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Jealousy and Softness

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Katsuki is not the type to apologize verbally.

He knows because it is his self.

He is more of an action type one.

But — he really wanted to make up with Deku. His Deku.

They've been dating for almost two years.

To say, its their third year attending Yuuei.

And they have been doing good with their trainings to be the heroes they aspires themselves to be.

Deku is getting the gist of controlling more of his One-for-All quirk with the addition of that 'black whip'.

Katsuki is as expected, still not that social to people and still can't control his temper;

There is one time, he even tried to beat a kohai or two for even trying to flirt with his boyfriend. He called them on their breaks.

Ofcourse, he did it without Deku knowing —

but the latter heard and he is not telling him the reasons on why he did that.

"Idiot Kacchan!"

With that, Deku apologizes to them much to Katsuki's annoyance.

He protects his boyfriend in shadows as he believes to himself.

To Katsuki, kohai (s) are his number one enemy / rival to get Deku's attention.

Anyway, He followed them and hides near the tree to hear what they're going to talk about.

He would actually know what they are talking about if not for these idiots or simply the bakusquad
(that's what they call themselves, not caring about his say on this) who called him before it was said.

Greeting him,

"BAKUBRO/BAKUDUDE" Kirishima and Sero at the same time.

"YO, KACCHAN" Kaminari, this dunce face teasing him. Tch

"EXPLODEY" This time, it's Mina.

He clicked his tongue and acted like nothing happened, revealing himself to Deku and the kohai who have a shock expression on their faces, and went to Kaminari and the others to smack their heads.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that, Deku?" He turned his head to Izuku and raised his eyebrow.

"N-nothing, Kacchan...H-how long have y-you been there?"

"Just a while ago. When these fuckers called me... " points at Kirishima and the others who just give him a shrug but a hint of grinny faces.

"I see." Deku scratches his head and laughs awkwardly.

"W-well, we will be going now then. See you later, Kacchan"

"Yeah." With that, Deku left with the kohai, hurriedly.

"Stop giving the kid a glare, dude" Sero.

"Yeah, come on chill" Kaminari putting his hands on Katsuki's left shoulder.

"You don't have to worry about a kohai, Midoriya's so in love with you, Bakubro" Kirishima on the right.

" HAH? What kind of shit you talking about? Like I care" Katsuki is glaring at them but his face turned slightly bright.

"Who are you kidding? We know what you are doing like calling out a kohai then threatening them." Mina stated like a matter of fact.

Why dont you just tell Mido that you are jealous of the kohais, if you did, maybe he won't interact at them as much" Adding this, she grinned.

"I'll kill you, Alien face!" Katsuki ready to throw small explosion to Mina.

"Yeah, I love you too, Explodey!"

"Pfft— you are so red now, Kacchan~"

There, they just laughed at him.



April 20.

This day, he learned that Deku asked some help from a kohai for the preparation of his birthday.

So that's what they are talking about when he followed them.

He confessed because Katsuki forced him to, this damn nerd.

Deku insisted that they do a party for him together with the teachers, whole class A and their families.

He wanted to make up with him since in their 2nd year, they never have a birthday party for Katsuki.

They were so busy that time too.

Well, aren't they always busy? Right. Deku used all of his might for letting this happen.

For pursuading them to make it successful.

Wow, his Deku must really really love him, emphasizing on the 'really really' part.

The fuck, Katsuki? Acting so soft.

This is Deku's fault for making him like this.

Tch! Katsuki is so inlove with him too, huh. The thought made him blush.

Despite him being all happy, Deku suddenly mentioned that he need to go apologized to the kohais for scaring them as they reported it to Deku what he have been doing.

What's up with making me happy then pissed all of a sudden on my fucking birthday? Deku, you shit.

"You know, Kacchan. I'm not cheating on you or something.

The kohais are not your enemy or rival for me, I-I am sorry for getting carried away with this.

They told me you've been calling them out and threatening them to leave me. —

Kacchan, I...the only person that I love is you. I already like you very much since then...since we were kids.

Like I told you in the past, your amazingness is blinding.

Eventhough, we had the misunderstanding, you are the one that makes my heart beat fast. I know you are sorry for what you've done.—

You wanted to make up with me. But you see? I am fine the way you are.

You dont have to force yourself because I already knew that you are doing your best to do it.

I mean its been so long but I can feel that you still don't forgive yourself from what you have done—"

"S-shut your damn mouth, Deku —"


Deku looked at him and hold both his hands.




He is not really crying, but yeah some tears stream down his face.

How do you expect Katsuki himself to confessed this? He won't admit it.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever excuse you come up, Kacchan." Then, Deku giggled at him.

Fuck, stop with that, I'm going to kiss you.

"A-anyway, Kacchan. Could you close your eyes a bit?" Deku blushes.

Ho? Is this nerd planning on something? He smirks at him.

"What, Deku? You gonna kiss me or something?"


"Whatever." Katsuki closes his eyes like what Deku wanted.

He was about to open his eyes since he felt Deku is not doing anything but he suddenly received a kiss on his lips, lasting like 5 seconds.

"Thought you won't —" Eyes widened as he look at him.

"H-happy Birthday Kacchan!" Greeting him with a redden face.


"Breathe, babe." He gave him a soft laugh.

"Thank you, Deku. C'mere" Gesturing Deku to come closer to him which the latter gladly complied to.

"What is it, Kacchan? Do you have a wish for your birthday?"

"Mhmm." He hugged Deku and snuggled at him as the nerd gets closer to him.

"I don't like being cheesy and shit but as long as you are here, that's enough for me."