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The Alpha Inside

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The Alpha Inside

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Part One-The Alpha is Born

Moving into the morning light was a wolf. He was huge, powerful, his russet fur glossy and thick. His large paws kissed the earth with a lightness that belied his size. His dominant gaze fixed on his target, his sturdy body crouched down, the muscles along his flanks quivering with tension....

Jacob jerked awake. His body was caked in sweat. He breathed shallowly, his dark eyes wide and piercing in the half dark. It took him a while to compose himself, to calm his racing heart. He was sick with a fever-had been for days-no one was allowed to see him. Every minute of every hour that passed like slow molasses increased his frustration. Whenever he closed his eyes, the large russet wolf was all he could see, all he could feel.

Whispered voices outside his door attracted his attention. One he recognised as his father's, the other belonged to Sam Uley. Jacob scowled, Uley was the last person he wanted to see. It was because of him that he was trapped here, caged like an animal, when all he longed for was to be as free as the red wolf that haunted his dreams.

Jacob's eyes drifted to his window. Outside he could see the darkened silhouettes of the trees being lashed by the wind. That's where he should be-out there in the wild-not boxed up in this small room. His dark eyes glowed with an inner fire as he rose from his sickbed and stood facing the door. The handle turned down, it slowly swung open to reveal Sam's huge body filling the doorway.

An unaccustomed rage filled Jacob's bones. His view of the world twisted and warped. Red seared his vision while his body buckled and twisted as if it was under some strange psychosis. Fire-there was fire everywhere-burning his skin, burning his very soul. Strange voices filled his head. Some he recognised. Some that were alien to him.

But one voice was more dominant than the others-Sam Uley.

"Calm down, Jake."

"You don't get to tell me what to do."

Jacob was raging like a mad bull in a china shop. His body felt strange, his limbs struggled to obey him. There was noise, confusion. He heard his father's voice calling his name, but it was distant, far away.

"Outside now."

It was Sam again, commanding him, ordering him around just like he did to his little gang. The cult of Sam Uley.

With a defiant roar Jacob broke free of the chokehold Sam had on him. He would never obey Uley. He was born to lead, not to follow.


"You do not own me. I own you."

The chains snapped, one by one, he could feel the power inside him vibrating like some wild thing. The tenor of his voice made the beast inside him shiver. It needed an outlet, an escape.

It found one.

A howl-so loud, so vital, so musical in its intent-made the ground shake and the trees shiver. A low rumbling made the earth tremor. The sky turned a brilliant red, matching the russet hues of the wolf's magnificent coat. The human, and the spirit animal that inhabited the most primal part of him, were joined in an endless union.

Jacob could see, hear, and smell everything around him. Everything felt new and fresh. He could feel the trees and plants growing. Mother nature surrounded his soul like a warm blanket. He was a part of it, it made his soul soar, he was free.

In the shadows of the trees more wolfish shapes appeared. An instinctive howl tore from Jacob's throat, but the tone of this cry was different, gentler, more welcoming. It was the call of the Alpha to his pack. Answering howls greeted his call. Together the pack filled the air with their singing. Their hymn, their one song, had no words, but was filled with pure joy.

But one voice was missing. The song was incomplete.

Sam, the lone black wolf, hung back. Unsure. Unwelcomed. His authority was gone, vanquished when Jacob accepted the beast inside and assumed the mantle of Alpha. He watched warily as the new leader of the La Push wolf pack paused in his singing and looked his way. Dark eyes met, silent words were exchanged.

"Welcome, beta. Do you accept?"

The black wolf's assent came without hesitation.

"I accept."

His authority was diminished, but it wasn't gone. The new Alpha was wise to offer him this olive branch and he was wise enough to accept. Soon his voice was added to his brothers as they celebrated the arrival of their king.

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