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Cloaked Heart

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You see Soobin had feelings for Yeonjun but no one but himself knew that. Everyone was oblivious to the way Soobin blushed whenever Yeonjun complimented his dancing, his face or anything in general. He thought no one payed attention until a day that changed everything. The day that Beomgyu confronted him after they came back from their tiring schedules. The other members had dispersed into different sections of their dorm. Just as Soobin was about to enter their bedroom to sleep for the rest of the day, he felt a hand grip onto his arm pulling him backwards.

He quickly turned around—ready to fight the person who was about to ruin his sleeping plans until he saw the serious expression on Beomgyu's face. "Beomgyu?"

"I need to talk to you hyung," Beomgyu said, pulling Soobin into their bathroom before shutting the door with a soft click.

Soobin blinked at him, confusion etched on his features. "Beomgyu you're scaring me. Just-"

"Do you have feelings for Yeonjun hyung?" Beomgyu blurted, staring at Soobin expectantly.

Soobin could feel the colour drain from his face at the sudden and abrupt question. He hadn't expected anyone to ask him directly. He wasn't even sure himself, so how on earth was he supposed to answer Beomgyu?

"Yah, don't be stupid. Of course not," The dark-haired boy spluttered, uncomfortably scratching the back of his neck.

Beomgyu watched him with narrowed eyes. "You're lying."

"Just drop it Beomgyu," Soobin sighed, stepping past the younger but Beomgyu purposefully blocked his way.

"It's not wrong if that's what you're afraid of," Beomgyu softly said, reaching out to caress Soobin's hand.

Annoyed, the older yanked his hand away. "There's nothing to be afraid of because there's nothing going on so just drop it Beomgyu-ah for fucks sake."

Soobin pushed Beomgyu to the side before opening the bathroom door and stepping outside.

He felt bad for snapping at the younger but his prying was getting on his nerves. Beomgyu couldn't know the truth otherwise it would ruin the dynamic in the group and everything that they trained, worked and counted the days down for were all for nothing over some stupid crush that would fade away over time. Right?

Yawning, Soobin walked into their shared room and flopped onto his bed which was the bottom bunk. He shared a bunk with Yeonjun and sometimes if the older was exhausted, Soobin would find him passed out on his bed and he would end up just sleeping on the top bunk not to disturb Yeonjun.

Soobin's eyes grew heavy as he slowly drifted asleep, cuddling his plushie tightly to his chest.




"Yah, Choi Soobin."

"Soobin, wake up."

Soobin's eyelids fluttered open as he saw Yeonjun standing over him with a smile on his face. How could someone be so preppy first thing in the morning? Groaning, Soobin stretched his tired and weary limbs before pulling the covers off his body.

"You looked so cute cuddling your plushie. I didn't even wanna wake you up," Yeonjun cooed, stroking Soobin's hair causing the younger's cheeks to flush pink in embarrassment of the fact that Yeonjun was watching him sleep.

"Is everyone already up?" Soobin asked, changing the subject as he stood up from his bed whilst rubbing his eyes.

Yeonjun nodded, opening the drawers to pull out his socks before plopping down onto the floor to slip them on. "Yeah, Beomgyu's helping Taehyun make breakfast."

"Shit," Soobin swore, running a hand through his hair. "I was supposed to make breakfast today."

"Don't worry Soobin-ah, you were tired and we didn't want to ruin your sleep so we let you sleep in for a while," Yeonjun reassured, shaking his head.

"T-thanks," Soobin sheepishly stuttered, scratching his head. "I'm gonna go get ready."

Yeonjun nodded before walking out of the bedroom.

Soobin grabbed a towel and walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a shower before slipping into a plain white t-shirt and his favorite basketball shorts.

"Hyung breakfast is ready," Huening Kai cutely said, sticking his head through the door.

"Coming," Soobin said, drying his hair with the towel before going into the kitchen to greet the other members who were loudly conversating. Yeonjun was laughing at a joke Taehyun made whilst Beomgyu and Huening Kai were setting up the table for breakfast.

As soon as Soobin appeared, everyone's eyes were on him especially Beomgyu.

"Have a good sleep hyung?" Taehyun teased, raising an eyebrow at Soobin who rolled his eyes before playfully slapping him.

"As a matter of fact I did not having to hear all of your loud voices," Soobin retorted, biting back a laugh at everyone's offended faces.

"But you love my voice, right?" Yeonjun grinned, wrapping an arm around the younger.

He could feel Beomgyu watching him. He wasn't going to make anything obvious so he slightly shrugged off Yeonjun's arm, trying not to stare at Yeonjun's hurt face.

The air was thick with tension as everyone quietly ate not knowing how to react to Soobin's weird behaviour towards the oldest member.

"You love my voice, right?" Huening Kai piped up, breaking the silence.

"Obviously," Soobin chuckled as Huening Kai let out a little happy 'yes' before going to back to eating.

"Do we have any schedules today?" Beomgyu asked, briefly changing the subject.

"Yeah we have to film a heart-version dance practice of Crown in the afternoon," Yeonjun said, trying to hide how hurt he felt towards Soobin.

"Ahh, aegyo isn't my thing," Taehyun whined, insecurely.

"Hyung everything about you is cute!" Huening Kai snickered, flinching as Taehyun reached over to hit him.


After breakfast, Soobin decided to stay in his room to watch a movie since there wasn't much to do and the other members had went to the park to film a V-LIVE with their manager, Jaehyuk.

Sighing, he climbed into his bed and pulled the covers up before opening up his laptop and logging on.

Yeonjun had entered the room with a big packet of sweet flavoured popcorn, it was Soobin's favorite snack. "I figured you were watching a movie. So I brought you this."

"Mhm," Soobin distractedly nodded, keeping his eyes focused on his screen—trying to detain himself from snatching the popcorn out of his hands and devouring it. He needed to be distant even if it meant sacrificing the popcorn.

"Soobin," Yeonjun awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, "did I do something wrong?"

The younger could feel his heart soften at Yeonjun's small and innocent tone. He didn't mean to treat Yeonjun badly—he just didn't want his feelings to escalate more. He was already trying to convince Beomgyu that he didn't have feelings for Yeonjun. Being close to him was going to ruin everything.

"No hyung. I just want to be left alone right now," Soobin lied, avoiding Yeonjun's intense gaze.

"Soobin I-"

"Just leave me alone please hyung," Soobin snapped, slamming his laptop shut causing Yeonjun to flinch in shock.

"So-sorry if I'm being a b-burden," Yeonjun stuttered, biting his lip before slowly walking out of the room leaving Soobin to stare after him in guilt.

If this was the only way to make his feelings go away, then he had no choice but to be distant with Yeonjun.