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One Shots: His Wonder Women Universe

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This is just a list of the one shots I have planned at the moment, more will probably be added as I get through them. 

- Jasper and Freya's first time 'together' (nsfw) (Feb 2011)

- Alice and Nola discuss their relationship (April 2011)

- Lelo meets Human!Seth on the beach (April 2011)

- Alice and Nola move in together (June 2011)

- Freya and Jasper take first holiday together to Paris (June 2011)

- Skylar meets Human!Paul at Boxing Day bonfire party (NSFW) (Dec 2011)

- Lelo and Seth bond at same party (Dec 2011)

- Nadia develops crush on Human!Leah (Dec 2011)

- Damon and Steph talk about why he turned her, things happen between them (NSFW) (Dec 2011)

- Mara and Skylar going 'hunting'. (Jan 2012)

- Nadia, Jess and Bella go to the movies (Jan 2012)

- Wolf!Paul imprints on Skylar (Feb 2012)

- Skylar and Paul discuss the wolves, she admits that her family isn't exactly......normal (March 2012)

- Nola and Alice in Italy with Bella and the Volturi (March 2012)

- Wolf!Seth imprints on Lelo (April 2012)

- Wolf!Leah imprints on Nadia (May 2012)

- Jasper and Freya visit Steve Rogers (July 2012)

- Damon and Steph get married in secret (Dec 2012)

- Nola proposes to Alice (Jan 2013)

- Mara, Lelo and Seth hit the road; their own little Team Free Will (Jan 2013)

- Damon, Steph, Skylar and Paul visit Steve (Jan 2013)

- Nadia and Leah move in together (Jan 2013)

- Freya and Jasper leave Forks (Jan 2013)