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"Listen up, human residents of Gensokyo, for the fantastical show is about to begin!" The happy little fairy had fluttered around the village for a good long time, and had managed to gather the entire village as her crowd, when Reimu arrived.

"What show?", the villagers mumbled confused amongst themselves. "Who are you?"

"Why I'm the arbiter of right and wrong, don't you know?", Clownpiece proclaimed. "The messenger of the heavens! The holder of peace!"

Frowning, Reimu crossed her arms at her nonsense. At least the clown dress was appropriate. While she was a bit ashamed over her village, surely this jackass wouldn't be able to convince anybody of anything.

"...and I've been sent to spread the news that the circus is coming to town!", the fairy cheered while doing happy air loops to the captured buzz of her audience. "...but since you don't seem to even know who I am, and we visit only the best of towns, we need to get you in shape first, so pay attention! There will be prizes! Who among you is truly a good person?!"

As the villagers looked about amongst themselves, confused, Clownpiece continued her energetic speech. "The first sign of a good person, is that they will buy only the best of commercial brands, which we are happy to represent! Have you visited your local store today?! You can tell that it's a good store if they sell our brands! This concludes this day's announcement!"

A salespitch fairy? Reimu gathered that she really must be from out of town, that audicious outfit aside.

Still, when the audience dispersed, it did so with a strange sense of belief in her words, as if they had struck a chord in them.