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The Colonel Little Tail

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He felt it. Since a long time ago, he had a little tail following him.

He had finally entered the Raiders in the COMSUBIN. After years of hard labor in San Marco Marine Brigade, he was finally nominated and accepted into the Comando Reaggruppamento Subacquei e Incursori Teseo Tesei, in short COMSUBIN. It had always been his dream after his grandfather and father had belonged to it. It was some sort of tradition in his family and he wasn't one to break traditions. After all, he had been told countless marvelous stories of being part of the COMSUBIN. As a child, he thought they were awesome and now that he was part of it he only thought of one thing: ABOUT DAMN TIME, KORA!

The training was hell, the food was hell, the place where he slept... well, it's been some time he had slept on a decent bed so there was no comparison there. It was all training, training, training, oh and training. Has he mentioned training? The only saving grace from all the training was the Instructor. Major Nella Falco. Or how the other superiors call her, Major Lal Mirch. He had no idea where the name came from but it suit her really well.

"Lieutenant LaGuardia!"

"Yes, Major!"

"This is not the time for you to be daydreaming, give me 50 laps!"

"Yes, Major!"

Oh, yes, Lal Mirch was the perfect name for her.

As he was panting, sweaty and alone in the dark training grounds, he felt it again. Eyes that were watching him intently as if he was prey. It was a bit creepy and his heart always beat really fast either because of fear or excitement. Training was one thing but real battle was another. He had heard that there were always fights among the soldiers and that it wasn't rare for the newbies to be targeted. As a newbie in the Raiders, it was obvious that he had been targeted by someone. That made his blood boil; he was not a normal newbie.

Finishing his laps, he walked to the nearest faucets to drink some water and wash the sweat. The little tail followed behind getting closer and closer. Many time the tail hesitated but still kept stealthily moving closer. Actually if it wasn't because he had his Flames, then he wouldn't have been able to detect the little tail; it somehow disrupted the Tranquility in his body by the intensity of the gaze. He had been waiting for some time and now, he was going to see who his little tail was.

Closer, just a bit closer.

"Gotcha, kora!" He suddenly turned but his hand caught nothing. The little tail surprisingly had good reflexes and the moment he had turned, no, it was even before he turned around. The little tail had detected his movements and intentions beforehand and acted according to them. He was impressed but he instantly calmed down and chased after the little tail who was running away. "Wait, kora!"

A pursuit of cat and mouse began in the training grounds. The lithe little tail was really fast and he had a hard time following. He gritted his teeth and using his secret weapon, his Flames, he inconspicuously shot them to catch the little tail. But it was for naught when the little tail dizzily swerved to one side and his shot missed by millimeters. For a moment he thought that maybe he was going against an assassin but that thought disappeared when the little tail tripped.

"Now you are mine." He smirked and threw himself to tackle his opponent.

He quickly trapped the little tail's legs with his and his hands clamped on the little tail's wrists. The light from the headlights above the tall walls that surrounded the training grounds allowed him to see in the dark of the night that his little tail was a petite woman with short curly hair, pale skin and very green eyes. He was taken aback that his little tail was a woman but what was more surprising were the stars in her epaulettes. He jumped and immediately saluted.


Shit, shit, shit, shit... He couldn't believe he had just chased after a Colonel. Seeing her dust off her now disheveled uniform made him coldly sweat. He was so fucked up! He not only chased after a Colonel, he tackled a Colonel!

"At ease, Lieutenant." She said with a gentle and... shy voice?

He didn't dare to muck up things again and instantly adopted a resting position, his eyes looking straight head. The awkward silence that followed only made him more nervous. She was no doubt thinking of a way to punish him. Kora! He regretted not thinking before acting. Maybe she just wanted to talk with him but he scared her with his yelling or was this a test? The more he thought things the more nervous he got.

Just when the silence stretched for minutes, he gathered the courage to look at her only to discover that she was not there anymore. He sighed in relief but a chill ran down his spine because he hadn't heard her leaving, at all.

What had just happened?




"Lieutenant LaGuardia!"

"Yes, Major!"

"This is the second time this day I find you daydreaming. Do you want to receive your training or do you want me to kick you out from the Comando?!"

"Sorry, Major! I will do my best, Major!"

"You better do!"

Damn, Major Falco was more ferocious these days and nobody knew why. They just received the result of her hellish temperament while she stood watching them with eagle eyes. But he couldn't be blamed. It had been a couple of days since his little altercation with the little tail, cough, the Colonel and since then he hadn't felt those eyes again.

He had told his team members about his encounter and they all looked at him weird. Then came a plethora of stories of the many ghosts or spirits in the COMSUBIN camp ranging from a whole unit that is sometimes heard marching in the training grounds late at night, the echoes of a long time deceased Captain giving orders to the Colonel woman who was accidentally killed in a shooting training while she was inspecting. Many believed that he had encountered that Colonel woman.

He only had one thing to say to those stories: WHAT BULLSHIT, KORA!

It was obvious the Colonel was very much alive; he felt her. She had bones, muscles and flesh, he even spoke with her. Well, they said some ghosts talk with you but she was different. He totally ignored the fact that she had disappeared right in front of him.

Though, all thoughts of the Colonel were tossed to the back of his mind due to the hellish training from Major Falco. And with time, he totally forgot about her when Major Falco finally corresponded his feelings.




"Lieutenant LaGuardia, you have been assigned to the Portelli unit. Go to dock 7 to report to the Colonel there." One of the Captains relayed the information while he was personally training with Major Falco, now his girlfriend.

"Understood, Captain!" He replied with a salute though in his heart he was disappointed. He wanted to be assigned to the same unit as Lal.

"Hey," Lal Mirch called with a soft voice also a bit disappointed at the news. "Be careful."

"Don't worry. I have been trained for months by you, do you think I won't do well in other units?" He smirked while messing her hair.

She put on her signature frown and with a glare she said, "I mean it! Be careful in Portelli's unit. It is the unit with the most completed missions and recognition in the whole camp but it is also the one assigned the most dangerous missions nobody else want to take. The group is composed by madmen and they say that Colonel Portelli is equally or even crazier than the crew." She finished with concern in her voice.

His smirk turned into a gentle smile and swooped down to steal a kiss from her.

"I'll be fine." He said before running away from the fuming Lal Mirch.

While he made his way towards Dock 7, he noticed something strange. From Dock 5, the people around became less and less and just before arriving at Dock 7, the place was completed deserted. His nerves were taut and he gulped before arriving at the dock before one of the Y499 Alcide Pedretti boats in the Comando. There was nobody to receive him so he made his way into the boat.

The moment he stepped into the deck, he felt a knife pressed against his nape making him freeze.

"The echoes of Rain in a known sigh formed from the breath I have no more." A tinkling voice said from behind but instead of being melodic according to the poetry it was spewing, it sounded creepy. "Tired of the combat I live fighting, some days I remember with envy that dark and hidden corner..."

"Stop scaring the newbies, Lovegood. It's no wonder nobody wants to be part of the crew." From the cabin a blonde man appeared wearing a well-ironed uniform with the epaulettes showing his rank as Lieutenant Colonel.

The blade disappeared from his neck and the voice composed while trailing off. "On the imposing ship from the Byzantine Temple, I saw the gothic tomb, to the indecisive light..."

"Right, sorry about that. You must be Lt. LaGuardia, right?" The blonde man gestured for the newly arrived member to follow him into the cabin and then down the ladder to the inner part of the ship. As the ship wasn't that big, it wasn't long before they had arrived before the Captain's Room from where loud voices could be heard. The moment the blonde man opened the door, the voices stopped.

Entering the room, Lt. LaGuardia could see a big table right in the middle which accommodated four people. On the right there were a sandy-haired man who was wearing cargo pants and a sleeveless shirt showing his muscles and a fair share of tattoos and next to him was a prim lady with a high ponytail daintily drinking what seem to be tea. On his left were a set of red-haired twins who wore equally mischievous smirks on their faces. The blonde man who brought him in sat beside the prim lady and from the corner of his eye he could see a blonde woman quietly sitting in the corner of the room.

The crew looked very normal if he disregarded that every one of them was a Lt. Colonel but what made him stand rooted in place was the person at the head of the table. It was a petite woman with curly short hair, pale skin and very green eyes.

"Present yourselves." The woman placidly said.

"Hi, this is Fred..." One of the twins began

"... and George..." The other one continued

"...Weasley, at your service." To then finish at the same time. Right, he wasn't going to remember who was who.

"I am the drifting Cloud that weaves in the twilight; I am the wandering star, the luminescent star." The blonde woman that he could now identify as the one who had pressed the knife on his nape back at the deck said.

"That is Luna Lovegood. My name is Draco Malfoy, the doctor in the ship." The blonde man presented instead.

"Astoria Greengrass, the Navigator." The prim lady came next.

"Nice ta meet ya! Name's Seamus, the weapons expert. Welcome on board!" The sandy-haired man cheerfully said and he identified the voice as the loud one that was speaking before.

"Iris Portelli."

"Monks from a life of combat, you asked peace to the silent cloister; to the one who is Iris of calm in the storms praying for us." The weird blonde woman interjected.

"Thanks, Luna. Now, the rules: there are no ranks in this ship. Everybody is important in the crew. If you want to fight, do it on sunny days. You wash your own clothes and cook your own food. If you clog the bathroom, don't panic and call for Seamus to blow it up. Leave the bath alone on Saturdays. If you have sexual needs and a partner to release them with, tell me beforehand to accommodate schedules. Pets are allowed. If you see any weird substance moving around the deck, then call the twins to get rid of it. IF they can't get rid of it, then call me. Movie day is on Fridays. And finally, once in the crew you can only leave if you die. Any questions, Cornelio LaGuardia?"

He only had one thing to say to that: THE FUCK DID HE GET INTO, KORA?