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It was never anything very serious. Just a bit of harmless fun to pass the boring hours between finishing his school work and submitting to sleep. And besides, it wasn't like he was hanging about with his cock out like most of the people on Chat Roulette.


No, Chuck was always more of an opinion giver. The kind to set Max up on the chair and train him to wear a pair of sunglasses and be cute while Chuck took command of the keyboard and gave informed opinions on just how small someone's cock was. Well, they were Max's opinions, really.


Sometimes he got a good reaction, twice he and someone dressed up as Spiderman had a banter war that took up most of the night, but it was usually just random time wasting. There was the odd exception but it was usually just something to fill the hour or so before his mushy brain completely gave up.


That night was different only in that Max had earned a little Hawaiian shirt as well. Sitting pretty and patiently for the little dog biscuits he knew he would be fed if he sat there. For whatever reason his human seemed to love it, so who was he to care.


Raleigh flipped open the lid of the laptop and double-clicked the webcam icon, and soon enough he was staring back at his own face. Which, he felt, was quite good-looking. He positioned the lid just so that the camera didn’t show his face, but definitely showed his bare chest, and boxers.


He grinned and opened his browser.


It had started as a joke, really; Yance daring him to go chat with some total strangers on the internet wearing nothing but underwear. His brother had been all like, “c’mon, no-one’s gonna know it’s you, it’s hilarious, trust me”.


But Raleigh had gotten a lot of reactions. A lot of positive reactions, at that. More than he’d ever gotten in high school. Okay, so maybe all the praise was a little addictive, who cared? It was the internet. It was anonymous. Nobody knew who he was, and if people didn’t want to see his bod, then they shouldn’t be on Chat Roulette, where you saw genitals more often than not.


Raleigh logged in with his usual ID, ‘danger1998’, made sure the laptop was sitting stable on the pillow on his bed, sat back, and pressed the ‘Start’ button at the top of the screen.


He was met with the usual handful of half hard dicks stroked in fluorescent glow of a computer screen, a few group of girls with a sign reading "Show us your dick!" in Swedish and English, a few almost immediate 'Nexts' from people just browsing for girls and then finally the atmospherically lit bedroom of an English bulldog in a Hawaiian shirt and RayBans.


Chuck had been surfing for a while and nearly hit the Next button, expecting to see yet another cock pop up on screen but.. well. It would be a lie to say he didn't linger for a moment. There was nothing wrong with admiring a nice set of abs.


"What do you reckon, boy?" he asked. Max seemed uninterested and turned his head to the side. There it was, then. He smirked and quickly typed into the chat before the other moved on.


Flex harder, mate


Raleigh chuckled at the sight of the adorable dog, who apparently liked what he (she?) was seeing, and happily obliged, tensing his abs and rolling his hips forward a little.


you like that, doggie? whats your name?


Oh, Jesus. Chuck took a small breath, watching the body react, hips rolling, muscles tensing.


He shouldn't care, it was just some random naked guy, but damn.


And maybe it was the anonymity that made it alright. Enough to not worry about enjoying the gratuitous fanservice. Enough to not feel like a complete pervert.




Which was true. He did ask about the dog.




Raleigh hesitated. His real name was girlish enough as it was, so he should just go by something else, right? People didn’t usually ask for his name, just called him Danger. Which he liked, a lot, because it sounded badass. Well, he’d started the whole name questions thing.




Ray. Sounds like a mechanic. And as for Danger, Chuck wasn’t sure how badass it really was, but sure. Whatever. That was the thing about being online, wasn’t it? You could be anyone or anything you wanted.




Raleigh bit his lip. He was, like… talking to a dog. Duh, there was a person there somewhere actually typing, but… well, he was curious.



you, not your dog :)


I don’t know what you mean. I am a dog as you can plainly see.


He typed automatically, then actually considered it. Sure. Why not.




So far so good, Raleigh thought. Bulldogs didn’t live that long, or it’d have to be really special immortal bulldog. So that was probably the real info. And if he lived in Sydney… Raleigh didn’t have to worry about, like, getting stalked or something. Or ‘Max’ being anyone he knew.


Maybe he could be a bit more forward, just to see what would happen.


like what you see, Max?


Chuck snorted out loud. Yeah, of course he did, why else would he have bothered talking with an abdomen this long. But he could smell his ego all the way from America.


Then again, American , so he really shouldn't have been surprised.


and if I do?


This was ridiculous, he thought. But also harmless. It reminded him a bit of those websites where you pay to chat with a model on live feed but so what. He was seventeen and this guy was hot (from what he could see) and Chuck Hansen was his own man. Besides, it could be worse. He could be out huffing paint or something. In the grand scheme of things this wasn’t all that bad at all.


Raleigh smiled.


could show you more.


Chuck glanced over at Max and whistled, tossing a dog biscuit onto the floor. “Here boy, go get it.” The dog harumphed and jumped out of the chair to retrieve his prize. It sent the glasses flying but neither of them cared. It left the frame empty but they were still very much connected.


go on, then.


The dog jumped out of the frame, leaving Raleigh with only a vague impression of a wall, a floor, and maybe something like a desk.


He considered asking Max to show himself, but decided against it. Maybe he could… maybe Max would do it himself, eventually?


Raleigh paused. Just what was he doing here? He glanced at the webcam, at the screen, the words in the chat.


He was getting kind of excited


If Yance found out he’d never hear the end of it. And… 17 was underage, right? It was in America.


Why was he even thinking about that? Shit.


But his fingers flew over the keyboard, quickly opening a new tab and looking up ‘age of consent in australia’.




The fuck was he doing, really?


He frowned and stared at the monitor again. It was gonna be now or never or something. This was anonymous anyway, just some random stranger on the internet. As he kept telling himself. And he was really, really curious how ‘Max’ would respond…


Raleigh ran a hand down his chest and abs, over his thigh, then back up, and hooked his thumb under the elastic band of his boxers.


"how’s this?


Aw fuck. Chuck found himself letting out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding, unconsciously wetting his lips as the other moved. It also took him a moment to realize he’d moved ever so slightly closer to the screen.



He answered, brain knocking him back into reality. He’d lost himself in the slow moving frames for a moment. Some small fantasy of licking the curve of those abs taking up most of his concentration.


take your pants down


Quickly followed by,


get hard for me


You know. Just to see if he would.


Fuck . What the… what was this teenage brat thinking —


But those words on the screen sent a hot thrill down his spine and straight to his dick. Raleigh shivered, shifted a little. Dammit. He was already getting hard, and not even touching himself.


That just wasn’t playing fair.


show me more of yourself first


Chuck smirked. Oh, the game had just gotten very interesting.


are you sure? I could be some old fat bastard


Ah shit, he immediately thought. That would likely scare him off. He’d been told in the past his sense of humor didn’t always translate over text. Or at all. Bearing that in mind he slid from his seat to the spot was usually reserved for Max during these adventures online - slouching back and throwing an arm over the back of the chair.


His webcam wasn’t particularly great and the frames per second on Chat Roulette wasn’t state of the art, but he was easy enough to make out, even in the less than amazing light. He’d had the camera set up for Max and therefore pointed downwards but what was his face, anyway. Keeping his face out of it felt safer, anyway. The frame caught him neck to navel. Young but well muscled and wearing a loose black singlet. Raleigh got a flash of baggy sleep trousers as he moved over. Not that it mattered much. Not that Raleigh was wearing anything.


And to be honest Chuck preferred it this way. Giving the orders, reaping the glee when they were followed. It didn’t really matter it was some random guy on the other side of the planet.


In fact, that almost made it better.




Oh yes, Raleigh was happy. Very happy, considering the state of a certain body part as Max revealed himself. Not a whole lot, but… pale skin, lean muscles… and definitely not old or fat.




He still felt kinda unsure about taking his boxers off. He hadn’t actually, really done this with anyone, ever. Not like he was a virgin or something, but this was different. He didn’t even know who Max was, there was a whole Pacific ocean between them. He thought that would make him feel safer, but… it only made it riskier. Weirder. Hotter.


Raleigh ran his hand over his half-hard erection, wondering what Max would think of its not inconsiderable size.


see? definitely happy.


Chuck couldn’t help but smile, shifting slightly in his seat, unable to hide the little thrill that caused.


That’s right. Get hard for him.


He swallowed and wet his lips, a small gesture he often made when he was thinking—not that Ray could see. Something in him was sending a warning. That maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. That maybe his dad would barge in any second and catch him stroking his dick on Chat Roulette but-


Well. But nothing. He was still sitting there. Still enjoying the show. Still encouraging it.


Like what you see, Ray?


How own words back at him.


Raleigh was quickly losing his common sense. This was his own room, but shit, Yance could walk in, or…


But he was still getting harder, and was now lazily stroking himself through the fabric of his boxers.


yeah. wanna see more of you.


do you? where’s my incentive?


Not that he really needed one, but it was fun all the same. An experiment of sorts. An experiment in getting hot guys out of their shorts. Chuck didn’t consider himself a scientist, but he could on this occasion, and in the name of science he knew what he had to do. Which is why he slowly dropped one hand and slid it up his chest, dragging his shirt up to give a peek at the body he’d earned on the rugby field.


Raleigh let out a low whistle at the revealed six pack. Max looked good . Especially for a 17 year-old. Raleigh wondered if the kid had been lying about his age, though he didn’t really see the point.


looks good 


He took a deep breath, and then pulled his boxers down just enough for his cock to spring free.


There, he did it.


this enough incentive? ;)


Winky smiley.


“Nerd”, Chuck said aloud, but he had gotten what he wanted. So there was that.


And it was nice. This guy was nice. It wasn’t surprising he found himself with his hand on his crotch, the blood in his body quickly reallocating to his nether regions.




Okay. He could do this. He just..needed to kick Max out and lock his bedroom door first. Which he did quickly and returned to his seat, wiggling out of his shirt slowly so that the frame rate wouldn’t ruin.


is this what you want?


Raleigh’s dick twitched at the sight of Max’ full naked upper body, looking broader than he’d expected now that the black singlet was off. Big shoulders and arms, defined pecs and abs running down into narrow hips —


It’s what he wanted to see, but it’s not all he wanted.


Raleigh was still slowly fisting himself, which was actually getting kind of painful, and he wanted to get off. Maybe he should just close the laptop and grab a few tissues. He’d usually watch porn to get this far, but hey, whatever worked.


For some stupid reason he didn’t want to think about, he kept the laptop open, chat window and webcam right there.


He sucked in his breath.


want more.




But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Chuck rather liked it. His heart was hammering in his chest, adrenaline coursing through him. This wasn’t a big deal, right? It was just some harmless fun. It didn’t mean anything. The fact this was the most action Chuck had gotten in a while had absolutely nothing to do with it. The fact the guy was fucking beautiful was in no way affecting his judgment. Neither was the way the guy spoke to him. Nope. Not at all.


“Fuck me..” He mumbled, shifting again, leaning forward to pull the webcam down slightly further so he could slouch in his seat and absently hook his thumb in the waistband of his trackies. Playing there for a moment, letting his fingers slide over the cut of his hip, the planes of his lower abdomen, before pushing at the material.


But he was determined not to lose the upper hand. Was there an upper hand? This wasn’t a contest or anything but..


say please


Raleigh figured Max couldn’t have missed how he bucked up into his own hand at those words. Oh, fuck… he hadn’t known this would be such a turn-on.


He typed the word carefully with one hand, cursing the way every letter sent another tiny shock through his body. He pressed ‘enter’.


And nothing happened.


“Shit, what the…” Raleigh mumbled, tapping the key again. And again, harder.


The page went blank.


“Fuck!!! Fuck, come on…”


On the lower left of the screen, there were zero bars on his internet connection. “You’ve got to be shitting me.”


Then the bars went back up, and the chat screen was back.


But Max was gone.


Just like that.


And just like Raleigh, Chuck was screaming at the computer. He was just starting to get into that and the guy moved on? What bullshit. It left him on edge, all riled up and now he was left on his ass, hard and ready and..completely lacking stimulation.


“Fucking asshole..” He grumbled and pushed back, erection tenting the fabric of his trousers. The mental image of the guy’s body was now seared into his mind, thanks a lot, and it seemed the only way of getting rid of it would be to finish solo. Not really that huge a deal in the grand scheme of things but it felt empty in the moment. Like he’d been let down. And so it was a sour, grousing wank that ended the night and kept him away from Chat Roulette for a solid week.


And by then it didn’t matter anymore. And his free time was once again devoted to getting girls to flash their tits for his dog.


After Raleigh had suppressed his urge to throw the laptop across the room, he fell back on the bed grumbling — and still hard.


“Down, boy,” he muttered, closing his eyes.


But the excitement that had been coursing through him when he was chatting with Max, getting each other to undress, who knows what more… maybe he would’ve jacked off on webcam, or see Max do it.


With a flush of shame on his cheeks, Raleigh’s hand crept downwards, wrapping around his still achingly hard cock.


“You little bastard,” he said, even though it wasn’t like Max could hear him. And fuck, it had been a totally random, anonymous encounter. Now he was jerking off thinking of this cheeky Australian guy, the way he’d just ordered Raleigh around — and how much he’d liked that — and fuck, he was never going to find him or talk to him again amongst the millions and millions of people that were on the internet every day.


Somehow, that didn’t discourage him.


He found himself going onto the chat site every night, just in the hope of catching a glimpse of a white-and-brown bulldog, possibly wearing clothes and sunglasses. Raleigh kept his clothes on. He’d recognise the dog, wouldn’t he? He no longer felt like letting anyone stare at him over the internet. Anyone else, maybe.


By now he’d clicked the ‘next’ button so often, if he’d gotten five cents for every click he’d be a damn millionaire.


“Rals!? You coming with us or what?” Yance called from the living room, just as Raleigh made his one bazillionth click. Still no dog.


He should go out, shouldn’t he? Pizza was good, friends were good.


But what if the next click…




Raleigh sighed and shut the lid. “I’m coming!” he yelled back.


Yance was giving him the death glare when he managed to get out of his room dressed and smelling like Axe.


“Dude, I am going to throw that laptop out the window,” Yance muttered. “You’re turning into a nerd.”


“Shut up,” Raleigh mumbled. Even though Yance was totally right. Sigh.


They went out for pizza, Raleigh laughed and talked along... And the first thing he did when he got home was dive into his room and crawl onto his bed, grabbing the laptop.


Yance followed him close behind. “Seriously?” he said, opening the door to Raleigh’s room. “What’s with you?”


“Just someone I wanna talk to,” Raleigh mumbled unthinkingly.


Yance’s face brightened. “Ooooh! Is that what’s going on? My baby bro has an online special friend?” He barged in and climbed onto Raleigh’s bed. “So, who is he? Do you have a picture? I bet he’s hot. C’mon, Rals, show meeee —”


The sound that came out of Raleigh might’ve been something of a snarl when he protectively clutched the laptop in his arms before Yance could get to it. “Just leave me alone, alright?”


Yancy laughed. “You’re blushing!? Oh my god, do you have, like, a crush on him? You know all the guys you meet online are creepy hairy rapists right?”


Raleigh slumped forward. “This is all your fault anyway,” he said.


Yancy raised an eyebrow. “‘scuse me?”


“You were the one who dared me to —”


Yancy fell back laughing. “Oh, oh god, no way, that’s what it is? Ahahaha, oh wow, baby bro,” he grinned, nearly wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes. “Please don’t tell me you showed anyone your wang.”


“Aaarghh, would you shut up!?” Raleigh exclaimed, pushing Yancy off the bed. “It’s none of your business!”


Yancy pulled a face and stuck out his tongue. “A- ha , but you’re showing your business to the nice gentlemen online — pffftt,” he snorted, and went into a full-on laughing fit.


Raleigh shook his head and sat back, carefully putting the laptop down on the floor. With his foot securely on it.


“Okay, so, maybe I met someone,” Raleigh eventually said, when most of Yancy’s laughter died down. “But it was random. And now I can’t find him.”


Yancy sat up and sighed. “Oh. You’re serious, huh, kiddo.” He leaned forward and ruffled Raleigh’s hair. “Listen, you can’t just lock yourself in your room like this, dude. Plenty of guys out there. What made that one so special?”


Yeah, what made Max so special? Raleigh frowned. Maybe he had just gotten caught up in the whole thing.


“I guess,” he replied.


“We’ll go out tomorrow night, all right? Me, you and Tendo,” Yancy said. “We’ll be your wingmen. Hook you up with a real-life cutie. How’s that sound?”


Raleigh grinned. “Not so bad.”


Yancy smiled and patted Raleigh’s head for good measure. “There ya go. No more flashing your dick at the webcam, you hear me?”


Raleigh affectionately threw a pillow at him. “Yeah, yeah.”


It had been weeks, maybe months, and Raleigh had forgotten all about that one time he pulled his boxers down for some kid in Australia. He’d gone out a whole bunch of times, dated someone, stopped dating someone.


On one summer night, he found himself clicking around on Chat Roulette again. Just because. He really wasn’t looking for anyone in particular. He was just bored, not wearing much more than shorts because it was hot even for Alaskan standards.


He clicked, and was faced by a bulldog in a fancy outfit.


Raleigh froze, heart thumping loudly in his chest. It couldn’t be…




What were the chances? Out of all the people on the internet how many were on this dumb website? Out of that number how many had a bulldog they liked to dress up? The statistics of running into someone more than once on there were slim to none but, hey, they did happen.


There would come a point when someone would have to eventually intervene in the Hansen’s obsessive and slightly scary obsession with buying Max clothing, but that day had not yet come. Tonight’s ensemble was very fancy, indeed. A little police uniform with a small foam axe held in his mouth.


An obscure costume, but Chuck enjoyed it so what did it matter.


Their last screen finished and flashed to a new partner. Chuck was halfway through writing a small comment when the chat pinged. Not ‘Hello’. Not ‘Hey doggie’.




He looked at the user ID


No fuckin’ way.


The urge to push max out of the way was almost overwhelming, fingers tearing a strand of abuse into the chat but he pulled back before sending. He could just ‘Next’ the asshole but…


Well, what were the chances.


So he took a moment to really consider and decided maybe starting with an avalanche of abuse for being a Next-ing dickhead wasn’t the best start. To be honest, he didn’t know why he really cared all that much. It was one near brush one time months ago. How this guy even remembered him was a- well maybe not a mystery, Chuck thought, glancing at Max who was still holding the axe, a line of spit dripping from the side of his mouth. He guessed Max was pretty distinctive.






A thousand horror scenarios played out Raleigh’s mind, all of them exactly the same. He didn’t know how ridiculous the odds were of finding Max again, but he wasn’t going take another chance at it.
sorry about before
my connection went dead


He reminded himself he had to breathe. Right. Okay.


Shit, now what? Max probably thought he was some kind of obsessive stalker or creep. The fact that he even remembered the dog, and the guy’s name, and was throwing his email address around. Well. No going back now, was there.



Chuck asked before he could think otherwise.


and here i thought you just got sick of me


If that was true, maybe it was for the best he hadn’t jumped on him.


The sane part of his brain wondered why he cared but the hard done by horny part remembered exactly why.



Raleigh replied. Paused to find the right words for a minute.


i was having fun.


Now there was a concept.


me too.


Chuck paused as well, scrubbing a hand over his face and glancing at Max. “Go find dad. Go on,” he shooed and Max obeyed, leaving the frame empty to show as Chuck got up and closed the door behind his dog. Somewhere, Herc was scratching his head over just where Chuck had found a tiny plush axe. Not that he was complaining.


But good, that business taken care of, he flicked the lock and sauntered back to his desk, sitting back in the worn captain’s chair he’d liberated from his neighbor’s yard sale the year before. He didn’t care, he’d find a way to bring it with him to uni. Somehow.


He smiled, seeing that the guy was still connected, and let his right hand aimlessly wander over his stomach. Oh...yes he remembered Ray, now. He remembered exactly where they’d been, as well.


miss me?


Raleigh wasn’t sure if Max meant it or not. Maybe he was just asking some shallow, flirty question.


But Raleigh had missed him, as much as it was possible to miss someone who you barely knew, and hadn’t really seen their face, and… well, okay, maybe it didn’t make much sense, but Raleigh had wanted to see Max again. Really, really wanted to see him again. And that counted as missing him, right?


yeah. a lot… actually


It sure counted as something.


It was not at all what Chuck had been expecting. Instead of a simple yes or no, or even something flirty he got...sincere. Somehow. And somehow he found himself thinking something along the same line. Ohh. Dangerous territory, here.


good to know


He opened a new tab to email and added the guy to his contact list. Just in case. Because apparently internet was shit in Alaska. Which made sense seeing as they all lived in igloos or whatever.


I’ve been thinking about you


Maybe a little forward...possibly creepy, but Chuck wasn’t censoring himself tonight. So they have each other on email now, big deal. It didn’t have to mean anything. Right?


I mean, what are the chances?


Raleigh blushed when Max said he’d been thinking about Raleigh. It kind of made him feel… happy. Which was silly. It’s not like he knew anything about the guy.


yeah, i know.

I looked for you

sorry if thats weird.


in a good way

came the reply. Because it was weird. But he liked it.


you’re lucky you’re cute


 Raleigh smiled. And decided, what the hell. They’d gotten this far. He pushed the lid of the laptop back further to show his face and his biggest smile. Which he knew from second-hand accounts was pretty enticing.



my real name is Raleigh, btw. not Ray.


Oh shit, Chuck bit his lip. He was hot. He was really hot.


“Raleigh...” He said aloud, working over the syllables. Wasn’t that a place? He had no idea if he was saying it right, but it wasn’t like the guy could hear him.


Ah, fuck it. He wasn’t a coward. Chuck wet his lips and pushed his camera up, offering a small smile to parry Raleigh’s grin. It might have just been the computer glow, but those were the bluest eyes Chuck had ever seen. Framed with a shock of blonde hair and a face to match his body. It wasn’t fair.


Max is my dog

my name is Chuck


Holy fuck. Max — no, Chuck , what the hell — was handsome. Really, really handsome. One might say jaw-droppingly so. Strong jaw, glinting eyes under a deep brow, and… dimples. Raleigh wasn’t sure how to deal with those dimples, two small valleys in Chuck’s cheeks that somehow made his face softer and sexier at the same time. Wow.


It all felt a little less weird, now that they saw each other’s faces and knew each other’s names. Way better than an anonymous pair of dicks. Raleigh chuckled.


Hey, Chuck

You’re not so bad yourself ;)


Chuck snorted, and shifted position a little under the praise, his little smile widening. He didn’t know what it was about the smileys but they were just... cheesy. Which seemed to suit Raleigh from the limited information he had gathered. So what could he do but offer back an exaggerated winky smiley.


“You’re such a dork.” He found himself saying.


Raleigh saw Chuck’s lips move, and wondered what words they were forming. He could hardly lip-read. And blinked. It’s not like his laptop came without a microphone, right?


Want to voice chat?


Oh. Busted. But Chuck laughed and leaned forward to pull his keyboard into his lap.


Why not.



Skype, right. That probably worked better than Chat Roulette, anyway. And Raleigh was so incredibly done with the site, this was probably the last time he’d ever visit it.


yeah, okay. my skype is raleighssweater98.


I’m sensing a story, there.


God, what was he doing. Chuck added, the familiar little boing of a new contact request being sent pinging through the speakers. which was a good reminder to scramble for his headphones.


oi, oi


Just to make sure he had the right contact. Not that there seemed to be many- oh. Raleigh Becket .


Again, it seemed to suit him. Lyrical in the good ‘ol American sense.


‘Chuck Hansen is online’, a cheerful pop-up informed Raleigh. So much for anonymity.


But… Chuck was cute. And interesting. So what the hell.


Raleigh switched on the microphone on the laptop and called Chuck. The familiar dial tone jingled through the speakers, and then, silence.


This was so weird. It was kind of silly that in this day and age Raleigh had never properly videochatted with anyone, but all his friends were at the UAA, and if they wanted to see each other they drove to the uni bar.


“So uh… hey,” Raleigh eventually said nervously.


“Hey.” He answered, video feed whirring to life. Raleigh wasn’t the only one nervous. Chuck wasn’t the most personable person on his best days. He liked controlled environments where he knew what was expected of him. Where he knew the rules and could then break them. He didn’t like chance. He didn’t like the unknown. And here was Raleigh Becket. A chance. An unknown.


He’d like to think the guy’s appearance had nothing to do with it but... that would be a damn lie.


“What time is it over there?” A standard question, thick accent resting somewhere in the upper half of his mouth. The trademark of his people.


Whoa . Raleigh was thankful for his crotch momentarily being out of the webcam’s field of vision. He was pretty sure something stirred just hearing Chuck’s accent. Which was… unmistakably Australian and then rendered twice as hot by Chuck’s own deep, rumbling voice.


Raleigh glanced at the clock. It was pretty late, so… just how many hours ahead was Sydney anyway?


“Two in the morning,” Raleigh answered. “And, uh, you? Like in the afternoon or something?”

Chuck glanced at the clock.


“Just passed eight in the evening.” He drummed his fingers on the desk, chewing on his lower lip. “Puts us..eighteen hours apart.”


A small smirk.


“Hello from the future.”


Crap, there were those dimples again. Raleigh smiled nervously. “Hey.” Was he blushing? He felt like he was blushing. The thumbnail of his webcam feed didn’t really show it, though.


“So, um. It’s nice to talk to you,” Raleigh ventured. If by nice you meant almost painfully awkward, he thought.


This might be the one time someone was more awkward than Chuck. A feeling he would gather up and cherish for later, inwardly musing about how smooth he had thought Raleigh was on chat. It just goes to show.


“Well, we aim to please.”


Keep it light. Keep it easy, he thought. Don’t open your mouth and be a spastic.


Pretty much his mantra these days.


“So.” A beat. “Raa leigh. Just how often were you thinkin’ of me?”


Raleigh had trouble keeping the smile off his face. Chuck was pretty good at this sort of thing. In a bar or at a party, Raleigh had no trouble hitting people up — it was almost unconscious, the way he’d pick up their body language, their attitude, all the little tells that told him where to push and pull.


But a laptop screen didn’t have any of that, and seeing video was somehow not the same. He wasn’t sure why. Feeling like he’d lost his magical charm was a bit annoying, but Chuck seemed to make up for it.


“It’s Rahleigh,” he corrected Chuck with a little smirk, though he definitely liked the way Chuck rolled the R off his Australian tongue.


“I dunno… sometimes,” he said. Then chuckled and looked away. “‘kay, maybe a lot, back then.”


Raleigh glanced back up at the camera, which was a weird way of making eye-contact, because… well, because it wasn’t .


“Sorry I kinda left you hanging,” Raleigh said, giving Chuck the little grin he made with his face whenever he typed a winking smiley.


“Implying I waited around for you,” Chuck answered almost immediately. Smug in his words and stance. A small, open invitation of banter.


“But the least you can do is try to make it up to me ay, Ray.”


Chuck was pretty cocky, huh.


Raleigh kind of liked it. Most guys he dated were actually a bit too meek, but Raleigh was a tall buff blonde dude, and he either attracted guys who thought Raleigh could be their daddy, or guys who wanted to be Raleigh’s much older, much hairier daddy. No thanks .


Chuck, on the other hand, was younger, not that hairy, and apparently not that meek either.


Raleigh sat back and grinned. “And how do you figure I should do that?”


“Mm,” the other replied with a sing-song shrug. “You seem like a clever bloke. I’m sure you can have a brainstorm. Maybe jott some thoughts down.”


He had half a mind to suggest picking up where they had left off, but... not yet. It was a little strong to come on like that... slightly rapey. And besides, Chuck liked banter. It would be a shame to cut one of his favorite activities short. Especially with someone who seemed promisingly clever.


Huh. Raleigh had expected Chuck to be more forward, considering how things ended before, but maybe it was the whole not being anonymous anymore thing.


“You want me to write stuff down?” Raleigh laughed. “All right.” He turned around and glanced at his desk, searching for a pen and some paper, then stretched out to grab it, nearly falling off the bed in the process. And, of course, accidentally mostly on purpose showing off his other sides to the camera.


He went back to sit cross-legged in front of the laptop, paper and pen in hand. “Hmm,” Raleigh pondered, “Gotta brainstorm.” He grinned, and actually started to think about what he could do, subconsciously starting to chew on the end of the pen a little in the process. After a minute or so he scribbled down a 1, followed by ‘stripping’, and a 2, followed by ‘flexing’. Hmmm…


Oh. So maybe his high hope of a banter partner was going to be dashed, after all. Chuck was about to point out that, no, he didn’t want Raleigh to write anything down he wanted Raleigh to get his dick out, but was quickly distracted with the pen in his mouth. Oral fixation. Yes please.


“Don’t hurt yourself, mate.”


Raleigh looked up. He’d written down some more items on the list, ranging from creative to daring — jacking off, fingering himself, and the things he could do to Chuck… sure, they weren’t in the same room, but maybe he could talk Chuck through stuff, like he was actually there. It was a long shot, but it also seemed kinda hot if he could pull it off.


“‘m ready,” Raleigh said triumphantly. “Pick a number between one and ten.”


It would definitely be hot if they could pull it off. Neither of them had done anything like this before. It was daring, and for all the unknown ahead that Chuck really didn’t like... this was okay. So far so good. And really, if it ever did get weird? All he had to do was sign off.


This could be a very stupid decision.


Well. He was always up for one of those.


“Eight.” He answered with a smirk. As though it were a challenge.


Raleigh looked at the notepad, and smirked right back.


“Eight is I give you a blowjob,” Raleigh said triumphantly.


Chuck’s eyebrows shot up, pinned high on his forehead. Logistics aside, he couldn’t help the curl of desire tightening in his gut.


“And how, exactly, do you intend to do that?”


Raleigh smiled. “My voice and your imagination,” he replied.


“Oh...” Chuck’s response was almost breathy as he stared at the screen. He couldn’t help but wonder, if this was eight, then what the hell was ten? Something to look into, but for now he was focusing on the idea of those lips around his cock.


Those very... very pink, pouted lips. Jesus. Chuck would be sitting on the edge of his bed, Raleigh kneeling on the floor, mouth open and moaning as Chuck took fist-fulls of blonde hair and pulled him closer, deeper, swallowing him whole –


He swallowed, body suddenly very interested in this conversation. Cock twitching, hand moving to absently palm himself.


“I have a very active imagination.”


A spark of heat traveled south as Raleigh caught the slight tremor in Chuck’s voice. Hey, this was kind of familiar. He could do this sort of thing. Raleigh found himself rapidly getting over this whole monitor-camera-person disconnect. Maybe it wasn’t as different as he’d thought.


“That’s good,” Raleigh said, lowering the pitch of his voice. He noticed Chuck was moving his arm a little, and though he could guess, Chuck’s hand was moving around decidedly off-screen. He licked his lips. “Want to show me what I’m working with, Chuck?” He paused. “If that’s okay with you,” he added.


Was it okay? The question was almost jarring. Was any of this okay? Was jerking off on the internet with someone you didn’t know at all but still gave your personal information to alright in any real capacity? Probably not. For whatever reason they’d jumped in with both feet. No teasing chat, no feisty emails working up to something like this, just straight up face to face. With voice. With video.


Fuck it. Go big or go home, right? That’s what his dad always said and- NO, Chuck, don’t fucking think about you d-


“Yeah.” Jesus. He had to get out of his head. “Suppose you should know what you’re getting into.” Onto. Ha.


It might have been summer in Alaska but that meant Australia was right in the dead of winter. It was nowhere as cold as one might think, but it did mean that Chuck had taken to being fully clothed. Or, rather, hadn’t undressed after getting home. Which was fine. It just meant he had a bit more to play with. Buttons to fiddle open and fabric to pull up and off.


It was then he remembered exactly where they had been when Raleigh’s internet died. Chuck smiled and shrugged out of his shirt—a dark plaid button down—and dropped it to the floor before tugging the first button of his jeans open.


“Say please.”


Raleigh’s heart kind of skipped a beat at the obvious reminder of where they’d left off, and spared a glance at the bars on his internet connection. Don’t you dare die on me this time .


Raleigh leaned his face closer to the lens, batted his eyelashes and licked his lips with a tempting grin.




Wow. Just. Wow. Of course, Chuck didn’t know what else he was expecting, but the way Raleigh looked into the camera, the way his voice rolled through chuck’s ear buds like graveled velvet, it was impossible not to be affected. How are you real?


It sent shocks of excitement through his limbs and goosebumps rose over his arms as the hair stood on end. He didn’t know he could have such a reaction just to someone on Skype but it made sense. He watched porn and this was was better, so he wasn’t about to complain. Instead he smiled and uttered a little “Good boy,” before pulling the other three buttons open and shifting to wiggle free of his trousers. He wouldn’t think on why that was his response. Maybe too many years of dodgy online content and the thrill of Raleigh doing what he’s told. Maybe too many years of rigorously training Max.


But it didn’t really matter because there he was. Naked on the internet. Too late now, there was no going back. Better to embrace it.


And so he did, lightly stroking himself before his hand settled at the base, thumb applying the smallest bit of pressure to constrict blood flow. It felt nice but it also made everything swell just that little extra bit. Nice and thick. Chuck was by no means small, he liked to think he was slightly above average, but he would take all the help he could get.


Holy fuck . Nobody had ever called Raleigh anything like that, and, well, he wasn’t expecting the way his body reacted to being called a good boy. Fuck, they were really doing this, weren’t they? Raleigh shivered, one hand gripping the sheets hard.


And Chuck. Chuck’s dick . Raleigh licked his lips again, subconsciously. It looked good. Hard. Thick. And not, like… not like what he remembered from their first encounter. Not some random dick being flashed to him by some anonymous, faceless dude. This was different.


He glanced at Chuck’s face on the video feed. How was he going to start this?


“Uh, so… close your eyes?” Raleigh said carefully. “Imagine I’m there with you.”


Chuck processed that for a moment before nodding and doing as he was told, laying back in his chair and closing his eyes, letting Raleigh’s voice over take him.




He had Raleigh right there with him. The fantasy had moved from the bed back to his chair with this gorgeous piece of American pie between his legs. Breath hot against the tip of his cock.


“You’re here. Right here, kneeling.”


Raleigh let out a long sigh. Wow, this was way, way hotter than he’d anticipated when he’d written it down. Daring. And it felt a bit wrong, like, you weren’t supposed to do this sort of thing — not with someone you barely knew, not with someone who wasn’t there.


“Yeah,” Raleigh said, his voice definitely a lot breathier than a minute ago. His cock throbbed against his thigh, slowly getting harder. “I’m there.” Chuck looked gorgeous, laid back like that, almost… vulnerable. Raleigh was watching him, but Chuck was no longer watching Raleigh. Like Raleigh had the control, now.


“I slide my hands up your thighs,” Raleigh said. “Over your hips. I’m, uh…” What was he gonna say next? He couldn’t just go ‘and now I swallow your cock’, that was like, way too fast. He needed to build it up, right? The way he would if Chuck was really here. Shit — now his own imagination was gearing up, too.


“Bracing my fingers on the rise of your hips,” Raleigh continued. “Looking up at you. I kiss up along your inner thigh…”


Chuck sucked in a breath, hips unconsciously rising, legs parting as far as the arms of his chair would allow. The muscles of his chest and stomach flexed as he did and for a brief moment he thought maybe he could really feel someone kissing him. It was almost… intimate. A blow job was one thing, but the little touches, the little kisses, they were personal. He liked that. Feeling personal.


“Your lips are warm,” he mumbled, still holding himself while his free hand wandered across his left thigh.


“Mmm,” Raleigh hummed, his gaze gliding over Chuck, seeing his body shift and move. Raleigh’s skin prickled hotly, thinking he was the one making Chuck move like that, the way Chuck’s legs fell open for him…


“I… place a kiss at the base of your cock,” Raleigh said softly, blushing fiercely at the last word, like saying out loud made it all real . “You’re so hard for me, Chuck.” Raleigh stifled a groan and reached a hand down to rub himself through his shorts. Fuck, he was real hard for this, too.


Hearing his name, hearing the tone in Raleigh’s voice prompted a small groan from Chuck as well, eyes fluttering open briefly to look at the screen, another roll of pleasure washing over him.


“You’re blushing.”


He closed his eyes again and smiled, adding that little piece of visual to their constructed scene.


“Ngh’m so hard.” And it was true. Chuck opened his eyes again and briefly leaned forward to pull open the drawer of his desk. It might be embarrassing for someone else to know that’s where he kept a bottle of lube and a box of tissues but right now he didn’t care. And Raleigh wasn’t really in a position to judge him as he popped off the cap and drizzled a line of the clear gel along the length of his cock, shivering as it fell over him.


One quick motion had the bottle capped and back in its spot. Another and he was back in his, right hand spreading the lube over himself with smooth, twisted motions, thumb rolling over the head a few times.


“Can you take it all?”


Raleigh groaned at the sight of Chuck slicking up his own cock and didn’t even try to hide it. “Fuck, that’s so hot,” he mumbled. Raleigh fiercely wished he was there with Chuck right now, for real, running his hands over that smooth, wetted dick, working all sorts of sounds out of him —


Not being able to hold back any longer, Raleigh pushed his own shorts down and licked a stripe up his palm before wrapping a hand around his cock. “Oh fuck,” Raleigh gasped, and then kind of remembered Chuck had asked him a question.


“I’m gonna try,” Raleigh replied, getting back into the scene. “Kissing up your cock, licking the tip… teasing you nice and slow.”


Which earned him a small whine. Chuck imagined a tongue circling his head, his thumb carrying out the motion. He imagined wet and hot and slow… and just how frustrating that would be after a while. How he would grab Raleigh by the hair and urge him to take more.


The whine turned into a growl and he suddenly wished his chair had a higher back so he could lay back properly and stop thinking about stupid things like holding his head up.


“You’re making me crazy, blondie, hurry up.”


Raleigh grinned. “Yeah? Crazy like… maybe you’re running a hand into my hair, pushing me down on your cock?” he breathed, feeling his dick throb in his hand at imagining just that, Chuck making him take it.


“Exactly.” He breathed in return, willing himself to get over his verbal hurdles and speak. Not hold on to anything and just let it flow through him. To give Raleigh something to work with.


“I’d be soft at first, but you’re teasing me. Your hair is nice. If you keep teasing me I’ll take a fistfull and pull you– pull you right down. Not t-to choke. Unless you wanted.”


His fist was picking up momentum. “Some people like that. You’re just so hot I can’t help myself.”


Raleigh whined. “Y-yeah,” he stammered. “I, I like that.” What the hell was he saying? He’d never confessed that to anyone. Fuck, he was so hard— and so goddamn close already. How was Chuck even doing this to him?


A kind of static, a haze, began to rise up in the back of his mind, and Raleigh fell back against the pillows, bucking up in his own hand. “Feels so good, tasting your dick, sliding into my throat, Chuck…”


“You’re amazin’.” He grit out in response, jaw clenching for a moment, lost in the idea of Raleigh’s throat. “Got half a mind to flip you over and fuck you right here on the floor.”


Everything was tingling.


“But I’ll fuck your face. Is that what you want?”


Raleigh’s fist tightened around the base of his cock. Shit, the words that were coming out of Chuck’s mouth — “Fuck, yeah,” he groaned, clawing at the sheets. “I’m so close, fuck…”


“Me too. Just. Keep going. I’ve got you by the hair and I’m fucking your face-” Chuck had to stop mid thought, panting, hand moving furiously.


“I’m- I need-” What was he trying to say. He didn’t know, he had lost the plot of wherever he was going, brows knit in concentration.


“Do you swallow?”


Raleigh whimpered. “Y-yeah, yeah, wanna taste y—”


There was a loud bang outside his room — the sound of someone slamming the door, his preoccupied mind offered helpfully a second later — and then Yancy’s voice. “Rals? You home?”


Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck , not again ! Had he locked the door to his bedroom? No, because he was fucking home alone before and Yancy was gonna stay over at Tendo’s, he’d said — goddammit.


Raleigh caught the visual of Chuck lying back, fucking into his own fist, even the small slick sounds the lube made as Chuck’s cock moved through his fingers, and just like that, Raleigh decided — fuck it. Yancy could walk in all he wanted, whatever. They had a lifetime of catching each other doing embarrassing shit, anyway.


“Wanna taste your come in my mouth, Chuck, come on,” Raleigh gasped, jacking himself faster in quick, tight strokes. “Almost there.”


“Ngh,” Chuck grunted, working himself over good and hard. He was panting and slightly shiny if Raleigh looked hard enough, sweat reflecting across his temples and chest. Bangs beginning to wet across his brow.


“That’s right, swallow me. I want you to. I want you to take it a-- ahh fuuck-! ” That was all it had taken for him to push over the edge, cock spitting ribbons against his chest as he came, fisting himself through it. A hard shudder overtook and any words Chuck may had had stacked in his throat gave way to a low, gasping moan. His entire body flexed and for a moment he was floating in pure, raw pleasure. Hot and sticky and mindless.


Raleigh heard Chuck’s choked out curse, knew Chuck was coming, and he was so close himself, so fucking close — “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh ffff—” Raleigh hissed, and felt the spasms start at the base of his cock, balls drawing up, and he groaned loudly as pleasure rose up from the base to the tip, hot and aching and so fucking good


His mind blanked out for a split second, and when it came back, Raleigh grinned, curling up contently on his bed.


There were three knocks on the door, and then it opened, Yancy’s head peering through with the biggest, smuggest shit-eating grin Raleigh had ever seen on his brother.


“You done, dude?”


Raleigh grabbed the nearest heavy object that wasn’t his laptop and threw it at the door, his copy of Intermediate Microeconomics thudding against the wood and landing at Yancy’s feet. Yancy howled with laughter, closing the door in front of him.


“Fuck off, Yance!” Raleigh shouted, hurrying to cover himself up. “Asshole.”


Only then he pulled his laptop back up from where it had kind of fallen over with all the movement and thrusting, and checked to see if Chuck was still there.


He was. Panicked, but still there. Raleigh had started shouting and it knocked Chuck back to reality. Having no idea if Raleigh’s screen was visible, or really what was going on, the first thing Chuck could think to do was hit the ground. Get out of frame and grope for his clothes, using his boxers to mop himself clean.


The frame was empty, but the call still connected. So there was that.


“Um, hey,” Raleigh mumbled, developing a slight headache at the way reality had come busting through the door in the shape of his obnoxious sibling. “That was my brother, sorry. You there?”


“Yeah.” Came the grumbled response as Chuck reemerged. First a hand as it grasp the edge of the desk and pulled up a tousled, slightly sex-stupid Australian.


“You need to lock your door, mate.” He paused. “So you live at home?”


Raleigh grinned at Chuck reappearing, looking kinda satisfyingly… messy. “Naw, me and him share an apartment,” Raleigh explained. “Starting to regret that decision.”


Oh, and his come was splattered all over his sheets. Nice. Raleigh made a mental note to do laundry first thing in the morning.


“So, uh…” Raleigh started. What was he gonna say? He was starting to feel painfully sober. Don’t make it awkward, don’t make it awkward. “That was, um. Nice. Good. Right?”


Ah, the crushing weight of reality. How… boring.


Chuck absently scratched his scalp and slid back into his chair, shirt buttoned completely wrong.


“Yeah,” He smiled. And really, it was. “You..give amazin’ head.”


Raleigh couldn’t help stupidly grinning at that. He was feeling ridiculously confident somehow. He’d gone and said what he wanted… even though it was kinda weird and scary, and he barely even knew Chuck. It was exciting, intoxicating, even. “You should feel the real thing,” he blurted out.


“Come for a visit down under and I will take you up on that.” Fancy that. An actual- not that he hadn’t ever, of course he had- but Raleigh was..something else entirely. And anywhere that thought may have gone was rudely interrupted by a hard pounding on his door.


“Chuck, grub’s up. C’mon,” came the muffled command. Though not so muffled that Chuck couldn’t clearly hear it through his headphones. He rolled his eyes, barking “Yeah– okay gimme a sec ol’ man, yeah?”


He shot an apologetic smile towards the screen. “Guess I should let you go to bed, ay.”


“Uh-huh,” Raleigh said, fake-yawning, “I’m sooooo tired, giving head takes it right out of me.” He flashed Chuck another dumb grin.


It was infectious and Chuck found himself returning the smile. “You think you’re tired now..” He glanced at the door and leaned in a little further, face taking up most of the frame.


“You have no idea what I would do to you, blondie.”




“Okay! Jesus, Hold on for two fucking seconds! You won’t die-” He snapped towards his door before turning back, yet again, to his computer.


“Think about it, yeah?” He said and winked. “I’ll talk you through it tomorrow.”


Tomorrow? Shit, Raleigh felt his cock twinge at the thought. They were doing this again? Fuck, yeah, they were doing this again. “Yeah,” Raleigh said, grinning. He still had no idea how any of this had happened. Some very strange odds and two horny guys, maybe. “‘Night.”


He sighed and closed the lid of the laptop, pulled up his shorts and began to take the sheets off the bed.


And of course, Yance chose that moment to come bother him again.


“You say goodnight to your boyfriend?” Yancy chuckled.


“Haven’t you ever heard of privacy, dude?” Raleigh shot back. He glared. “Are you here to help me with my laundry? Because if not, kindly fuck off.”


“Ew, no, thanks,” Yancy said, rolling his eyes. “Now what did I tell you about showing your dong to online creeps?”


Raleigh shrugged. “This one’s not a creep.”


“Oh yeah? How do I know that?” Yancy said. “Maybe I should get my baseball bat ready. To defend my dear little brother’s chastity.”


Raleigh snorted, piling the dirty sheets up on the floor. “That ship has sailed, asshole.”


“What’s this?” Yancy replied, clearly intending to continue the obnoxious conversation with his obnoxious presence. “My baby brother, sullied? Oh, dear lord, no! Did you use protection? No — don’t tell me he knocked you up? You’re too young to be a mother!”


“Wow, shut up,” Raleigh said, rolling his eyes. “You suck and your comedy routine sucks.”


Yancy chuckled. “Whatever, bro,” he laughed. “I’m gonna get my shotgun ready for your baby daddy—”


“I’m like point three seconds away from throwing my sheets in your face,” Raleigh said with an evil grin.


“Duuuude, how about no,” Yancy grinned, jumped back three feet and closed the door.


Raleigh laughed and hoisted the sheets into his dirty laundry basket along with his filthy shorts. He’d shower in the morning, too. It was 3 am, and he was getting pretty tired. At least Yancy had been cool about it. In his own jerkass way. After everything they’d been through, mom dying, dad leaving, and Jaz bailing out to study in Europe, they pretty much just had each other. And not a whole lot they hid from each other, either.


He didn’t bother putting on fresh sheets, it was warm anyway, so he grabbed a new pillow and finally collapsed back on the bed. Tucked the laptop under it, and curled up, falling asleep quickly. Definitely not thinking about hot Australian guys or anything.


And somewhere across the world there was definitely not an Australian guy sitting awkwardly at dinner thinking about perfect, American lips.


It was any luck Chuck lasted through school the next day, tearing home as soon as possible to turn his computer on and see if Raleigh was about. It would be a decent hour in Alaska but there was always the chance he was at school or working..he’d never asked.


Come to think of it Chuck didn’t know anything about the guy except his name and that he and his brother shared a flat. And that he had an amazing body and somehow possessed the ability to eyefuck someone through a camera but it didn’t really matter. He wasn’t exactly concerned with Raleigh’s life goals and ambitions.


You about?


Raleigh’s phone vibrated against his thigh. He took the phone out of his pocket, laid it flat on the table and took a bite of his sandwich whilst tapping at the screen.


Oh — it was Chuck. He couldn’t exactly voice chat or take his clothes off in the library, but texting was fine, right?


Yeah, here. Hey


How’s it goin’? been thinking about you


’m good. studying late. its like, afternoon there? what were you thinking about me, huh


4pm. I could show you..


i’m on my phone, going home in half an hour. so why don’t you tell me?


Ah. That did change things slightly.


I want to know what else is on that list of yours.


Raleigh grinned. He’d kept the list.


then you should pick a number


Chuck had picked a fairly high number to begin and wondered is sliding back to the lower ones would be a good idea. He supposed he would have to, eventually. Maybe it was better to hold himself back for a little while longer. Not go right for the grand prize...whatever it might be.




He didn’t even have to look at the list; the items on it were seared into Raleigh’s memory.


5 is playing with a toy.


Oh. Shit. So the numbers had nothing to do with varying degrees of severity. Chuck had just assumed based on the night before but this... this was a hell of a lot more.


Haven’t got one. It’ll have to be you.


The highest number on the list was definitely… the farthest they could go, Raleigh knew. But the rest was all over the place. He wondered if Chuck had deliberately chosen lower than the night before expecting things to be tamer.


i got one, yeah. only if you’re cool with it. can always pick another number. ;)


No, I’m down. Chicken?


A beat.




God damn it. What was this guy doing to him.



Raleigh replied, then stuffed the phone back into his pocket and closed the book he’d been pouring over, eating the last of his sandwich. He wasn’t going to get any more studying done tonight. And walking across campus with a boner, maybe not preferable.


Half an hour later he got home, catching Yancy and Tendo watching some dumb action movie on the couch. Knowing them, it was probably the worst possible movie they could find.


“Hey guys,” Raleigh said, walking straight past them to his room, and locking the door behind him.


“Have fun jerking off on the internet!” Yancy called out, followed by a mumbled question from Tendo. Eh. Asshole. And if Yancy was going to fuck with him or their internet connection, Raleigh had many ways to take revenge. Yance wasn’t going to risk it. Probably.


If they were gonna go for number five then Raleigh was gonna need a little prep, so he got on his phone to send Chuck a quick text.


will be on in 15 mins.


Raleigh undressed, headed for the bathroom — and thank god they had two of those and one of them was through his bedroom — and emerged ten minutes later feeling a lot cleaner.


Raleigh sat down on the bed, wearing absolutely nothing. Because why bother with any of that, stripping was number one, anyway. Flipped the laptop open and logged into Skype.


Hey, gorgeous ;)


You’re such a nerd.

came the quick reply. Chuck had been on for a while and with a promise like that he had been inclined to wait. Patiently. Mind racing with possibilities while he idly scrolled through one of his more frequented selections of adult entertainment.


ok to call?


Raleigh thought about it. Yancy and Tendo were out there, and he didn’t really care about them hearing him — because he sure as hell had heard them make plenty of embarrassing noises he’d rather delete from his memory — but Chuck might not be cool with that.


gimme a sec.

Raleigh responded, and got up to search his desk for his wireless headset.


He probably looked like a total dork with the gadget plastered on his ear, but whatever.


yeah, ready when you are


Fantastic. Chuck hit the call button and took his last split second chance to rearrange his hair. Not that it was styled, but there was always this one bit that stuck out funny and- and Raleigh answered just as he managed to pat the bastard back down against his scalp.


“Hello, beautiful.” He purred, unable to contain his smile, dimples flashing as he willed himself to come across much smoother than he felt. Shit, this was exciting. Probably the most exciting thing he had ever done. Of this nature, anyway. Cliff jumping had been awesome but it wasn’t the same.


Though, to be fair, there were some adrenaline inducing moments he could draw parallels between. Leaping into the unknown. Having no real safety net but belief in himself that it would be okay.


Raleigh couldn’t contain his big smile as soon as Chuck’s face popped up on his screen. There were those freaking dimples again. He wondered if Chuck knew the effect they had on people, christ.


Should he ask Chuck about his day, stuff like that?


Seemed kind of superfluous, all things considering.


“So, um, I got these,” Raleigh started, and grabbed the three toys he’d chosen. A great way to out himself as a huge pervert to Chuck, too. But he figured Chuck might already have his suspicions.


One was a small, black plug, the second a bigger, purple one, and the third a thick purple prostate massager. Raleigh especially liked that one.


“Which one do you, uh, want me to play with?” he said, definitely aware of how fast and hard he was blushing.


Chuck blinked at the screen, suddenly feeling rather vanilla in his own life experiences.


“What’s that last one?” Because, he knew what a butt plug was but. There was literally only so much you could do with one, right?


He licked his lips unconsciously, glancing towards his door to make sure he’d locked it. His dad wouldn’t be home from work for a while and Max was in the back garden so he really was well and truly alone but he couldn’t help but want to double check. Maybe he should remind Raleigh to do the same.


“It’s a prostate massager,” Raleigh explained. He hadn’t really considered that being younger and still living at home, Chuck probably didn’t have the knowledge that Raleigh had about sex. Come to think of it, he really didn’t know just what the extent of Chuck’s experience was at all . What if he was moving way too fast for the kid? Chuck was 17. Raleigh’s own sex life had been a real hit-and-miss journey, with being bullied for being gay and being a chubby, pimply kid, until he’d hit his 20s and started working out, his metabolism finally getting its shit together. Then he caught up in like 2 years, dating and having sex with so many guys he might’ve lost count a little.


“Um, hey,” Raleigh started. “Are you, like…” A virgin? That sounded too patronizing. Plus, Raleigh didn’t really believe in losing anything when you had sex. Just gaining fun and experience. And STDs if you were a dumbass about it. “I mean, I have a lot of experience with this stuff.”


Chuck could feel his neck burning from the question, caught off guard and floundering slightly before he could slam up a front.


“I know what I’m doing.” He answered, going on the defensive. “Just haven’t got one of those, Christ.”


He could play it off like that, right? He was just unfamiliar with that particular toy? Chuck wasn’t a virgin, but he’d only ever had a handful of encounters. Some with men, some with women. He hadn’t ever really sat down to stick himself under a label. He just figured that he liked what and who he liked and that was that.


Mako had said there was a name for it during one of their rare conversations when she and her father were over for a visit, but the appeal of a label for being labelless was more than lacking. He guessed, if anything, he was just a slut. A slut who has had sex maybe seven times.




“All right,” Raleigh grinned. He brought the toy closer to the camera. “So do you want the sex ed version of how it works, or… maybe I should just show you.”


Well, see? How hard was that?


Chuck swallowed and wet his lips again, shifting in his seat, trying desperately to keep cool. Like this was no big deal at all. It was, in fact, a very big deal.


He nodded, lightly chewing on his bottom lip.


“Yeah, I’m- I’m a better visual learner.”


Raleigh flashed a smile and sat back, grabbing the bottle of lube he kept underneath his bed — it’s kind of where he kept a lot of things — and the towel he’d brought from the bathroom. This time he wasn’t going to risk another mess of sheets.


Somehow, after what he and Chuck did the night before, he didn’t feel so nervous anymore. Like they’d crossed this boundary so it was okay now. And if Chuck was comfortable with watching, Raleigh was comfortable with showing.


Raleigh positioned the laptop at the end of his bed, fidgeting with it to make sure it was secure enough, eventually discarding the pillow underneath it and substituting it with a stack of books for a flatter, more stable surface. Then wobbled the lid back and forth until he was satisfied with the camera image, showing most of his bed.


“Sorry, had to make sure you get the best view,” Raleigh said, giving Chuck a wink, crawling back on the bed.


“I’m gonna get started now,” he added, his cheeks flushing a little. He wasn’t hard yet, but he knew the toy, and that was gonna change quickly.


Raleigh turned his back towards the camera and flopped over on his stomach, propping his ass up towards the laptop. That would… definitely give Chuck the best view.


Raleigh popped the cap off the bottle of lube and slicked up the toy, arching his head to look back at where Chuck was watching him. He licked his lips and then brought his hands down to his ass, one holding the toy, the other searching his hole with his fingers. Bringing the two together, he gently pressed the tip of the massager against the tight ring of muscle, making sure that the other inwardly curved nub of the toy was facing downwards, towards his balls.


Raleigh took a deep breath and relaxed, remembering to take his time with this; pushing the toy inside too fast would just hurt, and then it wouldn’t feel good later on. Unlike fucking, where he could totally get off being pounded to the point of pain.


He turned his head back to the foot of the bed again, trying to gauge Chuck’s reaction.


Which was awe, mostly. A little shock, but mostly awe.


“Jesus..” It was almost a hiss. Was this really happening? He supposed it was and resisted the urge to rub at his eyes. It was unbelievably hot. Never in his life had someone put on a show for him. Never like this. Like, someone once did a little sexy dance thing but this? With a toy and his ass right there .


“You’re so fuckin’ hot.”


What he wouldn’t give to be there right now. Get his face right there, touch and lick and spread him open with his fingers, his cock, maybe-- maybe even tongue. It was a goal. And the thought combined with the image in front of him drained the blood from his head and reassigned it straight to his cock, strained as it was against his jeans which would have to go soon .


Chuck’s voice was right there in his head, courtesy of the headset, and Raleigh bit his lip, Chuck’s praise sending a shiver of excitement right down his spine.


He twisted the toy a little, and pushed it up with a bit more force, then let out a soft moan as the tip slipped inside.


The tip was the biggest; now he just had to slowly slide it further in…


“Aahh! Oh, oh fuck,” Raleigh cried out, trying to keep his voice down. He was never quite prepared for the way that little massager got sucked in and brushed right against his prostate. The sudden surge of pleasure went right into his cock, hardening it against the rough fabric of the towel underneath.


“The, the way it works is,” Raleigh panted, trying to explain it to Chuck anyway whilst he could still think, or say words and such, “it kind of moves on its own when you clench, so — nghh!” He was clenching too tight and the head of the toy dragged hard over the most sensitive spot in his body. “F-fuck…”


If Chuck was in shock before, he didn’t know what he was now. Raleigh’s rasping, his cries going directly into his ear through his own ear buds. He watched entranced as the other boy, no, man moved in front of him, turning flushed and gasping to narrate. It was like a magic switch had been flipped. Just like that.


Note to self, Chuck thought, buy one of these immediately.


Before he even knew what he was doing he had his trousers unbuttoned and tugged down around his hips, his side drawer open, lube in hand, and then dick in hand. Hard as a rock. He whimpered with the first firm stroke.


“Pretend I’m there,” he said, hoarse before clearing his throat. “Pretend that’s me.”


Raleigh managed a small chuckle, then groaned as the action moved the toy around again. “Feels so good, Chuck,” he gasped, and that was the last thing he was able to say, the sensations of the massager rolling around quickly making him lose his sanity.


He clenched his hole in slow, soft pulses, taking deep breaths to handle the waves of pleasure that began to roll through his body, his jaw going slack to let out all the moans and cries his body needed to make in response. He was rock hard, starting to grind into the mattress with languid rolls of his hips, whining and gasping.


The feeling was just about indescribable, the way the toy seemed to move on its own, reacting to the movements of his body by pressing down, grinding back and forth over his prostate, and it was totally possible to come untouched just by building up the pleasure in the right way. Slow, steady, not too much at once — that could actually hurt, overstimulate you, Raleigh knew from experience.


He clenched a bit tighter and faster and bit down hard on the pillow, stifling his scream in the down and soft fabric. God, it felt so amazing, and he hoped Chuck was watching this, enjoying this. He couldn’t possibly feel as blissed out as Raleigh, though.


It was inspiring, beautiful to watch as Chuck fucked hard into his fist, eyes wide, lips plushed and parted, a blush creeping up over his chest and neck and cheeks. He was panting softly, Raleigh’s cries in his ears and worked himself furiously, eyes glued to the screen.


Were he perhaps more suave he would have something dirty to whisper in Raleigh’s ear, but he was hardly keeping focus much less thinking up imaginative vocal prompts. Though—  one did spring to mind.


“Imagine I’ve got that in you and I’m sucking you off. Right like you are.”


In his own head that would be the only way to make this situation better. To be with him in person, Raleigh’s cock down his throat, screaming from the double sensation. Chuck had no idea what this toy of Raleigh’s was like but he could make an educated guess based on the way he was grinding into the bed and crying into his pillow.


A loud moan at Chuck’s words was all Raleigh could manage, writhing on his sheets, his cock hard and leaking. He knew he could drag this on forever, just by staying still until he calmed down and then clenching again, but finding any kind of self control at this point was nearly impossible. Raleigh tightened his hole once more, then relaxing, the movement making the toy grind against his prostate in a firm, delicious circle. Just a few more of those and he was gonna come.


Raleigh’s cries went up a pitch as he clawed at the sheets, thrusting his ass up towards the camera. “‘m so close,” he whined.


“Don’t stop,” Chuck rasped, swallowing hard to wet his dry throat.


Raleigh whimpered and as if given permission, he let go, his hole grasping the toy and then relaxing again, over and over, and he imagined Chuck’s mouth on his dick, Chuck fucking him with the toy, Chuck pulling out the toy, replacing it with his cock —


Raleigh let out a loud cry and slammed his hips into the mattress as he started to come, biting hard into the pillow again as his own thrusts made the toy smash into his prostate. “Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” he hissed, trying to reach a hand down to get the toy out, it was too much stimulation, he was going to — “Aaaaahh! Fuuuck, oh god,” Raleigh cried, another jolt of pleasure bordering on pain shooting through his body from the toy grinding and moving inside him. "Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuuck — "


It was beautiful. Jaw dropping and lewd as fuck, but beautiful. Raleigh moved without control, raw and pure. The noises he made were muffled but still fed right into Chuck’s ear and he couldn’t help but shiver and groan.


This was all for him.


Raleigh was doing this for him. A private show and front row seats and an all access pass. It made his hair stand on end and watching him lose it completely, hearing him curse as Chuck worked himself over pushed him right over the brink.


“S-shit- Raleigh- ” He wheezed, crushing his eyes closed as he lost focus on the world around him as orgasm rose and slammed into the front of his brain as he came. He didn’t bother to choke his own cry back, just shuddered and rode it out with fuck me, fuck me in his ears. It was the second time he’d come to Raleigh Becket. The second time he’d covered himself with ropes of his own cum imagining that body around him, and he prayed to any deity that might (but probably not) exist that there would be another after this. And another. And another.


This could get addictive.


Oh well.