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Common Thread

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“I’m worried about losing my job!” his captain said, looking around furtively.

Her long hair had already escaped the careful confines of the Imperial regulation bun, tight at the base of her head.

Luke ignored her, ripping open the officer’s tunic that was hiding her ivory skin from his eyes. It was dark in the supply closet but it wasn’t the first time he’d cornered his incredibly sexy boss there.

“I’m serious,” she protested, already threading her hands through his hair as Luke lowered his lips to the inner curves of her breasts, running his tongue along the exposed flesh. She pushed at him with both hands.


“We’ve been over this,” Luke said with a sigh, sliding a leg between her knees, pushing her hard against the only wall not covered in shelving. His superior officer sighed at the pressure against her crotch, reflexively grinding against his thigh.


Luke didn’t answer, just tweaked a nipple none-too-gently through the fabric of her bra. His captain responded with a moan.

“If they find out…”

“You’ll find another job,” Luke grinned, unfastening his pants as her hands start to slide down from his hair to his tunic, working the annoying clasps.


He kissed her, swallowing the rest of her sentence. It was part of the fun, after all, in fucking your squad’s captain--the danger of getting caught. But she was about to get loud, and that would take it from thrilling possibility into very real non-judicial punishment and demotion/expulsion territory. Forbidden kisses were the best, they had both discovered and…

A loud banging on the door. What?!

“Luke, wake up!” It was Wedge’s annoyed voice. “Your shift started twenty minutes ago.”

With a groan to hide the flush of embarrassment, Luke rolled out of his bunk and reached for his Rogue uniform.

Why couldn’t all Imperials be like the ones in his dreams?