of the things about training at home that Betty loved most. Just being able to go straight from training into her nightly patrol of Fox Forest, allowing her time to stop by Sweetwater River and meditate or run by Pop's for a non Alice Cooper approved carb load with her friends. 


Her runs were her time away to think and clear her head. A way to cancel out all the white noise and just feel free. It was the only time of day when she didn't feel pressured to be perfect, she just followed her instincts and went where she was needed. 


Normally if she didn't sense any danger she would follow the river into the Southside all the way past the ancient tribal grounds and then run the rest of the way back up the Northside until she reached the border of Thornhill. 


Most normal people would be weary of being out in these woods so close to dark given all the campfire tales surrounding these woods but not Betty. She knew she was perfectly safe and could handle whatever came her way so she was never afraid to be out late at night in the woods.


As she approached the border between the north and south side, Betty could hear children yelling and crude taunts followed by what sounded like an animal whimpering. She could feel the animals pain and smell the fear in the air.


She ran towards the commotion as fast as she could and saw four young boys, northsiders by the looks of it, taunting a small grey wolf cub. They appeared to be throwing rocks and poking the poor babe with a stick.


The scene in front of Betty broke her heart. These boys had this poor tiny creature backed into the corner of a rock face and seemed to be enjoying their torment of the poor animal. Rage and feriousity took over as she got closer to the scene ahead.


“Hey you little twerps! What the hell do you think you are doing?!” She yelled, stomping towards them. All four boys turned in shock before dropping their sticks and running the other direction. She knew she could chase them down easily but these boys obviously didn't know what kind of creatures they were dealing with so she decided to drop it.


“Yeah you better run! Little dickheads,” she muttered to herself before turning to the small wolf. She walked over to the frightened cub slowly and crouched down, putting her palm out for the wolf to sniff. 


“Hey little one it's ok, you’re safe now. I know what you are, I promise I won’t hurt you. You don't have to be afraid. I’m someone you can trust. Would you feel better if you transform so I can see the real you?” Betty asked sweetly, trying not to spook what was undoubtedly a child. 


The wolf nudged her hand in agreement and began to shake, fur flying everywhere until the form of a little girl was left crouching in front of her. The small girl appeared to be no more the 9 or 10 at most, wearing a pair of hole-riddled jeans and a Led Zeppelin shirt, with long chocolate color locks and the bluest eyes she had ever seen. Her skin was lightly tan with a dusting of freckles along her cheeks and few tiny beauty marks along her chin.


Betty smiled, reaching out to wipe tears from the girls cheeks. The child smiled in return showing off the tiny gap between her teeth. 


“That’s much better. What’s your name sweetie?” Betty stood up and offered her hand to help the little girl off the ground. The child seemed hesitant at first but grabbed her hand anyway.


“My name’s Jellybean, but my friends call me JB.” the little girl said sheepishly, looking down and shuffling her feet. 


Betty sensed from her body language that this little girl was a new changeling and had probably only transformed for the first time in the last few moons. 


“Well JB, my name is Betty Cooper and I am the local Watcher here in Riverdale. Did your pack leader explain the Watchers to you after your change, honey?” Betty asked while Jellybean stared up at her doe eyed and in awe.


“Um, my big brother did. But I thought our watcher was an old dude?” Jellybean said, tilting her head slightly confused. Betty chuckled at the little girls description of her father.


“Well technically, yes. That old dude is my Dad, he's the current Watcher, but I’m his next in line. Now, can you tell me what happened with those boys back there?” Jellybean shuffled her feet again almost as if she had been caught being bad.


“Well, I just changed for the first time at the last moon so I wanted to practice and my brother said it was ok as long as I stayed on our side. It was fine at first but then those boys saw me running along the border and chased me here. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do.” Jellybean began to tear up again. Betty’s heart broke all over at the sight and she pulled the small girl into a hug.


“Hey, it’s ok, you’re safe now little one. I promise, I won’t let anyone hurt you ok? How about I walk you back home so you know for sure that nobody will mess with you again? What do you say?” Betty held her hand out again for Jellybean to take and they began walking in the direction of Sunnyside Trailer Park.


The air started to cool down as the sun was setting and Betty shivered. She could hear the breeze in the trees and the rush of the river as they walked, swinging their linked hands as they went. “So JB, tell me about yourself. I’m guessing that since we are heading in that direction that you live in Sunnyside?” 


Jellybean nodded excitedly and started to put a bit of a skip in her step. “Yep, I live there with my Dad and my brother, Jughead. J's big like you and reads a lot and watches movies without color. My Dad is an old grump sometimes but he loves to play games with me so it's ok. I love them, they are both the coolest! They take me to the drive-in on their bikes and J even got me a pink helmet and put a Pink Floyd sticker on the front so I can look cool when we ride. I’m home with him most days cause my Dad is gone a lot but J says that's what it's like being King of the Serpents...” Jellybean's eyes widened as she stopped in her tracks. 


“Uh oh, I don’t know if I am supposed to tell strangers that.” Jellybean began to chew her lip nervously. Betty could see the panic on her face and did what she could to ease the girls worries.


“It’s ok JB, I won't judge. Actually, I think I’ve met your Dad once or twice. FP Jones right?” Jellybean smiled and nodded. 


“That's what I thought! He and my Mom grew up together on the southside and they’ve helped keep relations civil between the two sides. That's crazy, I didn’t even know FP had kids. What about your Mom?” Betty asked noticing a shift in the girl demeanor. 


“Um I don't remember my Mom, she kinda left when I was a baby. We don’t really talk about it that much. Jug said Mom didn’t know what Dad's family was until J's first change right after I was born. He said Mom freaked and hasn’t been back since.” The way the little girl spoke of her abandonment so nonchalantly was startling for Betty. She could only imagine what it must have been like for this poor girl and her brother. 


Betty had been fortunate enough to grow up with both of her parents at home but even she still knew the pain of having someone you love wholeheartedly abandon you.


Polly had been more than just her sister, she was one of her best friends. Betty and Polly were as thick as thieves growing up and would share everything. They had no secrets and always had each other's backs. 


That was until Betty’s freshman year of highschool when Polly became involved with Jason Blossom. And then subsequently befriending Evelyn Evernever and running away to join her family's cult. 


It was very hard for Betty for several months after Polly left. Her anxiety spun nearly out of control with her panic attacks and she began to find that her only relief was digging her nails into her palms. 


Betty felt like she lost part of herself when Polly ran away and she still had not found a way to close that wound up fully. “I’m sorry to hear that about your Mom JB. I kind of know what it’s like. My sister ran away and doesn’t want anything to do with me or my family anymore because of what we are.” Betty said softly. Jellybean squeezed her hand and smiled up at her.


They walked the remainder of the trip in relative silence save for Betty pointing out her favorite spots in the forest or JB asking her questions about being a Watcher and what all that meant as far as her abilities. 


As they approached the treeline for Sunnyside, Jellybean was nearly bouncing out of her shoes in excitement after each question.


“So wait you could really fight a bear? Like a for real bear!? That is totally wicked! Omg, could you teach me Betty? I want to be able to fight a bear!” Betty couldn’t help but laugh at the little girls glee.


“Well, that is something you will have to cross with your alpha. Wolves are fiercely territorial and are not too keen on outsider interference.” Betty paused and looked around.


She crouched down to get close enough to whisper in Jellybean's ear, “But, if they say it's ok, I will totally teach you how to kick butt so boys like that won’t bother you ever again. Deal?” Jellybean squealed in delight.


“Yes, deal! Omg I can’t wait, I just know they’ll be cool with it!” The little girl threw her arms around Betty, declaring that they were now BFF’s for life. Betty giggled and hugged the girl tighter. She was happy that she could make this little girl’s day and it made missing her own sister just a little less painful.


“That’s right JB, you and I are besties now. And that means I won’t let anyone mess with you ever again. Here,” Betty pulled a scrap of paper from her pocket and scribbled something on it before pushing it into the child's hand, “If anyone messes with you, supernatural or not, call me. I’ll come running. Pinkie swear.” Betty held up her pinkie for Jellybean to take and they linked them in a silent promise.


After one last hug and a wave goodbye, Betty made her way back to the Northside of town deciding to skip her normal patrol and head for Pop’s instead. Betty had to sneak a burger and fries every now and then without the usual lecture from Momma Cooper on how those empty calories affect her training and her thighs. 


Glancing at her phone and seeing that it was only a little past 7pm, she decided to text her friends to see if they’d want to meet at Pop’s for one last summer night bitchfest.


~💗💝💞 Besties 💖💜🖤 ~


Betts: Hey, you guys wanna go to Pop’s?


Brina: Coop, when the hell have I 

ever passed on a veggie burger

and milkshakes???


Kev: Bri, was that a some weird lesbian joke?


Brina: Keller, I take all forms of burgers

and milkshakes very seriously 😉


Kev: I will have to take your word for it 😂 


Betts: Omg, 🤦🏼♀️ Get two gay bff’s they said,

it will be fun they said. U in or nah?


Kev: Yep 😀 


Brina: Seen you in 5 😘

Betty shakes her head and laughs at her friends as she puts her phone away. Kevin Keller and Sabrina Spellman have been her lifeline since Polly left but even before that they were as close as best friends could be. They had been inseparable since Sabrina moved from Greendale when her parents died and she had to come live with her aunts at just 4 years old. 


Being that they were so close from such a young age, Kevin and Sabrina were the only ones who knew what Betty really was. But it didn’t hurt that they were both supernatural as well, a seer and a witch respectively. 


Kevin's father's seer lineage traced all the way back to ancient Greece where it is rumored that his family descended from the original oracles. Sabrina on the other hand had a much more well known family tree. Her father was a warlock with ties to the old country and her mother was a descendant of the survivors of the Salem Witch Trials. Ironically, of all the people killed during the mass hysteria, the three true witches were never discovered. The three sisters lived out there days in Salem until their children decided to flee to New York, less they be found out and killed in another crazy witch hunt. 


It was almost fated that the three of them would be linked together and become best friends. Before Sabrina came to Riverdale, Kevin talked non stop about the “pretty new blonde” who was becoming their friend soon, even though at such a young age Kevin couldn’t understand his powers. As soon as Sabrina was dropped into their pre-k class they all huddled together and were instantly the best of friends. And it was nice not to have to hide who they really were with each other, unlike most of the kids at school. 


Granted there was the occasional exception: the Blossom’s of course were vamps, but there was also Josie McCoy, who in reality was a mermaid (which many in the past had confused with Sirens because of their beautiful singing voices). Unfortunately there were complications to being a mermaid who live on land. Josie had to take weekly swims in a specialized saltwater tank (also designed by Chic) or else she would not be able to breathe fresh air causing her to slowly wither and die.


Then there was the bane of Betty Cooper's existence, Chuck Clayton. Chuck, he was a bit of a different beast all together. He was a direct descendant of the Egyptian God Set: The God of Chaos and even though he had very little demigod blood left running through his veins, much like the part of Betty that was her ancestry caused her angelic appearance and disposition, there was the need to cause chaos deeply ingrained into him. 


As you can imagine, this lead to some interesting fights over the years when on more then one occasion Betty had to put the wanna be god in his place and remind him who was really in charge of this town. He had caused her a lot of grief recently with his meddling in the whole Polly/Jason fiasco. Sometimes he made her so angry that she could feel this darkness building inside her and she would have to pierce her hands to keep it at bay.


Betty shook the thoughts of what trouble he may cause this year from her mind and opened the door into the diner.


“Miss Betty! How are you my child? I see you just went for your run, do you want the usual ‘Don’t tell Alice Cooper’ special?” the warm hearted proprietor of the diner grinned as he addressed her throwing a dish towel over his shoulder. 


Pop Tate was a gentle old man who always addressed his patrons with a smile and a warm welcome. His diner was her favorite place to be in town. She had so many happy memories in this place and whenever she had a bad day Pop was always there with a warm hug and a frosty chocolate milkshake. 


“That sounds amazing Pop, thanks! Kevin and Sabrina should be here any min-” the chime of the doorbell stopped her and she turned to see Kevin and Sabrina walking in,l at some unknown joke between themselves.


“There they are now! Can you please add two more of those specials if you don’t mind? Oh and one of those needs a veggie patty. I swear Sabrina will kill me if I feed her meat.” Betty laughed and waved at Pop before flopping into their booth. 


“Damn straight Cooper! Well I mean, I wouldn’t kill you persay, maybe just hex you for a few days.” Sabrina chuckled sliding into the booth beside her and nudging Betty playfully with her elbow. Kevin was still laughing as he slipped into the seat in front of them with his back to the door.


Betty glared at her but smiled to show she knows it’s all in good fun. “I swear to God Brina, if you even think of hexing me, I will break your casting hand.” Sabrina threw her hands up in mock surrender and the girls both fell into a fit of giggles. Kevin shook his head before clearing his throat.


“Ok, let’s not get crazy ladies. We’re all friends and we’re here to get some much needed hearsay before the start of the new school year. So, lay it on me, any new gossip before I spill my psychic news flash?” Kevin loves being the town gossip, it excites him. This boy feeds on the drama of others but he luckily has never been the cause of such drama. He just likes to watch it unfold like a bad telenovela. 


The fact that he has psychic abilities only fuels that fire, even if he usually only sees flashes of what the future holds. He lives for this kind of thing so they will indulge him every so often. 


“Ok well before Kev blesses us with his ever so accurate predictions for the new school year, I have something to tell you guys. I’ve decided that I’m finally gonna ask Ginger out and see if she wants to be my date to the back to school dance this year.” Sabrina says proudly, ignoring the groan from her companions. 


Betty shares a look with Kevin before turning to grab Sabrina’s hand. “Bri, are you sure you wanna do that to yourself? You know her and Trula can’t stop being off and on long enough for either of them to find someone else. What if you get hurt?” Betty says gently. She knows all too well from ‘the Archie fiasco’ what it can do to your heart when you put yourself out there only to be rejected.


Up until her freshman year of high school she had been nursing the biggest crush on her neighbor, Archie Andrews. They had grown up together and she had always thought they’d make the perfect match. The football player and the cheerleader. The boy and girl next door. Childhood sweethearts. It had all the makings of a fairytale romance.


She had even summoned up the courage to ask him to their first back to school dance and was elated when he agreed to go with her. That elation however was short lived when he subsequently invited a bunch of other people to “go as a group”. Betty didn’t mind much, she just told herself that Archie was nervous and would feel more comfortable going in a group setting for their first ‘date’.


Everything seemed ok for awhile until Betty was stuck trying to calm Ethel Muggs because Dilton Doiley accidently spilled punch on her dress while Archie snuck off to trade saliva (and blood) with Cheryl Blossom. It wasn’t until Betty saw Archie come back into the gym, hair rumpled and bite marks on his neck, did she understand what had happened. She ran home as fast as she could and spent the remainder of her weekend crying or taking her frustration out on Chic’s holograms.


And while she had been devastated at the time, knowing that Cheryl only seduced him to get under Betty’s skin, the experience was eye opening. She saw how she had neglected her duties as the new Watcher in training and also her school studies. She vowed that day that she would never let anyone come between her and her duties as peacekeeper ever again. 


Besides, any man who could be so easily turned by the glimmer of a Blossom was far too feeble minded for Betty. She needed someone strong. Someone who was a leader, not a follower. Someone who could handle her and all the extra responsibilities. Plus, her personality was far to fierce for someone like Archie Andrews anyways.


“Betty’s right Sabrina, you need to let that one go, for all our sanity. She’s going to be nothing but a tornado of heartache and you don’t need to put yourself through that. Besides, I just may have seen flashes of a beautiful smile and pink hair in your future.” Kevin winked. 


“Ooolala, now that sounds like my kind of girl.” Sabrina smirked and clapped her hands excitedly. “Anything else I should know?” 


Sabrina was a sarcastic yet exuberant sprite of a girl whose style could only be classified as your typical pastel goth. She loved mixing a hint of color here and there with her normal black outfits. She would often change her hair color between her normal platinum blonde to pastel pink or lavender and she was all about the dresses with combat boots. Her perfect pale skin stood out even more contrasted to her dark cat eyes and deep crimson lips.


Seeing her next to the clean cut, preppy look of Kevin Keller and the perfect pink, girl next door aesthetic of Betty Cooper was usually a shock to most new people they met but to everyone one else their trio is completely normal. 


“As an added bonus, I may or may not have gotten a flash of black leather.” Kevin grinned. With that Sabrina nearly jumped out of her chair in excitement, almost scaring the life out of Pop Tate in the process. 


“Ok Bri, calm yourself.” Betty laughed. They gave Pop an apologetic smile as he delivered their meals and Betty decided that it was a good time to tell them about her evening.


“I actually had an interesting thing happen tonight on my run. I kinda saved and befriended a wolf cub in Fox Forest before coming over here to meet you guys.” Betty said before taking a sip of her milkshake. Betty’s eyes fluttered between Sabrina and Kevin who just stared at her slack jawed for a few moments. Once they regained their composure, Sabrina’s face lit up like a kid on Christmas.


“Wait, like a legit were-baby? What was their name? What happened? Did they get hurt?” Sabrina quickly whispered. Betty placed her hand on Sabrina’s arm to calm her as she spoke.


“Well, the poor thing only transformed for the first time on the last moon and was just trying to get a feel for her new form by running around the woods. Then some stupid kids cornered her and started to throw rocks and poke her with a stick.” Betty said sadly. 


Sabrina, being a lover of all creatures, was enraged. “What?! Betty, please tell me you beat those little jerks and threw them in Sweetwater River! Or at least told them off a little?” she shrieked.


“Trust me Bri, I would have at least done that but they ran before I could get close enough. Luckily they didn’t hurt Jellybean.” Betty smiled remembering the little girls hug and declaration of her new bff status.


“Jellybean?” Sabrina’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Like the candy?”


“Oh sorry, no. That’s her name, Jellybean. Weird I know but the kid is a werewolf so a weird name is the least of her problems.” Betty shrugged and took a bite from her burger. 


From across the table Kevin gasped and made a noise like he just understood something. Betty looked at him inquisitively. “What is it Kev?”


“Oh nothing Betts, that just explains the jar of jellybeans I saw in my vision. But, that doesn’t explain the crown...” Kevin stole a fry from her plate and popped it into his mouth, looking at Betty waiting to see if she knew what his vision meant.


“Well, I mean her father is the Serpent King so maybe that explains the crown?” Betty suggested. Kevin shook his head and closed his eyes trying to recall what he had seen.


“Nope this is something else, something stronger. And if my predictions are correct, and you know they always are my darling B, it has something to do with your soulmate. A very handsome one if his eyes are any indication. Just keep an eye out for a crown. That’s all I’m seeing for now but the feelings I am getting are hella strong.” Kevin opened his eyes and began to eat his food without a care. Like he hadn’t just told her that her world was about to be changed forever.