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nothing wrong with a little bit of spice

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[lixious] added: [leeyaong], [hwangj1n] to the chat


[lixious] named the chat: “babes”


lixious: hello bois

leeyaong: excuse me

hwangj1n: what

hwangj1n: lix what are you doing

hwangj1n: its almost 3am

hwangj1n: we should sleep

hwangj1n: i am tired

lixious: boo hoio

leeyaong: lee felix what the fuck do you think you’re doing

lixious: :P

hwangj1n: lix are you ok

leeyaong: you stink

lixious: lobe my boys <3

leeyaong: have you been drinking

lixious: i’m offendded you woiuld accuse me of such a thinfg

leeyaong: i can smell the alcohol from here

lixious: wow fricjk you

lixious: im noyt even legal

leeyaong: wait really

lixious: wait idk

leeyaong: i think you are?

lixious: idk bro

leeyaong: i am not your bro

lixious: :(

hwangj1n: it’s okay lix i am your bro

lixious: :D

leeyaong: yall done

leeyaong: felix what was the point of this gc

lixious: uhghj
leeyaong: not mad abt it but like

leeyaong: iss 3am

lixious: yall are up too, don’t shame me

leeyaong: no one is being shamed you fool

lixious: lol

leeyaong: are you explaining or




“CHAN GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE!” Felix shouts, as he chases his friend around their living room, Chan frantically laughing and running away with Felix’s phone way out of Felix’s reach.
“NO, I’M DOING GOD’S WORK,” Chan shouts in between fits of laughter back at him.
Felix, throwing a cushion in Chan’s direction, stubs his toe on the corner of the coffee table, falling down and half-screaming in pain, “This is all your fault.”
“Very sad, you still aren’t getting this back!”



lixious: ok jokes i’m not actually felix

leeyaong: damn i didn’t know there were other people as bad as you at korean spelling in the world


lixious: harsh !

leeyaong: sorry ;;; i didn’t mean that. i’ve never texted felix actually ;;;;

lixious: it’s okay i know his typing is awful

lixious: but lix? he’s pussy

leeyaong: he’s what

leeyaong: a cat? most certainly not

leeyaong: it’s an offence to compare felix to god-kind


lixious: no omfg no nononono

lixious: he’s a wimp he’s puss

hwangj1n: scaredy cat!

lixious: YES

lixious: so i stole his phone and made this gc for him

lixious: he spent the whole afternoon wallowing like “man i feel like i’m being annoying~~~ i dont wanna annoy them~~~~~~~~~~~ they’re so cool~~~~~~”

lixious: shh i didn’t tell you guys this, but ur like, the only people he rlly knows here since he just moved

lixious: so it’s a big thing for him n he rlly likes u guys so wehe

leeyaong: oh shit mayhaps i am soft

lixious: right he’s so cute




“HAAAAAAAAAAA” Chan keeps the phone close to his chest as Felix pushes into him and peeks over his shoulder to see what’s going on.
“Why would you tell them that?” Felix jokingly pouts, finally giving up and propping his face onto Chan’s bare shoulder. Both of them are heaving and sweaty after running after one another.
“Because I know you aren’t going to bother, man,” Chan nudges him, a grin slithering up his face.
Felix giggles, “Or it’s because you have a thing for Minho-hyung. I’ve seen the way you watch him in my videos.”
Chan rolls his eyes, concentrating on the group chat.
“Or is it Hyunjinnie?”
Chan scoffs, not looking up, “You know I haven’t even met them. I just know them from your recordings. Besides, I have eyes for you, only.” He boops Felix’s nose and surprisingly Felix barely reacts, not really registering what Chan is saying.
Then, something clicks, “Love at first sight?” Felix nudges him suggestively.
“Love is bullshit.”
“Calm it down, e-boy.”




leeyaong: okay but who’s this

leeyaong: and how do you know our users

lixious: not rlly hard to guess

lixious: leeyaong? obvs cat boy, who else has a cat sound in their user

lixious: and hwangj1n is such a give-away

leeyaong: wait so you know us?

lixious: not quite

lixious: we haven’t officially met

leeyaong: what

lixious: y’all cute tho

lixious: very talented

leeyaong: how do you know i’m “cat boy”

lixious: i’m gonna give the phone back to lix now

leeyaong: no you whore stay and explain

lixious: byebye

lixious: mwah

leeyaong: i can’t believe this

hwangj1n: man just called me predictable TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

lixious: i’m sorrty

lixious: hi friends

lixious: sorry if i bothered

leeyaong: you’re cute, lix

lixious: oh maybe my heart fluttered

leeyaong: i’m going to sleep

leeyaong: see you guys tomorrow, yeah?

hwangj1n: yeah!!!! gnight minho <3

lixious: goodnifht minho hyung

leeyaong: yeah

leeyaong: i’m gonna mute this till i wake up lmao

lixious: good idea

lixious: anyways

lixious: hey hyunjin -3-

hwangj1n: hey lixxie

hwangj1n: i had an idea~ if we could change our display names here

hwangj1n: the writer is getting really tired of writing hwangj1n over and over again because they keep misspelling it

lixious: writer?

hwangj1n: if u know u know ;)

lixious: anyways

lixious: yeah ofc :( i’m sorry if i bothered you btw i didn’t plan on rlly making the gc

hwangj1n: noooo!!!!!!1 no dont be sorry :(:(:(:(:( no i am so happy you did bc i really like talking to u irl

hwangj1n: minho hyung also

hwangj1n: and even tho i have u guys on here i always get scared to message either of u

hwangj1n: so it’s cool we have a gc

hwangj1n: even tho it’s 3am

lixious: i’m glad you share the feeling ;;; i hope minho doesn’t mind

lixious: especially since he’s older

hwangj1n: yeah


[hwangj1n] changed [hwangj1n]’s display name to [hyunjin]

[hwangj1n] changed [lixious]’s display name to [lixxie]

[hwangj1n] changed [leeyaong]’s display name to [cutie]


hyunjin: that man is going to kill me tomorrow

lixxie: why?

hyunjin: it’s a bit . disrespectful to call him a cutie

hyunjin: kinda

hyunjin: he’s the type of guy who’d take offence but like as a joke

lixxie: ohhhhhhh

lixxie: you know he will see this, thoughf

hyunjin: uhuh

hyunjin: yo

hyunjin: don’t you think minho started to act a little weird tho

lixxie: once again, hyunjin, he’s gonna see this

hyunjin: yeah whatevs but like don’t you think?

hyunjin: like the way he was just all serious

hyunjin: and didn’t insult

hyunjin: he called you cute

hyunjin: AND


hyunjin: THAT’S PEAK

lixxie: ohh

lixxie: yes he always calls me just “felix”

hyunjin: yeah

hyunjin: oooo

hyunjin: mega peak

hyunjin: wait

hyunjin: do you have a korean name

hyunijn: i know you see this

hyunjin: hey

hyunjin: stop ignoring me i SEE THE READ CHECK

lixxie: haha.

lixxie: yes.

hyunjin: well are you gonna TELL ME or

lixxie: . no

hyunjin: :c

lixxie: hyunjin its so awful

hyunjin: nooo i bet its cute

lixxie: go d it sreally not

hyunjin: :| fine ok

hyunjin: anyways

hyunjin: i’m still tired

lixxie: yeahh yeah

hyunjin: night king, see you tomorrow -3-

lixxie: see u -3-