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Wen Qing is not amused.

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"Lan Zhan's hair is so pretty have you seen the way it just brushed alongside his back and frames his golden eyes, which resemble the sun in the early hours of the morning and in the later hours known as the golden hour. You know I've could be a model, I bet that magazine would sell out fast."

8910, 8910 fucking compliments thought Jiang Cheng as he mentally counted the amount of compliments his brother had said about Lan Wangji since he met him three months ago, one more week and they'll be over 9000s.

"Do you think he'll ever let me touch it?"

"Ask, he probably won't."


"If you love him so much just ask him out"


"Jiang Cheng what are you on about, I don't love him."

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes. Sure. Why did his brother have to be a colossal dense idiot.


I'm screwed, was what Wei Ying thought when his heart beat faster the more Lan Zhan looked at him. Oh my god oh my god, why is he auwhjdhkjefwnckjxfbrewhj gbqc2hb fwnjb jkr bhjbrhjbfg hjrg

Oh my god, why is he so cute notice me SENPAI... It's not gay it just cause like surely he's so beautiful. Yeah . it's cause he's pretty oh my GOD HE IS LOOKING AT ME, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. aqwhjhejadjHBEWFH23BERRFHURIUHUU

I like him as a friend, A BEST FRIEnd Wei Ying thought as he basically proposed to Lan Zhan, as he told him that he'd let him practise his kissing skills on him. Or anything for that matter. He never thought Lan Zhan would accept, cause why would that adonis ever even accept touching him, when he would glare whenever Wei Ying tried to touch him.But who ever he had in his heart must be a really lucky girl if he was willing to kiss Wei Ying for her. And oh my god the kisses were so so good....why didn't his heart stop hurting at the thought of Lan Zhan doing this with another girl.

Lan Zhan was like an insatiable beast who was also so pretty and pure and sweet and oh my god my heart hurts just thinking about him, and why does it feel this way, why does he want someone else do I like him oh my god what am I going to do.

To Lan Zhan Wei Ying's advancements were like a dream come true, too good to be real. A year into pining after Wei Ying, Lan Zhan was shocked to say the least, when the subject of his affection came on to him. He likes me back he thought happily, not noticing the unbidden tears that escape Wei Ying's eyes as they kiss, as they undress as they touch each other and have sex whilst Wei Ying moans out his name.

He's not doing this because he loves me ... He's not but I just can't help but dream, Wei Ying thinks as he melts into Lan Zhan embrace, as he moans his name " LAN ZHAN".

An embrace he lingers in for two months before the pain just becomes too much, before he can't lie to himself anymore, before the thought of continuing whatever they had hurt him too much. Because if Lan Zhan goes to his crush now, it would kill him.

It's that same name he moans, that he later blinks away tears to as he tells a confused Lan Wangji that there's no need for seriousness and he understands, if he thinks it was a mistake.

Tears that continue as he tells Jiang Cheng to tell anyone who comes to the door that he's unwell. Afterwards he just mopes in his room barely eating and barely moving. Apathetic to all. He doesn't realise how his young brother, who's totally protective of his might as well be 5 year old older brother, seems ready to go out and kill Lan Wangji with his bare hands if he wasn't worried about how fragile his brother looked if he left him alone.

"He's not here"
"When will he be back?" Lan Zhan asks frantically as he waits outside the Jiang household.
"I don't know, and frankly at this point it's none of your business, if I were you I wouldn't bother him, my brother might seem tough but he's more delicate that you think and he doesn't need confusion"
"I don't understand?"
"Don't play with my brother feelings"
"I'm not... I care for him deeply" Jiang Cheng nearly falters from the earnest and worried look on Lan Wangji's face. And the fact that this is the most he's ever heard Lan Zhan speak.

".... Please leave"

Lan Zhan seems lost "please just tell him to contact me"

But Wei Ying being Wei ying doesn't and it isn't until they're four weeks in this heartbroken mess where the two of them live like shadows, that Lan Xichen finally intervenes and clears the air.

"My brother has been worried sick for you.. Wei Wuxian my brother is in love with you"
"Please don't lie to me Lan Xichen, my heart can barely handle anymore pain." Wei Ying says weakly, as he turns to head out of the room where Lan xichen practically trapped him in.
Five hours of an explanation later, Wei ying found himself in the rain knocking on Lan Zhan's door, and an hour after a very long and through apology and many many tears, they found themselves in an actual two way relationship and later on a bed. Except this time instead of tears of sadness the tears were of joy and they had a very very very happy relationship.

Lan Qiren, Lan Wangji's uncle disapproved, not only did this boy cause his nephew significant distress but he was too aloof regarding the rules. Plus despite his many many attempts to deter the two, which included a ban which backfired spectacularly and 5000 test which Wei Ying took upon gladly, it clearly wasn't working. Seeing the fact that two years later their relationship was still going strong and both seemed to look at the other as if nothing in the world matters. He held his tongue in front of the two.

Everything seemed perfect. They were happy. Until one day Wei Ying just up and left.