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Is he your boyfriend?

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"Alright! Woo-hoo! This is awesome!" Ash exclaimed as he and Pikachu sped by, riding upon Sharpedo's back.
"Pika!" Pikachu squealed in reply,
This was their first day in Alola after Ash's Mum's Pokémon, Mimey the Mister Mime, had won them vacation tickets.

After Ash had deposited his Pokémon from the Kalos region with Professor Oak, they had been tasked with delivering an egg to Professor Oak's cousin; Principal Samson Oak.

"Yeah! Right, Pikachu?" Ash asked excitedly,
"Pikachu!" Pikachu squealed once more, even more excited.
Ash laughed at Pikachu's excitable attitude,
"All right! Full throttle, Sharpedo!" He exclaimed, signalling for the Ride Pokémon to speed up.
Just as soon as Ash had asked, Sharpedo zoomed forward and the three of them dipped underwater. As they glided upon the ocean floor they came across a Pokémon completely new to Ash and Pikachu, Pyukumuku! They slowed down and Ash waved hello, he poked it's head, and right out of its mouth, came a hand! It waved to Ash and he waved back, confused as he was. Soon they began to reach the surface again, they breathed a breathe of fresh air, and slumped onto Sharpedo. Suddenly, a colourful Fish Pokémon jumped out of the water at them,
"Rakakaka!" It screeched.
Ash and Pikachu jumped back in fright, he almost saved himself, but before he could, he fell backwards and plunged into the water.
The girl who was fishing for the Pokémon, accidentally let go, but she didn't notice, she was more focused on the cute boy who had just fallen off his Sharpedo.
Seconds later he surfaced again, grasping into Sharpedo's fin.
"Made it buddy..." Ash said to Pikachu,
The girl and her Popplio laughed,
Ash blushed and climbed back onto Sharpedo.
"I'm Ash." He stated, rubbing his neck and laughing along with her.
"I'm Lana," The girl replied, "And this is Popplio." Lana signalled to the blue Sea Lion Pokémon sat next to her.
"That's so cool!" Ash exclaimed,
Lana gasped, "A Pikachu! How cute!"
"Pika!" Pikachu was used to this kind of flattery by now,
"Yeah!" Ash laughed as he checked his watch, "Oh! Sorry but we've got to return Sharpedo! Seeya!" And with that final remark, Ash and Pikachu sped off along the shoreline.

(Events of rest of Episode 1 to Episode 5)

"Lana, is he your boyfriend?" Harper and Sarah asked in-sync. Ash watched as Lana went bright red and began shaking her head vigorously,
"He's not! He's not! He's not! He's not! He's not! He's not!" She shrieked at her younger siblings.
Ash, although he didn't know why, felt a slight twinge in the back of his heart.
"Are you sure he's not your boyfriend?" Harper and Sarah asked again, as if they had misheard Lana.
"I'm really, really, really sure!" Lana bellowed, embarrassed beyond belief.
Ash blushed at this, but then the girls made a major mistake, with smug looks on their faces they pushed Pikachu's head down to the floor. He began to spark and shout. BOOM! Everyone in the building was hit with a powerful thunderbolt.
"Buzz, Buzz, Buzz..." Harper and Sarah said together,
"Thought that would happen..." Ash stated, trying to stay upright.

Outside; "Wow!" Ash exclaimed, gazing in aw at Lana's fishing rods.
"You can borrow whichever one you want." Lana replied with a smile,
Ash admired Lana's generousness, he had truly never met someone like her.
"Hard to choose with so many! Which one should I pick?"
Lana giggled cutely, "Why not choose the Blue one, to match your outfit?"
Ash picked up the Blue Fishing Rod, and with a "Alright!", he raised it into the air.

For a while Ash, Lana, Pikachu and Popplio simply sat outside with Lapras. They sat on the dock talking about Ash's previous Regional Endeavours.
"I can't believe you and Pikachu beat a Latios!" Lana exclaimed, completely shocked, "And! You met Kyogre!"
Ash laughed at this, Lana was obsessed with any Pokémon remotely related to water. It was her speciality, just like Mallow's was Grass, Sophocles's was Electric and Kiawe's was Fire.

The two ended the night when Ash bidded Lana, Harper and Sarah goodbye and goodnight.
"Are you SURE he's not your boyfriend Lana?" Harper asked curiously.
"HE'S NOT!" Ash heard her bellow, he laughed, but couldn't help but feel that same twinge in his heart.
Did he have feelings for her? Did he actually like Lana?
"I guess I'll find out..." He muttered to himself.
"Pika Pika?"
"Oh? Oh it's nothing Pikachu, don't worry buddy." Ash replied, scratching Pilachu behind the ears as they walked. At school tomorrow they would be going on a field trip to catch Pokémon, maybe Ash's feelings would eventually reveal themselves...