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Aloha in Time

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All of her 28 years Emma dreamed of traveling to Hawai’i, sunbathing on its golden sand beaches, learning cultural history and living its cruisy lifestyle. Hawai’i was always at the top of the list for her travel plans.  A month ago, her dream came to reality when she departed New Zealand for Māui.  Fortunately, Emma managed to get a working visa that allowed her to stay longer than the normal 3-month visa for internationalists.  After two weeks of exploring, Emma found her an apartment and a waitressing job at the Aloha Bar & Grill in the beach town of Kīhei. 


“Emma, you have two on table 8.” Informed the Hostess

“Okay, thanks I got them.”


As Emma poured water into tumblers for the diners, she introduced herself.  “Aloha, my name's Emma and I will be your server today.  Here are your menus, can I get you both something to drink?” She smiled.


When she looked up at her patrons, Emma became mesmerized by the beauty of the brunette seated before her, Emma could not stop her eyes from admiring the beauty.  The shine of her silky thick hair flowing around her shoulders, the touch of mystery behind her beautiful cocoa colored eyes, her long black eyelashes, and the smoothness look of her tanned colored skin, Emma was instantly smitten.  Caught off guard by her thoughts, a frown formed across Emma’s forehead.


“Hello. Excuse me.  Emma, are you with us?  Emma?”  The lady in question sounded annoyed as she flicked her fingers in front of Emma’s face.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry.”  Emma could feel the heat enveloping her. “I’m so sorry about that.  What can I get you?”

Looking slightly amused by the waitress, the woman smirked.  “May I have a red from the Ulupalakua vineyard, please and for you, tita?”

“A Bikini Blonde please.” Replied the brunettes’ redhead sister with a glint of mischief in her eyes.

“Great, I will put those in and give you a little time before ordering your meal.”

“Thanks, Emma.”


Walking away Emma felt so embarrassed, she had no clue what came over her.  Checking out another woman has never happened before, and of all times it had to happen while working. She needed to keep her head out of the gutter, another relationship is definitely not on the cards especially with a female.


“Hey girl, I see you have the one and only Regina Mills at one of your tables.”

“Who?” Emma shrugged her shoulders. Unsure as to whom Ruby, her co-worker was referencing.

“Table 8, the brunette.”

“Oh her, yes I do.” Emma could feel the heat in her face rise again.

“Emma, don’t tell me she’s already made a complaint against you?” 

“Huh?  No… not yet.”  Just then Emma realized that Regina was staring at her, for a brief second their eyes met before Emma swiftly turned back to the long-haired brunette standing beside her. 

“Okay Ruby, talk later.  I need to get back and take their order.”

“Good luck tita!”


Emma took a deep breath to regain her composure, she didn’t understand what was happening to her and she definitely did not want to convey whatever was happening to Ruby.  She loved the woman but sometimes her mouth works faster than her brain.  And Emma found that out in her first week of work when Emma imparted some details around her break up with her boyfriend.  The next day, Emma noticed that all of her co-workers would either look at her with a sad look or rub her arm in comfort.  When she finally worked up the courage to ask Ella, another worker why all the comforting from the workers, Ella told her that Ruby had told them all her secret.  Emma was furious and didn’t speak with Ruby for a week.


She shook her head of the memory, took another breath, exhaled very slowly, clutched her pen and pad then walked over to table 8.


“Have you both decided on your order?”  

“Emma,” Regina spoke softly.


“My sister and I have been trying to guess your accent.  I swear it’s a New Zealand accent but she believes it’s either Australian or South African.  Please put us out of our misery.” The beautiful woman smiled showing perfect white teeth beneath her luscious plump lips.

“Ahh… well, ma’am, you’re…” Before she could continue, Regina raised her hand up to stop Emma.

“People call our mother ma’am.” She smirked.  “My name is Regina and this is my sister Zelena.  I hate to be called ma’am; it makes me think that I’m old... too old.” Regina laughed staring into Emma’s jade colored eyes.

“I’m sorry.  You’re correct though, I am from New Zealand, I’m here for a few months.”

“I told you tita!” Regina grinned then looked up at Emma.  “I know that sexy accent anywhere.” She paused.  “I guess you’re of European heritage, with your blonde hair, green eyes, and fair skin.” She assumed.

Emma’s face scrunched up in a goofy grin.  “Actually, my mother is part Māori, or you know, the indigenous race of New Zealand.”  The blonde corrected.  “Everyone always assumes I am not of mixed blood, due to my ah… coloring.”

“Mmm… a beautiful lady, beautiful culture, from a beautiful country and the sexiest accent if ever I heard one.” Zelena teased.

“Stop it tita and leave the poor girl alone,” Regina growled her sister without taking her eyes away from those of the waitress.

“Okay, okay.  I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable Emma, but it is all true.”

“It’s fine ma’... I mean… yeh, it’s fine. I get that a lot here.” Emma replied while trying to keep her embarrassment to a minimum. Finally, dropping her eyes from Regina’s, she turned towards Zelena.  “Can I take your order?” She continued.


The rest of the evening went by quickly as Emma’s tables were filling up.  Fifteen minutes after their last encounter, Emma noticed the food had been delivered to table 8 and walked over to ensure everything was to their liking.


“I hope the food is great, could I get you both another drink?”

“Yes please,” Regina replied. “Oh Emma, how long have you been here on Māui?”

“A month.”

“What sights have you seen so far?”

“Umm… not many.  I’ve been to ‘Īao Valley, Pā’ia and Front Street in Lāhaina.”

“Common places.  How do you get around, do you drive?”

“By bus.  I’m a bit scared to drive here, in case I drive on the wrong side of the road.”  Emma laughed as she recalled Ruby letting her drive her car and she drove on the wrong side of the road.  She was still recalling how frightened Ruby was when she nearly hit another car.  The sound of Regina’s laugh woke her from her reminiscing.

“I know what you mean.  I thought the same when I was driving for the first time in New Zealand.  I had to keep reminding myself to keep left.”  Regina grinned.

“You’ve been to New Zealand?  I haven’t met anyone here yet who has been there, but it’s on everyone’s bucket list.” Emma was intrigued.

“Well, now you have.  I’ve been multiple times.  I love Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud.” Regina replied.

“Wow, your Māori pronunciation is great!” Emma sounded amazed. 

“I love the culture and made it my duty to at least learn basic pronunciation.   So, Emma, I was wondering, if you will allow me the honor of being your tour guide for a day to show you around the island?  I was fortunate when I was in New Zealand to have a friend be my guide and I would like to reciprocate the hospitality.”


Wow, Emma thought, that offer came out of nowhere.  It left Emma kind of perplexed and unsure how to reply.  For some unknown reason, this lady, this stranger made her nervous and sent emotions through her body that she could not explain. She wasn’t sure if she could manage an entire day of her body being engulfed by pent up nerves.


Emma’s frown didn’t go unnoticed by Regina.  She wondered if Emma knew that her body illustrated her thoughts so easily as if she were a picture book.  Regina wanted to get to know this blonde, and what she wanted she always fought hard to make sure she got it.  So, she pushed a little further.


“Come now, I promise to show you places that no bus can show you and I will be the most respectful and responsible guide that you will find on the island.” She smiled.

“Um….”  The blonde glanced at the woman.  “Umm okay, I guess.”  The blonde stammered.

“Great!  Here’s my card, give me a call and we can organize our day.”  Regina sounded excited.

“Okay… great and thank you, Regina.”

“No, thank you.  It will be my pleasure to spend a day with you, Emma.”


Emma couldn’t believe what had just happened as she walked away to put the drinks into the computer.  She worried that she was about to spend a day with a person who she didn’t know, an absolute stranger a stranger that sets her nerves in disarray.  As she began to surmise over what just happened Emma heard Ruby come up to the counter.


“Emma, are you okay?  I noticed you were a while at table 8.”

“Hey Ruby, yeah I’m okay thanks.  Just… ya know… something strange happened.”

“Oh, a good strange, bad strange... details?”  Ruby prompted.

“She offered to spend a day taking me sightseeing.”

“Sightseeing?  Wow, she must like you, girly.  We all dread serving her because she is never satisfied.”

“Mm…” Emma replied quietly.


Sometime later, Emma presented Regina with their check and bid them a good evening.  As she was leaving the table, she thought she heard Regina speak to her, by the time she turned around Regina had nearly finished speaking.


“…and Emma, if I don’t hear from you in a couple of days, remember that I know where you work and I will return to seek you out.” Regina smiled, a smile that would taunt Emma for days to come.

“I will call you Regina and again, thank you.” She assured her.

“You’re welcome, see you soon.”


Emma couldn’t wait to get away from the table, her palms were sweaty, her heartbeat had increased rapidly, her face felt hot, and she knew it was all because of Regina Mills.


Three days later, Emma was seated outside the Beach Café on South Kīhei Road awaiting her breakfast while contemplating whether to call Regina or not.  She was nervous, Regina made her insides feel like they were connected to a gymnast.  Just the thought of Regina and Emma’s belly would start doing somersaults.  She thought about the last words Regina had said to her but thought it was highly likely said in jest, and what really can Regina do if she didn’t call her, she thought.  With that decision, Emma put her phone away and tucked into her breakfast before heading to the beach. 


Five days later, Emma heard a commotion out the front and a female voice demanding to speak to Emma.  She knew that voice, it had been haunting her dreams for over a week now.  She felt the heat rise, her palms sweating and the belly flips begin. 


“Aww man, surely she hasn’t,”  Emma said to herself before Ruby came through the door.

“Emma, you’re needed out front, Regina is demanding to speak to you.  What did you do?”

“Me?  Nothing, absolutely nothing.” She stammered wiping her hands on her apron before taking a deep breath and walking out to the front.


“What is going on?  Regina, you wanted to speak to me?”  Emma interrupted the argument at the front door of the restaurant.

“Emma!  Yes, I do.  Can we speak privately?”

Emma looked towards her manager who gestured to move to a booth in the corner. 

“You have ten minutes Emma.”

“Thank you, Graham,”  Emma replied to her manager before stomping off towards the booth.  She was angry. 


Emma could feel the heat of Regina’s eyes on her back as they walked to a table, it felt intense as if they were engraving words into her back.


“Emma, I have been waiting for your call, how come you never contacted me?  I told you what I would do.”  Regina started as they sat.

“I thought you were joking.”

“When I say I am going to do something, I am going to do it,” Regina replied.

“Well, I’m sorry but I decided to not take you up on your offer.”

“You’re sorry?  You’re not…?  May I ask why?” Regina demanded.

“Regina, look… I don’t know you from a bar of soap.  Whether or not I called you was my decision and I chose not to.  It’s not every day that I roam the countryside with a stranger, and I’m not about to start now.  The fact that I chose not to call you should tell you that I do not want to go sightseeing with you.”  Emma’s face was red with anger.  How dare Regina demand anything from her.


Regina took a minute to take in what Emma said to her.  She noticed Emma’s ponytail swaying side to side as she spoke, her once light eyes now dark glaring with anger, and the allure of her breasts swelling every time she took a breath.  This young beauty captured Regina’s attention the moment she heard her speak and there was nothing that was going to stop her from spending time with this gorgeous Kiwi girl.


“You’re right Emma, and I sincerely apologize for my behavior.  I’m used to having my way, getting what I want and doing what I want to do.  If I were any different, I would not be where I am in life.  Sometimes, I forget that other people have feelings, needs and sometimes even exist.  I’m extremely sorry for my behavior, I guess I was exhilarated that you agreed to spend the day with me and show you around this beautiful island, that I got my hopes up. I hope you understand.”


Amazed at the sudden change of attitude and direction, Emma was surprised to hear Regina asking for forgiveness.  She let out an exhausted breath. 


“Look, Regina, this is only the second time we have met and I’m unsure about spending a day with you.”

“Then get to know me, Emma, I can assure that you will be safe. I can provide you with character references if you wish?” Regina smiled


Emma loved hearing her name roll off Regina’s tongue, it was as if she moaned her name every time and that smile sent her emotions skyrocketing.  How could she turn her down?


“Alright, I will give you one day, and if I feel that the one day is enough, you have to agree with my decision,” Emma told Regina.

“I will and thank you.”  Regina beamed a glorious smile that sped up Emma’s heart.


Emma stood and looked down at Regina.  They say that a person’s eyes are the windows to their soul, if that is true, then Regina’s soul showed only one of beauty and kindness. It was at that moment, subconsciously Emma knew that whatever is going on between her and Regina, one day will never be enough.


“Okay, I have tomorrow off.  I will meet you here at 8.30am for breakfast and then we can go.”

Excited, Regina jumped up and hugged Emma. “Thank you, Emma, you won’t regret it.”


Smiling, Emma replied that she had to go to work.  Regina left the restaurant with a skip in her step and smiles for everyone she passed.  A far contrast to her arrival.