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Lying In Wait

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Finduilas returned to her room to find a folded note with her name on it wedged in the crack of her door. She examined it as she entered, wondering if it had any connection to the roses that had mysteriously appeared at her place at dinner yesterday, which no one could be induced to admit to.

Opening the note, she read,

As starlight on awaking water glimmering,

As moonlight-frosted waves on distant seas,

As sunlight on the pools of Ivrin shimmering,

My heart's desire hath beauty more than these.

Well. Goodness . She checked again that the note had actually been addressed to her--no one had ever written her love poetry before. Then she searched the single sheet for a signature or any clue as to the author’s identity , but found nothing.

It could just be coincidence, but Uncle Finrod had brought several visitors up with him from Nargothrond recently. Lord Guilin and Lady Banloth and their sons, for instance. Both were quite handsome, and Gwindor had seemed so charmingly brash and brave. Why would he keep his feelings anonymous?

It could be anyone, really. Silly of her to daydream when she would surely be disappointed once the truth came out.