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Walking through the Dark Woods

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The looming forest stood before him. He had heard rumors about this forest. That despicable monsters hid within and that they killed all who passed through. But he had also heard other rumors from other creatures that it was a safe haven for beings like him. He was so tired of running from hunters trying to kill him just because he was turned and he just wanted a safe place to curl up and cry.


He looked around and saw that along the forest line there were houses in the distance. As he started towards the one closest to him he heard the sound of tinkling bells chiming and turned towards where the sound was coming from. What he saw was two small blue flames flickering and bouncing around bumping into each other.


Giggling he slowly followed them into the forest not seeing a person leave the house and try to gain his attention, for he was far too busy trying to catch up to the flames to try and play with them.