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blessing in disguise

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Something went wrong.

The thought hits him with horrifying clarity as something materializes in the summoning circle in front of him. His instincts tell him to run, but he knows the moment he leaves his own protective circle he will be done for.

He should have listened to the voice of reason. There is a reason why summoning demons without supervision is forbidden. There is a reason why they have to start by summoning the weakest creatures out there.

It’s not like he even tried to summon something actually dangerous. Just a higher level kobold to cause some mischief. To prove to his classmates that he was a talented sorcerer, thank you very much.

Whatever that demon is, the shape still hidden by a thick cloud of smoke, is decidedly too big for a kobold. Shang Qinghua shivers. The room suddenly feels a lot colder. For a second he thinks his mind is playing tricks on him, but then he sees the ice creeping along the walls.

Shit, whatever it is, it has to be strong. He is so screwed.

The fog is finally lifting and Shang Quinghua catches a glimpse of the demon he accidentally summoned. Suddenly, breathing is very hard.

Nobody ever bothered to warn him, that demons could be this…this perfect? Weren’t they supposed to be ugly wretched creatures? Then, why is the man in front of him anything but?

He’s vaguely aware of the embarrassing whimper that slips out of his mouth, but he just can’t stop staring.

The demon in front of him is tall, so incredibly tall, with broad shoulders to match. The horns peeking out of his black hair only add to the height. An inhumanly handsome face – Shang Qinghua is pretty sure he could cut himself on that jawline – with piercing blue eyes that are fixed on him with the coldest stare he ever saw. His knees grow weak.

“Human”, the demon finally addresses him, and he actually shivers at that. This is bad, this is incredibly bad and he is doomed. “How dare you to bring me here?”

Shang Qinghua opens his mouth, but no words come out. Something about that demon has him absolutely tongue-tied. It must be fear because he refuses to acknowledge any other possibility.

“Speak!” the demon orders harshly and Shang Qinghua can feel his power, even if he didn’t see the ice slowly taking over the stone floor. Something gives him the impression, that this demon is not used to be ordered around by humans.

“It was an accident”, he finally stammers out and his voice does the thing where it goes all high and breathy whenever he is nervous. “I never intended to summon you and –“

“Don’t you know who I am?” the demon interrupts him. He doesn’t sound angry, not really. There is almost a curious note in his voice and Shang Qinghua’s heart leaps in his chest. He fucked-up big, didn’t he?

He shakes his head. He thinks there is a brief moment of surprise flitting over that unfairly handsome face, but it’s hard to tell in the flickering light of the torches that line the wall.

“Mobei-Jun.” The demon tells him, and Shang Qinghua actually drops to his knees when he hears that name. How did he manage to summon one of the seven princes of hell? He didn’t know that was even possible? Why weren’t there more warning signs?

“Your Highness,” he breathes out, forcing his trembling body to calm down. “I’m…I’m so sorry. I’m going to send you back, right away. Just let me find the right spell.” He reaches for the book to look for the spell that would send the summoned creature back. He managed to bring him here, right? There has to be a way to get him back.

He can feel the heavy gaze resting on him, while he’s fumbling to get the right pages. Just when he thinks he has it, he hears the demon move and he –

He drops the book. Just outside his own protective circle, too.

Oh no.

If he goes out, his soul is lost. If he stays in…he doesn’t want to anger Mobei-Jun, does he?

Trembling, he tries to make up his mind, when –

Mobei-Jun steps outside the circle that should keep him contained. “You’re taking too long,” he tells him as he strides over. Stopping right in front of him, he seems even taller. It doesn’t seem like any protection is going to stop him, and oh.

He’s going to die, isn’t he?

He probably should freak out, plead for his life or beg for mercy. But instead, Shang Qing Hua is painfully aware that he’s still kneeling in front of the demon. If he reached out, he could probably….

His heart is racing in his chest, and he has never been so turned on in his life.

He’s going to die with a hard-on, and he wants to laugh at how pathetic this is.

Except…except Mobei-Jun has yet to kill him. In fact, the demon prince hasn’t done anything, he almost seems frozen looming over him. “Your…Highness?” Shang Qinghua asks thinly and when he dares to look up, he stares directly into those intensely blue eyes. He makes a little breathless sound, helpless against the effect the gaze has on him.
Then the demon inhales, and Shang Qinghua realizes that he once read about something about a demons superiors senses. Can Mobei-Jun smell him?

Oh god, he probably can. Suddenly, dying doesn’t look so bad.

“You are –“

“Please don’t say it!” Belatedly, Shang Qinghua realizes that he just interrupted demon royalty, but it’s too late now, so he rambles on. “Your Highness, this lowly human is so sorry. I don’t want to insult you, so please just disregard it.” He wants to say more, but the words die on his tongue when a clawed hand cups his face. A cold thumb brushes his bottom lip and his mouth falls open on instinct, sucking the digit in.

Heat rushes through his body when his mind finally catches up with what’s happening. This is wrong, on so many levels but he can’t really bring himself to care. If the demon is interested in other things, he might get out with his life and soul intact. A mocking voice inside his head tells him, that he would go along with it for no other reason than his own desire. He ignores it.

Above him, Mobei-Jun groans. The thumb slips out of his mouth, and he is yanked to his feet rather abruptly. He has barely any time to adjust until strong hands lift him up and hungry lips claim his own. He kisses back with enthusiasm, wrapping his arms around the demon's neck.

He’s already dizzy with need. Mobei-Jun holds him like he weighs nothing, and Shang Qinghua can feel his strength. It drives him insane. He moans wantonly against those cool, greedy lips. He should be careful, he can feel the other’s sharp teeth but as long as he can continue to kiss the demon, he doesn’t really mind.

“Please, your highness”, he whimpers. It’s ridiculous how far gone he already is. If the demon were just toying with him, it would be impossibly humiliating. “Please, just take me.” Mobei-Jun actually growls and the sound leaves him shivering. He can feel Mobei-Jun shifting his weight until he’s only holding him up with one hand. He uses the other to tear his robes away, so his lower half is exposed. The chilly air is a sharp contrast against his heated skin.

Briefly, he thinks, he has to find an excuse for the destroyed robes later, but all proper thoughts leave him when a sizeable finger presses to his backside. It’s coated in something slippery, and Shang Qinghua doesn’t feel the claw he surely saw before. Magic is surely convenient.

Then it presses inside and he can only cling to Mobei-Jun as it slowly spreads him open. He hasn’t seen the demon’s cock, yet but if it’s anything proportional it will be a challenge to take it. But the thought alone has him whimpering, tightening around the finger inside him. He wants this so badly.

More pleas spill from his mouth as Mobei-Jun slowly fingers him open. He’s only half aware of the words that leave his mouth, and when the demon silences him with another deep kiss, he doesn’t complain about it. By now, Mobei-Jun has three fingers inside and he already feels impossible full on that alone.

Every time the demon pushes inside, Qinghua’s cock drags over the luxurious fabric of the demon’s robes. It’s maddening. Then the angle changes a little, and Shang Qinghua is coming, clawing at the Mobei-Jun’s shoulder’s as he’s shuddering through his orgasm. Only when he stops shaking, the fingers withdraw.

“We are not done”, the demon tells him, and it sounds a little like a threat. His spent cock twitches with interest. Fuck, something has to be seriously wrong with him.

“I’m yours, my prince,” he replies shakily. His voice is hoarse, and a little unsteady, but he means every word of it. Mobei-Jun inhales sharply, and Shang Qinghua feels a little proud that he manages to get a reaction like that from an experienced demon like Mobei-Jun.

He feels something bigger press against his entrance, and he chokes on the breath he’s taking. Mobei-Jun feels impossible big and Shang Qinghua spreads his legs even wider, wrapping them around the demon’s waist. He’s shaking again. He takes a steadying breath and presses his lips to Mobei-Juns neck. “Please, my prince,” he whispers against the chilly skin. He feels the pulse thrumming underneath his lips, and oh, maybe demons aren’t so different from them after all.

Then, Mobei-Jun pushes in, and he forgets to breathe altogether. The fingers did prepare him well, but that’s no comparison for the stretch that fills him now. He’s vaguely aware of the little, desperate noises that slip out of his mouth but he doesn’t even try to stop them

It hurts, but it’s only a little and the burn of the stretch only fuels his pleasure. He’s already half-hard again, just from Mobei-Jun slowly spearing him on his dick. That shouldn’t be possible, but Shang Qinghua is not about to complain. He’s going to be ruined for anyone else after that.

Just when he thinks he can’t take anymore, Mobei-Jun stills and presses a surprisingly gentle kiss to the top of his head. Oh, Shang Qinghua thinks, it’s all the way in.

It feels incredible, he is so full.

And then Mobei-Jun starts to move. Every thrust sends a wave of heat through his body until he’s vaguely aware that he’s screaming, whimpering incoherently with every drag of the huge cock against his prostate. He’s already leaking more precum onto the already ruined robes, and he hopes, the demon will forgive him for that. He hopes, Mobei-Jun might fuck him again.

Another powerful thrust and he’s coming again, clenching down on the cock still buried deep inside of him. He thinks, he hears a deep groan, something cool and wet flooding his insides.

Shang Qinghua passes out.

When he comes to, he’s alone in the empty room he picked for his summoning. He still can’t quite believe what happened, if it weren’t for his torn robes and the stickiness between his legs. At least, it’s not morning yet.

Shang Qinghua ignores the soreness in his poor body in favor of cleaning up the room to leave no evidence behind. On the way back to his room, it dawns on him, that he summoned a demon prince and he got away with his alive. He also got the best fucking of his life.

Briefly, he considers calling Mobei-Jun back. But he is not that suicidal. He goes back to bed, for now, until he has to get up for classes.

Even with all the precautions he took, he can’t help but feel that he’s terribly obvious. When he hastily excuses himself from studying, Shen Qingqiu looks like he knows and the thought is terrifying enough to send him back to his rooms.

When he opens the door, he almost drops his books. Sprawled on his bed is a familiar figure that looks terrible out of place in the small room. “My prince…” Shang Qinghua whispers while he hastily steps inside and shuts the door behind him.

Although his hands are still shaking in uncertainty, he can’t quite keep the smile off of his lips.

He is so, so screwed.