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Bring her back

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Lena and Sam grew up as bestfriends.

Then lovers.

But as how life is always cruel to Lena, Sam is taken away from her in the most painful way possible.

Sam died at the age of 22.

This broke Lena to pieces. Sometimes when she gets too lonely, she imagines that Sam was there with her. Holding her. Remembering all the things she used to say to make her feel better.

Then she met Kara. And slowly, she fell in love again. Before Kara, she used to bring wine everytime she visits Sam's grave and cry all night. But after she met the blonde, it was her telling stories and describing the reporter's awkwardness, being all giddy.

But Kara hurt her...

She was alone again...

She needed Sam... She misses her so...

She wants Sam to hold her again. To hear her soothing words. Not just by memory. But physically there. She craves for it too much.

They would say it's impossible but she's Lena. Anything is possible.

So she builds a robot.

A human-like robot.

Very realistically made. From hair, to eyes, to skin, to everything external.

Exactly like Sam. Even the voice. She programmed it with everything she remembered about her. Every single detail.




and the robot turns on looking at Lena exactly like the real Sam did. Lena couldn't help but cry and the robot hugs her and whispers the words only Sam would say.

It was everything she remembered.