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Bed Buddies (Reader x BNHA Boys Oneshots)

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You opened your front door, wincing at the way your muscles ached from a hard day in work. Thirteen-hour shifts were a killer, and this made day four on the trot. You wanted to believe your manager appreciated the effort you put in at your job, but you knew the reality. You were just another worker, on another shift, on another day.

You sighed, hanging up your house key, then trudged your way to your bedroom, wanting nothing more than to curl up in the folds of your duvet and sleep. When you opened the door you noticed that your light was on. Then you saw him. Katsuki Bakugou, sprawled on your bed with his back against the headboard.

“There she is,” he announced, his lips pulling up into a sly grin when he laid eyes on you. “What the fuck took you so long?”

“Katsuki.” You were shocked. This wasn’t his house. “What are you doing here?”

He raised his arms wide as if inviting you towards him, even though that cocky smile never left his lips. “Get your damned work clothes off, get in bed. We’re going to sleep.”

You stammered, forgetting all about your job and your unappreciative manager. “Why are you here?”

Your comment only made his grin deepen. It looked good on him, replacing the angry glare he showed the rest of the world. Ignoring his command to take your clothes off, you crawled onto the bed and into his waiting arms. He pulled you against him and breathed a contented sigh into the side of your neck, holding you tight enough so that you couldn’t pull away even if you wanted to.

“You seem very…” you began, but Katsuki squeezed you again.

“Shut up,” he growled before placing a soft kiss against your skin. “You say one fucking thing about being mushy and you can forget it ever happening again.”

You pursed your lips to hold down a smile. Fine. You had missed Katsuki these past few days, unable to see him because of the long hours at your job. Maybe, just maybe, he was missing you too.

He held you long enough to satisfy his quiet need then let you go so you could change into your pyjamas. He did the same, slipping out of day clothes and into a loose pair of pants and a tight black vest. Then he got under the covers and waited for you to join him.

But you hesitated. He frowned.

“What’s wrong?” You caught yourself and slipped him a smile to tell him everything was alright. You crawled back into bed and he moved the duvet so you could slip in next to him. “It’s your fucking work again, isn’t it?”

Nothing got past him. “Mhmm.”

His arms slipped around you, pulling your back against his chest until every groove of your body melded into his. “Tell your manager to fuck off. You’re too good for that waste of space.”

He nuzzled the back of your neck with his nose, squeezing you for reassurance. You smiled. You knew you couldn’t say that to your boss, but Katsuki’s words told you he was standing in your corner, ready to back you up if things got too much to handle.

You really needed this tonight. You wondered if Katsuki knew that. You had barely spoken to him by text the past few days, muttering nothing more than two- or three-word messages. You worried he might have been mad, that you were shirking him off, but the way he held you—the way he was here—told you everything was alright and that he understood. Life was tough. Stuff got in the way.

But he would always be here for you, telling the world to fuck off when you needed it most.


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One morning, you woke to the sound of your phone buzzing on your bedside table. You hadn’t set an alarm last night which meant, shockingly, that someone was ringing you. No one ever rang you. You lived in the age of texts and messengers—no one rang anyone any more.

You rolled over and flopped your hand around, trying to locate your phone. Once you had, you held it close to your face, squinting at the brightness of it in your dark room and read the word: Kacchan.

Forcing yourself to wake up, you rolled onto your stomach, wiping your hand down your face, and pressed the Accept Call button on the phone.

“Katsuki,” you mumbled, unable to make your voice work so early in the morning. “What’s up? It’s too early to exist.”

“Open your damn fucking door, I’ve been stood out here ten fucking minutes.” He hung up promptly after that. Damn it. That’s the last thing you needed first thing in the morning—a pissed off Katsuki. You rolled out of bed, fixing your hair lamely as you did, and sauntered towards your front door in nothing but a short nightgown. You couldn’t think of anything good that needed to be said face-to-face so early in the morning.

Taking one more moment to wipe the sleep from your eyes behind your door, you prayed he wasn’t too angry then opened it. To your surprise, Katsuki didn’t look angry at all. Well, no more so than standard Katsuki anyway.

“Fucking finally,” he said with a relieved sigh before thrusting his hands towards you. It took you a second to notice that he was holding two brown paper bags, but what you definitely did notice was the smell of food. “They’re probably fucking cold now but that’s your damn lazy arse’s fault.”

You opened one of the bags curiously, spotting a bagel with cream cheese, two hash browns and a small carton of orange juice. You looked at Katsuki.

“What’s all this?”

He clicked his tongue, frowning. “Breakfast, obviously. Now are you gonna let me in, or do I have to eat outside in the dark?”

That’s when you understood one of the bags was for him. Realising he planned to have breakfast with you, your sleepiness vanished in an instant and was replaced with a beaming smile.

“We get to eat together?” It came out as more of a shriek than you intended, making Katsuki wince, but he nodded all the same, brushing past you to come inside. “What’s the occasion?”

He swiped one of the bags on his way past then proceeded down the hall to where he knew your dining room was, picking up two plates from the kitchen on his way past. You followed him, plonking yourself down at the dinner table.

It was unbelievably early and on a regular day your stomach wouldn’t be up for eating yet, but this morning was different. You watched Katsuki tucking into his food, opening your carton of orange juice as you did. Then Katsuki noticed your eyes on him. He jerked his head at you, silently asking the fuck are you looking at?

You chuckled once and drank a gulp of juice, only for Katsuki to make a noise this time, urging you to talk. You almost snorted the juice out your nose.

“This is nice,” you said after recovering. “But it’s so early. Where’s the rush?”

Katsuki was about to take another bite of bagel but he put it down to fix a glare on you. “Fuck you. It was this early or never.”

You wondered what he meant until it dawned on you that he must have work today, like you did. You looked at the clock on the wall.

“What time do you start?”

He glanced up at the clock too. “In an hour.”

“An hour?” You sounded alarmed. He wasn’t dressed for work which meant he still had to go back home, get changed and get to work, and yet he was munching away at a leisurely pace. Your heart swelled.

“Kacchan, you didn’t have to…” it sounded like a soft purr. You wanted to reprimand him, but you knew he was doing this to spend more time with you. Life got in the way a lot and you had hardly seen each other in recent times. Truthfully, if he hadn't shown up today, you weren't sure when you would have seen him next.

“Relax, you spazz. I’ve got plenty of time.” He tried to act indifferent, but you caught the slight twinge of pink in his cheeks like he knew you’d caught him doting on you. As if to reinstate his uncaring, brash personality he added with a click of the tongue, “You’re damn lazy. You waste half the day in bed so I thought I’d make you get up and do shit for once.”

His trying-too-hard outburst only made you smile more. It made your heart swell. Sometimes you wished he could just do something sweet and own up to it, but the fact he tried to hide it amongst snarky comebacks made it just that little bit cuter.

Putting your food down, you got up out of your chair and walked round to Katsuki. He looked alarmed, putting the bagel down just in time for you to collide with him, wrapping your arms around his head in a hug.

“You’re so lovely,” you gushed, purposefully cuddling him to embarrass him. On cue, he clawed at your hands, half-heartedly trying to pull you off. You knew he loved your affection really. You spotted a hint of a smile as he swore.

“Get the fuck off me and go back to bed. I changed my mind. You’re better when you’re unconscious!”

You leaned down, placing a soft kiss on the top of his head. “Good morning to you too, Kacchan.”

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Lounging in the bath before bed, you read the email on your phone over and over, wishing there was something you could do about it.

Your new bed will arrive at the weekend. Please make arrangements to be at home as the bed cannot be delivered without a signature.

Signature aside, you couldn’t wrap your head around the wait time. Today was Tuesday. You’d even paid for expedited shipping. You dropped your phone out the side of the tub, sliding down in the water to wallow in misery. You weren’t sure what to do for the next few days without a bed. You supposed you could sleep on the living room couch, but you had pets and they really enjoyed making a racket at 3AM by banging their food bowls on the bottoms of their cages. It was like a ritual—fortunately one you couldn’t hear from your bedroom, but everywhere else in the house.

You could probably cope for a day or two, but you still had work and hero-duty wasn’t all that easy when you were sleep-deprived from noisy pets. You had one more option, but you were dubious about it. There was always the option of staying over at your boyfriend Tamaki’s house, but you thought he might die of embarrassment at the suggestion.

It wasn’t his fault that your bed was broken either, so you couldn’t hold that over him. You’d decided, stupidly, to pull him full-force onto your bed in a hug and the ensuing impact cracked the bed frame. That was your fault for trying to embarrass him. He was just too damn sweet when he got flustered. And this is how karma was getting you back for enjoying your boyfriend’s shy disposition.

Your phone buzzed on the bathroom floor. You reached for a towel and dried your arms then picked it up, checking your messages. There was one from Tamaki.

I’m sorry I broke your bed.

You tutted in a gentle sort of way, your eyes going soft at the message. It wasn’t his fault. You’d told him that over and over again. You typed a quick reply.

Again, it was my fault. Please stop worrying x x

You sent the message then set your phone down, keeping your arms above the water in anticipation of a reply. It came in seconds.

Sorry. I’m really sorry. Also you can get out now. It’s ready.

You didn’t wait to reply. You hopped straight out of the bath, spraying water everywhere as you reached for a towel to dry yourself. Tamaki was actually in your house right now, trying to fix your bed. He had sent you off to get a bath, telling you he would fix the problem by the time you were out as a way to apologise for breaking it. For a shy guy, he sure was stubborn and ready to take the blame for things that really weren’t his fault.

After drying off thoroughly, you dressed yourself in pyjamas and wrapped a small towel around your hair. On days when Tamaki wasn’t at your house, you usually went from the bath to your bedroom fully naked, but you didn’t want to break Tamaki. He had such a nervous, adorable disposition, and the thought of seeing you naked always made him terribly stuttery and awkward. Actually seeing you naked would probably make him short circuit.

You opened the bathroom door, calling over to your bedroom,

“Tamaki, I’m on my way.”

“R-right,” you heard him stammer. You wondered what he had done to fix your bed. You knew it wasn’t a permanent solution, but hopefully it could hold out until the weekend when your new bed arrived.

You didn’t know what to expect, but when you pushed open your bedroom door and saw Tamaki sprawled on the floor, covered in a radius of thick cotton you squeaked, desperately—desperately—trying to hold down laughter.

But Tamaki still heard it. He leapt up, his face red with embarrassment.

“I knew it was a terrible idea. I-I’m so sorry. I d-d-d-don’t know what I was thinking. ____, you can sleep at my- my house. I’ll stay here. It’s m-m-my fault.”

You couldn’t stand to see him so flustered, especially when he looked like a giant, blushing sheep. Hoping to spare him any more embarrassment you rushed forwards, wrapping your arms around him—or as best you could with that much fluff in the way—before burying your face into the crook of his neck, feeling the heat radiating off his face.

“Tamaki,” you purred, hoping the amusement in your voice sounded affectionate and not mocking, “it’s not a terrible idea. Not at all.” For one thing, his crazy appearance meant something very important. He didn’t mind you sleeping on him—no. He wanted you to sleep on him. The giant mounds of fluff sticking out of him were, in essence, a bed for you to sleep on.

You pressed a soft kiss to the bottom of his chin. “Let me sleep on you.”

You didn’t expect it to come out sounding suggestive, but he went rigid all the same before throwing his hands over his face, crushing your face into his neck in the process. Then he realised what he’d done and let go in a panic, so flustered by the thoughts of you sleeping on top of him that the only thing he could think to do was curl into a ball. And that was just as adorable. You could hardly cope. He was too damn lovely.

“Tamaki,” you cooed, managing to crawl in front of him to pull his hands away from his face. “Thank you. I bet you’re the comfiest bed there is.”

“Please,” he whimpered, hardly able to hold your gaze, “don’t tell anyone I did this. It’s too embarrassing.”

You kissed him on the bridge of his nose. “I promise.”

After drying your hair, the two of you settled down on the floor, cuddling in the mounds of Tamaki’s temporary cotton bed. He was as cherry red as ever, but looked a little pleased with himself that you had taken him up on his offer.

“My bed should be here by the weekend, but I won’t make you do this every night until then.” You kissed Tamaki on the cheek, and at the last second he tilted his head, placing a quick kiss on your chin.

“I-I-I- wouldn’t mind doing this again.”

You smiled, snuggling down into his fluff.

“Then let’s do this again.”

Tamaki smiled, watching as your eyes closed. You looked so peaceful. Until, suddenly, you opened them again.

“Tamaki,” you asked, saying his name in a drawn out sort of way. He gave a soft hm then saw you trying to hold down a smirk. “…what did you eat?”

Tamaki flushed a brilliant shade of red, unable to roll away from you now that you were lying on him. He couldn’t bear to tell you he’d eaten a chunk of stuffing from your pillow.

It was just too embarrassing.

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Tamaki wished he had the courage to ask you to stay the night more often. He loved that feeling first thing in the morning when he woke and you were still asleep, where he could feel your warmth beside him and could look at your face as much as he wanted without getting embarrassed from being caught staring.

You had such a pretty face, even with a string of drool rolling down your chin, your mouth slightly open. He often thought about kissing you, wondering if you’d wake. It would be just like a fairy tale where the prince woke the princess from her slumber, only the prince would turn red and bury himself from embarrassment, too in love with the princess’s dreamy, sleepy eyes  to speak, stuttering and mumbling as he tried to say,

“G-g-good morning, sl-sl-sleepyhead.”

He couldn’t even fantasize without getting flustered over you. He was hopeless.

One morning, just as the sun started to rise, after he’d been watching you long enough for it to be considered ogling, he decided you were just too pretty not to kiss. He shuffled forwards, taking care not to bump you, then brushed loose strands of hair away from your face. He couldn’t understand how someone like you could find him attractive—how you could want to be with him.

His chest swelled with pride as he watched you sleeping, feeling like the luckiest man alive for having you next to him. You never cared how he stuttered or got flustered, or that the world as a whole made him anxious. You always gripped his hand tight and told him the world wasn’t so scary. He agreed, as long as he had you to hold.

He placed a gentle kiss against your lips, her heart so swollen with love that it felt fit to burst. You moved beneath him, breathing a contented sigh. He pulled away sharply, worried that you would wake.

It was a little too late for that. You’d been awake for a while, enjoying the way Tamaki looked at you so unabashedly—something he would never do if he knew you were conscious. You tried to play dead but his kiss was just too sweet.

You peeped your eyes open, giving Tamaki a sleepy smile.

“Good morning, handsome.”

He turned beat red.

“____,” he stammered. “I-I-I- Good morning. I was j-just… umm…”

You wiggled across the bed, draping your arms lazily around his neck so you could plant a kiss on his cheek.

“What a nice thing to wake up to,” you mused. You kissed his cheeks again then dared to claim his quivering lips. Though he was shy about it, you could feel the hunger when he returned the kiss, wrapping one hand gently in your hair now that he knew you weren’t mad.

He only wished he’d tried the princess-kiss sooner.

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'Nearly there.’

You read the text message in the eerie glow of candlelight, your entire house plunged into darkness by an area-wide blackout. All you wanted to do was sleep, but total darkness had a funny way of playing tricks on you. You could hear sounds you normally wouldn’t, like the drip of a tap, the tick of a clock, or the creak of a door somewhere else in your house.

Honestly, you were tired, but knowing you had no way to turn the lights on unnerved you and kept you awake. You weren’t the biggest fan of the dark. Your imagination always ran wild.

You squeaked when you heard a knock at the door but ran to get it when you realised it wasn’t a monster, a mugger or a murderer. When you opened it, you all but fell into the arms of Fumikage Tokoyami, who was ready to catch you.

“Hold me,” you said dramatically before nuzzling your nose into his neck in greeting. He wrapped his arms around you, humming approvingly.

“I never thought you of all people would be afraid of the dark, ____.” You caught the hint of amusement in his voice. You kissed the feathers on his jawline, feeling your anxieties melting away.

“Just because I like you doesn’t mean I have to like the dark too.”

As you let go of Fumikage to invite him inside, a second voice muttered,

“We’re a package deal.”

You giggled, spotting Dark Shadow’s eyes peering at you from Fumikage’s back when you let him ahead of you, then closed the front door.

“You’re not the same,” you mused. “I like you too.”

Fumikage hummed approvingly again. He had enough trouble dealing with his quirk as it was, but Dark Shadow liked you and always played nice when Fumikage was around you, even in the dark.

Walking back into your bedroom, Fumikage paused. He saw every available surface occupied by a lit candle and had to smile. You were such an oddball.

“Are you having a séance?” He asked drolly. Your excessive collection of candles were embarrassing, now that he had seen them, but without any power it was your only method of warding away the dark.

“I’ll blow them out since you’re here.” You said bashfully, already turning your attention to the ones closest to your door. Fumikage blew out a couple closest to him before Dark Shadow reared its head. Tiny tea lights had no effect on its power, no matter how many dozens you had, so with a giant swoop it extinguished them all at once. Fumikage reached out and slipped his hand into yours to guide you back to the bed. Dark Shadow cackled happily at its win over the world of light.

Once the two of you were nestled under your duvet and Dark Shadow had disappeared within Fumikage, he wrapped his arms loosely around you, stroking your hair to ease you to sleep. You loved this side of him; the gentleness that many forgot existed in Dark Shadow’s presence. Fumikage leaned forward, pressing the tip of his beak against your forehead affectionately.

“Darkness is but a memory when the sun rises. Rest well until then.”

You smiled, snuggling into him, and closed your eyes. Nights were a lot easier whenever Fumikage stayed with you. He never needed much of an explanation, and never ridiculed you for things like this. Breathing a deep, comfortable sigh, you muttered,

“Freaking out over a blackout must seem pretty silly, but thank you for coming over.”

“Not at all,” he reassured you, combing his fingers through your hair in a soothing manner. “Everyone has their own strife.” He eased you closer to him, letting your chests bump. He was so warm. You felt yourself relaxing into him, listening to his deep voice as he comforted you, “It’s fortunate that your strife is easily countered. Dark Shadow is the king of blackouts. With him around, there’s nothing else to fear. Nothing else would dare come for you in the night.”

He had such an eloquent way of speaking, like someone from a gothic horror. You sighed contentedly, noticing the way Fumikage deflected all the credit onto his quirk. You wondered if he realised just how much he was helping. You weren’t wrapped in Dark Shadow’s embrace, forgetting the creepy noises your house made, you were in his. It was in his arms that you felt safe. It was his voice that lulled you to sleep with poetic speech and a tone so deep it brought butterflies to your stomach. It was he who never trivialised your problems, or made you feel bad for reaching out for help.

Fumikage smiled, hearing your shift in breathing as you fell asleep beside him. He gently nuzzled your hair with his beak, wishing you sweet dreams. A while passed and Fumikage stayed still, holding you as you slept. Slowly, quietly, Dark Shadow slipped into the room, watching over the two of you like a doting parent.

“I’ve got her back,” it murmured softly, promising that nothing would ever befall you if it had anything to say about it. Fumikage nodded, stroking your hair once you were in a deep enough sleep not to let it wake you.

“She has nothing to fear at night." He replied softly, taking in your peaceful expression with his dark-adjusted eyes. "Not when we are here.”

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Fumikage woke you with a gentle hand on your cheek. It was far from your regular wake up hour as there was no sunlight peeping through your curtains.

“Fumi?” you asked as you stirred. He smiled, sitting up in bed as he waited for you to wake properly.

“Forgive me,” he said in dulcet tones. “But I wanted to show you something.”

“Mnnhhh… can’t it wait?” Fumikage was an early bird. You were not.

“Not exactly.”

You urged yourself awake, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Fumikage slipped out of bed to put on a warm jumper before rummaging through your wardrobe to find something suitable for you to wear.

“Oh, we’re going somewhere?” You asked. It was too early. On the other hand, this was out of the ordinary for Fumikage so you were willing to humour him. You switched into the warm clothes he offered you, then once he was certain you would not fall back asleep he took you by the hand and guided you through the darkness of your room. The power was still out so you appreciated Fumikage’s better-than-average night vision. He led you through the house and out into the back garden. You had a wooden bench that always sat on the porch but Fumikage used Dark Shadow to carry it into the middle of the garden where nothing could block the view.

“On a morning like this one I wanted to show you how much beauty there is in the darkness.”

Fumikage sat down and offered his hand to you. You wondered what he planned to do. This early in the morning the air was bitterly cold and it was so dark you could hardly see.

“What are you up to?” You asked, slipping into the seat beside him. He wrapped an arm around you, letting you lean into him for warmth, then pointed upwards.

“Only in darkness can you truly see your place in the universe.”

You looked into the sky. With the whole area out of power there were no invasive street lamps, no glaring lights through open curtains, no neon signs or powerful floodlights. No clouds. Looking into the sky you could see an entire cosmos. You recognised the usual constellations, but there were thousands if not millions of softer stars surrounding them, only visible in the lowered light pollution.

You gripped Fumikage’s hand, your mouth slightly ajar from mesmerisation.

“I…” you tried to think of something to say, but the grandeur of the night sky took your breath away. Fumikage looked at you, a swell of pride in his chest from making you speechless.

“You needn’t fear the dark." He reassured you softly, looking up at the sky. "The darkness and the uncertainty of what lies there can be terrifying, but it can also be beautiful.”

You stared into the night sky, smiling as you let Fumikage's words reach you.

"No single human can know everything about the universe, or even every single star. But that does not scare them. They look through the darkness and find comfort in the wonder of what lies beyond. Their imaginations soar with the countless possibilities of what might be, and what can be. One could look at the night sky for an eternity and never know everything about them, and yet they are not afraid. They are excited by the possibilities."

You didn’t know why, but his words reassured you. Darkness brought many uncertainties, but that was life. You couldn’t know everything about the world no matter how hard you tried. All you could do was wait for the morning to come, when everything would be much clearer.

You smiled, nestling into Fumikage’s side.

“Thank you,” you muttered, happy that he had woken you up to see such a beautiful sky. He nodded and squeezed you to him, enjoying the darkness and the feeling of you pressed against him.

“You’re welcome.” He turned and tapped his beak to your face—a sort of kiss that the two of you had devised to accommodate his beak. “But that doesn’t mean I won’t come running should you need me in the night.”

The two of you stayed that way for a long time, nestled into one another in enough layers to keep you warm. Eventually, the stars disappeared from the sky as the sun made its way to daybreak. You smiled, seeing the glow of a new day.

“How beautiful,” you muttered, unable to take your eyes away from the horizon. Fumikage hummed approvingly, his eyes too focused on you to notice the sky.

“Yes,” he agreed. “So beautiful.”

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Neito Monoma invited himself over to your house when he realised you were having a bad day. You hadn’t told him so but he could tell by the way you kept casually badmouthing yourself in conversation: ‘what’s wrong with me’, ‘I can’t do anything right, ‘at least you’re not me’.  

He came round just as you were heading off to bed. You said it was late, but he brought a rucksack with a change of clothes for just that reason. He planned to stay up all night with you, or at least until he could sort out whatever was on your mind.

He had stayed at your house before, but that didn’t stop you blushing as you invited him inside then took him up to your bedroom. He switched into his pyjamas, waited for you to get under the covers then climbed in next to you, your legs intertwining as you looked at one another.

“So,” he asked softly, aware of everyone else in your house, not wanting to disturb them, “are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

“Oh, it’s… nothing.” You weren’t convincing. Neito reached across and placed his hand on your cheek, rubbing soothing lines from your ear to your lip.

“You can tell me.” He wanted you to open up to him. He knew he was a belittling, condescending, judgemental bastard at times, and he knew you knew too, but that was only ever when it came to dealing with Class 1-A of U.A. High. They just rubbed him up the wrong way. To everyone else—especially you—he tried to be as helpful, kind and considerate as was physically possible. He didn’t want you thinking he was bad guy. He wanted you to believe he could help.

You took a deep breath.

“Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m not good enough.”

“Good enough?” He repeated, confused. “At what?”

“No. Just not good enough. At anything. At life. No matter where I look or what I do, there’s always someone better or brighter or more accomplished than me. I just feel like I’ll never stand out. I’ll never be enough.”

Neito stopped stroking your face. He couldn’t think to do it. He was too shocked.

“____...” he said through a strained sigh. He didn’t know what to say to make you feel better—to make this right. If you didn’t have that serious expression on your face he would have thought you were joking. He couldn’t believe you honestly thought that about yourself.

“Come here.” He pulled you into him, wrapping his arms around you so he could cuddle you. “Of course you’re enough. You’re more than enough.”

“But I don’t—”

“Ah-tat-tat.” He hushed, refusing to hear any more of your putdowns. “You don’t need to be the best. Being the best is overrated. I’ve lived my whole life relying on others to make me shine. I’m the sum of whoever’s quirk I steal. But you,” he soothed, drawing circles along your back. “You shine by yourself even though you don’t have a quirk. It’s effortless. You’re more than enough just as you are.”

You whimpered affectionately and the sound vibrated where your face rested against his neck. Neito wasn’t sure if his words had reached you, though evidently not when you said quietly,

“But I’m no superhero. Maybe I don’t need to be the best, but you can do so many things that make you unique, like your quirk.”

He chuckled wistfully. “You don’t need some magical power to be good enough, ____. You do so much already that no one else can do.”

He kissed you on the forehead then kept his lips touching your skin as he spoke.

“Because of my quirk I’ve never felt like the main protagonist. I never felt good enough.” He kissed your forehead again, never happier to be embracing you. He was not somebody who openly discussed his shortcomings—not usually—but for you, tonight, he was an open book. “You see past my quirk and all its setbacks. You see me for me. You see me as a human being and remind me that I’m more than just my quirk. It’s your encouragement, your kindness, and your compassion. Sometimes society’s expectations seem too heavy, but knowing I will never disappoint you as long as I keep trying takes the burden off my shoulders.”

He squeezed you, and you laced your arms around his neck, burying your face into his cheek as your face prickled in flattered embarrassment. You had not realised anyone thought of you like that.

Neito added,

“I believe in you just as much. You are good enough. I’ll help you carry the world’s expectation of you until you see that yourself. You’ll realise just how much you can do, and how unique you are, and how special, and how perfect—”

“Please,” you muttered, your mouth and nose mushed against his cheek to hide your face. “Please stop. You’re going to be make me explode in embarrassment in a minute.”

Neito chuckled, pulling back so he could see your face. He grinned, loving how caught up by his words you were.

“Oh, but you are perfect.”

You made a funny meep sound like your brain had short circuited then huddled up into a ball, unable to look at Neito’s face for how red yours was. Well, he thought, at least he had taken your mind off things. If he had to whisper sweet nothings to you until your brain fried to keep you distracted then whisper he would.

Still, everything that he said was true. You might not think it but you didn’t need to be flashy or spectacular to have worth. You were a decent and loving human being, and though that might not be enough for you, it would always be enough for those who loved you.

Chapter Text

You loved when Neito spent the night at your house. He was always so warm and affectionate before he drifted off, playing big spoon to your smaller body. The only problem was after he fell asleep. He sleep talked. Not always, but sometimes. It wouldn’t actually be a problem if it weren’t for the fact his sleep talking consisted of nothing but badmouthing Class 1-A. Neito always tried to keep his bickering and overzealous hatred of Class 1-A to a minimum around you but it spilled out uncontrollably in his sleep.

You woke early one morning to hear him gibbering away, sprawled out on his back and totally oblivious to the racket he was making as he slept. You groaned, hoping to keep hold of your half-asleep state long enough to let you nod off again, but he was twittering away about Kirishima being the bad bootleg version of Tetsutetsu. You tried to go back to sleep but it was no use.

You sat up.

“Neito,” you groaned loudly, wiping your hand down your face in groggy disbelief. You tried to shush him, hoping to fall back asleep once he was quiet. But he seemed particularly chatty this morning. You poked him in the side of the stomach but he did not wake. Sighing, you flopped down against your pillow and waited, hoping by some miracle you could zone his voice out, turn it into white noise so you could fall back asleep.

You listened to him rambling for a while—cursing yourself for liking the sound of his voice. He wasn’t going to become white noise any time soon, then. You listened, growing more and more vexed that you had less and less time to sleep before it was time to get up. Then you heard Neito say something that melted your groggy, grumpy heart.

“…quirk or no quirk… I’ll lacerate… hand… if you touch ____...”

Violent threats aside, he was dreaming about protecting you. Suddenly, you didn’t mind that he was sleep talking. Feeling a swell of affection for Neito, you sat up and leaned over him then pressed a soft, happy kiss against his cheek.

It was a shame, really, that the sensation of you kissing him translated to something different inside Neito’s dreamscape. Suddenly, with a great jerk and the launch of a fist, Neito shot up in his sleep.

“Eat fist you tape-spewing twit!”

His fist collided with the corner of your face. You collapsed backwards onto your pillow, swearing and cursing and you clutched your ear.

NEITO!” You yelled. “Wake up. I’m not Sero, you violent sleep-demon.”

It didn’t take long for Neito to rouse out of his bleary, semi-conscious state when he heard you yelling and whimpering about your face.

“____?” He was confused until he realised what had happened. All at once he dove onto you, wrapping his arms around you tightly enough that you couldn’t move your hand to rub your cheek. “I’m so sorry!”

With you on your back and Neito on his side, he rocked you gently as he tried to tend to your face. You wanted to stay mad at him but he was molly coddling you and you absolutely loved it.

Neito kissed your cheek, muttering, “I’m sorry, ____.”

Enjoying his unabashed attention, you milked your minor injury for all it was worth. In a soft, hurt voice you mumbled,

“I was only trying to give you a good morning kiss…”

Neito wrapped his arms tighter around you, peppering kisses all over your face. He stroked your cheek with a finger.

“Next time I’ll sleep in a straight-jacket, I swear.”

If Neito slept in a straight-jacket, there would be no chance of him cuddling you like this so that wasn’t going to happen. Instead, you suggested,

“Maybe you could make me my favourite breakfast instead… since we’re both up?”

Neito placed one last kiss to the bridge of your nose then untangled himself from you so he could leap in to action.

“Of course. Breakfast in bed it is.”

You giggled as he scampered out of bed, looking wholeheartedly apologetic and ashamed. Neito was a lot of things but a bad guy wasn’t one of them. You could forgive him for a semi-conscious punch. Still, with any luck you could milk this into next week. Butler Neito at your service.

Even better, though. Now you had the bed all to yourself. 

Chapter Text

Your journey home was a cold one. It was unseasonably frosty for this time of year and you hadn't taken a coat with you as the weather was nicer during the day. Now that the sun was gone it was much chillier and you had to rub your arms constantly to keep yourself warm.

Mercifully, it didn’t take long to reach your front door. You pulled out your house key with numb fingers and let yourself inside. Your house didn’t have the icy bite from outside but it wasn’t particularly warm.

You continued to rub your arms as you wiggled free of your shoes, leaving them haphazardly by the front door, before shivering your way to your bedroom in the dark. The light was already on. With a puzzled frown you pushed open the door, only to be met by a welcoming warmth that could not be made by central heating.

“Shouto!” You gasped excitedly, seeing the heterochromatic hero-in-training sat on your bed, reading a book he had found amongst your belongings. When you said his name he put it down and looked at you with a small smile.

“____,” he greeted. “You’re home.”

You came in and closed the door, embracing the difference in temperature to the rest of the house. You sighed in contentment, finally able to cease rubbing your arms. Shouto cocked an eyebrow.

“Are you cold?”

You nodded, making your way to the bed. Shouto knelt up on the edge of it, pulling you into him once you were close enough. He shuffled back, easing you onto the bed until you were both kneeling with his strong arms around your shoulders.

You leaned your face against his left cheek and he smiled, knowing you were using the perks of his fire quirk to warm up. Once upon a time he had hated his left side, knowing it made him resemble his father too much, but in moments like this he knew his quirk was being used in a way Endeavour would never allow himself. For a fire quirk user he was a cold man and would never let anyone close enough to snuggle his naturally warm body—probably no one wanted to either.

Shouto liked the way you cuddled up to his side when you were cold. It made him feel whole, knowing someone could accept both sides of him and love him for it. It set him apart from his father and made him feel more than just a tool to surpass All Might.

“Better?” He asked after a moment, breathing a deep, contented sigh after catching a whiff of your perfume. You nodded, inadvertently rubbing cheeks with Shouto like a loving puppy. He gave a low hum of approval before squeezing you in a hug, then he let you go.

“Four minutes,” he said, beginning a countdown. You gasped excitedly, your eyes lighting up when you realised what that meant.

“You’re staying over?”

He leaned forward, brushing loose strands of hair away from your face before placing a gentle kiss to your forehead.

“I’ll keep you warm tonight.”

You pursed your lips together, holding down the biggest smile. Wasting no time, you scrambled off the bed, grabbed your pyjamas then dashed into the bathroom while Shouto switched into his loose sweatpants, discarding his top completely, then climbed under the duvet. Four minutes.

In the bathroom you changed clothes, washed your face, took your makeup off and brushed your teeth, grinning like an idiot the whole time. You still had a tiny chill in your bones but that didn’t matter. You knew it wouldn’t last long.

Once you were done, four minutes later, you went back to your bedroom. Shouto smiled.

“Ready?” he asked. You nodded so he pulled back the covers and rolled away from your side of the bed. You jumped in, quickly becoming enveloped in the warmth of where Shouto had just been, heating your side of the bed for four minutes. It felt like you were in a soft, relaxing oven. The chill left your body in seconds once Shouto pulled the duvet back over the pair of you. He kissed your forehead again, shuffling closer so he could wrap his arms around you. You snuggled into him, enjoying the added bonus of pressing your bare arms, hands and fingers against his naked chest when he trapped them between the two of you.

“Comfy?” he asked, and you nodded in response. You closed your eyes, slowly falling into the realm of unbudging sleep. Before you let the waves of unconsciousness wash over you, you still had one thing to ask. Amongst your joy at seeing Shouto, one thing had bugged you. A nagging question.

“Shouto,” you asked. He hummed, waiting for the question. “You didn’t come over just to prove the point that I needed a coat this morning when you told me to take one, did you?” He didn’t respond, closing his eyes. You pursed your lips together, the tiniest hint of a frown on your eyebrows. Shouto sensed your impending grumpiness.

He couldn’t help himself.

With the smallest smile on his lips he had the audacity to pretend to be half asleep, breathing the words,

“I told you so.”

Shouto had to hold onto you for dear life when you tried to wriggle free to beat him to death, laughing the whole while.

Chapter Text

Shouto enjoyed spending the night with you. Affection wasn’t something he found readily at home, yet with you he had it in abundance. Even when you were asleep you often whimpered until he wrapped his arms around you to cuddle you close.

The only problem was that you got so comfortable in his embrace that you didn’t like to wake up. On your days off you could spend the whole morning nestled into Shouto’s side as he left you to sleep, content in still contemplation under the covers. The small snores that came hand in hand with your REM sleep had, over time, become ignorable.

Unfortunately, today was not your day off. Your alarm had already gone off, not that it woke you; you were going to be late, not that you cared. Shouto was too comforting and warm.

“____.” He nudged you gently, hoping to rouse you awake. He wasn’t so lucky. “____?”

He said your name louder, stroking your face. If he had to wake you up, he was going to do it with the upmost caution. You had a demonic streak first thing in the mornings.

Instead of waking, you rolled away, subconsciously swatting at his hand. He sighed. Fine. That was it. He had no choice. If he couldn’t wake you up gently then he had one more method that would leave him unscathed. You hated this method, there was no doubt about that, but it was because you hated it so much that Shouto had time to escape before you got over the shock.

He pulled the covers back so there was no chance you could get tangled in them then resumed cuddling you, slipping one arm beneath your pillow and the other trapped between your back and his naked chest. He planted an affectionate kiss to the back of your neck, knowing it might be the last bit of love you’d accept from him for a while, then murmured close to your ear,

“____, last chance. Don’t make me do it.”

Whether unconsciously or not, you made a comfortable humming noise as you snuggled backwards into him, enjoying your human hot water bottle now that the covers were gone. It almost made Shouto change his mind, but no. He had to get you up. He couldn’t cave every time you acted cute or he would get no where.

He lifted the base of your nightshirt then dropped the temperature in his hand until tiny crystals of ice solidified over his skin. Then he planted his hand firmly in the small of your back. He braced himself. You shot awake with a yelp, your body lurching away from the ice on instinct. Only, Shouto followed you, reapplying his hand in the same place. You bucked away, your sleepy haze vanishing as you scrambled off the bed to get away.

“You monster.” You couldn’t spit the words out fast enough, stumbling for the bathroom for a towel.

Shouto wasn’t proud of his actions but also didn’t plan to stick around for his punishment. He scrambled from the bed, throwing his discarded shirt from the night before back on in the process, then fled to the bedroom door.

Shouto never stopped to think how one day you would catch on to his escape plan. He never stopped to think it could be today. When you grabbed him by the hand as he dashed by the bathroom he realised how much trouble he was in. He saw it in your eyes, and your sickeningly sweet smile.

“Excuse me,” you said, your voice eerily calm.

“—you’re going to be late—”

You yanked him forwards, keeping the sweet smile on your face, until he stumbled over the bathroom’s threshold. Then you locked the door.

“Oh, Shouto, I know.”

Chapter Text

What a day. You felt the frustration bubbling up inside you as you walked home, but had no way to release it without rambling out loud. You didn't want anyone looking at you oddly. Enough people had done that already today.

Your phone buzzed. You had a text.

'Nearly home?'

Your grumpy demeanour slipped just slightly. You were only a short ways off your house so instead of replying you sped up.

As you walked down your garden path the front door opened and there he was, Rikidou Satou, grinning as he said hello.

“Long day?”

He must have seen a day’s worth of problems on your face because as soon as you were in range he pulled you into a hug, walking backwards as he brought you through the threshold of your home.


His hugs had the power to heal, in your opinion at least. You found comfort in his hold, knowing no one could rip you away no matter how hard they tried—and that was before any sugar was added to the equation. Give Rikidou a chocolate bar and he could flatten anyone who got close with three fingers.

You sighed comfortably as you cuddled into his pectorals. They were strangely soft when he wasn’t flexing.

“I hate people.” You mumbled only half-jokingly. Rikidou kissed the top of your hair, being that much taller than you, then let you go. You tried to cling on but he took your hand instead.

“Tell me all about it.”

One of the many positive aspects of Rikidou was how he always wanted to hear your problems, and that he could tell from a glance if something was bothering you.

You started your rant en route to your bedroom. It was a rant Rikidou had heard many times before but he was just as understanding each time you brought it up. There were just some things people couldn’t get over, and what you couldn’t look past was your weight—or more specifically, your body image.

“You’re perfect,” he always said, “there’s nothing wrong with how you look.”

He knew you never took what he said to heart but there was never any harm in reminding you how beautiful you were to him.

Tonight’s rant involved regretting your choice of clothing; a cluster of teenage girls; some bitchy comments; and tripping over your own foot, amongst other things. Rikidou listened the whole while, nodding or cursing where appropriate, guiding you to sit on the bed. He helped peel you out of your clothes—as tripping over your foot had landed you in a puddle—and you didn’t pause for breath until you were in your underwear and Rikidou had disappeared out the room. You only paused because you didn’t want him to miss anything.

He returned, brandishing your dressing gown like a matador’s cloth. You were all set to carry on ranting until you saw the article of clothing. Last you were aware, you had abandoned it unceremoniously first thing this morning as you were getting ready to go out.

“Where’d that come from?”

Rikidou crawled onto the bed behind you, helping you slip your arms into the sleeves one after the other.

“I put it through the wash then had it on the radiator for you.”

“Rikidou…” you cooed, pulling the fabric around yourself. It was so warm. Just what you needed after that cold walk home. “It’s so snuggly.”

“Good. I overdid the fabric softner on purpose.”

You almost didn’t want to finish your rant, so enamoured were you by Rikidou’s overwhelming thoughtfulness. Once you were bundled up he sat against the headboard, loosely crossing his legs, then pulled you backwards so you were sat between them with your back against his chest.

“And the rest,” he urged, folding his arms into your lap.

“I just—… I don’t know. I see pictures from when I was younger and think why can’t I be like that now? Everyone says magazine and Instagram models are photoshopped, but then I see those bodies all over the place, out and about. Why can’t I look like that?”

You stopped after this, letting Rikidou know you were done. He usually let you rant it out before he added anything he wanted to say.

He had a lot he wanted to say, actually. It was infuriating that you couldn’t see how gorgeous you were, and how you always had to compare yourself.

He tightened the grip around your middle, kissing the back of your hair.

“You don’t know what they had to do or how much they had to spend to look like that. Some bodies will never look like that—doesn’t mean you’re any less attractive.”

In a small voice you asked a question you knew you didn’t need to, but wanted to hear the answer to. “Do you think I’m attractive, Rikidou?”

“You’re the most attractive woman on this planet, ____. You ever seen me rubbernecking anyone else?” You shook your head, feeling a fuzzy glow in your chest. You liked it when he could backup his declarations of love with examples. It made them a lot easier for you to believe. “Exactly. My eyes are on you. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a six pack or a model body. You’re still perfect with no makeup, wearing my hoodie with a donut on each finger.”

You chuckled, imagining how atrocious that would look.

“Alright, alright,” you muttered, leaning into his chest. “You win. For tonight.”

Rikidou shuffled the two of you down the bed with ease until you were beneath the duvet, his arms holding you close with both your head and his on the pillows.

“I know,” he admitted. “I know we’ll go round in circles over this until we’re old and wrinkly.”

“…bet you won’t find me attractive then.”

Rikidou snorted with laughter, pulling you as far into him as he could.

“____, you’re the absolute worst. Did you know that?” You had no chance to reply before he started tickling you. You wheezed with laughter, hopelessly trying to wriggle free. Normally you found comfort in Rikidou’s hold—that is, until he pulled shit like this and you had no way to escape.

Then he was a monster.

A relentless, comforting monster.

Chapter Text

You woke one morning, expecting to feel Rikidou’s arms around you, but he wasn’t there. You rolled over and checked the clock. It was too early for him to have left for U.A.

He had come over because he was missing you. It didn’t make sense that he would leave early. He always told you that half-asleep morning cuddles were one of the best parts of a night at your place.

You rubbed your eyes, trying to focus. Everything started out dulled, from your blurred vision to your lack of taste or smell.

You rolled onto your back and tried to think. Rikidou hadn’t mentioned needing to be anywhere today. He wouldn’t have come over if he had planned to be busy.

As you roused yourself more and more from sleep, you became aware of something sweet in the air. It made your stomach rumble. Breakfast sounded like a good idea and then you could hunt for Rikidou.

No sooner had you got out of bed, though, you heard footsteps. Then there was a knock at your door. Then a small whisper of,

“____? Are you awake?”

The door opened. Rikidou popped his head round the corner, looking curiously towards the bed. You waved cheerily.

“Morning, Riki.”

“Great, you’re up.” He beamed. He opened the door wider and you realised he was wearing one of your aprons, then you spotted the tea-tray in his hands. “They’re fresh out the oven so you can have them warm.”

He came into your room brandishing a tray full of continental pastries, toast, jam, butter and a glass of water. Your jaw dropped. Rikidou noticed.

“Get back in bed,” he urged with a chuckle. You did as you were told then he rested the tray over your lap and sat beside you. For a moment all you did was stare. Your brain went into overdrive, trying to remember a special event that you might have forgotten. Was it your birthday? You didn’t think so.

“What’s the occasion?” you asked finally, your eyes sparkling and your mouth watering as the sweet smell of pastries filled your nostrils.

“Nothing special.” He admitted, fiddling with the tie string on his apron. “I haven’t baked for you in a while.” Then he added, almost alarmed, “I can eat them if you don’t fancy it. There’s no pressure.”

Without a second’s hesitation, you picked up a miniature croissant and stuffed it into your mouth.

“Tchake dwem awuy and duy,” you threatened with your mouth full. Then you started choking. Rikidou laughed louder.

“That’ll teach you.”

He passed you the water then kissed you on the forehead while you gulped it down.

That morning you rolled out of bed, too stuffed from breakfast to function. You couldn’t eat another bite but it was worth it. Rikidou’s baking was the best.

Then, suddenly, the timer in your kitchen chimed. Rikidou scrambled up, dashing for the oven. You followed him through at a slow pace, wondering if he had forgotten to turn it off because there was no way he could have had time to bake anything—

You saw two pink soufflés on a baking tray. The smell of berries hit you as soon as they were out of the oven. Rikidou set them down on the counter then nipped into your fridge, producing a pot of summer berry coulis.

You had to wonder if he had slept at all. You had to wonder if he had kissed you good night, waited for you to fall asleep then dashed off to the kitchen, because there was no way he could have baked everything in an hour or so. Then again, Rikidou was superhuman so maybe he was also a superhuman baker.

He poured the coulis onto two small plates then put the soufflés in the centre. He turned to you, holding one out for you.

“Are you too full?”

“Nope,” you said enthusiastically. “I can eat!”

Chapter Text

Everyone has down days – days when they feel sad. Today, you were having one such day and no matter what you did, you couldn’t seem to shift the heavy weight on your shoulders. You spent the day feeling glum and it was only when you made it home that night that things started to change.

Mezou Shouji was waiting for you. You had been texting him all day and were honest about your feelings, about how you couldn’t pick yourself up, so when you finally saw him sat on your bed when you came into the room, a wave of relief washed over you.

With a running jump, you launched yourself at him. He caught you and pulled you against him, giving you the biggest hug, and one you sorely needed.

“I’m home,” you said with a smile.

“Welcome home,” he replied.

You stayed that way for a while. Mezou’s hugs were on another level to anyone else’s. The wing-like membranes connecting his second and third arms were like a thin but heated blanket and it felt like you were in a cocoon of affection. You didn’t want to let go.

Mezou was concerned for you, though. He didn’t like knowing you were upset. You might be snuggled in his arms right now, but he wanted to make sure you were okay even when he pulled away.

He let go and shuffled back across the bed to put some space between you, leaving you to wonder what he was up to. He held his muscular arms out, he paused while he focused, then new appendages sprouted from them. First it was an eye, then another, then a nose, a pair of ears and finally a mouth. He pushed them all together to make a strange kind of face. It looked absolutely ridiculous and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“What the heck is that?”

Mezou smiled beneath his mask. He wanted to make you happy. You had told him there was no real reason for your sadness, which made him all the more determined to make you smile.

“I’ve been practicing my ventriloquism.”


You eyed the cluster of his extra organs. You hoped he wasn’t planning on using this weird ventriloquist’s dummy in front of children. They would have nightmares for months.

When Mezou spoke next, it was through the ‘dummy’s’ mouth,

“If something’s bothering you, you can always talk to Mini Mezou.”

You looked between the strange assortment of organs and Mezou.

“I don’t… think that counts as ventriloquism if you’re speaking through your dummy’s mouth.”

Mezou raised an amused eyebrow.

“Oh, but am I? Check.”

The mini Mezou started spouting nonsense about how cute you were, how your eyes sparkled and your hair smelled like flowers, and while you battled against a shy blush, you leaned in close to the stand-alone mouth. To your surprise, it wasn’t making a sound. Instead, it was opening and closing in time to Mezou’s talking.

You were impressed. For a split second. Then you realised it meant nothing because the real Mezou’s mouth was still covered by his mask.

“Oi, I need to see if your mouth’s moving.” You demanded with a laugh, knocking past the dummy so you could reach Mezou’s actual face. As was to be expected, his lightning-fast reflexes stopped you in your tracks. The cluster of organs that made up the dummy morphed into arms, grabbing you around the waist and by the hands before you could grip his mask. You were so close. You pulled against his grip, your face a few inches from his. It was infuriating that he had your arms pinned. You pouted.

“No fair.”

You could tell Mezou was smiling behind the mask. It wasn’t a smug look. In fact, he looked genuinely warm and affectionate -- even while you tugged against his iron-clad grip.

“It’s perfectly fair.” He countered airily. Another limb appeared between the two of you, morphing into a small hand. Before you knew what had happened, it had gripped the upper edge of his mask, pulled it down and he had kissed you full on the lips. You felt your entire body surge with giddiness but before you had time to respond his lips were gone and the mask was back in place. Mezou let go of you and, as he expected, you collapsed into a gooey, loved-up mess in his lap. This time his arms circled you, pulling you more comfortably into his embrace. He kissed you on the top of the head, keeping his mask on this time.

Perhaps his ventriloquism wasn’t the best, or even proper ventriloquism, but as long as he could make you smile with it then he was happy.

You were the only adorable dummy he needed in his life.

Chapter Text

One evening, after staying out too late with Mezou, he invited you back to his dorm room so you wouldn’t have to travel home in the dark. It was innocent enough and he stayed a gentleman the entire night, giving you a set of his pyjamas to wear and going no further than cuddling you while you slept.

The next morning you woke to find him wrapped around you, his arms holding you close as sunlight filtered through the room’s thin curtains. When you rolled over to look at him, unsurprisingly, he was already awake.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He fussed in earthy tones, giving you an affectionate squeeze.

“Morning, Mezou.” You said groggily, leaning in to place a sleepy kiss against his clothed mouth.

The two of you stayed huddled in on each other until Mezou announced, with a saddened sigh, that if he didn’t get up now he would be late for Class A’s weekend training session. Sometimes you were glad you weren’t a superhero.

“Alright,” you hummed, stretching to get the kinks out your back. “I’ll get up.”

With a final bone-cracking pop, you sat up – or more, Mezou released you – then you crawled across the floor to where your neatly folded clothes were stacked. Without giving it a second thought you lifted your borrowed pyjama top over your head then started to undo the baggy pants. Only you heard a noise like Mezou choking. You looked around, alarmed, only to find him staring rigidly at the ceiling with a bright heat on his face.

You giggled.

He had seen you semi-naked dozens of times but for some reason the sight of your bare skin still made him awkward and shy. You had a bra on but seemingly that still wasn’t enough to keep him calm.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” You offered with a smile, slipping out of the pants as fast as you could to save Mezou’s weak-for-you heart. Clad in only your underwear, you unfolded your shirt then shook it out to put some shake in it, only then there was a brash knock at the door.

Which would have been fine, except in the next split second Denki Kaminari opened the door and poked his head inside with a grin on his face.

“You up, Shouji? It’s not like you to be late for—”

With a rush of wind, Mezou shot across the room to where you were, his weakness for your naked skin forgotten as he scooped you up onto his back, hiding you within a clam-like screen of extra arms and dense membrane from Denki’s notoriously perverted gaze. The electricity-user blinked in surprise, not all together sure what had happened.

“What’re you hiding in there?” He asked, a sly grin slipping onto his face. He was yet to notice your clothes on the floor and wondered if Mezou was up to something unspeakable. It would be a delightful twist of character, if he was.

Inside Mezou’s Dupli-Arms cocoon you felt incredibly snug. This was even better than one of his hugs. It was warm and smelled so much like him that you wanted to curl up against his back, pepper his shoulders in kisses then fall back to sleep.

What’re you hiding in there?” You heard Denki ask. It was incredibly sweet of Mezou to shield your virtue like that. Then again, you couldn’t resist playing with him just a little. As Mezou went rigid, trying to deny to Denki that he had anything on his back, you took the opportunity to poke just your head out from between the clams then kissed him on the back of the head, taking him by surprise. When Denki saw you he grinned from ear-to-ear, particularly at the way Mezou turned a wonderful shade of red.

“Say no more.” Denki agreed, laughing his way out of the room as you wriggled free of the barrier to wrap an apologetic hug around Mezou’s neck.

Chapter Text

Table of Contents


Amajiki Tamaki

  • He only sends a handful of Christmas cards each year, but rewrites them over and over because he’s never happy with how they turn out.
  • He’s even worse with gift buying. He knows what he wants to get, but can never seem to find them in the shops, online, or anywhere at all. He’s very specific and won’t buy it unless it’s exactly right.
  • Which ends with a lot of last minute panic buying.
  • At Christmas time, his Heights Alliance room is full to bursting with decorations. But he doesn’t let anyone in to see them. He doesn’t want anyone judging his choice of gaudy Christmas lights.
  • If he’s living with you, he lets you decorate the way you want to. Until you realise he really wants to help. You tell him to decorate the Christmas tree then spend the next half an hour convincing him that you’re sure he’ll be great at it.
  • It’s the best damn Christmas tree you’ve ever seen. He has a perfectionist streak and a keen eye for detail so your tree is the best on the block.
  • Please don’t make him go to a big family gathering where he doesn’t know anyone. His ideal Christmas is the two of you and a couple of close friends.
  • If a family get-together is unavoidable, he’ll need the names of everyone going two weeks in advance, and preferably what their quirks are and what hobbies they have. If he has to go, he doesn’t want to be an embarrassment to you so he needs topics to talk – and most definitely stutter- about.
  • He loves Christmas carollers but you have to answer the door to them. He’ll hide just out of sight so he can listen to them sing with a fuzzy glow in his chest.
  • Be prepared for him to apologise for getting you a terrible gift when he opens yours, no matter what you’ve gotten him. He’ll love it so much that he thinks whatever he’s got you pales in comparison.
  • He really enjoys ice-skating so if it gets cold enough, expect him shyly invite you out to the local frozen lake in the evening. It’s the best time to go because it’s quiet and no one else is around.
  • Make him eat snow while you’re there and take a camera. If you get him in a good mood and ask nicely enough he’ll turn himself into a human snowman to make you laugh.


Bakugou Katsuki

  • He doesn’t bother sending Christmas cards. They’ll only go in the bin in a week.
  • His go-to Christmas meal is a KFC, but if you want a traditional western dinner then get him the ingredients and he’ll make it for you. Just expect him to bark orders at you while he does it. You’re setting the table.
  • If he’s living with you and not his parents, Christmas is the one and only time you’ll see him beg. “Please don’t invite my shitty parents overI don’t want the headache.
  • He can’t escape. They come over with or without invitation. Christmas usually involves some degree of a mother-son yelling match, but that’s no different to any other time of year for him.
  • He doesn’t care for Christmas lights or clothes, but if you pester him enough he’ll put on an ugly sweater just for you.
  • Expect lots of kisses at Christmas. He takes part in the mistletoe tradition, but you’ll have to put a sprig on the doorway first because he definitely won’t.
  • More than anything, Katsuki loves the cold. If you want to look at Christmas lights, he’ll happily walk around at night with you, bundled up in winter layers.
  • He’ll even keep one hand un-gloved in case you decide you want to hold it.
  • But if you don’t take his hand after ten minutes he’ll slip his hand into yours, claiming you’re walking too slow and that he has to hold onto you to make you keep up.
  • Despite outwardly being a Grinch and a Scrooge, he enjoys some parts of Christmas.
  • He secretly loves Christmas morning with you. He loves watching you open your gifts; the way you get so excited and gush over whatever he’s got for you. He’d never tell you this but he spends a long, long time finding you a present that you’ll love.
  • Another part of Christmas that he likes is having snowball fights. He takes no prisoners, not even you. Prepare to end up looking like a snowman because he won’t stop until you’re coated from head to toe and utterly freezing.


Kaminari Denki

  • Sends Christmas cards to absolutely everyone and anyone, with very generic messages inside, even to you, his S/O.
  • One time while you’re not there, he attaches a sprig of mistletoe above your door in Heights Alliance so every time he pops over he’s got an excuse to pull you against him and give you a world-halting kiss.
  • He wears the same ugly Christmas jumper all month. It has flashing lights and sings Jingle Bell Rock when you press the Santa in the middle of it.
  • When he’s at home, his main area of focus for decorations is the front garden. He wants to cause car crashes with the amount of spectacular lights he puts out – figuratively, of course.
  • If the two of you are living together, you don’t let him do any of the main food courses for Christmas day. He’s on pudding. Hopefully there’s no way he can find a way to burn it.
  • And if you’re living together, he puts a sprig of mistletoe on EVERY. DOORFRAME. Just not the front door. He doesn’t want to give the mail man any excuse to try and kiss you.
  • On Christmas day, at 7:00AM on the dot, he puts his cheesy Christmas tunes playlist on and it will stay on all day, blasting around the whole house until 6PM when it’s time to watch Christmas movies. His favourite movie is Jingle All the Way.
  • He half-asses his parents’ gifts. They’re very generic. And he’s wings it with Katsuki and Eijirou. Hanta always gets sellotape. Mina always gets something fluffy and pink. Hitoshi gets something cat related. But he makes a list every time you mention something you want, and keeps it up to date all year. He may be academically challenged but he pays attention in other areas.
  • He pre-orders the KFC Christmas meal 3 months in advance. Christmas day is not a time to be slaving away over the stove.
  • One time when the two of you were viewing Musutafu’s Christmas display he got the hiccups and short-circuited the 50ft Christmas tree and all its surrounding lights with his quirk.


Kirishima Eijirou

  • Loses his address book almost every year so he always has to put a message in the group chat, asking for addresses so he can send his Christmas cards. No response = no card.
  • He spends plenty of time thinking about Christmas presents, though. It’s easy to buy for guys like Katsuki. His go-to is training equipment.
  • He needs help when it comes to buying for his female friends like Mina, and even more so when it comes to getting you, his S/O a gift. Protein powder doesn’t seem right – even he knows that.
  • He learns quickly that Denki and Katsuki are terrible people to ask for present advice. He hopes for the best when it comes to Mina, then asks her for advice on you.
  • It’s not that he doesn’t know you, but assumes he’s probably missed some obvious hints you’ve been dropping for whatever gift you really want.
  • Because he’s so worried he’s messed up your gift, he always makes sure to do a spectacular Christmas date, going around all the Christmas markets in case there’s something that catches your eye.
  • Which he saves up for weeks in advance in case you spot something expensive.
  • But he actually loves the Christmas date more because you always end up at the fun-fair and he loves going down the helter-skelter with you.
  • He spends Christmas dinner with his parents and doesn’t pressure you to come in case you really want to spend it with your own family. If that’s the case, he makes sure to meet up with you again as soon as possible so he can pepper Christmas kisses all over your blushing face.
  • He is an ugly Christmas jumper enthusiast. He wears a different one on each day of advent. Katsuki refuses to hang out with him during that time but he doesn’t care. He bring the festive cheer.


Sero Hanta

  • Christmas is the best time of year for his quirk to shine. Can’t find the sticky tape? No problem. Hanta’s got you covered.
  • Run out of wrapping paper? His quirk is flexible. He’s got that covered too!
  • Hanta Sero = Santa Hero.
  • He buys all of his friends presents, no matter if they’re big or little presents. Everyone gets one. He loves spreading happiness and festive cheer.
  • He makes sure to get you a large present every year, not necessarily expensive, but loves to hear you trying to guess what it is. He gets you smaller presents as well, but there will always be one giant box under the tree.
  • He’s always in charge of decorating Heights Alliance, or at least making the decorations. Sticky-tape chain garlands everywhere!
  • Christmas karaoke is a favourite of his. He’ll try and get the whole gang to go but prefers to record everyone else murdering festive songs rather than sing himself. Expect him to forget to record you if you can sing, though. He’ll be too in love with you to remember how to.
  • Then again, if you can’t sing and are too shy to make a fool of yourself then he’ll make an absolute show of himself to prove to you that absolutely no one could be worse than him.
  • Which will hopefully lead to a strangled-cat duet. He’s up for it if you are.
  • He’s 100% up for cooking the entire Christmas meal from scratch for you if you’re living together. He’s a food enthusiast and loves experimenting with healthy meals.
  • Yes, that means you’ll have to bring the chocolate to the table or any overly sugary desserts. He isn’t against them, he just forgets to buy them because his brain is so health-orientated.
  • He’ll still beat you at any and all pudding-eating contests. Or die trying.
  • Did you ask for a set of sexy lingerie for Christmas? No? Well you’re getting some anyway. He lives in hope.
  • He’s definitely a turtle-neck wearer. Give him a thick woolly sweater over a Christmas one any day of December.
  • He’ll make up for it by wearing a Santa hat or wobbly bauble headband all month. Or one with mistletoe attached when he’s at home with you. And he will use it when he passes by you. Every. Damn. Time.


Shinsou Hitoshi

  • He sends four Christmas cards each year. One to his parents. One to you. One to Aizawa. One to Denki when he pesters non-stop that he hasn’t had a card yet.
  • He low-key likes Christmas. He wears Christmas jumpers but they’re always black.
  • If anyone asks what he wants for Christmas, he says donate to an animal shelter for him.
  • He isn’t against using his quirk on people if they aren’t straight with him about what they really want. Money isn’t an option. If it’s something they really want, he’ll get it them.
  • His decorating style is very understated. A wreath on the front door, a sparsely decorated tree and tinsel around the rafters. Unless he’s living with you, the Christmas enthusiast. In which case he hands the reigns over and lets you go all out. Just no singing Santas or anything that makes too much noise.
  • If possible he’ll join someone else for Christmas dinner, as he likes the company. And that means someone else can cook.
  • If he’s living with you, he’ll hide small presents all around the house for you to find throughout the day, and if you miss any he’ll gather them all up for you to open after the evening meal.
  • He ends the night with cream- and marshmallow-coated hot chocolates, sat in the dark with the log fire crackling, listening to Christmas hymns play over the sound system while he cuddles you, waiting for you drift off.
  • Once you’re asleep, he messages everyone who sent cards or gifts that year, thanking them and wishing them a Merry Christmas.


Spinner/Iguchi Shiushi

  • Generally, Spinner is not a Christmas person. He’s had a rotten start to life and no one to enjoy it with. However. Once he’s with you, it’s a totally different situation.
  • On your first Christmas together, he doesn’t know what to do. He’s never done Christmas before so everything is brand new and seems absurd to him. But you seem excited for all of it so he rolls with it. Including wearing matching ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • He tends to do the indoor Christmas activities. Because he’s part reptile, if he gets too cold he’ll go into hibernation. Which means you’ll always have a toasty house to come home to. But that means he can’t build snowmen with you.
  • He anonymously donates a cluster of toys each year to the local children’s hospital, because although the adults of society are corrupt and unjust, he does still care for the underprivileged young.
  • Unlike most people, he knows exactly what to buy you for Christmas. In fact he spoils you, because he’s never had anyone to fuss over before and loves the change.
  • His Christmas tree is white so it doesn’t clash with him, and is very tastefully decorated.
  • He makes it tradition that you have to put the star on the top of the tree each year.
  • He also purposefully buys a huge tree so that you can’t reach the top without his help.
  • It’s 100% an excuse for him to pick you up in his arms.  
  • His favourite Christmas movie is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas because he totally relates to the green Grinch being ostracised by the Whos. But also he has a low-key soft spot for Max the dog.
  • He asks for knives and swords every year but doesn’t sulk if you get him something else, especially if you put thought into it.
  • Hide the eggnog. Whether it’s alcohol-free or not, he will spike it with liquor.
  • Because he can’t go outside much over winter, once he finds out about Elf on a Shelf, he sets up a new scene for you to find every time you go out. Just don’t expect them to be cute. He has the mind of a villain, after all.
  • He really likes gingerbread. Chances are, if you buy a DIY gingerbread house kit, he’ll eat the gingerbread before he’s built it then donate his candy decorations to you out of guilt.


Shouto Todoroki

  • He takes care writing his Christmas cards, using beautiful calligraphy to decorate them, and sends them to his nearest and dearest.
  • If he’s living at home, he isn’t allowed to put Christmas decorations up. Endeavour says they’re distracting. Only his sister is allowed a few small decorations in her room so she invites Shouto to sit with her a lot.
  • He loves Christmas carollers. They bring much needed warmth and Christmas cheer to the house. Endeavour has to keep a nice outward appearance so he can’t shoo them away.
  • Shouto always give them plenty of money so they’ll keep coming back.
  • If he’s lucky enough that Endeavour is working on Christmas, he and his siblings cook a Christmas meal and eat it together at the dining table with a makeshift centre-piece and Christmas crackers, making sure to clean away all traces once they’re done.
  • They always cook an extra plate for their mother, which Shouto hand-delivers to her in the hospital the next day.
  • If he’s moved out and living with you, he makes up for lost time by dowsing the house in decorations.
  • Each room is a different colour scheme but equally as gaudy. It’s the only time of year he stops being a Japanese minimalist.
  • He gets the decorations up on December 1st because he wants to make the most out of being allowed to have them up, and leaves them up right up until the twelfth day of Christmas.
  • He asks every year if you don’t mind having his siblings round for Christmas dinner, as if he expects you to have a problem like his father would, then smiles the most warm and genuine smile he can when you always say of course they’re welcome.
  • After dinner, he always asks to play family Christmas party games like charades even though he’s terrible at them, because he doesn’t want the day to end.
  • Being able to celebrate Christmas with you and his siblings like a normal loving family is a dream come true.
  • He genuinely looks forward to Christmas every year.


Togata Mirio

  • Mirio is ready to step in as a mall Santa anytime, anywhere. He is the living embodiment of Christmas and will, without fail, bring a smile to any child’s face. He rents a Santa suit at the end of November, just in case, and keeps it until the holidays are over.
  • He also has a sexy Santa suit, but that’s all for you when you have stressful days at work in the lead up to Christmas.
  • He can’t wrap presents. Even with years of practice he doesn’t improve. His friends always know which gifts are from him.
  • He gets really excited to decorate the house. But it has to be a two-person job. He’ll wait until you’re free even if it takes three weeks into December.
  • Every conceivable space will be decorated, but all the lights will be tastefully white. The only room with sparse decoration, surprisingly, is the living room. There is an extravagant tree but Mirio doesn’t let you put anything more up.
  • He schedules a second Christmas dinner on Boxing Day with Tamaki and Nejire, and any other friends who want to come, but Christmas Day is just for the two of you.
  • He tells you to be in bed by 11PM on Christmas Eve every year then without a doubt you’ll hear frantic scrambling in the living room for the next hour.
  • The next morning he wakes you up at 6AM to the gentle sound of All I Want for Christmas is You, then carries your sleepy self into the living room bridal style. Which he has turned from sparsely decorated into Santa’s grotto, with no less than 10 presents for you, plus one more for each year you’ve been together.
  • There is no upper limit. Just celebrated your golden wedding anniversary? You’re getting sixty presents and you probably won’t be able to fit in the living room to open them.
  • He likes it if you decide to cook the Christmas dinner because he’ll creep up behind you while you’re chopping carrots or basting potatoes, snake his arms around your middle and pepper your shoulders and neck with kisses.
  • He also insists on helping, wearing nothing but an apron and a Santa hat. He hopes to make you laugh by doing this, although sometimes he gets you more than just amused. Blame his bubble butt.



  • Expect to see him walking around in both his villain costume and a santa suit for up to two weeks before Christmas, including fake beard.
  • Also the inside of the house will be decorated in the gaudiest and brightest decorations, and you have no say in the matter. Eccentricity is his forte. Who cares if he’s meant to be keeping a low profile?
  • He doesn’t have very many people to buy presents for, nor does he want to have them, but he spends a lot of time puzzling over gifts. When he thinks of a gift he’ll suddenly decide that the exact opposite gift is much better, then gets himself into a tizzy because he doesn’t know which is best.
  • It’s much easier for him to ask you directly. Then you’ll get what you want.
  • Unless you don’t tell him, in which case expect to find roughly 12-20 presents under your tree, some lovely and some obscure and obscene, but all very random.
  • And because it’s you he actually buys them all. He doesn’t want you to have stolen goods. Toga and Shigaraki, sure, but not you.
  • He hates the cold. He will wrap himself up in enough layers to resemble a marshmallow at the slightest frost.
  • Which, in a way, is great. For you. He will happily sit you in his lap and watch Christmas movies by the fire, especially if it’s snowing outside. Still wearing his santa suit.
  • He really enjoys sweet treats and baking, so every Christmas he will bake festive gingerbread men and cookies, but decorate them to the theme of ‘A Happy Christmas Murder Scene’.
  • Don’t let him carve the Christmas turkey. He goes a bit gung-ho and you’ll find bits of shredded turkey in all corners of the dining room for days afterwards.
  • He will take you to see all the Christmas lights around the neighbourhood, but he is driving. He will not be bested by hypothermia.
  • Even if the two of you spend Christmas alone, which you most likely will because he’s a wanted villain in hiding, you can still play Christmas games. If it’s a team game like charades or pictionary, he’ll clone himself. 
  • You would think this would give his team the advantage, but no. In his case it isn’t ‘great minds think alike’, but ‘fools seldom differ”.
  • When it comes to mistletoe he’ll always make sure his mask is off so he can kiss you properly.
  • But you have to kiss three times. One for his first personality, one for his second, and one for anything else that may be lurking around his head at the time.


Chapter Text

One evening you went to a house party with some friends and had a brilliant time. Good music, great company and plenty to drink. That same night, when all the fun was over, Hanta Sero came to pick you up. He was happy to do it, wanting to make sure you got home safely.

"Hantaaaaa~" you drunkenly purred as he parked his car outside your house some time later. You tried to stroke a hand down his cheek but he dodged and unbuckled himself before you could get your hands on him. Not that he was against your advances; on the contrary he thought it was adorable. But his priorities were to get you home, i.e. into the house and tucked up in bed.

Once he was out the car, he came round to your side, opened the door, leaned past your gropey hands to unbuckle your seatbelt then picked you up in his arms.

"Come on, beautiful."

As he lifted you out, giving you no chance to stumble by getting out the car yourself, he pecked you on the nose and smiled when you fell into giddy giggles.

…until you made it impossible for him to walk towards your house because you retaliated in a slobbery, messy attack of affection.

"Ack. No. Beautiful. Not now."

By the time Hanta had the key in the front door, his hair was in total disarray from you running your hands through it and his face was covered in lipstick smears.

"You're so handsome." You slurred, snuggling up to him. "So strong."

"Thanks," he said with a chuckle. With great effort, he managed to get you indoors and up the stairs, but had to put you down at the top when you started trying to unbutton his shirt.

"Alright, handsy." He said, grabbing your arms to hold you off. He kissed you on the nose then tried to guide you towards your room, only you slipped your hands free and went for his clothes again.

He loved your attention. He really did. But he couldn't let you have what you wanted. Not tonight. Not while you were drunk.

He got you into your room but when he left you on the bed to get your pyjamas, when he turned his back you pounced on him. It was lucky, really, how much patience he had. His laid-back attitude was a blessing for times like these. He could only laugh and grab you as best he could so that you didn’t fall, then when he realised you weren’t going to settle down without a fight he staggered backwards and fell onto the bed with you, tussled with you to pin you beneath him with your head on the pillow then clamped your wrists together in one of his hands.

“Sorry, beautiful.” He said, grinning even though he could barely see past his ruffled-up hair. Tape shot from the elbow of his free arm and bound your wrists together, but he didn’t stop there. Oh no. You had proven too many times before now that you could escape if he only bound your wrists.

“Kinky.” You giggled as he used his quirk to bind you down to the bed. Hanta raised an amused eyebrow, making a mental note to address your imagination later, but when you realised you were actually stuck you protested and pouted. “Hey!”

He grinned and kissed you on the forehead.

“I’ll untie you in the morning, you little drunken mess.”

You stuck your tongue out so he kissed that too, then went and fetched you some pain-killers and a glass of water for the morning. Once everything was set up, he got into bed with you. He hadn’t planned to stay the night, but he couldn’t very well leave you by yourself now.

He unbuttoned and shrugged off his shirt, chuckling when you wolf-whistled approvingly, climbed out of his trousers then got in and cuddled you through your bindings.

“Sweet dreams, beautiful.”

He kissed you on the nose then finally, mercifully because you could not move to grab him and pull him into you, he kissed you on the lips, grinning like a damned Cheshire cat.