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Is he your boyfriend?

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"Alright! Woo-hoo! This is awesome!" Ash exclaimed as he and Pikachu sped by, riding upon Sharpedo's back.
"Pika!" Pikachu squealed in reply,
This was their first day in Alola after Ash's Mum's Pokémon, Mimey the Mister Mime, had won them vacation tickets.

After Ash had deposited his Pokémon from the Kalos region with Professor Oak, they had been tasked with delivering an egg to Professor Oak's cousin; Principal Samson Oak.

"Yeah! Right, Pikachu?" Ash asked excitedly,
"Pikachu!" Pikachu squealed once more, even more excited.
Ash laughed at Pikachu's excitable attitude,
"All right! Full throttle, Sharpedo!" He exclaimed, signalling for the Ride Pokémon to speed up.
Just as soon as Ash had asked, Sharpedo zoomed forward and the three of them dipped underwater. As they glided upon the ocean floor they came across a Pokémon completely new to Ash and Pikachu, Pyukumuku! They slowed down and Ash waved hello, he poked it's head, and right out of its mouth, came a hand! It waved to Ash and he waved back, confused as he was. Soon they began to reach the surface again, they breathed a breathe of fresh air, and slumped onto Sharpedo. Suddenly, a colourful Fish Pokémon jumped out of the water at them,
"Rakakaka!" It screeched.
Ash and Pikachu jumped back in fright, he almost saved himself, but before he could, he fell backwards and plunged into the water.
The girl who was fishing for the Pokémon, accidentally let go, but she didn't notice, she was more focused on the cute boy who had just fallen off his Sharpedo.
Seconds later he surfaced again, grasping into Sharpedo's fin.
"Made it buddy..." Ash said to Pikachu,
The girl and her Popplio laughed,
Ash blushed and climbed back onto Sharpedo.
"I'm Ash." He stated, rubbing his neck and laughing along with her.
"I'm Lana," The girl replied, "And this is Popplio." Lana signalled to the blue Sea Lion Pokémon sat next to her.
"That's so cool!" Ash exclaimed,
Lana gasped, "A Pikachu! How cute!"
"Pika!" Pikachu was used to this kind of flattery by now,
"Yeah!" Ash laughed as he checked his watch, "Oh! Sorry but we've got to return Sharpedo! Seeya!" And with that final remark, Ash and Pikachu sped off along the shoreline.

(Events of rest of Episode 1 to Episode 5)

"Lana, is he your boyfriend?" Harper and Sarah asked in-sync. Ash watched as Lana went bright red and began shaking her head vigorously,
"He's not! He's not! He's not! He's not! He's not! He's not!" She shrieked at her younger siblings.
Ash, although he didn't know why, felt a slight twinge in the back of his heart.
"Are you sure he's not your boyfriend?" Harper and Sarah asked again, as if they had misheard Lana.
"I'm really, really, really sure!" Lana bellowed, embarrassed beyond belief.
Ash blushed at this, but then the girls made a major mistake, with smug looks on their faces they pushed Pikachu's head down to the floor. He began to spark and shout. BOOM! Everyone in the building was hit with a powerful thunderbolt.
"Buzz, Buzz, Buzz..." Harper and Sarah said together,
"Thought that would happen..." Ash stated, trying to stay upright.

Outside; "Wow!" Ash exclaimed, gazing in aw at Lana's fishing rods.
"You can borrow whichever one you want." Lana replied with a smile,
Ash admired Lana's generousness, he had truly never met someone like her.
"Hard to choose with so many! Which one should I pick?"
Lana giggled cutely, "Why not choose the Blue one, to match your outfit?"
Ash picked up the Blue Fishing Rod, and with a "Alright!", he raised it into the air.

For a while Ash, Lana, Pikachu and Popplio simply sat outside with Lapras. They sat on the dock talking about Ash's previous Regional Endeavours.
"I can't believe you and Pikachu beat a Latios!" Lana exclaimed, completely shocked, "And! You met Kyogre!"
Ash laughed at this, Lana was obsessed with any Pokémon remotely related to water. It was her speciality, just like Mallow's was Grass, Sophocles's was Electric and Kiawe's was Fire.

The two ended the night when Ash bidded Lana, Harper and Sarah goodbye and goodnight.
"Are you SURE he's not your boyfriend Lana?" Harper asked curiously.
"HE'S NOT!" Ash heard her bellow, he laughed, but couldn't help but feel that same twinge in his heart.
Did he have feelings for her? Did he actually like Lana?
"I guess I'll find out..." He muttered to himself.
"Pika Pika?"
"Oh? Oh it's nothing Pikachu, don't worry buddy." Ash replied, scratching Pilachu behind the ears as they walked. At school tomorrow they would be going on a field trip to catch Pokémon, maybe Ash's feelings would eventually reveal themselves...

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Ash had had crushes on girls before, no doubt, but this was new. Lana wasn't like Serena or Misty, she was different. No longer was it just Puppy Love that spurred Ash on, he had developed real feelings for Lana. And little did he know, she had done the same.

Lana rolled over in bed, in one hour she would have to leave for Pokémon School.
"Pop-Pop!" Came a familiar barking, Popplio had clearly noticed her awakening.
"Morning Popplio." Lana said with a grin, "Let's get out early to practice making balloons yeah?"
"Popplio!" It cried back excitedly. According to Ash's Rotom Popplio's goal was 'Illogical' but neither Lana not Popplio cared, they already far from the norm.
"Let's show that Rotom-Dex who's illogical!"
Popplio barked in reply and began clapping it's fins together.
"Let's go then!" Lana exclaimed, jumping out of bed.

"Popplio, make a balloon!" Lana shouted, pointing at her partner. Immediately Popplio began to blow a bubble with its snout. These balloons where unlike normal bubbles, they were filled with water and when popped would usually soak anyone below it.
That was exact what happened...
Just as Popplio released it, the balloon rose up a few feet, then, with a POP, it came crashing down, soaking Lana.
She looked dissapointed for a split second but quickly her mood changed when she saw Popplio's embarrassed face. "No worry!" Lana exclaimed, "We'll just keep practicing till we get it right!"

"Hey Lana!" Ash's voice rung across the beach.
Lana jumped and blushed slightly, she had realised she did indeed like Ash.
"Alola!" She replied, trying not to look bright red.
Ash stumbled down the steps to the beach alongside Pikachu, Rotom was floating not far behind.
"Still working on those balloons huh?" He asked,
"Uh, yeah," Lana replied shyly, trying her hardest not to look him in the eyes for too long. "Popplio's definitely improved but we can't float anyone just yet."
Ash put his finger to his chin, "What about Pokémon?"
Lana gasped, she had, somehow, never thought of this.
"That's brilliant!" She exclaimed, "Pikachu? Would you like to try and ride in a balloon?"
Pikachu grinned happily, "Pika Pika!"
"Alright then, Popplio make a balloon!"
Popplio blew as hard as it could, eventually a balloon triple the size of itself appeared around Pikachu. He jiggled about inside the balloon before Popplio let go and Pikachu began to slowly rise upward.
Suddenly, the balloon popped and Ash, Lana, and Popplio were soaked.
"Sorry..." Lana said, embarrassed she and Popplio had just covered her crush.
Pikachu landed in Ash's arms seconds later, "Hey it's not a problem." He replied, grinning and waving off her un-needed apology.

"She would head to school?" Ash asked after a few minutes, finally breaking the tension.
"Of course," Lana replied, "We don't need to worry about our clothes, the Alolan sun will dry us up no problem."

As they made their way down to the ocean for their field trip Kiawe joined them, "Hey Ash, Lana!" He stopped in his tracks.
"Why are you two soaked?"
They both laughed awkwardly. "Popplio was working on his balloons..." Lana said, embarrassed once more.
"Oh alright, I bet the fiery spirit of my Pokémon could dry you! Turtonator! Flamethrower!"
Ash and Lana gasped, "Kiawe no!-" they were cut off when a powerful Flamethrower hit them, almost charring them.
"Oh. Sorry..." Kiawe apologized as he realised his mistake...
Ash laughed, "Hey it's fine guys! Let's get down to the dock alright?"
"Alright!" Lana replied, she had found herself agreeing with everything Ash said.

"Alola!" Professor Kukui called to his class, who had just arrived.
"Alola!" They all replied.
"Cool!" Sophocles exclaimed, grabbing everyone's attention. "Lillie's secret weapon is amazing!"
"I can take part in the fishing and Ride Pokémon classes now!" Lillie responded.
Professor Kukui chuckled to himself, despite her fear of touching Pokémon Lillie was still extremely determined and tried her hardest to take part.
"Of course," Kukui said, bringing the topic back to the lesson, "It looks like Lana will be the instructor today."
Lana blushed a violent pink, all eyes were on her. "Uh, right!" She exclaimed, stumbled forward to stand beside their Professor. With all these eyes on her, and the only ones she cared for were Ash's. "I guess. I guess." She continued shyly,
"You can do it Lana!" Mallow cheered, trying to encourage her best friend. "Instruct us!"
"Do your best." Kiawe added.
Suddenly, Ash felt that twinge again, but this time he knew exactly why, the very idea of any other guy talking to Lana made his mind go into a crazed, jealous rage.
"Ok, uh, everyone, do you have your fishing rods?" Lana asked.
"You bet I do!" Ash exclaimed, dangling his borrowed rod with its new Pikachu bait. He bought it thinking it would be a great way to impress Lana.
But then, a much bigger Togedemaru bait swung down in front of his,
"That's so cool!" Mallow exclaimed excitedly,
"Yeah I guess so." Sophocles said, brushing off the compliment. "It's my hyper rod with top-notch bendability!" The rest of the class gasped "It won't snap even reeling in a Wailord, an amazing rod that can spool 300 times a second!"
After letting Sophocles hold up his shiny rod for a moment or two, Lana went on with the instructing,
"Now, please get on your ride Pokémon."
Everyone clambered aboard, "Lapras and Wailmer will take us to our destination, a great fishing spot!"
Finally, they reached the spot, "This is the fishing spot we'll use," Lana explained, Ash was listening to every word very intently. "There are lots of Marine Pokémon here. Some live in shallow waters, and some in deep, this is an unusual spot where they both mingle. You can even catch Kyogre!"
Ash, Rotom, and Pikachu gasped, "Kyogre?!"
"Yeah!" Lana continued, "The Legendary Pokémon!"
"Now, now, now." Mallow said, wagging her finger, "You really should stop teasing him, Lana." Lana just poked out her tongue in reply.
This time it was Ash's turn to blush.
"Alright!" Ash exclaimed, trying not to look embarrassed, "I'm gonna catch a big one!"
"All set?" Lana asked the class, "Prepare your fishing rods!"
Everyone had their variation of bait, of course Ash had a Pikachu design and Sophocles a Togedemaru, Kiawe a Charizard, Mallow a Bownsweet, Lillie a Clefairy, Professor Kukui a Rockruff and Lana had a Popplio one. "Now, cast the lure with all your might!" Lana exclaimed as she launched her rod forward.
"If the float moves, that's when you make your move. Find your timing, then quickly real it in!"
As she cranked her rod speedily an Alolamola flew out of the water. "Then if you want, catch it!" Lana threw out a Pokéball engulfing Alolamola. It rocked once, twice, three times!
"Wow! You caught an Alolamola!" Ash said excitedly, even though he had already traveled through six regions, he had never come into contact with one.
Lana giggled in appreciation, "Yeah, thanks. Anyway, once you catch it give it some Pokémon food and you'll become the best of friends!"
As the class went on Lana reeled in several more types of Pokémon, Pyukumuku, Corsola and Luvdisc. However, she caught no more than the original Alolamola. Ash watched this from his Ride Lapras, she was magnificent... "Way to go Lana!" He mustered up the courage to say,
"Whoah!" Exclaimed Mallow, "Such a pro!"
"Would you look at the master at work? Everyone looks happy at work!" Professor Kukui added.

The bobbing of Ash's bait caught Pikachu's attention (As Ash was focused on admiring Lana from afar)
"Pika Pika!" Pikachu shouted, alerting his partner,
"Whoah!" Ash said as he realised what was going on, he pulled and pulled and pulled! But nothing came up with the lure...
"Your timing was a bit too fast." Rotom stated,
Mallow had also just got a pull on her rod,
"Got one!" She exclaimed, trying to reel it in. But again, nothing came up...
"Your timing? A bit too late." Rotom stated like a broken record.
"STOP!" Ash and Mallow shouted in-sync.
Lana looked over, and this time, it was her who was overwhelmed with Jealousy. Even though it something as small as them agreeing Lana couldn't help but feel like Mallow was getting in the way.
After a little longer (And some grumbling from Kiawe and Sophocles) Pikachu felt a tug on its tail - he had also been fishing, just, without the rod.
"Pika Pika!" He squealed as he yanked up a large Magikarp out of the water.
"Magikarp? Oof!" Ash exclaimed as it fell onto him,
Magikarp's tail flapped back and forth and slapped Ash rapidly across the face.

Seconds after Pikachu had felt a tug, Lillie felt a one,
"Uh! I got one!" She pulled as hard as she could, and pulled a Milotic out of the water!
"Nice job Lillie!" Professor Kukui said excitedly,
"Even I know that's a rare catch!" Kiawe added on proudly.
But the Milotic was not giving up, it began to pull Lily around, almost out of her seat.
"Hold on Lillie!" Lana shouted as she and Ash sped forward on their Lapras.
Ash leaped forward but was quickly knocked back by Milotic, who eventually broke free of Lillie's grasp and swam away.
"Ash!" Lana shrekked, diving off of Lapras' back, Popplio close behind her. The two soon surfaced seconds later.
Ash laughed pathetically, "Thanks Lana..."
"Alright!" Professor Kukui called to his class, he knew this romantic scene was perfect leaway for a break.
"Time for a break!"

The class were soon settled on a little sandy island,
"Don't leave us, ok?" Ash said jokingly to the Lapras and Wailmer.

Suddenly, a large Meowth shaped hot air balloon dropped down. Quickly a net was released down and the Lapras and Wailmer were caught in it!
"Alola, fair students!" James called down from the Team Rocket balloon.
"They've got Lana!" Mallow shreeked, pointing at the net, Lana was still sat feeding Lapras when Team Rocket struck.
"Oh." Jessie said to her teammates, "So we do..."
"Lana!" Ash shouted desperately, as if shouting would save her.
"What is with you people?!" Lillie exclaimed angrily.
"Did someone ask something?" The Team Rocket introduction had begun... "We're here to find out!"
"Noble answers are what we're all about!" James continued,
"The beauty so radiant, the flowers and moon hide in shame; a single flower of evil in this fleeting world! Jessie!"
"The nobly heroic man of our times, the master of darkness fighting back against a tragic world! It's James!"
"It's all for one and one for all! A glittering dark Star that always shines bright! Dig it, while Meowth takes flight!"
"Team Rocket, let's fight!"
"That's right!"
Everyone sighed, "Finally, it's ended..." Said Lana gloomily, hanging inside the net.
Meowth just tsked "Heads up school twerps! We've appointed Lapras and Wailmer as Team Rocket's ride Pokémon!"
The students and Professor Kukui ran after them, "No way! Get back here!" Ash called out, more for Lana than the Pokémon.
Lana began tugging at the net, "Hey twerpette! You're gonna break it! Stop it!"
While they were distracted, Ash and Pikachu got ready,
"All right Pikachu! Let's go Iron Tail!"
Pikachu leapt forward and jumped off of Rotom's hovering head, he shot forward and cut the rope holding Lana and the Pokémon clean in half.
The riders of the balloon went pale,
"Ahhhhhh!" Lana shrieked as she and the Pokémon shot towards the water, faster and faster.
Just as soon as they had fallen, they hit the water with a SPLASH! "Ash!" Lana squealed, running out of the water and into his arms.
"Hey! Enough ewey gooey stuff! Those were our ride Pokémon!" Shouted Jessie from the hot air balloon.
"Mimikyu go! Shadow Ball!" Out from its Luxury Ball came Mimikyu standing tall, and about to 'destroy those twerps'.
"No!" Lana shouted back, "Popplio! Make a Balloon!"
"Pikachu! Thunderbolt!"
Amazingly, in mid air, the Balloon and Thunderbolt joined together and smashed into Mimikyu's Shadow Ball. The Electric Balloon continued forward and crashed into Team Rocket's basket, sending them flying away, "We're blasting off againnnnnnnn...!"
Sophocles ran forward, "How did you guys do that?! That was awesome!"
Everyone crowded around them,
"A true bond I guess..." Lana answered shyly, putting her hand in Ash's.

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"Lana's home!" Harper and Sarah called out to their mother as they rushed to the door,
"You girls leave her alone now, she's bringing home a boy." Their mother grinned as she spoke to them, her little Lana had gotten her first boyfriend.
"Alola!" Lana called as she slipped through the door, Ash close behind her.
"Alola Lana!" Her mother replied,
"Umm, mum, this is Ash." Lana said and she stepped aside, signalling to Ash.
Ash blushed, "Alola Miss Lana's mum." He greeted her with a bow,
"No need to be so formal," Lana's mother replied with a laugh, "I'll leave you two it then." And with that she winked at her elder daughter,
"Mummm!" Lana moaned, "You're embarrassing me..."

Ash dropped onto the fluffy pile that was Lana's bed. "Huh." He said as Lana closed the door behind them, "We were only in here yesterday..."
"Yes, not that long ago." The two stared at each other for a moment, lost in the other's eyes, not knowing what to say.
Ash had sent Rowlet, Pikachu and his Rotom-Dex to Professor Kukui's house on the way back from the dock and Lana had stored Popplio in his Pokéball, the two of them needed this time to discuss what was going on.
"Ireallylikeyou." Ash blurted out finally,
Lana blushed and giggled slightly, "I like you too Ash."
Ash nudged a little bit closer to her, "Does this mean?"
"If you want to be..." Lana finished his sentence, already knowing what he was going to say. "I know I do."
Ash grinned happily, "Awesome!"
Suddenly, Lana's lips where on his and he was falling back into the pile of Pokémon teddys, Lana was worried how he would react but soon he began to kiss back and all her worries melted away.
"Mmm," She hummed against his lips,
They broke apart as quickly as they had started,
'That was even better than Serena!' Ash thought to himself, trying to get any words out. "Uhh, kiss. Good. Lana, good."
Lana giggled once more, he wasn't the smoothest of guys, but he was definitely the nicest.
"Would you like to go out and ride on Lapras with me?"
Ash grinned happily, "Of course!" And he gave her a quick pec on the lips.

"Woohoo! I never knew Lapras could go so fast!" Ash exclaimed as they sped along the water, the sunset teetering over the edge of the horizon.
"Would you like to see something cool?" Lana asked, holding onto Ash's hand so he didn't fall off like their first meeting.
"Yeah?" Ash replied, eager to know what she ment,
Lapras stopped abruptly and the young boy almost flew off.
"Whatch the horizon."
Ash stated at it, the sun had just finally dipped below it,
"Now, watch this." They began to cruse out to sea,
"You see the sun has appeared again? Pretty cool, huh? To think it's just behind the curve of the earth!"
"That's so cool!" Ash cheered, "I never thought of that!"

Once Lana had gotten a taste, she could not resist, she kissed Ash once more, accidentally pulling them both off of Lapras' back.
"Whoah!" Ash exclaimed as they dropped into the water, Lana just laughed at his cuteness, even in seemingly annoying situations like this he still seemed as radiant and as positive as ever.
They climbed back onto Lapras and ride back to shore where Ash bid his new girlfriend adeu with a kiss and a wave.

"So he is your boyfriend?" Came two voices from behind Lana, she just signed, "Yes, he is."
The twins cheered and ran inside.
Lana followed them in as soon as Ash was out of eye shot, half a day of being a couple and they were already practically inseperable.

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2 Weeks ago Ash and Lana admitted their feelings to each other,
"I should get her something!" Ash exclaimed. He, Pikachu, Rotom and Rockruff had been brainstorming since the morning on what Ash shod get his new girlfriend.
"What a great idea!" Rotom replied excitedly,
"Pika Pika!"
"How about some Alolan style food?" Ash suggested, while rubbing his chin.
Rotom mimicked him, "My calculations show there is a 70% chance she will like it... Lana would have had lots of those after living in Alola for her entire life!"
Sighing, Ash flopped over and rolled onto his back, "Why is it so hard to think of anything?"
Pikachu sat on his chest, "Pika!"
"Haha, thanks buddy." The Pokemon trainer replied, rubbing Pikachu's head.
Suddenly, Rotom shot upward, "How about some special PokéBalls to help catch Water based Pokémon?"
Ash sat up immediately, and Pikachu was almost catapulted across the room. "What a great idea! Thanks Rotom!"
Rotom put his hands on his hips, "That is what I'm here for." He said with a little bow.

"What kinds of Water PokéBalls are there?" Ash asked as they ventured through the Shopping Centre, only window shopping so far.
"Well," Rotom began, "There's Dive Balls, which have 3.5 times better chance of catching Pokémon in the water. Then there's Net Balls which are used to catch Water and Bug Type Pokémon, their chance of catching the Pokémon is the same. And last, but most certainly not least, is the Lure Ball, which have 5 times better chance of catching Pokémon in the water."
"Whoah!" Ash exclaimed, stopping, "I completely forgot how many there were!"
"Pikachu? Where are you going?" Ash asked, after realising Pikachu had run off and chasing after him.
"Maybe he's spotted some Water Based PokéBalls!" Rotom said as he zoomed beside Ash.
The two followed Pikachu into a shop, above the shop in read 'The PokéBall Shop'.
"Alright!" Ash said, and he pumped his hand into the air.
Shelves sat either side of them lined with all sorts of PokéBalls. There were standard PokéBalls, there were Great Balls and Ultra Balls, and there were more peculiar variations like Fast Balls and Dusk Balls.
"What can I interest you guys in today?" The shop assistant asked, noticing Ash's happiness.
"We're looking for some Water PokéBalls!"
"Of course, right this way." The assistant guided them to a glass case. "These are our finest Dive, Net and Lure balls in a very fine case!"
Rotom scanned them, "They really are fine!"
"We'll take 'em!" Ash grinned,

"That will be 20,000 PokéDollars please." The Shop Assistant said as they stood at the counter.
Ash's draw dropped, along with Rotom's and Pikachu's.
"For love...?" Rotom said feebly,
"I guess..." Ash replied as he weakly slipped the money onto the counter.
"Thanks!" The Shop Assistant said, apparently completely missing the trio's shock. "Have a nice day!"

"I sure hope Lana likes these." Ash said quietly as they walked to her house. Luckily, it was a bit of a walk away so Ash had time to compose himself.
Finally, they reached the house, Ash knocked, and Sarah and Harper answered. 'Crud.' Ash thought.
They gasped in-sinc, "It's Lana's boyfriend!" They exclaimed. Ash chuckled awkwardly, "Uh-haha, yeah. Uhh, is Lana in?"
"No." They said in return.
"Can you tell me where she is?" Ash asked, a little confused.
"Yeah, she's out with Lapras." The twin on the left, Harper, pointed to her side. "There she is."
Sure enough, Lana was over there, sat on Lapras' back.
'Was she holding something?' Ash thought to himself.
"Bye new big brother," The twins called after him, "Bye Pikachu!"

"Lana!" Ash shouted excitedly, as he and his Pokémon ran down to her.

Lana practically flew out of her seat in fear, she had not realised anyone was out here besides her. She quickly stowed the contents of her hands behind her back, "Uh, Hi Ash!" She said, flustered. "I got you something!" Ash stated excitedly, raising the box of Pokéballs upward. Lana gasped and clapped her hands to her mouth, dropping the box In her hands onto Lapras' back. "What's that?" Ash asked, eyeing up the box.

"Oh, uh, hehe, I um, I got you something too, Ash." Lana let out as she went a deep shade of red.

"Wow, thanks!" Ash replied. Lana stepped down, "Here." She said, handing the box to Ash, and he handed his respectively. Ash flipped open the lid of the box, inside was a Light Ball. "A Light Ball!" Rotom stated, "When given to a Pikachu, it's power is boosted!"

"Wow! That's so cool!" Ash exclaimed, giving Lana a peck on the cheek in thanks. "Open yours!" 

"Oh okay." Lana said as she opened the box, immediately glee spread across her face, "Oh thank you Ash!" She squealed, admiring the Pokéballs. Lana locked him into a bear hug, "I don't know whether to use them or display them!" She said after she released Ash and he was able to breathe again. "Well, you do what you want with them." He stated the obvious, "They're yours now!"

"Alright Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed, as they stood on the beach. "Now with the power of the Light Ball, your Thunderbolt should be much more powerful!"


"Come on Pikachu!" Lana called,


With a little run up and a powerful whip of it's tail, Pikachu let out a humongous Thunderbolt that zigzagged across the beach. "Alright! That was awesome!" Ash practically squealed. 

"That was great!" Lana added.

"Why don't we try that Thunderbolt-Bubble move again?" Ash suggested with a wide grin across his face. Lana's face was almost an exact mirror of Ash's, "Do you want to, Popplio?" She asked her partner.


"Ok then, Popplio," Lana exclaimed as the two ran to stand beside Ash and Pikachu.

"Use Thunderbolt!"

"Make a Baloon!"

The two moves immediately joined together, and just like before, they zoomed forward and crashed into a palm tree.

"That was great you guys!" Ash called to their Pokémon,

"Statistically," Rotom began, and two scowls crossed Ash and Lana's faces, "That should not have worked at all! It makes no-" But before Rotom could finish his sentence a Baloon collided with him, engulfing him. "Huh?!" He shrieked as be began to rise up, the others just laughed, "Let me out! I don't wanna be in here!"

"Alright then!" Ash laughed, "Pikachu! Electro Ball!" Pikachu shot an Electro  Balltowards the rising Rotom, shattering the bubble. Immediately, Rotom plummeted and hit the sand headfirst. 

Ash, Lana, Pikachu and Popplio couldn't help but laugh, it was quite an amusing sight.