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Glitched past

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In a school playground, a dark-skinned redheaded child sat on one of the swings alone, with no one around, with no other kids playing around,because some children were afraid of them, others were disgusted and others were hatred of them,the adults thought the same way as the children, but they were more rational and mature and tried to demonstrate this as little as possible And people who did not know them were soon turned away and warned about them, about how dangerous they were. Just because they were not human, not completely at least, they were half monster. This are the reason becuse everyone hates them,they always saw how the smaller and curious children were pulled by their mothers to stay away from them. 

A Mother, they had a mother, even if only for a short time they had a mother, but no more, they no longer had a mother or a father, they dont had family and they did not remember her anymore.


"Guys, look at this,it's the glitchy monster"A boy says with a mocking smile on his face, he had blond hair and one of his teeth was missing, Behind him were a girl with black hair in pigtails and a slim boy with disheveled brown hair.

At once they recognizes the boy and the other two children behind him. The three were the ones that most harmed them, both verbally and physically,Especially the blonde, he was practically the leader of the group and everything that he commanded the others did.

"What you want with me again?" They ask the three in front of them, but they already knew what they wanted.

"Oh nothing,really,we were just thinking...."He says and then takes the hood of the hybrid monster by pulling them off the swing and making them look into the blond boy's eyes, which were full of evil.

 "..that a monster like you should learn to stay in its proper place"He finishes saying, throwing hard on the redheads on the hard ground, covered with dirt and grass, but not enough to soften his fall.

When they are starting to get up, the slim boy pulls them up by the hood of his clothes, making them run out of air.

"you know,the monsters should be in the underground and that's why we're going to show this to you, since apparently you do not know where your place is"the slim boy says when he push they again for the ground.

They could already feel their eyes burning with the urge to cry and it was not long before her unusual blue tears ran down to their cheeks.

"Aww,look the glitchy is a cry baby"The girl said at the sight of their tears.

"Yeah, but your tears are blue! They are not a normal cry baby, they are a blue cry baby, until their tears show that they are a freak"The blonde said without taking the wicked smile and convinced of his face.

seeing the hybrid crying only managed to make the trio laugh at their misery, the three never felt remorse to do those things with them, but fun, to see the hybrid suffer only increased their joy.They were ready to get out of there and hide so they would not be seen by anyone else, but when they were to run, something had pulled their arm and prevented them from running. When they look back, they see the leader of the trio clutching his arm, his typical smile was replaced by a cold expression.

"I didn't say you could leave, did I?"He spoke calmly, but there was a menacing tone in his voice.

"Leave me alone!" they spoke in a distorted voice as they pushed the boy away from you.

The blond was surprised by this for a while, but his smile came back when he saw the change of the redheaded child in front of him.

"Look at you, to be more specific look at your hand" he says, seeing the confused expression of the hybrid.  They look confused at the boy before they look at his hand and see, wrapped around his hand were pixels and signs of "error", the pixels coming out of his skin and clothes, rematerializing themselves seconds later.  They try to control it and they can hear the blonde say once again "you see, you're a monster, a freak".

They couldn't stand it anymore and ran out with the tears flowing again.  They didn't want to stay there anymore, they never wanted to be like that and it wasn't their fault for being born like that.  They ran until they got to a farther place, the place was on the side of the school building facing the fence that kept the school separate from the forest, that part of the building had no doors and nobody went there, so they couldn't be disturbed and had less chance of being found.  The hybrid sat with his head against his arms crossed, keeping his knees stuck to his chest, collapsing into tears, as he cried, they realized that that boy was right, even his tears were different, his tears were not transparent like water, they were blue, a sapphire blue tone to be more accurate and it was one of the things they were proving to be half monster: their tears were made of magic. 

Tired of crying, they wiped away the remaining tears and looked at their hands, which still kept the pixels and signs of "error" around them.  Their sadness was replaced by anger, they sawed their fists causing the glitches to multiply, their eyes now had the signs of "error" in the background. 

"Why am I so different?  I didn't ask to be so, I didn't even ask to be born!"  As they were talking, the glitches got faster and more violent as if it was an anticipation for them to crash as something digital or as if they were going to disappear.

"Rrrrgh....I hate that!!!!"  They exclaim in their twisted voice like the last time they let go of the blond boy's grip from before, hitting the wall with tremendous force.  However, in less than a second after hitting the wall, a few meters away where there was a tree, an inhumane red bone comes out of the ground cutting the thick tree in half and causing a big crash in the place. They look where the crash came from seeing the bone and are scared and know what they had done.

At the exit door of the patio was an adult woman between 30 and 40 years of age, she was the school supervisor and was doing her job listening to the bang of the tree being "cut down" and falling, which the redheaded child had unintentionally caused with her powers, the supervisor from where she was and goes to where the hybrid was.  Seeing the supervisor going in the direction where the crash was caused, they look away from the bone and see the bone disappearing and being sure that the bone had already disappeared, they run once again, but not out of sadness but out of concern, they knew that if the adults didn't find the exact cause of that they would be the culprit.  This had happened before the first time they had used their powers and broken a small flower vase, the adults had castigated them by locking them in their orphanage room and giving them little food for a week, they could still remember the nauseating disgust they felt when eating it and couldn't even imagine what would happen when the adults found out they had cut a huge tree in half, but they were sure it would be much worse.

They stopped running when they ran into the fence, having nowhere else to run.  As a warning that their problem was near they heard the supervisor exclaim.

"How did that happen?!"


The little hybrid feels his heart beating faster and he quickly looks for a way out, while noticing that a part of the fence was with a hole, the hole was not big enough for an adult to pass, but a child could pass through it.  Without a second thought, they pass through the hole and run again without mind going into the forest.

They continued to run without looking back until they entered a cave, however they noticed an old sign on top that said 'Mount Ebott...' with vines covering the rest of the text, which said 'DANGER! DO NOT ENTER'.

They sat tired of running away from their problems, they were tired not only of running, but of life itself as well, they really didn't mind staying there the rest of the day, no one would miss them at all, so they would mind coming back if that place was hell for them, they were just there not to be homeless and/or food. 

The silence that once existed in the cave was replaced by an animal-like growl, they looked up trying to find the cause of the sound, but failing to get it right because of the darkness of the cave and the night, they stayed so long in peace in the cave that they had lost track of time. The growl was intensifying and the child can see a wolf coming out of the shadows walking towards him threateningly as if hunting his prey, they swallow dry knowing they were the prey of the wolf. The animal runs forward on the child, who hasn't had time to dodge, and stumbles back on the roots of a nearby tree and falls into a large hole, which they hadn't seen when entering the cave because it was covered by plants and deeper in the cave.

The child fell into the hole with nowhere to grab hold of to stop the fall, they could only let gravity take them to the bottom of their poses, literally, and accept their death. They close their eyes waiting for the painful one and die there in the bottom of the long hole, however when colliding on the ground, they didn't feel anything hard, they fell into something soft, they open their eyes and see themselves lying on a small hill of golden flowers, the buttercups had cushioned their fall along with the land where they grew up.

Rising with one hand rubbing their head, the flowers had cushioned their fall but didn't stop it from being painful, they looked around where they were, that place not like the cave, the place had purple walls, the floor was also made of concrete and not of pure earth and near the corner of the wall there was an entrance leading to a corridor. Seeing that they had no other exit and entered the corridor, and again the corridor was not a simple earth tunnel and had some pillars in the walls.

They enter another room after passing through the corridor,that room was almost the same as the previous one,but it was bigger and darker,hardly visible to the walls and the rest of the room,in front of them they see a small lawn like the one it had fallen on before,but this one didn't have flowers,well,that's what they had thought until a flower with a face came out of the ground.

"Howdy! How do you do! I'm Blossey, Blossey the flower," the flower, now called Blossey, speaks surprisingly to the child, "what's your name?"

They reluctantly say his name that no one had ever bothered to pronounce before.