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Shimmer had had many firsts in her life. She’d had her first taste of wine by accident when she was four (she had been with her grandparents and one of them had left a glass of wine in a cup similar to her own and she had taken a large gulp of it). She’d had her first kiss with her first boyfriend a few years back, it wasn’t like in the novels and fairytales... just normal. She’d had her own first pet, a sweet little budgie named Kiwi, he had passed during the nighttime.

And now, she’d have her first time having sex with someone.

She and Sero has been together for almost 2 years now, having been taking things slow since they met. They had done stuff before, kissing and cuddles, make out and leaving hickies, etc. etc. She’d never really even explored her own body before. Sex had never really been on her mind during puberty, so she’d only recently explored places she’d never really touched before.

Sero hadn’t told her he wanted to have sex with her, she just had a feeling. He was far more touchy feely lately, his eyes seemed to linger far more than they usually did. She was a little slow, but she was catching on to the signs he was silently giving her. Tonight, he had planned they to go out to dinner, a nice quiet place so she wouldn’t feel too nervous, and they would hang out back in his dorm room when they were done.

She dressed rather “plainly”, they weren’t going to a fancy place. And since it had been a while since she had worn a bra out in public, she knew it’d be best to wear one with the dress she was wearing.

“Babe? You ready to go?” Sero called from outside his little dorm bathroom.

“Ah, yes! Sorry, just checking that everything looks nice...” She replied. She patted down the simple pink and black sundress, making it look neat before walking out. Sero smiled at her, cheeks turning pink.

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you. This was my nana’s dress. I tend to wear it when I feel a little more anxious going out.”

“We can always stay in and order some takeout.” He wrapped his alarm around her shoulder.

“No, I’m alright. Let’s go, I’m hungry!”

Dinner was a little difficult, she had chosen to sit next to him instead of across from him due to her anxiety spiking. She had only eaten about half of her food, choosing to take the rest of it home in a little box. Sero had cracked jokes throughout their meal, wanting her to be as comfortable as possible.

It had worked for a little, but when she thought about what might happen later, she did still get butterflies in her stomach. When they returned to the dorms, they were quiet as to not wake anyone who may be sleeping. Sero kept his arm around her waist and tapped his fingers against her side to make her feel comfortable.

He shut his door behind her, moving to sit down next to her on his bed. He smiled at her, leaning in to kiss her. Despite her jittery feeling, she complied and returned his kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. He set his hands down on her waist, pulling her against him.

“Shimmer...” He mumbled, leaning his forehead against hers, “ it alright... if we... erm... go... further...?”

She felt his hands become a little shaky, and knew he was as nervous as she was. Shimmer stared at him, chewing on her bottom lip. “...yes...” she finally answered “I want to go further...”

Sero smiled brightly, nodding happily, “okay. Just, tell me if you want me to stop or slow down okay?”

“Got it.”

They resumed kissing, Sero’s hands wandering to the bottom of her dress. Slowly, he began removing it, pulling the outfit up and over her head.

“Be careful with that...” she murmured, “like I said, it was my nana’s...”

Sero nodded, gently setting the dress down on his nightstand. Shimmer instinctively went to cover her body up despite still having her bra and underwear on. He took her hands, setting them beside her.

“Relax... you look amazing... Oh, hey that’s a tattoo I haven’t seen...” he pointed to under her breasts, noticing a tattoo of a dragon spreading it’s wings.

“Oh... yeah, I haven’t shown you that one yet... I got it this year...” she blushed, rubbing the back of her neck, “...Hanta... I’m... the only one not really wearing clothes... you should... probably take yours off too...?”

“Oh, oh yeah that would be good for me to do...” Sero chuckled. He discarded his shirt, carelessly tossing it aside unlike Shimmer’s dress. “Hang on... this belt always sucks...”

Shimmer glanced down as he fiddled with his belt, finally noticing his erection against his pants. ’...I’m... about to see a guy’s dick for the first time in real life...’ she thought, feeling her cheeks heat up.

Sero finally got his pants off, kicking them to the floor. She noticed his boxers, they had the names of several heroes on it. She couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips. Sero looked up at her, chuckling “Hey, I picked them in case you were nervous. Knew I’d get a laugh out of you.”


They both awkwardly stared at each other, going silent. Sero rubbed the back of his neck before finally speaking. “...we’ll get naked at the same time okay?”

“Not possible, you only need to pull down your boxers. I need to unclip my bra and then pull my underwear down.”

Sero chuckled, leaning forward to kiss her. “I’ll unclip it and we’ll go from there.”

He continued to kiss her, his hands feeling the bra to find the clip to undo it. He gently tugged a few times before finally getting it undone. Shimmer lifted her arms to get her bra off. Sero’s eyes immediately wandered down to her exposed breasts, his face flushed.

“...they look really squishy...”

Shimmer immediately began laughing “That’s what you have to say about my boobs???”

“No, that’s just my first thought... But wow... you’re beautiful...” Sero smiled at her, “ it alright if I touch you...?”

“Go ahead...”

He gently took a hold of one of them, his fingers slowly moving around. He took her nipple between his thumb and middle finger and rolled it a little.

“...Hanta that feels weird...”

“Ah... sorry. Just testing what you’d like...”

Shimmer bit her lip, “...I... I don’t know what I like...”

He stopped, releasing her breast and looked up at her “huh? What do you mean?”

“Well... I’ve never really... never... even...”

“Are you a virgin? Cause that’s okay, I’m one too you know...”

“No no, it’s not that. Well yes, I am a virgin that’s not what I saying no to. I’m saying... I’ve never really even touched myself... I’ve only recently started doing things like that and... I still don’t know my likes and dislikes. I barely know what I’m doing. I don’t really know how to get myself off.” She covered her face before falling back on the bed.

“Hanta, I’ve never done anything. I mean, I’ve used a different water speed on the shower head but I’ve noticed it takes forever for me and I don’t know how to really do anything without feeling like I’m ridiculous or something and I don’t know if I’m ready for this or if I’m going to be a huge disappointment or—“

“Shimmer.” Sero laid on his stomach beside her, “Babe, slow down... Listen, it’s okay.” He pulled her hands away from her face, “If you’re nervous, we don’t have to do this yet. I’ll wait for as long as you need until you’re ready...”

“I... I want to... but... I just... I don’t know anything...”

Sero smiled at her, “May I try something...?”


He leaned on his side, pulling her against him. He began to kiss her, his free hand traveling down the side of her body until it reached her underwear. His fingers were light against her, rubbing her clothed pussy. She moaned softly into his mouth, and he smiled.

’there we go...’ he thought. He continued with his slow pace, noticing her body reacted to it more than when he went fast. He slipped his fingers under the band of her underwear, guiding her legs to help take it off.

“...I feel... very exposed...” She mumbled against his lips.

“Don’t worry about that...” Sero replied, his fingers back against her pussy, “Cause I’ll be fully naked soon too...” he rubbed her clit with two fingers, putting a little pressure on it. Her hips bucked slightly, a soft whine leaving her lips.

“Hanta... a... a little more pressure...”

“Of course.” He pushed a little harder. “Is that better?”

She nodded, burying her face into his shoulder. She was quiet, aside from her own panting and soft moans. ’She’s a very quiet person during this...’ Sero thought, pressing kisses to her neck, ’heh...’

He sped up his movements a little. He chose to tease her, slightly dipping his fingers but not really pushing them inside her. He suddenly stopped his movements, moving back a little.

“What... what are you doing?” Shimmer panted, her eyes hooded.

“Mmm... I’d like a little meal before we go on to the main show...” Sero replied, shimmying his body to lie down in between her legs. “If... that’s alright?”

“ if... if you wanna...”

“Oh trust me, I really want to.” He pressed a kiss to the inside of her thighs, “Because god do you look fucking beautiful and absolutely delicious...”

“Hanta, thats my vagina, not some food...”

“Hey, both of those things are delicious in their own ways...”

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It was far too quiet when Shigaraki awoke. His vision was still a little blurry, but he could feel himself lying down on something soft... a bed, he presumed. He couldn’t remember how he’d gotten to where he was, only bits and pieces of him passing out somewhere.

“There you are...” the sudden voice shocked him, and he thrust his hand towards the direction it came from. As soon as he made contact, he noticed the gloves on his hands, protecting whoever was there. His vision cleared and his head moved to see the person sitting by his side. He yanked his hand back immediately, grateful for the gloves at that moment.


“Hi...” She gave a small smile, “I figured you’d be nervous when you woke up, so I put those on for you...”

“You could’ve been dead,” He growled, trying to sit up. She gently leaned her hands on his shoulders, forcing him back down.

“No, I wouldn’t have. Besides, you’d only touched my shirt. Now stay lying down, not only do you have a high fever, you’re gonna be dizzy for a while and I don’t want you to strain yourself again...” she leaned down to grab a washcloth she had in a cold bucket, twisting the excess water before setting it on his forehead.

She frowned, sighing, “Do... Do you remember anything before you passed out...?”

“Not at all...” Shigaraki began scratching at his neck despite the gloves.

“...That’s good... I’ll tell you the exact details later...” she took a hold of his wrists, “Don’t do that. You’re hurting yourself...”

“Get your hands off me, I can do as I please.”

“Not while you’re under my roof.” She sighed as she glanced out the window. “Tenko, you should stay her for a few days while things around us calm down...”

“Calm down??? What the hell do you mean by that??”

She kept her grip tight on his wrists. “Before you passed out, you and the League did an attack and I had warned you about this fever of yours that you said was, and I quote: ‘None of my prissy little business‘ and that I should ‘Get out of your sight before you blew a fuse.’ But guess what you did? You strained your body and passed out while in the attack. Kurogiri had to warp all of you out immediately or you would’ve been captured on sight. Now the police are looking everywhere for you.“

He stared at her and then at the window. “...they haven’t been here yet right? No one has touched my Player 2?” She had released her grip on his hands, noticing him calm down a bit.

“No, not yet. But they are in my apartment building... they’ve knocked on the door a couple times but with it being so late they’ve assumed I’ve been asleep...” she brushed a few stray hairs out of his face. “So we have until morning to relax... I’d offer to let you play a few games but I don’t want you to hurt your eyes...”

Shigaraki shut his eyes, feeling restless and wanting to throw a fit about how he was the big bad boss of the League of Villains and that he didn’t get sick at all! He must’ve been hit in the head somehow! But her worried expression and how careful she was taking care of him...

He could really get used to it...

But he was a Villain, she was a civilian. The only reason she didn’t see him as a bad person was because of how they met...

Shimmer had never been someone to walk alone at night, but when her friends dragged her to a bar to have a night out and then proceeded to leave her halfway through the night, she had no choice. She had told them she would be the designated driver, as she had no desire to drink, but they insisted she would and took an Uber to the bar. She had no drinks and no fun. She headed out of the bar and into the night. Though, the area was relatively safe, she’d walked through it plenty of times and never had a problem.

Until now.

Heroes were on patrol, but they could never catch everything. She just so happened to be one of those cases... She hadn’t noticed it at first, the footsteps silently behind her. But when she heard a twig snap behind her, she immediately jumped and turned around, calling out a weak “hello...?”

No answer of course, but she could see a dark figure duck behind a building behind her. Maybe it was just her eyes playing tricks on her. She continued to walk, though a faster pace this time. Now she could hear the footsteps behind her and she knew someone was following her.

She stopped again, and so did the footsteps. “Hello!” She called out louder, turning towards whoever was behind her. Again, a figure ducked behind another building. Now she was 100% certain and immediately started running. Whoever was following her did the same, trying to catch up with her as she made random turns in hopes of losing the figure behind her. But now she was lost. Nothing looked familiar and she was losing a battle with her asthma.

She had to go into a building to lose the person, and she hoped that the strange and run down looking one wouldn’t cause more trouble for her. Better to go in and catch her breath than stop running and possibly get killed. Either way, it may end bad for her, but one of those choices was the better one.

She quickly pushed the door open and was greeted by the sight of a little bar, a small tv, a couch, and a purple... mist man standing by the bar looking baffled at the sight of her.

“Um... madam, this place isn’t open for—“ he tried to speak to her but she immediately ran up to him.

“Please... someone is following me and I don’t know where else to go...” she clutched her chest, trying to breathe, “I... I can’t keep running... I don’t know this area... please.” She began having a small coughing fit, seeming to alert a few others to her and the mist man’s location.

“Oh! Who’s this cutie cutie cutie!” A blond girl with messy high pigtails walked up to her, bouncing a little, “Is she new Kurogiri?! If not, can we keep her?!”

The mist man, apparently named Kurogiri, slid her a cup of water to stop her coughing. She took it and immediately gulped it, stopping her coughs.

“Th-Thank you...”

“Who the hell is this?” A man covered in hands practically growled at her, “Get her the hell out of here.”

The door opened again, and a tall man dressed in black walked in slowly. Shimmer immediately hid behind the hand man. “Please... please don’t make me leave! He’s been following me and I-I...”

“There you are...” his voice was gravely, like he’d been smoking at least two packs of cigarettes. “Baby I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Come on, it ain’t safe in these parts. Let’s go home.”

“Get off me. Go to your boyfriend or whatever the fuck he is.” The hand man went to push her away but she tightened her grip on him.

He noticed her crying and basically shaking like a leaf, and she cried again “Please... please help me...”

He looked at Kurogiri, who nodded. “Sir, this is a private business. I’ll have to ask you to leave.” He set the glass he had been cleaning down and started moving towards the man.

“Eh? Yeah I ain’t leaving without her. Now come on babe, we need to get going.”

“Shigaraki can I stab him?” The blond girl said excitedly, staring at the hand man, “Can I can I can I? He’s scaring our new friend and I bet his blood tastes amazing!”

“Toga shush.”

The man’s eyes widened, looking between the hand man, apparently named Shigaraki, Kurogiri, and the blond girl. “What...? What the hell is going on here?”

“Walk away while you still can,” Shigaraki threatened, “You’re in the presence of many villains who could kill you in two seconds flat. Now get the hell out of my sight before I choose to end your game.”

The man immediately fled the building, the door shutting behind him. She looked up at Shigaraki and smiled before releasing him. “Thank you...”

“You aren’t off the hook either. You do realize you have villains surrounding you?”

“I... actually didn’t know that...” She looked over at Kurogiri “you didn’t give off a bad vibe, you know? Honestly... you just saved my life... So, thank you all.” She walked to Kurogiri, “I apologize for troubling you... I’m not sure how to repay you...”

“You don’t remember how to get here, right?” Kurogiri asked.

She shook her head. “No. Not at all... I... don’t think I can even get home actually.”

“Then please allow me to get you home. Tell me your address and I’ll make a warp gate for you.”

Toga pouted “Aw, does this mean she won’t be a new recruit? I like her!”

“Ah, no I could never use my quirk other than my own benefit...” Shimmer rubbed the back of her neck, “I have to use it just for everyday things that most people can do without a quirk. I’d be deadweight to any cause honestly.”

Shigaraki stared at her, “Quirk?”

“It’s called Canvas. Whatever I draw on my skin comes to reality for a little bit... I tend to use it for small things like bandages or ice packs...”

“Give me your phone.” He marched over to her, holding out his hand with one finger curled into his palm. “You know about us, you’re gonna help us, even if it’s not on the battlefield. You say no, you die—“

“Shigaraki, absolutely not!” Kurogiri exclaimed.

“Ugh, Fine. You won’t die. But we’ll be watching you to make sure you don’t rat us out.” She handed him her phone, watching him add a number into it.

“I... don’t know how I could help, but okay.” She smiled at him, “Call me Shimmer.”

He handed her phone back to her. “Okay now get out of my sight. I want to go play video games.”

Toga grinned, grabbing Shimmer’s hands and bouncing up and down. “Hooray! We’re gonna be good friends and we’ll get to give each other makeovers and—“

“Shut up!” Shigaraki hissed, scratching at his neck, “God just get the hell out!”

Shigaraki opened his eyes to find Shimmer’s body lying beside his. Had he fallen asleep? How long had he been out? He stared at her, listening to her soft breathing. A smile formed and he carefully brushed a few strands of her hair behind her ear.

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Sero let out a sigh, practically dragging himself back to his apartment. A long day of Hero work had left him exhausted and wanting nothing more than to curl up and sleep for a long time. After today’s events, having to capture a villain who’s quirk turned himself into steam and a long chase after him with Red Riot, and Deku, Sero needed some much needed rest and relaxation.

’I just want to get home, have a nice little dinner, and relax...’ he thought, pulling his keys out. He flipped through them, finding the right key and unlocking the door.

“Hello Mr. Cellophane.” The voice of his girlfriend immediately made him feel full of energy. She was sitting on the couch and smiling at him.

“Shimmer...” Sero dropped his keys on the floor, kicking the door shut behind him before plopping himself down on her lap immediately. “God I’m so happy to see you...”

She chuckled, running a hand through his hair. “I saw your chase with that villain... Uh, SteamCry? I think that was his name...”

“Yes, and you have no idea how badly I wanted to grab his throat and strangle him... Fucking asshole kept using his quirk every time I used mine, but luckily another hero showed up to catch him in this giant... bottle??” He let out a content sigh, leaning into her hand.

She pressed a kiss to his forehead. “It’s over now. You did such a great job today... Are you hungry? I made dinner, it’s in the fridge now since I didn’t know when you’d be home...”

“Mm... I could eat, but... I think I want something else.” He sat up, grinning cheekily at her, “I think this Hero deserves a wonderful reward for keeping the world safe again today, yes?”

“Oh? What kind of reward...?” Shimmer chuckled as she stood up, pulling him to his feet. She leaned her body against his, smiling up at him. She slowly ran one hand down his body, getting close to his pants. “Tell me, Cellophane, what reward would you like?”

He shivered, she knew how to get him riled up and while he did enjoy a bit of teasing, he’d rather get right to what he wanted tonight. “I think...” he lifted her up, walking towards their shared bedroom, “I want to tease you, to make you beg for release... I want to make it difficult for you to walk tomorrow...”

He set her down on their bed, grinning mischievously at her, “And I definitely want to overstimulate you. You alright with all that?”

“Go right ahead, Hanta” She cupped his cheeks, bringing his face closer to hers, “safe word is peach”

“Why not Bowser?” Sero chuckled as he kissed along her jawline.

“I’m not doing that again... the thought of saying that made me embarrassed and you ended up accidentally scratching my thigh hard enough it bled...” she moved to pull her pants and underwear down.

“I’m still sorry about that...”

“Forget about, just keep kissing me...”

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Dabi had never been with someone too long. Usually they were just one time things and then they went their separate ways. This one was different.

Shimmer had met him on accident, she had gotten in the mist of trouble with a terrible Hero, Dabi had saved her only because he wanted to get rid of that Hero. They just... clicked.

”So... you’re considered a villain...?” She had asked. She wanted to repay him for saving her, so she offered to patch him up.

“Uh huh, Dollface, you could get in a lot of trouble if you’re found out to be harboring a villain~” He had been teasing her all night, she would laugh or simply dismiss it.

“...Well, I don’t think you’re that bad of a person...” She continued to wrap his arm up, a soft smile on her face. “I mean, you saved me from that awful hero... he was more of a villain than you...”

Dabi chuckled. “That’s a bit of an insult, doll. I’m hurt.”

Her smile faded, staring down at the cuts on his forearm. “...I know you won’t judge me for this, so I’ll tell you something... I somewhat agree with the Hero Killer’s ideals. I don’t agree with the way he goes about it, but... being up close with that so-called ‘Hero’ just reminds me that there are so many out there only in it for the fame and money, and not to help others...”

He was silent, letting her finish up bandaging him.

“Well, I’m all done. You’re free to go, Dabi. I wish you luck with... whatever it is you’re trying to do.” She chuckled.

She ended up seeing him more often than she thought she would. He’d show up out of nowhere, never in broad daylight, and chat with her for a little. Once they got to know each other better, they had a bit of a “date”, if it could be called that. Really, they had just been hanging out and he asked if she’d date him.

He didn’t think she’d actually say yes.

Dabi kept her out of the “villainy” part of his life, yes she knew about it but that didn’t mean he wanted to put her in danger. He did bring her to the hideout, she and Toga made fast friends, but that was the extent of it.

When he returned from his mission, he did not expect Shimmer to be sitting at the bar with Kurogiri holding ice to her wrist.

And that she was shirtless.

“Shimmy-Chan! Shimmy-Chan! I have a sweater for youuuu!” Toga skipped into the room, holding out a big sweater with a rainbow on it.

“Thank you Toga...” She said softly, having Kurogiri remove the ice.

“What the hell happened?” Dabi asked, marching over to her, “Why is your arm burned, why are you shirtless, and what the hell happened while I was gone??”

Shimmer slipped the sweater on, taking the ice from Kurogiri. “Thank you. Dabi, come with me... I’d rather talk about this in your room...” she took a hold of his hand and headed down the hallways to his room. “Just... promise me you won’t freak out...”

“You’re burned and were shirtless, I believe I have the right to freak out, Doll.” Dabi replied bitterly, “I want a name.”

“...Please just...lets sit down first...” She shut the door behind them, making him sit down on the bed with her.



’I hope they came out okay...’ Shimmer thought as she walked towards the hideout, ‘This is my first time making slutty brownies... mom made them so good when I was little, but I don’t know if these do those ones justice...’

“Excuse me.” The deep voice of the Pro Hero made her jump, making her nearly drop her bag. She turned around, seeing Endeavor standing there.

“Oh... Endeavor-San... how can I help you...?” She felt her anxiety spiking.

”A while back, you were involved with a scuffle with a hero and a villain, correct??”

“Uh... yes... Why do you ask...?”

He stepped closer to her, making her step back. The flames his body emitted intimidated her.

“That villain was Dabi, correct? So you’re familiar with him.”

“I...I suppose... I apologize but I’m very busy right now. Goodbye.” She turned and started to head out when he grabbed her arm. She glanced back at him.

“You know Touya. You know where he is. Take me to him, now.” Endeavor had a tight grip on her arm, she couldn’t yank it away. Her eyes widened, biting her lip.

“Release me,” She said, tugging her arm. She felt where he was grabbing her arm warm up rapidly, and she let out a painful yell.

“Where is he?!” He yelled, “Where is Touya!!”

Suddenly, he was slashed across the chest. A galaxy-colored dragon appeared from Shimmer’s chest. She had activated her quirk to get him to release her at the expense of her shirt. She forced the tattoo back onto her body as she bolted, losing track of the Hero.

Dabi was silent, though Shimmer could see the anger in his eyes. He went to stand, but she grabbed a hold of him.

“I’m okay...” she said softly, refusing to let go of him.

“...The next time I see Endeavor, he’s dead.”

“Touya... please...” She leaned her head on his chest, “I know... I know, I’m angry too but... Just...”

He stared down at her, slowly wrapping his arms around her. “...You’re okay? Other than that burn, nothing else...?”

“No, my dragon tattoo’s the most powerful when it comes to my quirk... Honestly if I didn’t have this quirk I’d probably be a lot more damaged...” she looked up at him, “your cheek staple is loose...”

“Yeah yeah, I’ll fix it later...”

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Tending to a flower garden wasn’t as easy as many thought. They needed lots of tender care and a careful eye.

Well, that was her experience anyways. Maybe she was just bad at gardening.

She went by the name Shimmer, no last name, no nickname. Just that. The others in her small town didn’t question it, they just said their hello’s and exchanged food and supplies together.

Humming to herself, she set down her watering can and smiled at the different colored roses in her garden. “I never thought I could grow things like this... hopefully they stay this way, despite the Underworld monsters becoming active...”

She wiped a little sweat off her forehead, turning her head when she heard the click clack of nails against the pavement towards her and the grass. A set of paws set themselves on her hip, along with the head of her dog.

“Haha, good afternoon to you too, Cooper.” She bent down and pat his head, earning a few licks from small mutt. His tail wagged as she stood up, heading back towards her little home. “I suppose you want to go for a long walk and play, huh?”

He tilted his head, his tail wagging happily. Cooper wasn’t much of a barker, though he did growl when playing roughly. They headed inside, grabbing his leash, harness, a bag of treats, and of course a squeaky ball for him to play with. There was a small area just outside of town that many dog owners gathered to play, it was fenced in and had access to water and play equipment for the animals.

“Cooper, look it’s Gus!” Shimmer smiled as the dog began tugging a little, noticing the big Chow Chow waiting for him, “now sit!”

He did as asked, allowing her to unclip his leash from the harness and sprint towards his bigger friend. Gus’ owner chuckled, watching him pace back and forth as Cooper reached the gate. She unlocked it for him, allowing him to run inside and immediately begin playing with Gus.

“He’s full of energy and rating to go,” Shimmer laughed, heading into the area, “How about Gus?”

“Oh yes, he’s so excited to finally be playing again,” Gus’ owner replied, “His paw is all better and he was waiting for Cooper.”

The two women talked amongst each other as they watched the two dogs play together, more pups soon joining them as the hours went by.

The sun had began to set when Cooper was finally exhausted, walking slower as they headed home. It had started raining lightly. “You’ll sleep well tonight,” Shimmer chuckled, “I’ll make you and myself dinner and then you can curl up for bedtime.”

Shimmer had a habit of checking every door was locked and that her lights were out before she went to bed. The rain had picked up, now with it pouring out, she wanted to check everything again. Cooper was waiting for her at the foot of her bed, listening for her footsteps so he could sleep with her. She glanced out at the small flower garden, getting ready to lock the door when something caught her eye.

Illuminated slightly by the light of the moon was a silver bow, or at least that’s what it looked like to her. She squinted slightly, and her eyes widened, noticing someone lying in the dirt.

Quickly putting on a coat and some shoes, she headed out the back door towards the person. She noticed he had a pair of black wings, a strange color for what she presumed were angel wings. He was injured, she could see blood and his wing looked a little crooked on one side. There was a small crater leading up to him, he must’ve fallen out of the sky for it to be that big she figured.

’no time to wonder, he’s gonna freeze to death if he stays out here...’ She rolled him over, lifting him up and carrying him and the bow back into her home. He was freezing, the rain must’ve soaked into his toga as she could see him shivering. She set him down on the couch, she could clean it later, right now she needed to warm him up. She grabbed a bunch of towels and some fresh clothes that she hoped would fit him.

“Poor angel...” She said softly, striping him of his wet clothes to dry him off easier. She left his tank and shorts on, they could dry with him. She practically bundled him up in towels, trying to get him dry. “Out cold... I hope he didn’t hit his head...”

She dried his hair off, running her hand though it to check for water. After a few minutes, she removed the towels from him. She moved to the kitchen and grabbed a first aid kit she kept on the counter for convenience. She took out bandages and some disinfectant, starting to clean his wounds. She noticed his face scrunch up as she cleaned.

“I know, it hurts...” she said softly, “but they need to be clean or they’ll get worse. Even for an angel.”

She finished bandaging him and wrapped him up in a few blankets to keep him warm. She placed a hand on his forehead, checking his temperature. ’Hmm... it feels normal...’

She sat down on the floor, watching his chest fall and rise. ’He seems to be breathing well... I’ll keep an eye on him until I fall asleep...’

- - -

When Dark Pit awoke, the sun was shining. It was a drastic change from the rain last night. At first, he noticed how warm he felt, and as his vision adjusted, he noticed he had a few blankets on him. He was in someone’s home.

He blinked, looking around. His eyes landed on the girl sound asleep beside him. Her head was lying next to his arm, a thin blanket draped over her.

He raised an eyebrow, ’Who is this?’ he thought, starting to sit up. He felt pain shoot through his body, forcing him to lie back down. He groaned, looking over his body. Bandages, bruises, everything.

“Oh, good morning...” the girl lifted her head, yawning, “Glad to see you’re awake...” she stretched her arms, standing up.

“Where the hell am I?” Dark Pit asked, watching her walk to the kitchen, “Why did you help me?”

He heard her chuckle, watching her grab something out of a cabinet. “You’re in my house. I came back from a walk with my dog and found you had crashed in my backyard. I don’t think you would’ve liked to freeze out there in the rain.”

“...No I wouldn’t have...” he muttered, crossing his arms.

“Despite being covered head to toe in bruises and such, I would normally say you’re free to leave but you sprained your wing and shouldn’t fly...”

He spread his wing out, feeling the pain and immediately moved it back with a hiss. He noticed she was holding a spoon and a small bottle.


“Excuse me?”

“You need some medicine, now open your mouth please.”

He rolled his eyes “I’m not a fucking child. Give me the damn spoon.” He snatched it out of her hands, pouring some into the spoon and swallowing it. Immediately he gagged.

“Ughh what the hell... that was awful!”

Shimmer giggled, grabbing the spoon and moving to the kitchen again. “It’s medicine, it’s not supposed to taste good. It’s supposed to help you heal.”

She took out a few plates and ingredients. “Would you like something to eat? It’ll take the medicine taste out of your mouth.”

“...What do you have?”

She ended up making the two of them scrambled eggs and a little bit of bacon. “So tell me, angel, what are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you go back to your goddess?”

Dark Pit rolled his eyes “She ain’t my goddess. She’s that annoying happy-go-lucky doppelgänger’s,” He mumbled, “You know the one.”

“Oh, You mean Palutena’s Captain, Pit,” she chuckled “I thought you looked familiar. Well, then who do you work for?”

“Nobody but myself.” He crossed his arms, “Are you done playing 20 Questions?”

“One last question. What’s your name?”

“Dark Pit.”

Shimmer tilted her head “Dark Pit? That sounds like you’re evil.” She laughed “But I don’t think that’s the case.”

“Yeah well... what’s your name?”

“Just call me Shimmer. It’s what everyone calls me.” She smiled at him, “The medicine should be kicking in now, hows your wing feel?”

He stretched out his wing, giving it a small flap, “Better... not completely healed but better...”

“Good. A couple day’s rest along with the medicine and you should be good to fly. Hope you don’t mind staying for a bit.”

“Shouldn’t I be the one saying that? This is your house after all.”

“I don’t mind the company. But I figured you’d want to get back to whatever you were doing ASAP.” She chuckled, “For now, you’re welcome to stay until you can fly again. Do you need anything else before I go? I have to head into town for a bit. I’ll take my dog with me so he doesn’t bother you.”

“Some water would help...”

- - -

Dark Pit could get used to the care he had been receiving the past few days. Shimmer wasn’t too doting on him, she left him alone when he needed it and in return he helped her shop when she went into town. His wing was almost healed, he would have to leave soon so he could finish the fight against the Underworld Army and Medusa, but he was rather comfortable in Shimmer’s care.

“You sure you aren’t pushing yourself right now?” Shimmer asked, glancing at him. He had come shopping with her and was carrying a lot of heavy things.

“I’m fine, that gross medicine has been helping a lot” Dark Pit replied, faking a gag, “What the hell is in it?”

She chuckled, “That’s a secret.”

“That does not sound reassuring.”

“No that’s not what I mean. It’s just rather obscure ingredients that would sound terrible when really they work well for medicine...”

“Don’t know if that makes me feel better...”

She laughed as they entered her home, heading toward the kitchen to set down her items. “Well... it’s better to keep you in the dark with things like that...”

He looked over at her, noticing her smile fading. ’What’s that supposed to mean?’

“You will be leaving soon, you have many important things to do. So you needn’t worry yourself with my issues.”

He heard her humming again, noticing she was wrapping up some snacks. Ones that he had been secretly snacking on when he thought she wasn’t looking. She made them so well that they’d become his favorites.

“Oh, yeah of course... I have to stop that damn Medusa so the Underworld Army will stop hurting humans.” Dark Pit scratched the back of his neck, “I think tomorrow I should be all healed and out of your hair.”

“Oh you were no trouble at all. Actually, it was a delight to have you here. It gets a little lonely in this house.” She smiled at him, moving back towards him. “And I hope you’ll be taking these treats for the road. I know they’re your favorites.”

His cheeks turned red, embarrassed she had indeed seen him sneak those snacks. He took the small bags, putting them in his pockets. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now come on, it’s getting late and you need rest.”

The night was long, at least to Dark Pit it was. He tossed and turned on the couch, normally it was comfy and he passed out within minutes. But tonight he just couldn’t rest. While he knew he needed sleep, his mind was wide awake.

’something is wrong with me... I don’t understand what it is...’ his heartbeat had increased, his face heating up. ’I don’t get it... what the hell is this?? It’s only when I think about her??’

He frowned, grabbing a pillow and angrily tossing it against the wall. He sighed, sitting up. “...I should head out soon—“

A loud clap of thunder caused him to jump slightly. He glanced out the window, noticing it had begun to rain while he was thinking. “...well, I guess it will have to wait til morning...”

He heard footsteps coming towards him, and he looked up to see Shimmer wrapped in a blanket as she shakily headed towards the couch.

“What the hell are you doing awake?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. She was silent, plopping herself beside him. He noticed she was covering her ears, her body shaking like a leaf. “Are you...”

A flash of lightning and another thunderclap confirmed his suspicions. She jumped, clearly trying to block out all the noise. Dark Pit stared at her, slowly stretching his wing to pull her closer. Her shaking stopped for a moment, and she looked up at him.

“Soon Medusa’s gonna be gone,” He said, looking out the window, “And then it’ll be peaceful again.”

She leaned into him, holding tightly onto him. They heard the click clack of Cooper’s nails against the floor, and he jumped up on their laps to curl up.

Chapter Text

’ we must... be strong... together we will sing, this song...’

“...and you can sing along...”

“Hey you crazy octoling! Wake up! This battle ain’t over just yet!”

The older voice made the girl open her eyes slowly, her vision still a little blurry. As it cleared, she saw an old inkling man staring back at her. He looked ready to fight.

“Come on now! I may be an old inkling but I ain’t gonna go lightly on ya!”

She blinked a little, trying to understand what was going on. The older inkling’s expression suddenly changed.

“Now hold on a moment... you don’t have a weapon on you...” He scratched his chin, “now, I can’t go attacking you when you aren’t even armed! That just ain’t fair.” He extended his hand to her, “And... if I’m not mistaken, you were just humming the Calamari Inkantation now weren’t you?”

“ inkantation...?” The girl repeated softly, trying to comprehend the situation as she was helped to her feet. “I...”

“Well, let me take back my earlier statement! Any friend of that wonderful tune is no enemy of mine!” The old inkling grinned at her. “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Cap’n Cuttlefish of the new Squidbeak Splatoon!!” He pointed his cane up in the air proudly. “I apologize about earlier, for sicking Agent 3 on ya!”

“...Agent... 3...?”

“So tell me, octoling, what are you called??”

“I... I don’t know... I don’t know what... my name is...”

“Whuzzat? You don’t remember your name?? Well... what about Agent 3 attacking ya? And something dragging the two of us here to... wherever this is?”

She shook her head, “No... nothing... rings a bell...” she looked around and squinted, noticing that things seemed a bit blurry the further away they were. “Do... I have a vision problem...?”

“Oh! These might be yours?” He fished out a pair of round glasses from his pocket, “They’re a little cracked from your fall... but they should work for you!”

She took the glasses from him, setting them on her face. She blinked, everything getting clear again in the distance. “Ah... yes, these must be mine... I can see in the distance now...”

Cuttlefish nodded, slowly looking around “So, Octoling, you have any idea how to go about getting out of here??”

“...Well... I suppose... that way.” She started walking towards the broken down train in front of them. “It looks abandoned... so, if we walk along the tracks, maybe we’ll get somewhere...”

“Smart thinking, Octoling!” Cuttlefish chuckled and they headed along the tracks together. “So... nothing is ringing a bell to ya, eh?”

She shook her head, looking around at the empty subway around them. “Nothing... no name, no memories... nothing...” she sighed as they reached the end. A sound of a train coming towards them on the other side made the two jump out of the broken tracks they had been walking on. A train on the other side was slowing to a stop in front of them.

“Well! We got lucky! Wonder where this train will take us—“

The ringing of a telephone nearby interrupted Cuttlefish. The two exchanged glances before walking up to the phone. The Octoling reached out to grab the speaker part when it began to beep.

”SCANNING FOR USER ID.” it beeped out, startling her. It made a few more beeps before finally speaking again. ”Greetings 10,008! Current location is Deepsea Metro Central Station. My primary function is to guide you to the promised land.”

She and Cuttlefish looked at each other. “10...10,008...” She said softly, “Oh jeez...”

The phone made a few more beeps, suddenly changing its dialect drastically.

”what’s crackalacking, homeskillet! Let’s bounce to the promised land. Fo’ sho!!”

“The promised land...?”

“Aha!” Cuttlefish raised his cane up in the air, “That must be the surface!”

”Yes! Listen up! You’ve spent your whole life in the dark, eyes closed to the new hotness that awaits!” it continued, making slight movements as it communicated. ”You wanna go there? You gotta prove yourself! Before you, there was 10,007 applicants, making you 10,008! Now good luck! Here is your CQ-80 and your CQ card. They’re sick.”

Out plopped a card and a strange box-like object.

“Guard these with your life. If you lose them, you’ll [ERROR]. Now get on that train!”

The girl picked up the card and strange object, apparently called a CQ-80, whatever that was. “These... look strange...” She mumbled.

“10,008...” Cuttlefish said, scratching his chin, “That’s a beakful... How about I just call you Agent 8? Or even just 8 if you’d like!”

“...that’s fine. It’ll be nice to have a name since I can’t recall mine now...” the two headed onto the train, 8 clutching her new CQ card and CQ-80, not sure where they were going.

Chapter Text

“Come on... I know it’s like 2 am but I can’t sleep until—“

“Noooooo... I’m tiiiiired...”

“I’ll ride you, you won’t have to move...”


The octoling girl grinned, immediately moving on top of the cyan inkling boy. “You’re the best, Mask~” She kissed him, moving to remove her pants. “I promise I’ll be quick... I really will.”

The rumble of his laugh made her feel a little more tingly than she was, making her smile grow. “It’s fiiiiine, Eight, I can lie heeeeeere...” he replied, immediately pulling his shorts and boxers down.

She grinned, removing her panties. She left her tank on, he could move it up if he wanted to play with her breasts. Her hand moved to his dick immediately, giving it a few strokes. Mask let out a soft moan, keeping his eyes on her.

“If you need a break, just let me know okay? I don’t want you to not be able to breathe,” eight said.

“wiiiiiiiill do...”

She nodded and gently sat herself down on him. She sighed happily and heard a moan come out of Mask. “Youuuuu... are very weeeeeet...” he slurred, holding her hips.

“Yeah. Ridiculously wet, that’s how horny I woke up...” she replied, moving herself up and down on him, “Fuck...” she leaned herself back slightly, her hands on his knees.

Mask moaned, his eyes fluttering shut as she bounced on him. “Faster... pleeeeease...”

Eight chuckled and increased her pace, her tongue lolling out of her mouth when she hit a specific spot. “Mask... oh god...!”

He suddenly began thrusting in time with her movement, his fingers digging into her hips. “Toooooo slow...” he murmured to her, huffing a little, “Faster...”

“Ohhh Mask~! R-Right there!!” She steadied herself by leaning towards him, her hands gripping his shoulders. With her face close to his own, he kissed her, slipping his tongue past her lips. Mask increased his pace, muffling Eight’s moans. He wrapped his arms around her to keep her in place.

“M-Maaask! I-I’m gonna cuuuum!” She cried out. He could feel her shaking, and chuckled.

“Theeeeeen cum~” he said.

The knot in her stomach snapped and her body froze with her mouth open. She made a soft whine, he continued to thrust as she came, wanting to drive himself to his own climax. She panted, her body slumping against his as she waited for him to finish.

Mask’s hips finally stilled, and she could feel him cum. She giggled, mumbling “I’m all warm now...”

“Tiiiiiiired...” he groaned, “but amazing...”

Eight smiled as she lifted herself up, looking at her ink color mixed in his. She gave him a quick kiss, “Mmm... I feel much better... heck, I could go for another round if you’re up to it~”

“Tooooooo tired...” he pulled himself out of her and stared down, watching his cum drip out of her. His cheeks heated up. “...mmm... maybe... anoooooother round...”

“Well, how about it—“

There was a series of knocks on his bedroom door and the two of them immediately looked over like deer caught in headlights. “Can you two keep it down?!” Aloha’s voice rang out, “we don’t care if you’re fucking, but at least let the rest of us sleep!!”

They heard the shuffle of feet grow softer as the other S4 members returned to their rooms. Mask and Eight stared at each other, silent.

“...maybe we oughta go to bed...”


Chapter Text

Inkopolis Square was the main hub, Agent 3 had told her that. Marina and Pearl, along with 3, had offered to show her around, but she had politely declined. She wanted to experience Inkopolis by herself, to see how it would be. It was how she knew how to live, coming from the DeepSea Metro.

Eight would’ve preferred getting a change of clothes, her current “battle uniform” as she called it, was not exactly suitable for everyday life. That, and it gave others a view of the ink that had stained her body from all the failed tests.

She’d prefer to keep that hidden.

With no coins, however, she settled for heading straight to the weapon shop. She could’ve asked Pearl to borrow some of her dad’s money, she had told 8 if she ran out of CQ points she would send money over for her. They luckily never had to, but it was a nice gesture. She didn’t want to have that guilt of needing to pay it back over her head.

She could feel eyes staring at her as she headed to the weapon shop, insecurity was slowly setting in. She kept her arms wrapped around herself, trying to make herself feel a little better. The Calamari Inkantation began to play on the radio in the shop, and she smiled. Hearing the song made the butterflies disappear.

She walked up to the Horseshoe Crab tinkering away at a broken Inkbrush, he hadn’t noticed her until she stopped in front of him.

“Oh! You must be Agent 8, yes?” He set his tools down, smiling at her, “Cuttlefish informed me you’d be arriving here soon!” He stuck out his hand. “You may call me Sheldon!”

“Eight,” She replied timidly, shaking his hand, “Just Eight is good...”

“Alrighty, Eight! Since you helped save our fair city, I’m gonna give you a deal! Pick any weapon you’d like, free of charge! Oh, but the next time you want one, you gotta buy it!” Sheldon moved towards his wall, showing her his variety of weapons. “Of course, if you’d like to test out which one works best for you, just let me know and I’ll let you into the testing area!”

Eight nodded, looking around at the different weapons. She had used most of the types while in DeepSea Metro, though some looked a bit unfamiliar to her. She thought back to all the different tests she had completed, which ones had worked the best for her and which ones were... a nightmare, to say the least.

She stopped, her eyes locked onto an Eliter 4k Charger. She tilted her head, trying to understand about what was drawing her to the weapon. Without thinking, she took it off the wall and called out to Sheldon. “This one...”

“Oh! An Eliter 4k!” He grinned “Fan of the sniping weapons, eh? Good choice! Your sub weapons are ink mines, and the special is Ink Storm!”

- - -

Eight’s first “for fun” battle was nerve wracking for her. Having been so used to the intense tests, she wasn’t sure what she was getting into. She had three inklings on her temporary team, each of them sporting their own gear and weapon of choice. She felt extremely out of place, no gear of her own. She was hoping to earn a little pocket money to get something, anything really.

“Hey!” The loud voice startled her, and she gripped her Charger tightly. One of her teammates approached her with a smile on her face, her eyes hidden from her Aviator shades. “Weird gear! Where’d you get it?? Did Murch get it for you?”

Eight blinked, trying to process what the inkling was saying. “...oh... I um...” her voice was soft, her lip trembling as she tried to speak “no... it... well...”

The inkling girl’s smile never left her face as she waited patiently for an answer. “Oh! We better get ready! Come on!” She took ahold of Eight’s hand, dragging her to the battle area.

The battle stage was called Walleye Warehouse. From the spawn point, Eight found several areas for her to stand and shoot from. It was like she had been using the charger for her entire life. As she charged up her shot, she noticed the ripples of ink within her shot. She turned towards it and released her finger from the trigger, splatting an inkling immediately.

A teammate cheered, they had been close to that inkling and Eight had saved them.

She seemed to zone out for the rest of the battle.

- - -

When she had checked her score after the battle, her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

She had a total of 20 splats in the 3 minutes she had battled.

‘Was I... a sniper before...?’ She thought, her eyebrows furrowing together. ‘Everything felt so... natural...’

Exiting the tower, she felt quite discouraged. There was no recollection of her life before the Metro, despite it feeling familiar to her. She frowned, wondering if her memory would ever return. The thought made her sad, and she headed towards The Shoal to forget about it for a little. There were plenty of games for her to play now that she had earned a bit of money.

The Shoal was busy, inklings were at every machine she saw. She looked around, trying to find a free machine she could use. There was one that she saw, it seemed like multiple people could play if they wanted, so she settled for that.

Reaching the machine, she noticed a cyan inkling approaching her. He wore a gas mask over his face, along with a long sleeved purple camouflage shirt. She tilted her head, silent as he stood beside her.

“Miiiiiind if I plaaaaaaay too?” He slurred his words, slightly confusing her.

She shrugged, putting in tokens she had bought. The cyan inkling put his own tokens in,, his hands automatically moving to the buttons and joystick. She copied his movements, but nothing was happening on the screen.

“...Youuuuu didn’t press staaaaaaaart...” He said, glancing at her.

“...I... I’ve never... played... how do I play...?” Eight said softly.

The inkling sighed, moving a little closer to show her what to do. He begun to explain the rules and how to play for her, and soon they started a game.

“You seem... familiar with these machines...” she said as they played, “Do you play a lot...?”

“Everyyyyyyydayyyyy,” He replied, “My name is onnnnnnn all the top scooooooooores...”

“Oh... I’ve never been here... this is my first time in Inkopolis...”

“I can teeeeeeeell.” He glanced at her through his peripherals, “That geaaaaaar of yours isn’t exaaaaaaactly fresh.”

“Umm... Yeah...“

“Those paaaaaaint marks are pooooooooorly drawn on, tooooo.”

She tensed up immediately, causing her character to die and the game to pause. “They... they aren’t... drawn on... my back is permanently stained like that...”

She put in another token, reviving her character. The cyan inkling took another look at the strange colored ink staining her back, still playing the game well. Eight kept her eyes on the screen, not wanting to meet his gaze.

“Theyyyyy... are stained ooooooonnnn?”


He raised an eyebrow, hidden by his gas mask. He focused back on the game completely. Eventually, their game ended and Eight looked at the top score name.

“Mask is your name?” She asked, glancing at him.

“Yeeeeees. What about youuuu?”

“I’m called Eight...”

Chapter Text

Thunderstorms were not something she enjoyed. During her time in the DeepSea Metro, there was no weather in the testing areas. Sure, there were trees in some of them, but that was about it. The first time she saw rain, she was absolutely terrified. 3 and Cuttlefish had to show her it was only a little water, and that she would be fine.

Her first thunderstorm however... She had immediately panicked and assumed Tartar was back and destroying Inkopolis.

Luckily, she was with Pearl and Marina that day. They had been grabbing a bite to eat when the first clap of thunder happened. 8's eyes immediately widened and she grabbed onto Marina, sobbing. "The phone of Tartar! It has returned!!"

The customers around them looked displeased by the shouting, both Marina and Pearl noticed a few mumbling stuff like "Of course it's an Octoling making all the ruckus..."

Pearl immediately glared at them, scaring off the few that were staring. Marina spoke to 8 in a soothing voice, trying to get her to calm down. Since she was still learning proper Inkling, Marina used the basics for her. "Eight... Listen to me."

She looked up from Marina's shoulder, sniffling. "I thought we had defeated the statue of Tartar...!"

"Yes, we did. That noise is called thunder. It happens after flashes of light called lightning."

As if on cue, a flash of light illuminated the outside of the cafe, a few seconds later thunder boomed again. "You see?" Marina gave a soft smile, "It's called a storm. It can be scary, but it'll pass like rain does."

Eight stared out the window, flinching each time the lightning flashed and the thunder boomed. "I... I guess it is not the phone of Tartar... But it is still a scary..."

Pearl pat her on the shoulder a little roughly, "Aw yeah, I remember being a little Squid and crying my eyes out whenever a thunderstorm happened. Don't worry, Eight, we got your back!"

While she had been getting used to the storms during the summer months, that didn't make them any less scary to her. So when she awoke in the middle of the night to thunder, her first thought was Tartar instinctively. The second reminded her it was a thunderstorm. She frowned, reaching for her glasses on the nightstand.

"Whaaaaaat are you dooooiiing awake?" The sleepy voice of her boyfriend scared her, and on instinct she raised her fists like she was holding an OctoShot.

"Ah... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to wake you..." Eight sighed, lowering her hands. "The thunder..."

Mask sat up, grabbing one of his masks he wore around the apartment. "You're not gooooooing back to sleeeeeeep, right?" He asked, getting out of bed.

Eight nodded, following him. Mask led the two of them to the living room, keeping quiet as to not wake the other S4 members. He grabbed a big blanket on the back of the couch and turned the TV on for them. "Doooooo you waaaaaant something to eaaaat?"

"No... but some juice or water would be nice..." She bundled herself up in the blanket, leaving room for him when he would return. Mask nodded and headed toward the kitchen. Eight grabbed the TV remote and began flipping through the channels. 3 am was not a good time to be watching the shows she enjoyed. It was mainly just older shows she hadn't really seen. She settled for F.R.I.E.N.D.S, she'd seen it plenty of times but it was always a good show for her.

"I brought apppppple juice..." Mask said, setting down a glass in front of her. He sat down beside her, moving under the blanket next to her.

"Thank you..." Eight took a sip, trying to keep her focus on the show. They sat in silence for a while, the sounds of the storm and the TV show the only thing they heard. Until Mask suddenly spoke up.

"...Eight, I waaaaant to know sooooommmeethinggg..."

"What is it?"

He stared at her, "Those marks... the iiiiiinnnnkk... When did youuuu get thoooosse?"

Eight was silent, nearly dropping her glass. She set it down on the coffee table, pursing her lips together. She let out a sigh, leaning back against the couch. "It's... a long story. Honestly, I don't remember much before it though..." She fiddled with her fingers, staring at him.

"Juuuuuust... start from theeeeee beginninggggg." Mask placed his hand on her leg, giving a reassuring squeeze. "We have plentyyyyy of tiiiiime." He nodded towards the window as lightning flashed.

"Well... Okay..." Eight lowered the volume on the TV. "I've told you I don't remember anything of who I was before I came to Inkopolis... But it's not exactly... true, I suppose."

She frowned, "I was once apparantly an enemy of Inkopolis, part of the people that stole the Great Zapfish away. I heard a song while I was fighting, and suddenly I was brought to some abandoned place. This older Inkling I hadn't met before helped me get back up on my feet despite not remembering anything. We found our way to this working train station called the DeepSea Metro..."

As she told her story, Mask continued to stare and watch her expressions carefully. He could tell how much her story and past weighed on her. He watched her trace the ink splatter on her shoulder repeatedly, flinching slightly.

"All those failed tests weighed heavily on my body. I have not only the ink splatters stained on my back and shoulders, I have scars from the enemies getting too close and splatting me that way..." Eight grabbed at her front tentacles, giving them a slight tug. "That damned phone... Tartar it called itself... It had me collect those objects and wanted to blend me into a 'Perfect Being'..." She grit her teeth, "Without help, Inkopolis would've been destroyed.. and yet... 10,007 applicants before me... who knows how many of them died to that thing..."

She felt herself starting to cry, tugging on her tentacles more until she felt Mask's hands grab her own. She stared at him, sniffling. "...Youuuu... went through a looooooot..." He said softly, "Buuuuuut...Now you caaaaaan live freeeeee."

She smiled through her tears, immediately hugging him. "uh huh..."

"She's an interesting character, huh?" Aloha whispered, leaning against the hallway wall. "That explains why she likes to stay here instead of her own home."

Army nodded, "If she has one, that is. It explains her strange behavior as well."

Skull rolled his eyes, smacking the back of their heads. "Go back to sleep, we have a battle tomorrow. And leave them be, Mask likes her. Hurry before I tell Rider or that old-fashioned Gold Dynamo Roller girl they can take your places tomorrow." The two inklings quickly fled to their bedrooms, not wanting to lose their spots in battle. Skull glanced over at the two on the couch, noticing Mask was giving him a thumbs up as a thank you. He nodded silently before heading back to his own room.

Chapter Text

When she had called him to ask why he hadn’t been answering her texts, she was met by a voice that definitely sounded in pain. He had said it was nothing serious, just a few scratches and bruises.

She hadn’t expected to meet him in the ER getting stitches in his leg.

She had been busy taking care of an older Persian that was going blind and needed help getting back to it’s Trainer practically all morning to earlier evening, so she hadn’t really expected to talk too much to him. So when she had texted him a “good morning” and then later a “good afternoon” followed by a “are you still sleeping or something??” and had gotten no response, she got worried.

She knew from experience that he did not come from a good home.

Finally, despite having a difficult time, she dialed his number and made sure no one was around as she spoke to him. She could talk to him on the phone if no one was around.

“Hey babe, how’s it going?” His voice was calming for a moment to her, but she recognized he was in pain and it only fueled her anxiety.

“Guzma...” She said softly, “You haven’t answered me until now... is everything okay...?”

“Dontchu worry ‘bout lil ol’ me, baby, just got into a bit of a predicament.” He chuckled, but she knew it wasn’t his normal laugh. It felt forced. “I wasn’t lookin’ where I was goin’, and scratched my leg up a little.”

“Oh... that’s... that’s all? Where are you?? I can get bandaids and some stuff to clean up the scratches...”

There was silence on the other line, though she could hear him grunt and shuffle a bit. “...I uh... I’m... in the ER...”

She swore her heart skipped a beat. She had made him tell her the details, and she rushed to the ER as fast as she could. She had to write everything she wanted to say down to the nurse, she couldn’t exactly talk to her, and found her way to the room Guzma was in. He was sitting down with his leg up, a doctor stitching it up.

“Hey Thea.” He greeted her as nonchalant as possible, causing her to glare at him. Immediately she began moving her hands rapidly, signing at him much quicker than usual. He knew she was terrified.

The doctor was silent as Guzma answered her out loud, seeming confused as to what was going on. “Alright Guzma, I’ll be right back to finish up. Don’t move your leg.”

“Gotcha, Doc.”

As soon as the doctor was gone, Thea spoke. “Guzma! You did not just trip and scratch it up! What did he do to you?”

“Baby I’m aight. This ain’t my first time in the ER ya know.” Guzma pat the space next to him, making her sit down beside her as he wrapped an arm around him. “Ya know how he is... A dick who thinks everythin’ I do is wrong.”

“Guzma... I’m really worried about you... please just... consider coming to live with my dad and I...”

“Can’t do that, babe. Ya dad is still havin’ a hard time feedin’ the both of ya. Can’t have an extra mouth to feed. An’ ya have your Pokémon to look after.”

Thea sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder. “I know but...”

“I’ll be alright, Thea. I’ve gotten used to this—“

“But you shouldn’t have to get used to this!” He heard her crying, “this just...! It’s not okay and you know it!”

He sighed, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “I know. It ain’t okay. One day I’ll be outta there, and everythin’ will be better...”

Chapter Text

Coffee had never been her thing. She’d tried it several times, her father’s ridiculously bitter flavor, her sister’s “iced caramel” something (it did not taste like caramel at all). Nothing ever seemed to get rid of the gross taste it left in her mouth.

However... the coffee shop a few blocks down from her house was always so quiet. It was the perfect place for her to sit and draw with no distractions. They even sold these huge Diet Pepsi bottles for under $2 dollars! So what could she say, it had started to become a second home when she didn’t feel like actually going home.

Having bought herself a toasted bagel and a bottle of her favorite soda, she plopped her stuff down at a vacant booth and pulled out her sketchbook. She smiled, she had just recently bought it and had nothing in it just yet. She wanted something major to draw for the first page, not just some random scribbles. Those could happen later. Nothing came to mind, however, and she sat there in silence while her thoughts tried to picture something she could draw.

“Um... hey.” A sudden voice made her look up from her sketchbook. A boy with short black hair and very strange elbows was standing at her table.

Sero had had enough of the rowdiness of his fellow students, he wanted to get away for a little bit of peace and quiet while studying.

But studying by himself was still lonely.

“Um... do you mind if I sit with you? I’ve gotta study, but I like to be in the company of others while I do. My friends were... kinda loud and distracting, aha.”

She smiled at him, motioning to the empty seat across from her. “I don’t mind.”

“Thank you.” He sat down and pulled out several books from his backpack, along with his notebook. She glanced at them, a little curious to see what he was studying. She noticed “Property of U.A.” on each book.

“Oh! You attend U.A.!” She said, noticing his face light up.

“Uh huh! I’m in the Hero Course!” He said proudly, taking down a few notes from one of his books, “Though... it’s a lot more studying and tests than I thought it would be...”

“Really?? What’s your Quirk, if you don’t mind me asking?”

He blushed, lifting his arms up. “It’s... It’s called Tape... I uh... can shoot tape from my elbows... I know, it’s really lame...” he glanced at her face, noticing her eyes light up.

“Oh wow!! That’s so cool!” She grabbed one of his arms, studying his elbow with curiosity. “Can you support your weight with your tape?? Oh! You could tie up Villains real quick with it! Or use it to travel a lot faster than most people!” She began to ramble on about his Quirk, completely forgetting she was talking to a stranger. Suddenly, she stopped, seeming to remember she was basically invading someone’s personal space.

“Oh... sorry I... I got a little excited...” her cheeks flushed pink as she released his arm, her voice soft. “I just get super excited and start to ramble on and on. I probably bored or bothered you...”

“Oh, no no!!” Sero waved his hands frantically, a big smile on his face. “Please! That’s... That’s actually the first time I’ve gotten such a reaction...” he scratched his cheek, averting her curious gaze. “It uh... It makes me feel a lot better about my Quirk. It’s not exactly eye-catching, and my elbows make clothes-shopping really difficult...”

“You’ve never had someone call your Quirk ‘cool’? That’s so weird!” She looked back down at her sketchbook, smiling, “Cool was my first thought...”

He kept his smile as he started to take notes again. He did come here to study, after all. “Um... thank you... for saying that, I mean...”

“You’re welcome.”

When she thought Sero wasn’t looking, she’d glance up at him and take in his features for a second, then look right back down at the sketchbook. She tried to do it as little as possible, to draw him without him catching her. She’d have to explain her staring was to draw him and...

Not everyone enjoyed learning they were being drawn.

She began to hum softly to herself, not wanting to disturb his studying but needing a bit of white noise. She would’ve put her headphones on, but then she’d possibly miss a conversation with him and that’s not what she wanted. She took another glance at him, it had been a while since she’d last looked.

She found him staring right back at her instead of at the book.

“A-ah...” they both seemed embarrassed they had been caught, and she immediately looked down. “I... I um...”

“Sorry... I... noticed you staring...” he said, blushing, “So... you’re uh... drawing me?”

“Oh... Yeah...” her voice was soft as she spun the sketchbook around for him to look at. “I... I hope you don’t mind...”

She watched as a big smile formed on his face. “Heh, this is really good! Do you draw a lot?”

“Uh huh! I’ve always loved to draw. It’s a good way to express myself, y’know?”

“Yeah! I’m no artist by any means, but I get it!” Sero moved the sketchbook back to her, his studies long forgotten. He knew flipping through it without asking would be rude. He leaned his chin on his palm, “Is it alright if I see more of your art. Y-You can totally say now, cause... it’s yours, y’know?”

“Oh, this one’s actually empty, besides the drawing of you.” She grabbed another sketchbook out of her backpack, “Here! I have lots in here!” Her smile grew as he flipped through the pages. There was very little of it in color, but he noticed there was a lot of thought and emotion behind the drawings. He had her stop on one in particular that caught his eye.

“Whoa... That’s beautiful...” it was a drawing of what looked to be herself surrounded by several flowers. It was one of the only drawings in color, he couldn’t stop staring at it.

“Oh... thank you...” She smiled, checking her phone. “Oh no! I spent a lot more time here than I meant to!” She quickly began packing up, nearly spilling her drink in the process. “I was supposed to be home by now!”

“Oh! Um... Okay...” he felt his smile disappear, looking back down at his textbooks. “Goodbye. It was nice talking to you...” he heard her scribbling down something and then the ripping of paper.

The drawing of him suddenly filled his vision, and in the corner he noticed a set of numbers along with a note.

“I’d really like to keep talking to you, so here. You don’t have to text me, but I thought I’d give you my number in case you enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed yours - Shimmer.”

Sero stared at the note for a few moments before smiling, immediately sending the girl a “Hello.”

Chapter Text

“What the hell were you thinking Akihiro?!”

“Gladion it isn’t that big of a deal! Being a Champion means responsibilities and when someone’s in trouble it’s my job to help them!!”

“So rushing in and nearly getting yourself killed is helping?!”

“If I had let them take that Dragon Pulse they would’ve wound up in the hospital!”

“Do you hear yourself right now?! Akihiro the only reason you aren’t in a hospital is because of our doctors here at Aether!! You can’t just keep charging headfirst into danger like that! One of these days you’re going to do unfixable damage to yourself!”

“Gladion... Please calm down... I know you’re worried about Akihiro but yelling isn’t gonna fix anything—“

“Butt out Lillie! This isn’t your fight!”

“Don’t yell at your sister Gladion! She’s just concerned about you! What is the matter with you?! You’ve been agitated for the past week and snap at the most minor things! I’ve taken a hit from a Pokémon before! I took it to keep Lillie safe!”

“That attack you took from Lillie didn’t heal for months! I kept telling you to be more careful and all you do is ignore me! I swear you don’t even pay attention to half the things I say to you anymore!! Do you have any idea how horrifying it is to hear that the person you love could’ve died?!“

“Gladion... I... I’m sorry—“

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry! That’s all you ever say when I confront you about these things! ‘I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful.’ But you never are!”

“It’s my duty as a Champion to protect my Region!”

“It’s also your duty to come home safe and sound to the people who you care about! But clearly if you’re gonna throw yourself into danger, I guess you don’t care about us! ...So you... you don’t... you don’t care about me...”

“You know that isn’t true—“

“Do I?! If this is how you’re going to act then... I don’t want to see you any more!”

- - -

“Thank you for letting me take Nebby through the Wormhole, Lillie...”

“You’re welcome... and don’t worry about what Gladion said okay? I’ll talk to him, I’m sure he’s just got something going on and took it out on you...”

“Yeah...” Akihiro hopped onto Nebby’s back, patting its head gently, “Alright buddy, let’s go to Ultra Megopolis, okay?”


Nebby opened up a Wormhole, spreading its wings as it took Akihiro in. When they had left, Akihiro began sobbing on Nebby’s back, clutching onto its back tightly. Nebby glanced back at him, trying to comfort him in some way.

He wiped at his eyes, hiccuping. “I-It’s okay, Nebby... I just... I just need...”

“LUNA!” Nebby suddenly screeched, dodging out of the way of a sudden surge of energy heading for them. Startled, Akihiro grabbed its back tightly, trying to hold on and not fall into one of the Wormholes around them. More energy surges began rapidly approaching them, forcing Nebby to use quick and dangerous maneuvers to avoid getting itself and Akihiro hurt.

“NEBBY!” Akihiro could only call its name as the energy ball crashed into the two, causing Akihiro to let go of Nebby and fall into a Wormhole.

- - -

“Nebby!” Akihiro awoke with a start, surrounded by the familiar white walls of Aether Paradise. He panted, clutching at his chest as he tried to calm himself down. He could feel sweat dripping down his forehead as he rubbed at his eyes to wake himself up a little. “Where... why am I...?”

He dragged his hands down his face. ‘Nebby must’ve brought me back unconscious...’He thought, leaning back against the couch. ‘Lillie or Wicke must’ve found us... let’s see...’ He glanced over at his belt sitting on the nightstand next to him, noticing Nebby’s Master Ball was on it. He felt relief wash over him, Nebby was safe and sound. Though the relief was short lived—

Icarus’ Poké Ball was missing.

His eyes widened immediately, panic settling in. While two years ago he had cleared up the darkness of Aether Paradise, there was still some lingering with certain employees. Without Icarus by his side, he was terrified one of them would kill it. Despite the pain he was in, he stood up from the bed and put his belt on. He had to find Icarus.

Stumbling out of the room, he could hear the cries of said Pokémon from the floor above. He held his side as he walked to the elevator, pressing the button quickly to reach it.

“What are you doing to it?!” He heard Lusamine’s voice, and immediately his anger sparked. Icarus’ cries grew, it sounded like it was struggling. “Faba! Release that Pokémon! It is not yours!”

“It was found on that boy’s belt!” Faba’s voice shouted, “He must’ve stolen it somehow!”

Akihiro heard a shocking noise, and Icarus yelped. The elevator stopped and he saw the scene in front of him. Faba was standing with two Aether employees around Icarus. A net with electricity running through it covered Icarus’ body, practically immobilizing it. Lusamine, Lillie, Gladion, Lana, Mallow, Kiawe, Sophocles and a boy with a Pikachu on his shoulder were trying to free it.

Icarus seemed to spot Akihiro and cried out, it’s eyes wide with fear. The group didn’t seem to notice him as he grabbed the Ground-Type Disk and flung it towards it. Immediately it took it, causing it to change to Ground Type and break free of the net. It glared at Faba before it rushed towards Akihiro, causing the group to notice him.

“...If you ever lay even a finger on Icarus again I’ll allow it to destroy you...” Akihiro warned as he leaned against the Pokémon. It nuzzled against him happily, having missed him. He gently removed the disk from it, returning it to its Normal Typing. He winced, feeling the pain in his side more strongly. The adrenaline and fear of Icarus being missing was what kept him moving, and now it was leaving him. He fell to his knees, trying to hold onto Icarus.

He heard the footsteps of the group approach him quickly, making Icarus growl again. Though, it was specifically directed at Lusamine. “Stop... growling...” Akihiro said softly, gently petting its side, “They just wanna help...”

With Icarus calmed down, Lusamine was able to send for Wicke and a few other doctors to help Akihiro back into his room. Icarus hung back with the group as per Akihiro’s request while he was being checked out. It happily nuzzled against Gladion and then Lillie, confusing the two.

“I thought Faba only made one Silvally...” The boy with the Pikachu tilted his head, “So why’s there another here?”

Gladion stared at Icarus as it nudged his side, asking for Silvally to come out and play. It didn’t recognize the confusion on everyone’s faces. “...I want to test something...” He finally said, releasing Silvally.

Silvally was shocked to find Icarus staring back at it.

Icarus on the other hand immediately started to try and play with it, happy to see its friend. When it continued to stare and make a noise of bewilderment, Icarus stopped and looked around. It was then it realized that these people did not know it, this was not the Gladion and Lillie it knew.

“Okay. You can all come in now...” Wicke opened the door, “Though, please let ‘Icarus’ in first.”

The Pokémon stared up at her before walking inside to Akihiro. He was sitting up on the bed sipping a cup of Roserade Tea. Icarus let out a sound resembling a whine as it gestured it’s head to Lillie and Gladion before sitting down beside the bed. Akihiro simply pat it’s head, glancing at the group.

“So... Wicke tells me you found me at the Alter?” Akihiro set the cup down on the nightstand.

“Before we answer that, we’d like to ask you a few questions.” Lusamine took a step forward, but Icarus immediately stood up and bared its fangs. “Ah... that’s one of them... Icarus, is it, does not seem to like me... It took to my children just fine, but as for myself and Faba...”

Akihiro raised an eyebrow, trying to figure out if she was serious or not. He grabbed Icarus’ Poké Ball, sending it back inside to let it calm down. “I’m surprised you’re asking that, Lusamine.” He took note of the shocked expression on everyone’s faces. “Didn’t you help Faba make Icarus and its other kind?”

“...You... know my name?”

“...Yes...? I’m sorry, I don’t understand why you’re shocked...“

“But... We never told you it.”

Akihiro continued to stare at her, it was his turn to look bewildered. He set the cup down, narrowing his eyes at her as he tried to figure out what she said. He looked at the group surrounding her, his eyes mainly focused on Lillie and Gladion.


Carefully standing up, he walked over to the two of them, noticing Lillie was not wearing her Z-Powered outfit. Gladion was still wearing the clothes he wore when he first ran away as well. Last time he’d seen them, they did not look that way. He focused his attention on Gladion, trying to figure out something.

“...Are you just... gonna keep staring at me or are you gonna say something?” He finally spoke, raising an eyebrow.

Akihiro was silent for a moment, looking back at Lusamine. She did not seem to have some of the marks from the Nihilego she had fused with two years prior.

“...You... are different...” Akihiro said softly, “You aren’t... the Lusamine, Lillie and Gladion I know...” he turned around, grabbing his belongings. “I‘m sorry for my staring. Please excuse me.”

“Wait. You shouldn’t be moving around so much.” Lusamine tried to get him to lie back in bed, but he refused to let her near him. “Please, sit back down. Your injuries are still healing.”

Suddenly, Rotom popped out of his bag, yawning. “Whatzzz with all the ruckuzzzz?” It said, looking around. “Ah! I thought we were going through the Ultra Wormhole! Why are we back at Aether?”

“...Rotom, for a quiet Pokémon that tends to sit in my bag and nap, you have a big mouth...” Akihiro sighed, sitting back down on the bed, “Wonderful...”

“You were traveling through the Ultra Wormhole?!”

- - -

After a long, long conversation consisting of Akihiro answering questions over and over, everyone had finally been caught up. Akihiro told them of his adventure, about how he was his Alola’s Champion, and that he had his own versions of Lusamine, Gladion, Lillie, and everyone. But, he did leave out the parts about Lusamine nearly killing him and trying to destroy the region.

From what he had bitterly found out, this version of Lusamine was much nicer than the one he knew. It wasn’t her idea to open the Wormhole, it had been Faba’s. She didn’t go insane and hurt her children in the way his did.

She wasn’t the monster of a person he so greatly despised back in his own world.

However, he was still here, and unfortunately stuck until Nebby could find him. While he had the Master Ball with him, Nebby was not in it. Because he had been thrown off during their ride in the Wormhole, Nebby hadn’t been able to return to the ball, and Akihiro had no idea how to get back without it. So, he’d have to wait.

He supposed it wouldn’t be so bad, the whole point of his Wormhole trip was to forget what had happened that caused him to get here.

“...Breathe in... Breathe out...” He and his Pokémon sat along the beach on Melemele near the Professor’s home. He needed to be away from Aether, away from the faces that looked just like the ones he knew back home. Of course, the group had followed him and simply watched him as he sat by the water relaxing. His Pokémon roamed around, staying close by and having fun together.

“He seems... Really calm for someone who was thrown into another world...” Lillie said, staring at Akihiro as an Alolan Vulpix circled her. “Though, I guess he did just come from another version of Alola... Come up here, Snowy.”

“Oh! But did you see his focus on Gladion??” The boy with the Pikachu crossed his arms, “It was weird! Like, looking at someone you’ve known for so long, but they don’t recognize you!”

“Huh... That makes a lot of sense, Ash.“

“Mimi!” Ozul has wandered away from Akihiro and up to the group, happily bouncing around them. He wanted to play with Pikachu.

“Pika! Pikachu!” Pikachu wanted nothing to do with him, immediately climbing up on Ash’s head.

“Oh, sorry Little Mimikyu... Pikachu doesn’t wanna play right now.”

“Ozul.” Akihiro’s voice startled the group, causing them to look up from the ground. “Don’t bother them. They don’t want to play right now.” He gently scooped Ozul up, patting it on the head. “Excuse this troublemaker, he‘s a lot more friendly around Pikachus than other Mimikyus.”

“Oh, no it wasn’t any trouble. Pikachu just had a Mimikyu attack it really badly before.” Ash rubbed Pikachu’s head, “He doesn’t really like them.”

“I understand.” He turned to head back to the sand, though stopped when someone tapped his shoulder. Glancing over his shoulder, Lillie stared back at him.

“Um... You seemed like... you knew us back in your world...” She said softly, holding Snowy in her arms.

“...I do. We’re friends.”

“Well, what about Gladion? You seemed really interested in him.”

Akihiro’s face fell, though he turned away to hide it. He cleared his throat, setting Ozul down to let him bounce back to Akihiro’s Team.

“Um... Akihiro, right? You looked a little sad.”

“It’s nothing. Goodbye.” He headed back down on the sand, grabbing his team’s Poké Balls and calling for them to return back into them. Ophelia chose to stay out, floating beside him as they walked down the path away from the group.

“...For a Champion, you’d think he’d be a bit more... friendly...” Ash mumbled, scratching the back of his neck.

- - -

Lusamine had requested he stayed at Aether while waiting to return back to his own home. He didn’t like it, but it was either that or go see if any of the Inn rooms were available. He never had any luck with them, so he chose to stay at Aether. He’d just have to avoid everyone familiar, besides Wicke. He’d talk to her willingly, she was still as nice as ever.

Standing outside with the moonlight shining on the water, Akihiro watched the waves slowly move and some of the nocturnal Pokémon swimming around the man-made Island.

“Sooooooo...” Rotom floated above him, staring down at the boy, “You uh... Zzt! You wanna talk about what happened before we came here...?”

“Not particularly.” Akihiro leaned against the railing, sighing. “I’ll be ready when I die of old age or something...”

“That’zzz not funny...”

“Neither is being told the person you care so much about thinks you don’t care about them anymore...”

“...He had a point... Zzt! You have been really recklezz lately.”

“I’m just so used to... throwing myself headfirst into things to keep others’ safe... Because... I just...” he dragged his hands down his face, “Ughhh... Gladion was right...”

“I was right about what?”

“MOTHER OF—“ Akihiro jumped at the sound of Gladion’s voice behind him. He placed a hand over his chest, trying to calm his now racing heart. “Don’t do that to me...”

The blonde walked up to him, standing next to him. Silvally was by his side, staring up at the brunette curiously. “What was I right about? I’ve barely spoken two words to you...”

Akihiro turned his head back towards the sea, he wasn’t exactly prepared to talk to Gladion. “Ah... no, not you. I’d prefer not to weird you out considering you’re... well, not the same Gladion I know.”

He raised an eyebrow, gently patting Silvally on the head. Icarus quickly popped out of his Poké Ball, having heard Gladion’s voice. It immediately bounced towards Silvally, wanting to play again. Akihiro chuckled, watching the two of them. “Why does Icarus like Silvally so much?”

“...Icarus is very close with the Silvally in my world,” Akihiro explained, “So it likes to play with it as much as possible.”

“...How did you get it? Icarus, I mean. Faba only created one Silvally... Did... Was there more in your world?”

“Yes. They were made to... Well, be Beast Killers. But when they attacked the workers and refused to comply, they were given the restrictive helmets to stop them and then cryogenically frozen. I don’t know how many were made, I just know that right now only two are out.”

Icarus looked back at Akihiro, moving back to his side. It sat down, nuzzling it’s head against him happily. He grabbed a Poké Bean from his bag, knowing it was what the Pokémon wanted.

“As for how I got it... My Gladion gave it to me.”

The blonde’s eyes went wide. “Wait, really?? Why? When I took Silvally away, it was still really dangerous! I couldn’t take it out during the day in case someone spotted it. I can’t imagine just... handing it to someone.”

“Ultra Beasts were running rapid through Alola, just after I became Champion. I’d seen first hand how dangerous those beasts could be, and... I didn’t want anything to do with them...” He looked out towards the sea, watching a Luvdisc and a Corsola jumping out of the water. “I was recruited to take them down, but I couldn’t do it by myself... so I spoke to my Gladion about the issue, and he gave me Icarus to help me. And came along to help me capture the beasts...”

Gladion kept his eyes on Akihiro, noticing the fond smile on his face. He raised an eyebrow, a little confused. “...You seem... very different and calm when you speak about your version of me... Are we that different?”

Akihiro began chuckling, running a hand through his hair. “Yeah. You may have the same features, but personality wise, you’re not the same. You seem much more comfortable with yourself, and have a much better relationship with Lillie and your mother.”

Gladion noticed the bitterness in his voice when he spoke about Lusamine.

“As for mine... he’s very insecure about himself... He always wants to become stronger, and runs himself into exhaustion trying to run Aether and repair the image of it...”

“You’re crying.”

Akihiro’s eyes widened, touching his cheek. He felt the tears on them and chuckled sadly. “Haha... I thought things were getting blurry...” he sent Icarus back into its Poké Ball, rubbing his eyes. “I should really go to bed. Goodnight.”

Gladion watched him leave, furrowing his eyebrows as the brunette held his hands together tightly behind his back. ‘...He talks... fondly of his version of Me...’

- - -

Akihiro had begun to lose track of time. Days of waiting for Nebby to show up turned to weeks, and then later turned into 2 months. He thought of his mother, how worried sick she must be. How Lillie must be fretting over everything trying to figure out how to find him with Wicke. How Hau must be buying twice as many malasadas as usual and thinking “Maybe today he’ll be back and we’ll share them!” But... he especially wondered...

How Gladion was feeling...?

Their fight was what had drove Akihiro to the Wormhole, and now the last thing they had said to each other was negative. It left a sour taste in his mouth.

After the first few days of staying at Aether, Akihiro couldn’t stay any longer. He was constantly worried about Icarus’ safety, he kept running into Gladion and Lusamine, everything there was driving him nuts.

He settled for basically camping around Melemele.

The group still tried to interact with him, telling him that it would be okay and that his friends would find him. But he never responded, instead just shrugging and going on with his day. In his mind, he had practically given up hope and accepted the fact that he would never return to his home.

He was just like Mohn.

Akihiro remembered Gladion had told him the story of how his father disappeared. He and Lusamine has been studying the Ultra Wormholes and he had disappeared into one. He’d never been seen again. Every time Akihiro thought of it, he would start to cry. That could be his fate, and it was worse that he was surrounded by familiar faces who weren’t the ones he knew.

“Gengar?” Ophelia poked him, trying to cheer him up in some way. She held a shiny rock she had found on the beach, hoping maybe it could somehow cheer him up.

His sad laugh wasn’t what she wanted to hear. “...Thank you, Ophelia... I’ll hold onto this for you...” he set it in his backpack, rubbing at his eyes.

She frowned, heading back down on the beach to try and find something else. Kaimana suddenly popped out of his Poké Ball, staring down at his trainer. “Prima!”

“I think we have to accept the fact that we’re not going home...” Akihiro said softly, “you’re very optimistic though, Kaimana.”

“Primarina! Prima!”

He had been lucky with his Ultra Beasts, they had come with him but did not try to escape their beast balls. Though, he did let them out at night when no one was around so they could have a bit of time outside.

That changed when his Phermosa, Athena, decided that she didn’t want to stay put any longer that day.

Akihiro felt stupid when he realized she had escaped and was most likely roaming Alola. He knew she would never do anyone any harm now, but for people that didn’t know her would most likely think she was a threat.

“Athena!!” Akihiro cupped his hands around his mouth to make his voice as loud as possible, “Athena!! Come on you can’t keep hiding!”

“Who’s Athena?” The sudden voice of Ash made Akihiro jump. He turned around and found the group dressed in some strange Ride Pokémon outfits. He tilted his head as he stared at them.

“First off, do you all just have a knack for scaring people?? Second, what is with those outfits...?”

“We’re the Ultra Guardians!!” They all grinned proudly, except for Gladion. “When an Ultra Beast is spotted on Alola we go to capture and send them home!”

“An Ultra Beast was spotted?”

“Uh huh! A Phermosa that has been trying to dress people up!”

Akihiro’s eyes widened before he began laughing. “Oh geez... that’s Athena... Of course she’s causing trouble by mistake...”

“Oh okay!” They all were silent for a few moments before suddenly exclaiming “YOU HAVE AN ULTRA BEAST?!”

- - -

Athena had been found on Akala, trying to help a terrified Trapinch back to its Trainer. She had both given it a little bow tie and returned it to its trainer. Akihiro had scolded her immediately when he found her, saying she shouldn’t have wandered off when she knew this wasn’t the same Alola she had begun to call home. She still wanted time out of the Beast Ball, and that gave the group time to ask questions.

“So you have different Beasts?!” Ash said excitedly, “What’s it like to have them on your team?”

“Well, they’re not battlers. I was assigned to capture them when they invaded my Alola, because it was either that or... kill them.” Akihiro looked at Athena who was rummaging in his bag for a Poké Bean. “Originally, I was thinking about somehow getting them back home, but... now they’ve become part of my family and they call my Alola home.”

“Pher~!” Athena had found the Patterned Poké Bean she was looking for, happily munching on it.

“They’re all really friendly now, so it’d be really sad to see them go... of course, I’d let them go back if that’s what they wanted.”

“Wow! That’s amazing!!” The group were in awe as they stared at Athena. She tilted her head before walking over to Mallow, picking a flower on her way.

“Phermosa~!” Quickly, she began to undo Mallow’s hairstyle and redo it. When she was done, she set the flower in the corner of Mallow’s ear and called for Rotom to show her.

“Oh wow!! You did a beautiful job, Athena!”

“Pher!” She looked over at Gladion, who immediately held his hands up.

“Don’t you dare. I don’t need a stylist.”

“Phermosa! Pher...” she took a hold of Rotom, going through the pictures.

“Wait! Athena stop that! Don’t you dare show them—“

“Phermosa!” Athena had pulled up a photo of Gladion, Hau, Lillie, Akihiro and herself. She had styled each of their hair rather messily and was proudly smiling at the camera. It had been the first time she tried to make them look different. Gladion took notice how his other self seemed to be... smiling.

“Rotom! Athena! Stop that!” He immediately tried to grab the Dex from her, only to have it move out of the way.

“awwww come on, zzt!” Rotom laughed, “I have lotzzzz of photozzzz to show them!!”

“Show us show us show us!”

Soon, the group was looking through Rotom’s photos, noticing how each one was taken with great care. Akihiro’s cheeks had turned a dark red as they looked through them, most of them were photos of his team. Others were of him and his group of friends. They stopped on a photo of Hau stuffing his face with Malasadas with Lillie next to him laughing.

“Hey... who’s with you in the background...?” Lillie zoomed in, noticing Akihiro had his arm around someone. On further inspection, they could see Gladion sitting next to him, leaning his head on Akihiro’s shoulder. “Hey! Gladion look, it’s you!”

“...Do you date?” The bluntness of Gladion’s question made Akihiro cover his face, groaning and confirming his suspicions.

“Aww!! That’s adorable!!”

“This is why I didn’t want you to show them my photos, Rotom... I have ones like that...” he dragged his hands down his face, sighing.

Rotom snickered, moving towards him, “But I have zzzo many of thozzze! I could show them all, zzt!”

“So that’s why you left Aether...”

“Well... mostly, yeah... the other is because... I don’t like to interact with Lusamine.” Akihiro rubbed the back of his neck, glancing at Rotom. “She’s... a lot different here than in my Alola...”

“What do you mean?” Ash stared at him, “Miss Lusamine isn’t the same in your world?”

“Not even close.”

“Zzt!! Our Lusamine is scaryyyyy!!” Rotom shuddered as he moved towards Akihiro, “She’zzz getting better but still it’zzz scary to see her!!”

“Rotom, hush!” Akihiro grabbed the Dex, trying to put it back in his backpack.

“Scary? Mother??” Lillie began to laugh, “She’s not scary! Well, maybe when she was fused with that Nihilego, but she’s so sweet it’s overwhelming sometimes!”

Gladion stared at Akihiro, noticing the frustrated expression. “...What did she do?” He asked, “You look angry when you speak about Mother.”

“I’d rather not talk about it. Nothing she did in my world happened here, and I want to keep it that way...”

Chapter Text

Saeyoung Choi!” Her stern voice had the man nearly falling out of his computer chair. Rose was not one to normally raise her voice at him or anything really, so when she did, he knew he was in a lot of trouble. Slowly, he turned in his chair to see her standing behind him, arms crossed and a angry frown on her face.

Oh boy.

“A-Ah, hello, my sweet Rose...” Saeyoung stammered, trying not to make the situation worse for him, “I was just about to finish!”

“Uh huh. Do you know what time it is?”


“It’s 3 in the morning, Saeyoung. I thought I asked you to actually come to bed tonight, and not sit in front of that screen all day.” She walked up to him, her eyes narrowing at him. Saeyoung swore if looks could kill, he’d be dead.

“Oh yes, you uh... you did... yes...” The redhead swallowed a lump in his throat, she was dangerously close enough to drag him to bed herself. And he knew she’d try, even if she couldn’t really do it.

“And why haven’t you come to bed? I fell asleep waiting for you. If I have to, I’ll cut off our internet to get you to relax.”

Saeyoung stuck out his bottom lip, his eyes wide and teary as he stared at her. “Roooooose...”

“Saeyoung don’t you dare!” Her expression faltered, he knew how to get to her immediately.

“But Rose! I promise I’m gonna be done soon, meow!” His fists curled up into kitty paws, he held them up besides his cheeks and tilted his head.

She was starting to smile, he could see it.

“...Do you promise?” He had won, her arms had fallen to her sides and her anger gone.

“Of course, meow!”

“...fine. Five more minutes...” she sighed, watching him spin his chair around giddily and the typing of keys resumed. Rose stared at his back, knowing when she said five more minutes, he heard “Keep going until you’re finished.” She tapped her fingers against her leg, trying to think of a way to get him to sleep.

A grin spread across her face, and she moved to the desk, dropping to her knees. Instantly, he froze, his cheeks turning as red as his hair.

“Wh-What... what are you doing...?”

“Me? I’m not doing a thing. I’m just sitting here with you...”

He swallowed a lump in his throat as she got comfortable between his legs, simply resting her head there. He resumed his typing, ever mindful of Rose just sitting there. She wasn’t doing anything, yet his leg started bouncing nervously. He just didn’t know what to expect.

With his eyes focused on the screen, she made her move slowly. His legs were spread enough for her to set her arms between them, one of her hands reaching for his jean zipper. He jumped slightly when he felt her hand against him, his eyes trailing down to her.

“Focus on your work, Saeyoung...” Rose mumbled, smiling mischievously at him, “You said you were almost done...”

“Ah... yes...” Saeyoung couldn't help glancing back down at her practically every 5 seconds. She wasn’t really doing anything, just teasing, yet he couldn’t help himself. A flood of thoughts ran through his head, many of them inappropriate, and his cheeks turned red.

“Look at that...” she chuckled, gently palming his growing hard on, “I thought you were supposed to be working...?”

“U-Um...” he bit his bottom lip, exhaling sharply through his nose. When she used her other hand to hook her fingers into his boxers, he shuddered at her touch and his hands went to her head.

They were immediately slapped away.

“Ahem, you haven’t finished your work.” Rose stared up at him with a stern gaze, “You don’t get to touch me until you’re done.”


“No ‘buts’ Saeyoung.” When she heard him sigh and the typing return, she immediately pulled his boxers down enough to free his cock. She chuckled, noticing precum was already forming on the tip. “Aren’t you eager...? I’ve done nothing more than a few touches...”

He let out a soft whimper, desperate for her to touch him more. “Rose... please give me a little more...”

She ignored him, simply running her thumb across the slit. “Hm... you know, if I wanted, I could very easily just leave you like this...”

Saeyoung opened his mouth to protest, but all that came out was a moan as Rose slowly began stroking him.

“Hmm... how long has it been since we’ve been together like this? A couple weeks now, right? You’ve been too busy or just don’t come to bed on time...” She stared up at him, faking a pout as she began to speed up her movements, “You know, I bought a really cute lingerie set and I asked you to come to bed, you never came. It’s all pretty and cat themed too... I ended up just putting it away in the closet, and now it’s just collecting dust...”

“I...I’m sorry—ngh!” He gripped his armrests tightly, she kissed the tip of his dick and interrupted him.

“Uh huh... I looked so cute and you didn’t get to see it... how sad...” With her free hand, she traced shapes on his hip with a feather-like touch. She focused on his body language, making sure to take note of when he seemed to be getting close.

“Rose... I—oh fuck...!”

She made a countdown in her head, continuing to touch and tease him until it reached zero, and then she stood up.

“Wha—Where are you going???”

She chuckled as she heard the chair swivel behind her, and turned to face him with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “I never said I’d let you come. But, if you really want my help with that, you save your work for tomorrow and can come to bed to continue. Otherwise...” She blew a kiss to him, grinning “You can finish yourself off. But it won’t be as nice~”

Not even two steps into their shared bedroom did she hear him scrambling out of his chair and practically tackling her onto the bed.