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Someone help him

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“Kageyama-kun! Will you please refrain from bending all the spoons in the cafeteria?”

He blinked out of his reverie, looking up to meet the disapproving gaze of one Iida Tenya. “Huh?”

“The spoons. Would you stop twisting them? It’s rather disruptive and Lunch Rush is getting angry.”

Looking past the tall frame of his class president, Mob caught a glimpse of his classmates scattered across the room, wearing heavily confused expressions. But then again, anyone would if their cutlery started to randomly float out of your plate, surrounded by a veil of blue and violet-




His cheeks heated up, bangs of straight black hair falling over his eyes. The abused metal utensils straightened up in a flash, gently floating back into their rightful places. “Sorry,” he spoke, his tone even. “It won’t happen again.”

Iida nodded stiffly. “It is fine. But if I may ask, is something troubling you?”

“Yeah!” Uraraka chimed in from beside him, snatching her own spoon out of the air to stick it in her cereal bowl. “Your quirk always acts up when you’re worried about something.”

Midoriya hummed and leaned close to Shigeo, but not so close that it made him uncomfortable. “You look kind of out of it. Are you okay? Did Kacchan and the others overwork you yesterday?”

Mob peeked out from between his bangs, catching the concerned gaze of his classmates. He shook his head, sheepishly fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “No, it was alright. Kirishima-kun is really good at adapting his training to everyone’s stamina, and Bakugou-kun only screamed at me a few times when I fell behind.”

“They can get pretty extreme, ribbit .” Asui softly croaked as she walked up to their table. She greeted the group who responded in kind before handing Mob a glass of cold, fresh milk. “There, Shige-chan. You forgot.”

Mob’s eyes widened. “Ah… thank you, Asu- Tsuyu-san.” he stuttered, gratefully taking the glass as Asui sat among his classmates. Something warm settled in his chest as he watched them, his blank expression shifting ever so slightly.


He has so lucky to have such caring friends.


“I guess… I am a bit worried over the upcoming written exams.” he finally admitted.

The others stayed silent, nodding at him to elaborate. Mob hummed, taking a gulp of ice-cold milk to gather his thoughts.

“I’m… not really good at anything without my quirk. I can’t strategize like Midoriya-kun or lead other people like Iida-kun. I’m not very strong either, even with Kirishima-kun’s help.”

He put down the glass and stared at his untouched pancakes, the fluffy stack sogged by the syrup poured a bit too long ago. “I’m not smart like Ritsu. Aizawa-sensei said I almost failed the written entrance exam, I’ve been really struggling with maths lately and-”



Mob stopped, mouth hanging slightly open; Iida was shaking his head, arms flailing in a mechanic frenzy. “You underestimate your capabilities, Kageyama-kun! You have proven to be a reliable partner in hero training, as well as a very capable mediator among our fellow classmates!”

“Iida-kun’s right!” Uraraka nodded, her expression steeled in protest. “Everyone gets along a lot better when you’re around! Just look at Bakugou-kun, he was a lot meaner before you beat him during the sports festival!”


The following “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY, MOONFACE?!!” coming from the other side of the room was promptly ignored.


Asui put a long finger to her chin. “Shige-chan really cares about everyone, doesn’t he? He’s always so careful not to hurt anyone and protect us, and he’s really good at rescue work.”

Red spiky hair popped into Shigeo’s field of vision. “I just got here so not sure what brought this on, but I second the fact that Mob’s a pretty cool dude!”

“Kirishima-kun…” Shigeo murmured, his cheeks coloring slightly. He wasn’t used to receiving that many compliments in one setting and he wasn’t sure how to handle it. “That’s… really nice of you to say.” He turned to face the rest of his friends, self-consciously scratching his cheek. “Thank you, everyone. I really appreciate this, though I am still nervous…”

“That is quite alright.” Iida declared, almost putting his hand on Mob’s shoulder and refraining last-second, mindful of the teen’ personal space. “As class president, it is also my duty to inquire about everyone’s well being. It is natural to feel nervous about such things, even with a strong support system.”

The engine hero readjusted his glasses. “I believe Yaoyorozu-san has been tutoring  Ashido-san and Kaminari-kun for a while. Joining their study group may help clear things up for you.”

Mob blinked; he hadn’t thought of that. “Maybe. I’ll ask her when we get to class then. Thank you, Iida-kun.

The class president nodded, a small smile lighting up his serious face. “Of course, Kageyama-kun. Anytime.”


Twenty-two percent.