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Pete Wentz added Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Kevin Perjurer, Jake Williams, Dallin Smith, Dan Candleman, and Rob Plays

Pete Wentz: I messed up.

Mikey Way: what did u do?

Pete Wentz: I fortnite danced in class after getting my makeup done right and Mr. Star kicked me out of his class

Patrick Stump: you did not

Pete Wentz: i did

Gerard Way: oh my god


Gerard Way changed Pete Wentz 's nickname to no rights

Gerard Way changed the group name to No Wentz Rights


no rights: HEY RUDE

Kevin Perjurer: how obnoxious do you have to be to get mr star to kick you from his class?

Jake Williams: pete wentz obnoxious apparently

no rights: yall are mean today jfc

Patrick Stump: no, you're just being exceptionally dumb today.

no rights: >:(


no rights changed the group name from No Wentz Rights to meanies


Mikey Way: no u


no rights changed Mikey Way 's nickname to urmom


urmom: creative

no rights: thank u. i take pride in my creativity

Ray Toro: guys shut up im in class still

Dallin Smith: mmute yoour phonene

Andy Hurley: is he okay?

Jake Williams: hes stoned out of his mind

Dallin Smith: i ccn taste  colorrs dud e


urmom changed Dallin Smith 's nickname to weed junkie


weed junkie: hey hwos ht eweed junkie i cwanna meet them cuz ii rleate

Jake Williams: honey, that's you.

weed junkie: whOA :00000

Patrick Stump: how do you deal with him?

Jake Williams: weed, usually

Patrick Stump: figures.