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Two Superheros and a Puppy

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Spider-Man opened a shipping container, peeking inside he saw a few llamas. “I don't know why someone would smuggle a llama, but okay then.”


“Hang on, did you just say there are llamas?”




Red Robin then came over, looking over Spider-Man’s shoulder. “Oh my god, there are llamas. Why would someone smuggle a llama? “


“I just said that, Red. Anyways we should probably continue looking through these shipping containers.”


“Yeah, probably, I'll look over there.” They continued looking in shipping containers and taking note of what is in them for another 20 minutes, until Red Robin opened a shipping container with a small dog in it.


He gasped, “Pet - Spidey! They had a puppy in one of these! “


“They what!”


Spider-Man scrambled over to Red Robin. His jaw dropped when he saw it, and he quickly scooped it up. “Awww hello cutie! Can we keep them? Please Red?”


Red Robin looked at Spider-Man who was cuddling with the dog and looked adorable. “I don't see why not.”


“YES! Thanks Red!” Red Robin smiled softly at him.


“Come on we should call the police, and then we can get this guy to the vet. Can I take a turn holding them?”


“Sure! I'll call the police. “


---20 minute time skip---


They switched to their normal clothes, and started walking to the nearest veterinary clinic. Peter was holding the pup again. Tim glanced at Peter. “You do realize we need to figure out a name for her, right?”


“How do you know they're a girl? “


“Uh, I checked?”


“...That makes sense. “ Tim rolled his eyes. Then Peter’s eyes widened and he gasped loudly, startling Tim. And waking the pup.




“We should name her Moon-moon! “


“Oh my god, take this seriously will you.”


“But Tim.” Peter whined, dragging out the last word.


“But Peter.” Tim whined copying Peter. Peter gave him the puppy dog eyes™.


“Please Tim?”


“Ok fine! Just stop with the eyes!”


Peter grinned. “Yes! Love you! “


Tim smiled. “I love you too, dork.”


Moon-moon yiped, ruining the moment. They both glance at her, then start laughing as they walk into the clinic. Since Peter was holding Moon-moon Tim went to the counter.


“Hi, how can I help you?” Chirped the blonde haired receptionist.


“Hello, me and my Boyfriend found a puppy in an alley, and we're wondering if someone could take a look at her.”


“Sure thing hun! There's actually a vet free right now. I just need a name, and I can go see if he'll take you.”


“Tim Drake.”


“Okay, give me a second and I'll get him.”


“Thank you. “ Tim smiled as he walked over to Peter and Moon-moon, the latter making some adorable sounds as she slept.


“So, how long do you think it'll take her to get the vet?”


“It shouldn't be more than a few minutes, Pete.”


“If you say so.” Tim smirked.


“I do say so.” Before Peter could say anything else the receptionist came back.


“ Mr. Drake? The vet is willing to see you. If you could just follow me.”


“Lead the way, Miss.” When they get to the right office they thanked the receptionist as they entered. The vet smiled.


“Hello, I’m Dr Doktar.”


Peter’s brow furrowed in confusion. “ I'm sorry, but did you just say Dr Doctor?”


“Yes, I had a chance to confuse hundreds of people and I took it.”


“Huh, I mean I'd probably do the same. Anyways, we were hoping you could see if Moon-moon was healthy, and if you could tell us what kind of dog she is.”


“Of course. Just put her on the table, and I'll do just that.”


Peter did as told and let the vet do whatever it is vet's do. (A/N I seriously don't know, so uh, yeah. We’re just gonna skip that.)


Once Dr Doktar was done he sat down at his desk and looked at Tim and Peter. ” Okay, so Moon-moon is a little malnourished but other than that seems to be healthy. And I believe she is a Husky mix. Becky can help you with adoption papers, and the rest of the stuff you're going to need, at the front desk. “


Tim thanked the Vet as Peter picked up Moon-moon. They walked up to the counter just as a lady with a carrier stepped away. The receptionist -Becky if Tim remembers correctly- smiled at them.


“Everything alright with the pup?”


“Yep, she's a little bit malnourished but perfectly fine other than that.”


“Well that's good to hear! Now, is there anything else I can help you with? Or are you just going to pay the bill?”


Peter stepped up, “Actually, we were hoping you could please get us some adoption papers for her, if you don't mind. “


“Give me a few minutes, and I'll have the papers ready for you to sign. You guys can look at the displays while I'm doing this, just grab the stuff you want.” She gestured behind them at the tags.


Peter grinned. “ Okay, thank you miss!”


“It's no problem hun.”


They went and started looking at the different stuff that they're going to need. Picking out the tags first they pick out heart shaped ones, then moved onto the collar.


“What colour do you think it should be? I'm thinking either blue or green.”


“Hmmm, what about this rainbow one?” Tim grabbed the collar, holding it up so Peter could see.


“Ok, yeah, I like that one. Let's get it.” Tim nodded and also grabbed a black leash just as Becky call for them. They then walked back to the counter.


“Here are the adoption papers, you just need to fill them out and you're be ready to go. “


---10 minute time skip because this is my fic and I said so---


Tim and Peter walked down the street, holding hands, Peter holding Moon-moon’s leash. Moon-moon sniffed all over the sidewalk, getting excited about actually being walked. “So, how are we going to do this? Like is Moon-moon going to stay with you and I just visit? Or the other way around? How is this going to work? “ Tim asked.


“Um, how about I take her for a week, and then you get her for a week, then I get her for a week and so on?” Tim nodded slowly.


“ Yeah, that could work. And we can also visit her anytime when the other one of us has her.” Peter grinned, and kissed Tim’s cheek.


“That should work.”