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The Way She Bites Her Lip

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Becoming a knight turned out to be the best decision despite his lineage and innate malevolent nature. Despite having to play a hero of honor, courage, and bravery it affords him with plentiful opportunities. As a high ranking knight women tend to become more inclined to indulge his ravenous appetite. Shirking his real duties to fuck around on the mid plane turned out to be more satisfying than he first thought. He gets his dick wet frequently through a variety of women. There’s no attachments and no responsibilities. His favorite kind of combination.

When he and Ban—an immortal human actually interesting enough to earn the title of friend—are accepted into the kingdom of Liones as diamond ranked Holy Knights, Meliodas begins his gradual conquest of the kingdom's women once more. Save a family from bandits and he's welcomed into the wife's bed when her husband's away. A passing glance from a butcher's daughter earns him a quick fuck in a darkened alleyway. There's available pussy everywhere and the years pass with little notice.

That is until he begins to notice a certain stare.

It felt like hesitant brushes to his senses too quick for even him to catch. It wasn't until a rather simmering summer afternoon that he discovered the culprit. He'd wanted to practice his swordsmanship solo, simply loving the way the blade slices through the air sharply and cleanly as it would any foe.

The sun beats down on him something fierce. Sweat makes his hair heavy and stick to his skin, beads of it rolling down his neck and sticking his shirt to his skin. Unrelenting as the heat is he decides to remove his top, and not long after he feels it. Light touches that linger over every inch of skin exposed. It makes him shiver, such a heavy appraisal, and before long his cock is a rigid bulge in his tight pants. He's very insidious in the way he takes a look around through his bangs, searching for this woman who obviously seeks special attention. There's no one in sight, the other knights spread out through the castle and kingdom and off on certain missions. So being smooth in the way he straightens and stretches his arms over his head, he looks up.

Oh, he rumbles inwards intrigued. Eyes of crystal pools are hooded and entrancing, her heart shaped face flushed a lovely pink framed in lusty silver hair. Despite being partially hidden behind stone railing he can see the hourglass shape of her curves and round tits that whets his appetite like never before. He doesn't need to sift through his thoughts long for her identity. She's the King's third daughter, Princess Elizabeth.

Trying to be subtle about the way he shifts his pants around his arousal, Meliodas gives her a little smirk and a deep bow. The little squeak she makes at having been caught slides down his spine in fast hot trails, and it becomes his next mission to hear more sounds from those full pink lips. "Good afternoon, m'laday. I hope this day has been treating you well." He greets after standing straight once more hoping the hunger in his eyes doesn't show too much. It wouldn't do to scare off his pretty prey.

She flushes darker and gains a cute stammer. He bets she's never once had a man between her legs. He licks his lips slowly. Virgins are the best .

"I apologize, Sir Meliodas! I didn't mean to disrupt!"

He groans just quiet enough for her not to hear. She knows his name. He's had an admirer for longer than he realized. "Don't worry yourself. Your lovely audience flatters me." He makes his voice purposefully throaty and relishes the way she shivers and swallows.

"I..." Her hands tighten around the railing. She makes a show of looking over her shoulder before looking back down at him, pupils blown wide. "I must be going, someone's calling. P-Please, excuse me." She gives a hasty bow, silver locks tumbling over her shoulders and cleavage showing before slipping back inside.

He lets her escape. For now. But his hearing is quite keen and he stays beneath her balcony just to listen to her pleading whimpers and muffled shouts of his name as she touches herself to completion. His arousal throbs sharply the rest of the day, but he powers through it knowing her tight cunt is his for the taking when the time comes.


They begin a game of cat and mouse.

He's returning from a mission with Ban off the skirts of Liones. Bandits had been pillaging and intercepting trade roots. Their magic had been commendable but nothing the two couldn't handle on their own. The two are passing by the royal gardens, a wide oak tree to their left with a couple kissing behind its cover. He stops and Ban pauses too as he lifts his eyebrows in a touch of amusement.

Howzer—a low ranked knight, but with the potential to climb the ranks—has the third princess pinned to the tree with eager kisses. Ban's snort alerts the two and then Howzer's spluttering and begging for their secrecy.

Elizabeth doesn't take her darkening gaze away from his. A silent message passes between them in the slow way she bites her lower lip.

Meliodas gives her a crooked smile, satisfied as he and Ban swear their secrecy and move on. Just from that look alone he knows Howzer is only getting a taste of her lips and a touch of her clothed breasts at the most. Her pussy is meant for him to deflower.

"What was that?" Ban asks him in his usual singsong tone when they're in the grand hall.

Meliodas brings his hands behind his head and raises his eyebrows. His expression is otherwise blank. "What was what?"

Red eyes pierce him through, immune to his guise. "Are you really crazy enough to fuck the princess?"

They reach the barracks and Meliodas shrugs. "I haven't touched her."

Ban begins unlatching armor with a sigh. "But you will."

Meliodas doesn't deny it. There's no point in trying.

"Look I get your pussy hungry ways. I'd honestly be doing the same if I hadn't found Elaine. But for once, think things through. What's going to happen when Baltra finds out you fucked his daughter?"

Meliodas sighs, losing his armor as well. "He won't. I'm smarter than that."

Ban seemingly gives up and grabs a towel heading to the baths. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

The warning goes right over his head. Instead he chooses to lie down in bed with Elizabeth's image in mind. His hand may not be what he wants, but it'll do for now.


His dick is wet and hot surrounded by tight lips and a lavishing tongue. He moans low in his throat, chin falling to his chest as he watches his cock delve into and retreat from plump red lips. His fingers weave into the back of dark locks, his other hand busy fondling her exposed tits for his pleasure. A ball had been held in honor of a visiting kingdom, all knights and nobles having been invited. There'd been a bountiful choice of women to spend the night with, but one stood out clearly from them all. She'd been wrapped in yellow silks and gossamer frills that brought out the racy side of her innocent aura. Her hair had been pinned up in an intricate do that left his fingertips tingling, his breath tight in his lungs. Elizabeth had been a delicious treat on the horizon just out of his reach. She'd known his eyes had been on her and did everything she could to tantalize his inner demon.

He huffs forcing himself deeper into one of the noblewoman's mouth trying to imagine it being Elizabeth's cunt, but falling hopelessly short. She'd danced with man after man, finding his eyes as they'd stolen touches to her round ass and thighs, just daring him to intervene. She'd even come so close to him under the guise of refilling her punch. He'd have sworn electricity was arcing through the scant space between them. His hips snapping faster as he recalls the graze of her breast across his arm. "Fuck," he grunts as hands play with his balls and massages his thighs. He's so close . But he knows he needs something else, something more so he can come.

A sharp inhale and his head snaps to the hall outside of the alcove. Elizabeth stands, silver hair loose and curly, a sheer nightgown hanging over her frame as she clutches a glass of water. He doesn't stop what he's doing, keeping his eyes trained to her face as she watches him fuck the noblewoman's mouth. Her skin pinkens heavily all the way up to her hairline and the tips of her ears, but those rose petal lips part. Her thighs visibly clench.

He comes with a lurch, a sharp curse on his lips as his head lolls back. Thrusting jerkily as the woman moans, he has to bite his tongue to keep from groaning Elizabeth's name. By the time he's done, pulling his cock free of cum smeared lips, Elizabeth's gone and his blood is hot and racing.  

A hunt, the thought drifts lazily up . He's been participating in a hunt without even realizing it. It's why his interest in other woman has waned considerably. He's singled Elizabeth out as being worthy of pursuing further sexual encounters with. One time won't do. He'll have to work her free of his system before he becomes the prey and she the hunteress.


The days grow longer and longer. He's trying to evade Ban after having stolen most of his hard cooked meal. He'd give Ban an honest fight if his mind was more into it. Lately he’s been more interested in what comes in the week ahead. So instead he ducks quickly into a sitting room waiting for Ban’s footsteps to pass. Though he loses focus the moment he catches her smell, thick with arousal.

His breath catches as he turns to see her sprawled on the couch dress discarded but corset still in place, pressing her breasts up like an offering on a plate. Her thighs are pressed closed, but her fingertips are glistening wet. Their eyes meet as she blushes profusely, the sight of her once more stealing his breath away and has his insides melting oddly. They both are frozen. The air thickens between them with electric anticipation. His cock is already rigid, straining against his pants as he gradually begins to pant. They haven't even touched and it feels like his hearts are about to beat right out of his chest. When her eyes drift down like a sluggish caress over his body, he moves, snapping the tension like a crackle of flames.  

He falls to his knees before her, pulling her to him as he gathers her thighs over his shoulders. A quake rolls through him as he sees her glazed pussy, smells the thick heady scent that sends his desires surging higher and higher. He looks up at her as her fingers combs her fingers through his hair, smearing her slick in the strands as she scratches his scalp lightly. She looks nervous through the bite of her lower lip, but eager as she presses her feet to his shoulder blades. He tries to make sure his eyes don't become too dark. "Has anyone ever done this to you before?" He scarcely recognizes the amount of pure need in his voice.

"No," she gasps.

His cock feels like it's about to burst and he hasn't even touched himself. "Then allow me to be the first." As soon as his tongue slides through her folds it's like he loses himself to unbridled lust. The world becomes nothing but Elizabeth and her slit under his devouring mouth. His tongue flicks rapidly and he kisses her deep, suckling and groaning as her hips rock faster and she heats beneath his lips. He can't seem to decide where to focus more, tonguing her body deep or sucking that lovely pink pearl. He's never had this problem, never wanted so much of someone at once that he feels like he's shaking apart from the overwhelming force of it.

"Meliodas, M-Meliodas oh god please!"

His pulse thunders under his skin and he grabs her thighs tight, eating her out until her flavor is branded in his being and she bows with her screams. She jerks in his hold, thighs closed around his head as she pulses rapidly, intoxicating him with the taste of honeysuckles and sin, the very nectar of gods.

He makes sure she's finished, flicking her swollen pink flesh one last time before he's climbing over her with rapid breaths. She appears completely boneless, eyes drooping until he takes her purple corset and rips it clean apart. The tatters fall away and she gets a fresh burst of energy, sitting up to begin undoing the buttons of his shirt in his shock. Her tits are magnificent. Perky, round, milky flesh with rosy tips just begging him to kiss.

She's faster than him though, jerking his shirt over his shoulders and placing her hands on his sides like hot brands. He groans a tight sound as her lips move across his chest, paying special attention to his pebbled nipples. Meliodas is lost somewhere beneath the rolling heat, mind blown by how indescribable having her hands and lips on him feels. Just the thought of what it'll be like to be inside her makes him whimper as his throat dries.

Elizabeth sees this as a good sign, a deeper flush working down to her chest as she looks up at him through thick lashes. Slowly, carefully she begins to undo his belt then the fastenings of his pants, her eyes telling him everything as she lies back completely bare between his legs.  

I want you.

He throws their little game out the window. Fuck waiting. He'll have his prize now.

He brings his hands down to hers and—

"Lady Elizabeth!"

They both become icy statues.

"Lady Elizabeth, where have you hidden this time?"

She gasps, her eyes going up to the window presumably to track the sun. "I'm more than an hour late for studies," she confesses barely above a whisper.

"Princess!" The woman shouts, but thankfully from further away.

They gradually loosen as the sound of the woman fades away. That was too close for him. He goes to back off with a dismayed sigh knowing he'll have to wait just yet. But Elizabeth holds him in place her blue eyes pleading. "Can I at least see you?"

His breath leaves his lungs once more in a whoosh. Just the sound of her has him hooked. He brings a hand to her chin, thumb sweeping over her bottom lip in a way he's never done before. He has to shake himself from some stupor, bringing his hand to stop hers. "If there's no barriers between us... I might not be able to hold back," he tells her but his will is already slipping away under her gaze, his pants being pulled down to his knees.

She brings her gaze down and breathes a hungered moan at his dick stiff and twitching slightly with his rapid pulse. She doesn't hesitate, grabbing him in her silken hold and fire coils in his belly his balls tightening up before he has a chance to breathe. "E-Elizabeth wait—" But she's already stroking him in slow, firm tugs and he bows over her with a curse. He feels it from the base of his skull to the tips of his toes, pleasure surging like white hot waves. It's incredible .

It's humiliating.

With a last weak thrust into her fist, she lets him go and he sinks to the couch in front of her outstretched legs. He can't look at her, his face and ears prickling with the first blush he's had in a long, long time. He can't fathom how the fuck such a slip could happen. His control usually so strict now in splatters across her body. Snatching up his shirt, he turns to her still not meeting her gaze and begins to wipe his cum off of her. She lets him. "Sorry," he grumbles swiftly, first wiping down her arms, then her mouth watering breasts and a spot on her thigh, unknowingly lingering his touches for far longer than he should.

"Why?" And he looks up noticing a wealth of warmth in her gaze he's never seen directed at him before. It makes his hearts feel weird. "That was incredible... And you didn't even let me finish."

When he looks at her in confusion she brings her hand to his dick and his stomach clenches.

"You're still so hard. Why?"

His jaw loosens and his brain promptly malfunctions. "Because I still want you."

She looks tickled pink as she smiles, her hands moving to grab his hips. Hearts lodged somewhere in his throat, he moves over her the way she positions him. She's licking her lips and he knows she's going to do what he just did to her, what she witnessed in the hall. She's going to suck his dick.

Her lips kiss the tip and the oxygen floods from his head. His body suddenly so sensitive, the lightest of touches has him dangling way up high. He watches dazed as her lips part, and slowly like the most wondrous of torture, she takes him in. She's obviously inexperienced from the slight grazes of her teeth and her unsteady motions. But somehow she has him moaning, his mind whirling at the possibility of this being the best head he's ever gotten. She takes him in about halfway before she takes his hand and presses it to the back of her head then guides the other to her cheek. Her eyes connect with his, trust overflowing there.

It makes a place inside him weak. “Oh, Elizabeth…”  

He begins to guide her mouth gently over the length of his cock, heat filling his chest as he keeps his eyes on hers. She's hot and soft, sucking in her cheeks at such unexpected times his eyes flutter and his pulse jumps. He's fucking her mouth, but not really. It's something a bit different, something so intense he breathes lengthy sounds and tries to keep himself steady. He doesn't want to break her, this woman whose face he cradles carefully. This woman who lights him up more thoroughly than anyone else before her. So he presses against her tongue, fills her mouth with sluggish tugs to her head, and that's when he's rewarded with her touch. Feather light tingles up his thighs, sizzling trails up the bunching muscles of his torso, then sliding back down to grab around his ass. He makes a strange noise, giving a tremulous roll of his hips before he can stop himself. Her eyes flutter and the heat goes up a notch with her answering noise.

She begins to swallow more matching his hastening pace as fire trails up the insides of his thighs. He's gazing into her eyes as gradually he starts, from the seams of his being, to come apart at the threads. Her hand moves to caress and fondle his balls like a shock to his core. Her other hand falling swiftly out of sight. His breathing is harsh and quick, his balls tightening in her hold. Wet sounds emerge from between her legs and frantic moans tumble from between his lips, his composure all but gone.

His head falls backwards his eyes falling shut as he comes with a ragged breath of her name. Gratification rolls up his spine in deep lazy bursts and he finds he has to look back down into her eyes, needing to see her as she swallows his seed. There's only a thin ring of blue around her pupils as she gives up after a few swallows, jerking back so white paints her lips and chin. He tugs his dick quickly, quaking as the last of his seed lands on here chest, leaving him weak in the knees.  

Elizabeth whimpers his name and sinks back onto the couch her body like a coil ready to snap as she works herself towards completion. It's like an invisible pull brings him down over her. His hand pushes hers out of the way so he can work her up with quick touches and suck bright pink spots over her heaving breasts like a man lost to his lust. She wraps her arms and legs around him, crying out for him loud and shattering, this kind of pleasure still new to her. It makes him burn hotter, his tongue swirling over her chin and the corner of her lips when she finally snaps with a scream. He hooks his arms under her, letting her pussy slicken his cock in unsteady rubs. Elizabeth fills him to the brim with sensation that renders him off kilter. From her smell to her touch to the way she simply feels. So of course that's when she locks her fingers in his hair and drags him into their first kiss.

This knocks cogs loose in his brain as he becomes rigid in her hold. Kissing isn't something he does. It's reserved for skin and slick cunts, but never the lips. But still she works his mouth in a deep almost tender way as she comes down from her high, and he finds her taste to be sweet. He takes in a slow breath and moves his mouth a smidge, sampling a little more. He relaxes on top of her and dips his tongue past her lips. They shiver in usion. Another breath and their mouths slant together. She's kissing him. He's kissing her. They're kissing and it awakens him once more.

He reaches between them. She widens her thighs. The tip of his dick is wet when a sharp rap sounds on the door.

“Lady Elizabeth if you have been hiding in there this whole time, there will be consequences!”

Elizabeth jumps beneath him and he lets her scramble up, her face ashen as a spell seems to disperse. “I'm sorry! I'll be right out!” She yells panicked, hurrying to pull up her fluffy purple dress, the corset unsalvageable.

He doesn't move other than to sit up and back against the couch, his thoughts spiraling free. What the fuck was that touchy feely shit? Did I lose my balls?

Elizabeth slips on her last heel, and knowing she's crunched for time still leans over him, hand splayed over his topmost heart as she steals what one would call a tender kiss from his lips. “Thank you for that, Meliodas…” She looks rumpled and smells of him and sex. He attempts to grip the reigns of his usual demeanor in her spell binding presence. “I still expect a gift…” She breathes against his lips, her cheeks going bright red despite what they've just done.

That kicks his mind into gear and he gives a lecherous smirk. “Oh that's a given Princess.”

Her breath catches and she stumbles away, then races out the door.

He listens to the two vanish for a still moment. Then he's gripping his hair at the roots in tightly curled fingers and shouting out his frustration. “When the fuck did I fall under her spell instead of the other way around?!” Was it her eyes? Her tits? The promise of mere pussy? His eyes burn holes into the ground as he grinds his teeth until his jaw pops. He needs Elizabeth out of his system. Now. She's making him soft, making him do things that disgusts his demonic nature to the core. But how?

The door creaks open and his dark eyes snap up to find Ban waltzing into the room. He can imagine he must be quite the sight. Dick out, hair as wild as a mad man, and looking on the verge of snapping.

Ban just smirks. “Wanna talk about it?”

Meliodas hisses and stands pulling his pants up. “No.” He doesn't bother putting on his cum stained shirt. “I've got an idea that should fix things.”

Ban sighs and shakes his head. “Whatever you say, Cap'n.”

“That mission in Istar? We're taking it. It should take us a week to get there, take care of things, and get back.” He looks at Ban and twists his lips into a sharp smile. “Of course you don't have to go with.”

“Oh I'm going with. Someone's gotta keep your ass in line.”  

Meliodas chortles and walks through the door. “As if that's in the realm of possibility."

Things may be going off course, but one thing is learned through this experience. He'll have Elizabeth bedded and a mere notch in his belt come the week's end.


Trolls and their Queen thought it apt to attack the sacred land of the druids. Causing chaos and destruction resonates harmoniously with Meliodas, but he squashes that down for the time and leaps into battle with Ban. They make a game of it between them, seeing as the trolls really are of no consequence. Blood splatters, hearts are stolen and crushed, but the trolls keep coming and it becomes clear their Queen is the driving force.

His smirk is a bit twisted as his blood runs hotter from bloodlust, he springs from fractured stones towards the flabby beast with his sword drawn back.

Goddess runes blaze bright in her eyes. He fumbles in shock and lands messily with a twist of his hips. White light illuminates in gentle rolling waves before the queen troll. He draws his sword forward, horizontal at his chin. Hairs at the back of his neck is instantly on end, and a vicious instinct sears under his skin. A goddess is projected before them all, a mere spirit, but he'd recognize those short blue locks and elfin features without pause. The high guard of the goddesses who accompanied... His mind banks. Who was it? His expression cracks at the void in his mind and she takes her chance to unleash hell.

"Meliodas, you vile beast! I'll slay you for your crimes!" Hand poised like jagged claws raw magic charges towards him with all the subtlety of a basilisk.

He leaps and bounds away with renewed energy, his feet light and agile with the slackening hold on his immense power. "Me a vile beast? Is it not you who's possessed an innocent being and attacked druids, your followers , in the name of misplaced vengeance?"

Her eyes burn white hot with pure hatred, her snarl twisting her face as she howls. Magic bursts forth in an uncontrolled volley. Women shriek, pleading for Jalemet to stop. His body moves and he's twisting, sword slicing through the air with a faint whistle. Upon contact ice flows through him, his power receding before doubling back in savage, dark flames. "Full Counter!" The magic rebounds and swallows the frozen troll and her possessor in a blink. Ugly screams are stretched and warped before fading in the wake of the sacred altar exploding.

In the buffet of wind that follows he hears twin gasps and turns around, hand already behind his head, face split in a sheepish grin. "Oops! Sorry about that!"

"What did you do to the great altar?" The blond one with voluptuous curves and a dress to show them off growls right in his face.

The other with dark hair and a more demure demeanor pulls her sister back, her gaze not leaving his face. There's an obvious flush to her skin and he internally smirks. Jackpot.

"Jenna, we must praise, not scorn our savior." She takes Jenna's place who stomps towards a now drinking Ban.

His hand is gathered and placed on her chest right above her heart... conveniently above a plump tit. "Meliodas, please let me thank you! You took back our altar as promised! If you want to... maybe we could... together..." Her green eyes darken and her voice turns to hushed silk across his skin.

He looks her over slowly, finding the appeal in her feigned innocence not unlike his own. He knows she—and her sister—is a goddess in borrowed skin. This sacred place of purity is one he sought after needing to tarnish something with the sin writhing under his skin.

He needs to feel in control of his actions and not just led around by the nose.

He squeezes her breast teasing and slow, feeling her nipple pebble. "I'll take you up on that offer."

"Zaneri! Get over here! You want to honor them so badly? Get over here and help cook!" Jenna shouts over, still a bit pissed.

Zaneri blushes and ducks her head. "T-tonight," she stutters and hurries around him.  

He turns to watch her ass sway, sporting a semi hard on in anticipation. He'll fuck her hard and good, just like he did the last. Just like he'll do the next . Heart clenching blue eyes swirl in his mind’s eye before he squashes the image before it takes form.  


Night has stolen the sky, smoke from smothered flames drifting through the air. Crickets chirp a constant buzz, white noise to their panting breaths. He's balls deep, sweat dripping between his shoulder blades with each thrust. Her legs are spread and quaking, ass up and face down in the cushions spread all about. Her fists are tense in the sheets as she tries in vain to strangle her desperate sounds. He grips her waist and bears down sharply just to hear her squeal, feeling glee as he plays her body with ease. It feels fucking great the way her cunt shudders briefly around him, coiled flames drifting down his stomach at the feel of her impending orgasm.  

Her dark hair is loose and tumbles around her shoulders in a thrilling and familiar way. He mouths down the side of her neck in harsh little nips just to hear her sigh his name. When she does it sounds wrong, like glass on the verge of breaking, but he ignores it. His hand dives under her over slick supple skin where he finds her bouncing breasts. He kneads each with just the right amount of pressure to have her hips rocketing back into his, wanting his dick deeper. His eyes fall shut and his punishing pace stutters, a white hot shock rushing down his spine. Her ass is gripped next as he pulls away from her back to watch his cock vanish into her body again and again in the moonlight. It's an enticing sight the way she takes his cock so diligently. He feels a flash of sparks under his skin, his balls tightening as he groans raggedly.

"M-Meliodas! Don't stop!" The words are strained high, but he blocks out her voice again, curving his hands into her fleshy ass and for a moment imagining it bigger. His breath catches and the thought comes unbidden. How would Elizabeth look taking my dick like this?

The fantasy unfurls before his mind's eye. She's stretched out before him, her silver hair a mess from his insatiable need to touch it and practically white in the moonlight. She's making all kinds of noises that hooks deep inside him and fills him right up. "F-fuck," he gasps, bending back over her as want, heat, and euphoria converge inwards all at once. Elizabeth pure, but somehow naughty as sin looks over her shoulder, eyes lidded, brows furrow and lip between her teeth, her gaze like hot coals across his flesh telling him just how much he's pleasing her. Her demon prince doing his do diligence to service her.

He tenses, taut as wire. Then with a shaky sound he's hit with his release like a sledgehammer. His mind reels and sound is swallowed by the rapid thumps of his heartbeats. He claws his fingers into the bed, smacking hips into her flesh through each wave as her pussy starts to convulse. He molds himself to her back still shaking as he presses his nose to her hair. Elizabeth is—

His eyes snap open at the wrong smell and Zaneri sags to the bed. Just as fast as gratification flooded his veins, ice overcomes it and spears him from the inside out. He pulls out removing the skin filled with his seed and promptly discards it, not looking at her. His motions are stiff.

Despite her obvious limp frame lined with relief there's a tenseness to her that makes the air thick. "Elizabeth...?"

His jaw tightens and storms form in his eyes. He'd said her name. A slip that never should've been made.

"Is she your...?"

"She's nothing ." He snaps gaze finding hers and a flash of frigid blue is in her green eyes. His heart stills but it's gone as fast as it comes, his mind playing tricks on him it seems. "Elizabeth is nothing ," he says again somber until his insides twist and he adds, "I barely know her. I barely know you ."

Eyes a hopeful green, she carefully takes his hand and lifts it to her pounding heart. "But you can..."

He waits for something. A flicker of flame where they connect.  


He takes his hand back and stands seeking his clothes. "You and I would never mix," he tells her cold, but honest as he finds what he seeks. He leaves before her expression fractures, with not an ounce of regret. Because it's true. Goddesses and demons can’t coexist.