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pretty cure sun and moon

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“What a beautiful sea, popo,” said Porun, “we’re almost there,” said Hikari, the plane landed and Nagisa and Honoka noticed a familiar yellow mouse run to Nagisa, “Pikachu, I missed you,” said Nagisa, “pika (I missed you too Nagisa),” said Pikachu, happy to see his trainer again, “we’re in the Alola region huh,” said Honoka. Then they noticed a familiar Sobble appear, “sobu (Nagisa, Honoka, Kaylyn was looking for you),” said Sobble, “Kaylyn’s here,” said Honoka, “who’s Kaylyn,” said Hikari, “she’s a friend of ours,” said Nagisa, “she was the champion of Unova and Equestria before me,” “Nagisa, Honoka,” said Kaylyn as she ran to them, “great to see you two again,” “great to see you again, Kaylyn,” said Honoka, “Kaylyn meet Hikari,” “nice to meet you Kaylyn,” said Hikari, “you too Hikari,” said Kaylyn, then 7 girls appeared, “oh these are some of my friends, Anaya, Lala, Elena, Madoka, Krystal, Scarlet, and Yuni” “hi,” said Anaya, “hello lun,” said Lala, “konichiwa,” said Elena, “greetings,” said Madoka, “hello,” said Krystal and Scarlet, “hello,” said Yuni. Then a monster appeared, “ready girls,” said Nagisa, “ready,” said everyone. “DUAL AURORA WAVE,” said Nagisa and Honoka, “LUMINOUS SHINING STREAM,” said Hikari, “PRETTY CURE DEVIANT MODE SHINE,” said Kaylyn, “STAR COLOUR PENDANT! COLOUR CHARGE,” said Anaya, Lala, Elena, Madoka, Krystal, Scarlet, and Yuni, all transformed into their respective cure forms, “emissary of light, Cure Black,” said Nagisa as Cure Black, “emissary of light, Cure White,” said Honoka as Cure White, “sparkling life, Shiny Luminous,” said Hikari as Shiny Luminous, “ruler of the land and sky full of flames, Dreadruler Trio,” said Kaylyn as Dreadruler Trio, “the shining star that twinkles in the sky, Cure Star,” said Anaya as Cure Star, “the milky way that stretches across the heavens, Cure Milky,” said Lala as Cure Milky, “the burning light that illuminates the void, Cure Soleil,” said Elena as Cure Soleil, “the mysterious moonlight that shines in the night, Cure Selene,” said Madoka as Cure Selene, “the planets that orbits around a center, Cure Solar,” said Krystal as Cure Solar, “a galaxy that glides through space, Cure Galaxy,” said Scarlet as Cure Galaxy, “the rainbow spectrum glittering through the galaxy, Cure Cosmo,” said Yuni as Cure Cosmo. They defeated the monster, the fairies cheered in glee, then after dancing, Nagisa ran into a blue haired person wearing shades, he seemed to know her, “Nagisa,” said the person, “Cress, what are you doing here,” said Nagisa, “Cilan, Chili, and I are on vacation,” said Cress, “and who’s running the gym,” said Nagisa, “no one obviously,” said Cress as he moved his shades into his hair revealing his blue eyes, then Panpour appeared, “hey Panpour,” said Nagisa, “pour (hey Nagisa, been awhile),” said Panpour, then Cilan and Chili appeared with Pansage and Pansear, “hey Nagisa,” said Cilan as he nuzzled his girlfriend, “hey Cilan, missed you,” said Nagisa, “hey forget someone,” said Chili, “hi Chili,” said Nagisa, “you two know Nagisa and Cilan,” said Honoka, “Chili and Cress are my brothers,” said Cilan, “I battled the 3 for the trio badge,” said Nagisa, “makes sense,” said Hikari.