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It should have been such a beautiful day. Jessica Nigri and Darshelle Stevens had recently been putting together a couple photoshoots in city of Austin, Texas. They had just finished shooting an extremely hot micro bikini set together and had been busy making outfits and scouting out potential photoshoot-locations for a while now.  Jessica had managed to schedule in some free time with her model protégé after the micro bikini set and was looking forward to having some personal time with her. Darshelle’s birthday was approaching fast and Jessica wanted to shop for a present with her best friend while also taking a little breather from the whole cosplay-business.

She was also planning on having a personal sex-talk with Darshelle, seeing as her relationship with Mike had been kinda’ rocky as of late. Apparently it had been months since she last had sex, resulting in one very frustrated Darshelle. It got so far that she had been groping and fondling her blonde friend’s huge boobs whenever an opportunity arose.  Jessica didn’t mind her playing with the girls every once in a while, but her chest was starting to feel sore and getting fondled, while they were busy shooting new sets, was far from professional.  Lucky for the both of them, the sun was still shining brightly after they had walked outside the studio. Arm in arm, both busty models excitedly darted from one shop to another, quite happy that they could spend some time together and lazily goof around again. It wasn’t until they stopped by the Magnolia Cafe, for a quick bite, that things went horribly wrong.

Towards the end of their meal, Darshelle had been gone to the toilet for quite a while and Jessica was starting to get a little worried. After waiting a couple more minutes, a concerned Jessica finally went to the women’s bathroom to see how her friend was holding up. Tired from giving it her all, for her cosplay career and the recent bout of shopping, Jessica failed to notice a masked man suddenly appearing from behind the door of the bathroom. Smelling the strong scent of chloroform on the cloth, which the man was pushing over her mouth and nose, Jessica was powerless to resist. The last image she saw, as she fell unconscious, was Darshelle’s sleeping form propped in one of the bathroom’s corners.


As she slowly woke up, Jessica looked around in a dazed manner at what seemed to be a brightly-lit room. A well-made clean bed was the only other furniture present in the room, beside the strange black leathery, saddle-like seat she was sitting on. It had a big hole in the middle, right underneath her bare, shaved pussy.  This was something that she considered to be a very ominous sign. Almost immediately after, she noticed that her arms were bound together, over her head, to a hook hanging from the ceiling with a strong rope.  Her feet were bound together to the weird thing she was sitting on with tight leather straps. For the next couple moments Jessica started to freak out, as she sat all alone in an unfamiliar place while being butt-naked. Her mind started racing about where she was, what had happened to Darshelle, and what the strange, threatening man was planning on doing with them. Considering that he had already drugged and kidnapped her and Darshelle, Jessica could only assume that he was clearly up to no good.  

Suddenly, she heard faint noises coming from behind the room’s only door. She quickly recognized her friend’s voice and her heart dropped as she saw the masked man.  He was wearing a ‘Filthy Casual’ shirt and entered the room with a bound Darshelle slung onto his shoulders. The terrified woman was screaming up a storm, strongly kicking her legs and thrashing around to no avail. As both friends made eye contact with each other, Jessica cried out “Darshelle!!  Get out of here!  Fight!!”. The man, ignoring her, casually walked towards the bed and threw the curvy model on top of it.

“Jess, where the fuck are we?! What the hell is going on!?” yelled Darshelle as she struggled against her restraints. “Don’t worry girl, I’ll get us out of here! Everything will be fine!” responded Jessica as she glared at their captor, who just pulled a small remote out of his pockets. The hard thrashing, the incessant cursing and yelling that they were both doing, had started to piss him off. Slapping Darshelle once hard on her left cheek to shut her up, he also turned on the Sybian which Jessica was sitting on with one quick jab of a button, effectively distracting them from their continued screams and shouts.

Jessica winced in pain as she suddenly felt a large and heavily ribbed object pressing into her vagina. As their captor crawled on top of her friend, Darshelle started screaming again when the man started to roughly undress her, ripping and tearing as he went at it. Jessica could only watch helplessly, as she tried to loosen the rope around her hands, desperate to try and break free and help her friend. Just when she was about to scream at the disgusting freak to leave her friend alone, the Sybian sent a small shock coursing throughout her body. She gasped for air, as her pussy kept getting violated repeatedly by the solid black-looking dildo-extension of the Sybian, which made her huge boobs bounce around wildly.

Tired of all the noise that Darshelle was making yet again, the man tried to shut her up by roughly squeezing and pinching her breasts and nipples. He followed up by pulling her pink panties up and through her pussy, tearing them off of her body and rubbing her tight slit with his thick thumb and index finger. It wasn’t until he started rubbing his throbbing hard dick against her pussy-lips, that the panic really started setting in for both women. Jessica started weeping when she heard her best friend beg their captor not to rape her. She felt truly devastated when she heard Darshelle beg him to fuck her tits instead and that she also had just started her period last night. She didn’t know if her friend was telling the truth or if she was just telling lies to convince the man not to rape her, but she couldn’t take such a risk.

“Please! You can fuck me instead! I’ll make you cum as much as you want. Just leave her alone!” cried out Jessica as she watched the man lick Darshelle’s clit and bald pussy. Jessica wasn’t sure if Darshelle was on her period or not, but she was more than willing to run the risk of getting pregnant herself, if it meant that her friend would be let go unmolested and unharmed. They both started crying and kept begging him not to rape her, as the captor ignored the busty woman’s pleas. He started pushing his cock against Darshelle’s slick, hot pussy, while lustfully stroking her smooth, shapely legs.

Jessica and Darshelle also cried out in pain at the same time. Jessica because she got another jolt from the Sybian and Darshelle because the man had finally started to cram his thick, veiny dick inside her clenched cunt. Tears began to slowly trickle down the young woman’s face, as the man’s cock was forced deeper and deeper into her. The idea of a stranger thrusting his dick into such an intimate and personal space, was horrifying to her. Darshelle was reduced to a sobbing mess, while her rapist put her legs on top of his broad shoulders working to shove his dick all the way into her pussy. As this played out, Jessica was flinging curses and insults his direction trying to distract him from abusing her terrified friend. The intense pain of having a big, thick cock inserted so brutally into her unprepared pussy, still hadn’t faded away. Darshelle was gritting her teeth and grunting with every thrust from his hard cock.

The Sybian was doing quite a number on Jessica’s body however. She quickly started to run out of breath which began to slow her down from yelling insults. Her cursing was, increasingly being replaced with long drawn-out gasps for air and strained moaning. She was disgusted with herself, each time she let out a slutty moan. Between the fact that the damned machine was actually starting to feel good while her friend was mercilessly raped right in front of her eyes, made her feel truly sick with herself. The man was ploughing into Darshelle’s pussy hard now, occasionally licking her large breasts and her tear-covered face. He began to grunt in pleasure as he felt her throbbing pussy tighten around his nine-inch dick, whenever his cock-head ground into her cervix.

Darshelle’s body soon betrayed her for the first time that evening. The man started rubbing her small clit with his fingers, never slowing down the pace with which he was violating her pussy. While he was doing that, he felt her already tight snatch constrict even more around his dick as her entire body started to shiver, her large tits shaking along with the shuddering of her body. With a barely audible moan being released from between her gritted teeth, Darshelle had her first orgasm that day. She hadn’t had sex in such a long time that this strangers cock felt so good in her tightly stretched pussy. The intense sensations she was feeling right then, were just too much for her to endure. The volume of her sobbing got even louder, as she slowly realised that she had climaxed while being raped by a strange man’s cock.

Jessica noticed immediately that her friend had climaxed and fiercely hoped that the masked man wouldn’t do the same. Trying to stifle any sounds or moans coming out of her mouth, she was gritting her teeth as well. Try as she might, she found it harder and harder to resist the pleasure which the machine was forcing upon her. Having that large, black dildo thrusting in and out of her sopping cunt, was already quite a lot of stimulation. But the occasional shock which she received from the machine, made it even harder for her to stay focused on her friend’s precarious situation. Her body was already dripping with sweat and her nipples were standing out rock hard on her well-proportioned tits.  Not only that, but there was a small pool of liquid slowly forming on the floor, around the Sybian, as she was helpless to stop her pussy from leaking. 

Darshelle didn’t receive a break from her sexual torment, as the guy just kept slamming her pussy while she was cumming on his cock. The hard pounding she was receiving was tiring her out quickly. She no longer had the strength nor energy to grit her teeth, which made her moaning become much more audible. She still had an angry and disgusted expression on her face as she kept glaring at her rapist. Yet she could no longer deny that him fucking her didn’t feel at least a little good. He leaned forward some more, so that he was basically rubbing the tip of his dick against her cervix sending tiny shocks of pleasure throughout her body. Her breasts were smaller than Jessica’s, yet what they lacked in size they made up for with sensitivity. Darshelle came again when the man treated her tits to a good slapping, followed by some rough tugging on her hard nipples.

Jessica watched her friend slowly get more and more aroused, panting and moaning with every thrust and slap as the man drove his dick all the way in her snatch. She focused with her entire being not to orgasm herself. It was to no avail however, as she finally orgasmed hard when the Sybian overwhelmed her senses with an unexpectedly hard shock. Her body became limp, as the afterglow of her recent orgasm was still in full effect. But in the same way Darshelle didn’t receive any relief from being raped by the man, the Sybian relentlessly kept stimulating Jessica’s sore pussy. Her own breathing becoming more laboured with each passing minute, she tried once more to escape from her restraints. This only resulted in her driving herself even harder and deeper on the Sybian’s thrusting dildo, which made her cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain as it drilled into her dripping pussy.

Darshelle could never fully enjoy getting raped by a complete stranger, yet she was unconsciously thrusting her hips towards the man who had taken every ounce of dignity from her. Her body began craving the many sexual sensations and releases it had been denied over the past few weeks. And now, it had completely betrayed her mind, as it tried its best to achieve a third orgasm. Feeling her vaginal walls contract around the man’s thick cock once more, she was preparing herself for more orgasmic pleasure when she suddenly felt the coarse hands of the man around her throat.

Getting raped hard and rough was one thing for the sexually-inactive woman, but getting choked at the same time was a whole different sensation altogether. Quickly running out of air, Darshelle became more aware of how her entire body felt like it was on fire with her crotch feeling especially spectacular. Feeling light-headed, she was only aware of the amazing pleasure she felt coming from her abused pussy, as she suddenly orgasmed a third time. The heightened sensation from the choking had made the orgasm so great for Jessica’s poor friend, that she started to cum hard, squirting her juices all over the man’s groin and balls. She couldn’t moan on account of the man’s hands still tightly gripping her throat, yet her small pink nipples were as hard as they could be, as the afterglow of her powerful orgasm kept rocking through her entire body. She never even heard her friend cry out her name as she lay there squirting female ejaculate all over the rapist.

Jessica herself could barely focus on what horrible things their captor was doing to her friend, as the machine quickened the pace at which it fucked her cunt and shocked her body. She received one small orgasm after another. And after climaxing for about one whole minute, non-stop, she barely registered the kidnapper injecting poor Darshelle with something through a syringe. With sweat dripping profusely all over her body, and while she panted hard with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, Jessica couldn’t even manage to utter her friend’s name, trying desperately not to blackout.

Meanwhile Darshelle was tripping out like crazy from the injection. While her whole body had felt warm just moments before, it now felt sweltering hot as the pleasure she was feeling from getting vaginally raped was being turned up threefold. She was in a state of utter sexual bliss and continually orgasming as the man picked up the pace at which he fucked her even more. He was rocking her body and the bed without any regard to the health and well-being of the helpless woman laying underneath him. With his hands now removed from her throat, Darshelle moaned like a pornstar and squeezed her vagina as tightly as she could around her rapist’s cock, wanting and needing to feel his seed being unloaded inside her cum-hungry cunt.

“Ah yes! Give that dick to me! Ravage my slutty little pussy! Come inside me and make me your personal cum-dumpster!” begged Darshelle as the drug she was injected with made sure there would be nothing left of her inhibitions and rationality. At this declaration, the man apparently thought her to be sufficiently broken-in, as he suddenly untied her hands. Immediately she wrapped them around his back and pulled him in, kissing and licking his mask. Not giving a fuck about anything anymore, Darshelle did her best to open herself to be used by her new master, getting raped so hard that the bed started creaking as the man was fucking her at an incredible speed.

Not being able to wait to orgasm at the same time as her partner, Darshelle squirted her juices yet again and moaned so loudly that it made Jessica snap back to her senses. The busty blonde herself was right in the middle of having another orgasm, when she saw her friend willingly lock her legs around the man’s back. She was acting as if she wanted him to not pull out, but cum inside of her willing pussy. With her mouth parch dry, Jessica tried to protest and to order Darshelle to come back to her senses. She suddenly heard the guy grunting as he slowed down his violent thrusting, his dick deep inside her friend’s sopping wet pussy.

As Darshelle felt her captor’s hard cock swelling inside her pussy, spurt after spurt of hot cum filling her up, all rational sense had left her mind as she was now a slave to sexual pleasure. She squeezed her pussy around his dick with all her might, to milk as much cum out of his balls as possible and let out an elated, self-satisfied groan as she felt his last rope of cum shoot against the entrance of her womb. She had never felt this fulfilled before and she was starting to get a little mad that Jessica had tried to hog all that amazing fun for herself earlier that evening. Who is she to deny me all this delicious pleasure and demand it all for herself!? That filthy bitch! thought Darshelle as she enjoyed the afterglow of receiving her first cream-pie in a long time. That she was on her period was something that she already didn’t care about, it was something so small and trivial in hindsight.

Jessica would have cried if she had the energy, and fluids, left to do so, as she saw how the man emptied his balls inside her kind friend, who seemingly was enjoying the experience way more than she ever should. Darshelle’s new and strange demeanour confused Jessica to no end. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have much time to think about it, as the man pulled his dick out of the abused model and casually pushed her off of the bed, followed by him stepping towards an exhausted Jessica. Worn out and mentally half broken from the rough Sybian treatment, Jessica couldn’t do anything but fall face down on the floor with a loud thud when the man undid her restraints. She could feel something wet and gooey dripping on the back of her neck and weakly turned her head to see what it was.

Feeling the cum ooze out of her pussy, Darshelle contemplates letting it drip on Jessica’s face:

It turned out to be Darshelle, who was letting the man’s sperm drip from her sore pussy directly onto her best friend’s face, now that she had turned her face around. Jessica was about to speak with her friend, to tell her to run, when she noticed the maniacal expression on her face. This expression actually scared her so much, she didn’t dare to utter a single word. Having momentarily forgotten that there was another person in the room besides her and her Darshelle, Jessica let out a surprised shriek as she was pulled upwards by the masked man.

Too tired to walk herself, the man dragged Jessica towards the bed and roughly threw her on it, her face landing in a sticky pool of her friend’s liquids. Her entire body ached and felt sore as she was tied to the bed spread eagle. “Please, just let us go. Haven’t you done enough already?” hoarsely muttered Jessica, as she looked desperately at the horrible man who had terrorised her friend. “What are you blabbering about Jess!? He’s given me so much amazing pleasure and you want to call it quits right when you’re about to get a turn? The fun stuffs only starting!” giggled Darshelle excitedly as she positioned herself on top of her fellow model’s limp body.

“No Darshelle, what are you…” started Jesisca but was interrupted as her friend kissed her full on the lips. Not satisfied with only making out with the astonished blonde, Darshelle started to forcefully grope her Jessica’s large and heavy breasts as well. She kept pinching and pulling at her nipples until Jessica cried out in pain, which was all the opportunity Darshelle needed to slip her tongue inside her friend’s mouth. She had thoroughly sucked off the Sybian’s drenched dildo while her new fuck-buddy was busy tying her friend to the bed. Because of this, Jessica could taste her own juices as Darshelle forced her own tongue into her mouth, intertwining their tongues together in the process.

Satisfied with exploring the inside of Jessica’s mouth with her tongue, Darshelle quickly crawled a bit lower and started to wildly lap at her friend’s moist cunt. “Mmm, you taste so good Jess! It’s such a shame we haven’t done this in such a long time!” uttered an excited Darshelle, who started fingering Jessica’s pussy with three fingers as she was lightly nibbling on her clit. Moaning heavily as her seemingly possessed friend went to town on her pussy and clit, Jessica suddenly felt the masked man rub his glistening cock-head against her cheeks, smearing her face with any leftover sticky cum.

Jessica gasping in pleasure as Darshelle eats her out:

Once he was finished cleaning his dick on the busty blonde’s face, the man gave Darshelle a hard spank on her shapely, juicy ass, which made her yelp out in excited surprise. She quickly noticed that the man was pointing towards her friend’s face and obediently started licking all the smeared cum off of it. After she sufficiently licked Jessica’s face clean, Darshelle started licking Nigri's huge tits and nibbling on her big, hard nipples. She continued doing this until she felt the man tap on her shoulders and saw that he was prodding against the other woman’s ass hole with his thick index finger.

“Oh fuck, that’s gonna’ sting quite a bit! Alright Jess, prepare to have your anal cherry popped if it hasn’t been already! But don’t worry though, I’m gonna’ make sure you’ll have a distraction from the pain, as he loosens up your ass enough to stuff it with his huge, amazing cock!” announced Darshelle as she pushed her dripping quivering twat against her distraught companion’s mouth. Mere moments after Darshelle started grinding her still dripping cunt against her friend’s face, the man inserted one finger inside Jessica’s butt-hole. The sudden, intensely painful sensation made her cry out directly inside Darshelle’s pussy, which made her moan and giggle at the same time.

“Come on Jess, start eating out my pussy or I’m gonna’ start choking you! It feels amazing! I just don’t think you can handle both that and having your ass hole toyed with at the same time!” instructed Darshelle as she spread open her pussy-lips as extra incentive for the other model to ‘get busy’. Jessica saw no other option than weakly perform cunnilingus on Darshelle’s slick pussy, occasionally tasting some leftover sperm from their captor with her tongue. Meanwhile, her tight ass hole was being fingered and spread open by the sick freak who had, somehow, turned the rather shy Darshelle in some sort of deranged sex maniac.

This continued for some time, until the man had managed to fit three of his fingers inside her ass, while her friend was still using her face as a masturbatory aid. Darshelle eventually started squirting all over Jessica when she had pushed her clit against her face, while Jessica’s tongue was still busy at work, deep inside her pussy. Not fast enough to close her eyes in time, they started to sting and burn as Darshelle’s ejaculate ended up all over her face and eyes. It was right then that she suddenly felt an even sharper pain than before, in her butt-hole, as the man had finally started to push his dick against it.

Feeling her friend’s body stiffen up in pain, Darshelle quickly turned around and saw that the man was about to rape Jessica’s ass. “Hey, hold on! I want a front row seat on this!” shouted Darshelle as she turned around, her pussy still pressed against her friend’s face and her own face tantalizingly close to Jessica crotch. With eyes as wide-open as her friend’s, Darshelle looked on with bated breath as the man who had completely dominated her body, was now about to give Jessica’s ass a pounding it would never forget. She heard her friend cry out in pain directly inside her dripping twat, as she saw the man’s dick slowly disappear inside Jessica anus. She quickly spit some saliva on the man’s dick and helped him penetrate the busty blonde by spreading open Jessica’s butt cheeks some more.

Once his cock was all the way inside Jessica’s butt, the man didn’t waste any time in treating it as roughly as he had treated Darshelle’s pussy. He slowly started to push his shaft in and out of her tight ass, while his hands were digging into her wide hips to keep himself steady. Meanwhile, Darshelle, no longer satisfied with just being an audience to her friend’s anal rape, decided to take on a more active role and started playing with Jessica’s clit and pussy. Jessica, having troubles breathing, tried to push her friend’s crotch away with her nose, occasionally prodding it against Darshelle’s pussy. This spurred Darshelle on even more, treating her best friend’s genitalia to a good time. She made sure that enough wetness from Jessica’s pussy was dribbling down to her ass hole to act as extra lube. She considered her busty companion to be quite a buzz-kill, but she wasn’t that heartless to not feel sad that Jessica was clearly still not enjoying the amazing cock stuffed in her butt.

After what seemed to be an endless amount of thrusts inside her raw, stretched ass hole, the pain of feeling the man’s thick dick inside her butt was finally starting to abate a little. But it was her friend licking her clit and pussy that made her eventually orgasm. She didn’t squirt, but it was enjoyable enough for her to moan against Darshelle’s pussy. Hearing her moans made her friend smile wickedly, considering her stacked companion was finally feeling good enough during the anal rape to climax. The masked man suddenly pulled his dick out of Jessica’s ass and forced it inside Darshelle’s mouth, who choked and gagged over it, trying so hard to take the man’s cock deep in her throat, while cupping and massaging his balls.

Satisfied with the oral treatment which Darshelle had given him, he shoved his dick inside Jessica’s anus in one single thrust and started to relentlessly hammer it once more. He regularly crammed Darshelle’s face in her friend’s snatch, getting some sick enjoyment from her giggling and Jessica’s loud moaning as he did just that. Her senses being bombarded with an excessive amount of sexual stimuli was taking its toll on Jessica’s awareness, as she passed into, and out of, unconsciousness. However, she was rudely awakened every time, as the masked man started slamming his dick inside of her ass at an increasingly brutal pace.

The combination of Darshelle suckling on her clit, while the man kept fucking her ass and started to finger her pussy with three fingers, made Jessica orgasm again. This time, she managed to squirt a little, seeing as she had mentally given up and was just weakly focusing on the pleasure her lower regions had been receiving for the past few agonizingly slow minutes. Jessica had never had a lot of anal sex in the past, and her trembling sweaty form was an indication that she was nearing her limit. If both her friend and that sick pervert wouldn’t stop abusing her body anytime soon, she felt that she was going to faint. One last orgasm was all that she really still had in her and part of her actually wished she’d faint during her next release. Anything was better than being wide awake during the sexual torture that this wicked man had visited upon her and she welcomed a brief period of unconscious peace. Part of her still worried about what was happening to Darshelle and what would happen to the both of them after the man was finished raping them, yet she was just too spent to care more than just a little bit.

The man had been fucking Jessica's tight ass almost as hard and fast as he had fucked Darshelle’s pussy. Yet seeing the drugged young woman frantically pleasuring her best friend, while said friend was moaning loudly, combined with him shoving his dick in such a tight, warm, hole, drove the guy to his limit. He quickly pulled his engorged dick out of Jessica’s ass hole, shoved Darshelle aside and rammed his cock inside Jessica’s drenched cunt in one fluid go. She was barely aware how something much bigger than her friend’s tongue and fingers had penetrated her pussy. But the pleasure kept coming and that was the most important thing after all. One last orgasm and then it would all be over…for a while at least.

He shot an even bigger load of cum inside Jessica’s pussy than he had unloaded in Darshelle’s, with copious amounts of thick cum battering against her cervix and flowing into her unprotected womb. “Nnnooo…” groaned the older model as she felt her womb getting filled up. The man pulled his dick out of her violated pussy almost immediately after he shot his load inside it, to give her anxious friend plenty of opportunity to lick up his seed which was slowly flowing out of Jessica’s snatch. Feeling Darshelle’s tongue dart all over her tingling pussy-lips drove Jessica into a sexual overdrive, as she suddenly grabbed hold tight of her friend’s hips, to eat her out like her life depended on it. The younger woman was the one who squirted first, covering Jessica’s face with her juices once more, as she kept lapping up all the cum that was still trickling out of her mentally broken friend’s cunt.

Catching most of Darshelle’s hot juices inside her open mouth, Jessica thoroughly savoured the taste of it, as she finally orgasmed herself as well. She shot so much fluid out of her pussy, that it looked as if she was pissing. Her friend was desperately trying her best to lap up both the man’s cum and Jessica’s juices as the blonde adult cosplayer kept spraying it all over the sheets. Jessica let out a mixed shout and loud moan, as the intense afterglow of her last orgasm had proved too much for her to endure. She fainted dead away, with her best friend’s drenched crotch still sitting on top of her face and mouth.

Darshelle, still brimming with excitement and being much more energetic than her friend, kept using Jessica’s limp body to make herself cu, a couple more times, after Jessica had passed out. She had the time of her life as she worked out many weeks of sexual frustration on the stained and sleeping form of her busty companion. Darshelle ground her pussy into her friend’s unmoving face. Feeling the softness of Jessica’ lips, contrasted with the occasional roughness of her teeth, hit Darshelle’s clit and pussy in all the right spots. “Thank you for making me cum Jess!” she shouted, as she shuddered and convulsed on her unconscious friend’s face, one last time.

Darshelle was convinced that Jessica should consider herself to be extremely lucky to share in the same sexual pleasure she herself received that night!


Making sure that both women were fast asleep, the man took off his mask, wiped some sweat of his brow and tied Darshelle tight to the bed, on top of Jessica. The first session had been a spectacular success and it had only been the start of the violent sexual torture both women would have to endure!



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