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Of Fuzzy Socks and Sippy Cups

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“To-do-ro-ki,” Izuku sang to himself, batting one of Shouto’s hands between his.

The boy smiled to himself. It wasn’t common for Izuku to slip into little space, often far too focused on whatever assignment or training exercise he was currently fixated on, but Shouto couldn’t help but think it was cute when he did.

In the beginning he had been worried, Shouto was far from qualified when it came to children, but Izuku had proved to be the perfect balance between dependentand independent. It was nice, getting Izuku out of his head and letting down a few walls of his own.

“Sippy please,” Izuku mumbled, pouting and flopping back onto the bed.

Shouto grabbed the All Might themed sippycup from the nightstand and handed it to the little. Almost all of Izuku’s little things had some relation to the hero, the exceptions being his pink pacifier and half-red, half-white kitten stuffie, which he had said reminded him of Shouto. He couldn’t help the flutter his chest gave anytime Izuku picked the pink pacifier over any of his three All Might ones.

With his juice in one hand and kitten in the other, Izuku tapped Shouto’s thigh lightly. Shouto was still uncomfortable with unexpected physical contact, their first few hugs ending in a panic attack on his part, while Izuku needed physical contact like he needed air. As a work around, they had developed a system that could work even if both of them were nonverbal. They would telegraph their motions then tap the other as a sort of warning and to ask for permission.

Shouto opened his arms to pull Izuku to his chest. The boy giggled and wrapped his legs around Shouto’s waist, peppering kisses along his sweater’s collar. After a moment he pulled back, a glint in his eye that said he had something planned.

“If I convince Uraraka to help can we build a fort?” Izuku questioned, eyes wide with excitement.

“Uh...” Shouto didn’t really know how to build a fort, he and his siblings were never close enough to and his mother was gone the majority of his childhood, too stressed to engage with him even before she was sent away. But Izuku wanted to and it couldn’t be that hard. “Sure. Let’s go find her.”

The little’s smile seemed to brighten the whole room as he jumped off Shouto’s lap, running toward the door.

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” Izuku chanted as he jumped up and down.

Shouto briefly though of asking Izuku to change but ultimately decided against it. An All Might onesie was not the most ridiculous thing their classmates had seen the boy wear.

Shouto slipped his dorm key into his back pocket and opened the door, corralling Izuku into the hall.

“I’m honestly surprised Bakugou hasn’t come up here yet to complain about the noise,” Shouto mentioned casually, watching Izuku hop from one colored piece of carpeting to the next.

“Kacchan is on a date with Kirishima right now. Besides, he’s only bothered when I make the ceiling vibrate, he doesn’t mind the noises,” Izuku chirped.

After Izuku nearly slipped on the stairs from jumping down in his fuzzy socks and a short dilemma wherein they couldn’t remember which room was Ochako’s, the pair finally made it to the girl’s dorm. A knock later and the door was opening to reveal Ochako’s usual smile.

“Deku! What are you doing here? I thought you were going to see your mom this weekend?” She inquired.

Izuku’s bouncing seemed to double at the mention of his mother. “I saw her yesterday! We want to build a fort, will you help us?”

“Of course!” Ochako shouted, already turning back into the room to grab all her blankets and pillows.

Shouto watched from a distance, enjoying the pair’s enthusiasm but not really knowing how to help. They put all of the pillows inside the blankets before tying them in a knot and dragging the bundle down to the second floor. They did the same in Izuku’s room before hauling everything up to Shouto’s room on the fifth floor.

When they finally made it back to Shouto’s room, the pair threw their loads on the middle of the floor, Izuku clapping his hands together and rocking back and forth.

“Ok! We need to get all the furniture moved so we can drape the blankets over them,” the little explained happily.

Shouto found it incredibly amusing to watch someone so small (in size and mindset) lift his dresser like it weighed the same as a stack of paper. Izuku moved the furniture while Ochako set about untying the pillows and blankets. Shouto helped move some of the lighter furniture, setting it wherever there was room before Izuku rearranged it anyways.

He trailed slowly behind the pair, putting textbooks over blanket corners as they threw sheets over the furniture. He was pulled through the established “doorway” and led to a mound of comforters. Pillows were stacked around the small space making a comfortable little den.

At some point Izuku had pulled Shouto’s laptop into the fort where he was now setting up Pokèmon 4Ever. He situated his head in Shouto’s lap as the film began while Ochako laid down in front of him.

The movie was one of Izuku’s favorites and was one of only a handful Shouto had seen so they watched it often. Ochako offered no protest, smuggling closer while the intros played.

It was here, wrapped up in blankets and pinned under his friend Shouto found himself most comfortable. The boy tapped Izuku’s head gently. When he got a sleepy nod in return he leaned down and placed a kiss directly over his baby’s temple.