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Viper's Nest (13-Finale)

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Ash and Shorter have no other choice but to head back to your apartment and regroup. Now that Ash knows where Eiji is he is determined to rescue him at all costs. They head back to your apartment with haste, and let themselves in with Shorter's key. When they open the door they find someone other than you sitting in your living room and Ash throws his knife at the supposed intruder without even looking to identify who the intruder is; Blanca anticipating Ash's aggression defends himself by blocking the knife with a book he had laying on the coffee table.

"I see I caught you at a bad time, Ash."

Ash, now realizing who is speaking, feels remorseful for attacking so suddenly, "Sorry." As Ash is heading over to the kitchen to separate himself with his thoughts Blanca walks over to Shorter who is closing the door behind him, "I apologize for the intrusion. I had some business with your Lotus tonight."

"Where is she?" Shorter asks.

"She went to sleep about an hour ago."

"Then why are you still here?" Shorter stared at Blanca with fierce eyes. Ash was on the same wavelength with Shorter and stared at Blanca as well waiting for Blanca to answer.

"I was actually waiting for you two. Ash, I assume you were in pursuit of Rolando and Jamie?"

Ash starts to speak with his arms folded, "Yeah, but shit happened. Rolando and Jamie are dead. Dino managed to hire mercenaries and they have Eiji. He wants me to go to his charity auction which is happening two nights from now; since he is holding Eiji hostage I have no choice but to go. That's where we're at right now."

Blanca walks over to the coffee table which is covered with papers, a tea cup, your laptop (that he managed to unlock), and of course a book he was reading with Ash's knife now bound to it. He gets a few papers from the table and hands them to Ash, "The 'charity auction' you were invited to is not what it seems." Blanca sits back down in the living room and continues, "This charity auction is actually a cover for a black market auction for the now completed 'Banana Fish' as well as selling children to the highest bidder."

As Blanca was speaking about the auction, Ash went through the papers that were given to him. They were profiles of people that were affiliated with Dino Golzine recently including Eduardo Foxx. Ash can feel his heart rate increase with anger and adrenaline when he saw Foxx's photo. He utters "Foxx" under his breath and Blanca hears Ash.

"Is that someone you know?"

Ash snaps back into the conversation, "Um, no. He was Rolando and Jamie's boss and is working for Dino. He has Eiji." Eiji's distressed state he heard earlier starts to haunt him.

Shorter, who is leaning up against the door, tries to keep Ash from going crazy about losing Eiji, "Ash, you good?"

"Yeah, Shorter. I'm good." Ash looks at the phone with the auction information and asks, "Blanca, it says here that masks are required. Any input on that?"

"The masks are for everyone's protection and privacy. Also, this keeps the auction unbiased as no one will know who is there to get their hands on any of the items sold."

"So not only is it an auction; it's a masquerade party too, huh? Pfft...fuckin' Golzine."

"All of this is for his financial and personal endeavor to join in the political race to become Governor in the next election. With selling 'Banana Fish' alone could raise him enough money to run a campaign; the other financial gains are extra."

"If Golzine gets his hands on all of New York he'll run it to the ground."

Shorter adds, "All of us would have to run for cover. He'll make damn sure to take us all out and takeover every turf in the five boroughs...Chinese Mafia, Black Sabbath, you name it."

"Fuck that. We gotta stop this and save Eiji" Ash says with the utmost determination.



"What's up, Eiji?"

"Come to Japan with me. You wouldn't need to kill to survive, and you could live a normal life."

"Heh...I envy people that can live a normal life. I don't know if I could. I've been in this messed up world for so long."

"You can change your fate. I can help you" Eiji offers his hand to Ash. Ash goes to take Eiji's hand until Foxx appears behind Eiji. Ash takes his gun and aims it towards Foxx as he screams for Eiji, but is fatally shot as his body hits the ground and blood starts to pool around him. Eiji couldn't speak and tries to run to Ash, but Foxx drags him further and further away until Ash's body is out of his sight. Eiji manages to yell...


Eiji suddenly wakes up in a candlelit room bound to a bed in what seems to be a spacious room given he can hear his heavy breathing echo from wall to wall. He thought he was alone until he heard Foxx's voice bounce off the walls with a terrifying vibration...

"Are you finally awake, my little blue bird?"