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Kuroronpa [ HIATUS ]

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“Just to be clear, we are doing this, right?”

“Of course, this is just destiny, I’ve been anticipating this.”

“Anticipating. Hehehe, that makes me want to laugh.”

“Save it for later, we’ve got work to do- Damn, why isn’t this loading?”


“Stop reloading it, perhaps.”

“No- Wait- It’s loading. Finally. I will never understand this technology.”

“But at least it started, right?”

“Yes, right.”



When he woke up, he couldn’t feel his legs, was he dead? No, that couldn’t be right, if he was dead, then he wouldn’t be breathing now. He thanked God, now he knew that he didn’t suffer from an asthma attack. His head was pounding, he felt like he was about to throw up, he leaned back hastily and covered his mouth. Whatever bile was building up inside his throat had promptly slipped down, he wasn’t sick. He around… A classroom? That didn’t seem quite right, but whenever he tried to remember how he had got there his head felt like it was about to explode and the bile build-up came back once again.

Ugh…. Now it was time to get up and off his ass, he had such limited information on what was going on. Ignoring the head pain he stood up, slamming one of his hands on the desk he had previously been slouching on, god his back hurt. The crumbling of a paper almost made him jump back, “No… Drat!”

A blonde was crouching over a.. Trashcan. What the hell was going on here? Sweatpants, expensive neon purple sneakers, headphones, an mp3 player, when they stood up he saw their matching purple crop top that was nearly hidden by the long, black trench-like coat they were wearing, “Oh! You’re awake, I’m relieved! I knew that desk slam must have belonged to you, but I wasn’t quite sure I could point my finger just yet!”


“Forgive me! You must be terribly confused, with me rooting through the trash and all that, I’ve been looking around this room for ages ever since I woke up and, well, the trash was really my last resort for some information,” They explained while flicking their wrist, at the very least it looked like the trashcan only had crumbled up pieces of paper and nothing gross.

“Yes, well, don’t worry about it-”

“Also I should introduce myself properly, I’m Alois Trancy, the Ultimate Dancer, so please don’t remember me as the Ultimate Dumpster Diver,” He almost wanted to sock this guy in the face for talking so much, there was something about him that just appeared too friendly, but Alois was smiling nonetheless, with little to no ill intentions.

“Well… I’m Ciel Phantomhive, the Ultimate Entrepreneur, pleased to make your acquaintance.”


“What is it?”

“Nothing, it’s just, I didn’t know that I’d be trapped in the same room as another Ultimate, the founder of a toy and candy manufacturing production nonetheless!” Alois looked excited and happy, but Ciel had the faintest feeling that he would get bored immediately once he learned the ins and outs of being a businessman. Ciel was famous, but so was Alois, he had seen the other male on the news and on videos circulating the internet on a near weekly basis, whenever he performed he was passionate and precise, definitely someone worthy of the title of the Ultimate Dancer. He was used to seeing the teen in more fancy costumes and styled hair, maybe that was why he didn’t recognize him at first.

“Maybe there’s a meeting we’re meant to go to? No… That doesn’t seem right, there’s no point in knocking us out if we were originally going to come here by ourselves..” Ciel tapped his chin with his index finger, his outfit was intact, his blue dress shirt, his black vest, and grey pants, his sapphire brooch, even his dress shoes didn’t look scuffed, from the looks of it Alois’s outfit was intact too. Which meant there wasn’t too much of a struggle or they really did come here willingly.

“You doing detective work already? Mind if I lend an ear?” Alois leaned over close to Ciel’s face, making him jolt back a little at how close they suddenly were.

“You don’t have to lean over to lend an ear, we’re practically the same height.”

“Yeah… But I feel more serious this way. So, have you solved this mystery already? Or should we actually look around for clues, when I woke up I didn’t want to leave right away since you were here,” Alois was thinking now too, almost like he wasn’t searching and messing up the classroom just for the sake of finding some clues.

Ciel nodded, “There must be more to this. This room in its entirety isn’t very useful, except for the bars on the windows, maybe there won’t be any bars on the windows if we keep looking.”

“Lead the way then Mr. Phantomhive! You’re bound to be more experienced with analyzing things!” The dancer cheered on Ciel raising his fist in the air and grinning with encouragement, the action although brief and childish for a teenager like Alois, made Ciel smile just a little just because of how optimistic it was. This must be some sort of mistake, even so, if there are more people, specifically Ultimates, then one should be able to help them get out of this strange building.

Ciel was quick to leave, there was something about that classroom that made him feel unsafe, it was dark and dull, the complete opposite of the hallway, that was brightly lit. There the windows weren’t barred off to the point where hardly any light could peak through, however, when Ciel peer through they were only facing a large garden and courtyard that was blocked off by the rest of the building. The other windows facing away from the courtyard and garden must also have bars on them. They kept walking, for a while it felt so empty, but Alois was quick to fill in the void with his fast-talking, mainly about music that Ciel couldn’t care less about, excluding classical and jazz composers of course, “-During dance practice I would always listen to as much music as possible since I had a hard time sticking with just one song-”

“Uh huh.”

“Most of my performances are completely improvised, I’m very picky about songs and I don’t want to be chained down just in case-”

“I see…”

“That’s why most of my dances are a surprise, the audience doesn’t know what to expect, but enough about me, let’s talk about you, that is if you’re going to spare the boring parts of course.”

“About me? Let’s see, for one I-”

“CIEEEEELLLLL!” The sudden force of a body connecting with his own sent Ciel staggering backward, he grunted, he recognized this voice.


“Oh Ciel! I didn’t expect to see you here! So you’re trapped here too? That’s so strange, we aren’t even in the same class, well that doesn’t matter, I’m just so glad that you’re here, we’ll get to spend more time together!” The girl cheered and squeezed him tightly in a bone-crushing hug.

“Ngh- How exciting… Can you please let me go?” He squeaked, patting her back awkwardly, Lizzy always had strong and tight hugs, always. One time he nearly suffocated because of his cousin being too excited over seeing him.

“Ehm- If I’m right you’re..” Alois tapped his chin, recognizing Lizzy but not completely remembering what her talent was.

“That’s right! We haven’t met before, I’m Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzy and I’m the Ultimate Swordswoman!” She curtsied politely, lifting up the hem of her simplistic but fashionable knee length dress.

“That would explain the sheath! I’ve seen your website before, you’ve got so many trophies!” The other male offered a slight grin and Ciel quirked a brow at Alois for a short moment, Alois must have done some research on the students of Hope’s Peak before actually attending.

“And I’ve seen you online before! Waah, your dances are so well choreographed, I wish I could’ve gotten the chance to go to one of your live performances!” She gushed and rocked back and forth on her heels. That’s right , Ciel recounted, Lizzy wasn’t really a fan of her own talent, she wanted to pursue ballroom dancing instead but couldn’t when other people caught wind of how skilled she was with the sword, it was an unfortunate turn of events for her, but she looks happy now so maybe she let it go.

“Hey-! What’re you doing with my little sister?!” Oh no, that wasn’t… Ciel really hoped that wasn’t who he thought it was.

A hand was placed gently on Lizzy’s shoulder, and piercing more dark green eyes glared into the two boys like daggers, “I heard Lizzy scream which means-”

“Oh calm down, Edward! I was just so happy, well, not completely happy, but excited! Besides it’s better than being all alone right? So we should be relieved!” Lizzy flicked her wrist and shook her head at how aggressive and overly protective her brother was behaving.

“Well.. It is better being alone, I guess. But still, even if you are our cousin Ciel, that doesn’t mean you can replace me! And as for you-” Edward snapped before pointing at Alois, who had already raised his hands up casually in surrender with a closed-eyed smile, “-Don’t you dare try anything.”

“Y’know for the Ultimate Therapist, you really aren’t all that relaxing,” Ciel stated pointedly, lightly forcing Edward’s pointer finger away from Alois’s face.

“He’s right Edward, you’re an upperclassman too, so we should all be getting along and setting good examples we are all pretty talented and admirable so-!” Lizzy barged in, patting his back.”

“Tch, you’re right.. I apologize, but that doesn’t mean I’m not keeping an eye on both of you.”

“I understand completely sir- I’ll make sure to stay a good five meters away from your sister at all times,” Alois half mocked half complied to Edward’s demands, Ciel rolled his eyes before snickering quietly.

“Good! At least he understands,” Edward nodded approvingly, Alois only smirked and nodded in reply, temporarily mimicking Edward’s stiff and stern pose.

“Anyways, we’re going to look around some more, there’s bound to be more people around here, would you like to come with us?” Ciel suggested it would be better if they all stayed in a group, for the time being, this place could be dangerous and they just didn’t know it yet.

“It’s fine Ciel, I don’t think we’ll tag along right now, I think if we split up we’ll cover more ground, but we should definitely regroup in the courtyard outside when we’re all done!” Lizzy countered with an apologetic grin. That and Edward’s staring and sour attitude were getting uncomfortable for even her to deal with.

Ciel didn’t have much time to complain as Alois swiftly agreed while pushing Ciel along away from the two with Lizzy doing practically the same thing but with Edward, “Very well! That sounds like a brilliant plan, we’ll catch up with you two later then!”

“Don’t I get a say in this-”

“Nope! She’s completely right actually! I don’t think it’s dangerous if people are roaming around freely,” The other male replied while continuing to drag Ciel along, the long winding halls of the castle-like building waiting ahead of them. Alois did have a point, but Ciel was still reluctant to leave them behind, as annoying as Edward was he could tolerate him for at least an hour before he started actually feeling provoked.

“Whatever, if they woke up in a room like us and as a pair then that means that they could be other people who are in a similar situation, we should start checking rooms just in case,” That would slow them down significantly though, Ciel began to tap his chin again, with Lizzy and Edward looking around as well and depending on how large this particular floor was then it would take them at least an hour, more if there’s access to the rest of the floor.

“Mhm, don’t you think it’s odd that your family members are here? Not to sound accusatory, but doesn’t that sound just the slightest bit suspicious? And so far we know that we’re all from different classes as well,” Alois pointed out and Ciel jolted a little, he was right, but then again, if Alois is here then this must be some sort of random selection, the two weren’t personally connected after all, but it did get him to think.

“For now I think it’s safe to say it’s a coincidence unless we come across more people I know,” Ciel nodded conclusively, Alois only shrugging at that answer and stuffing his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants.

“Or maybe people I know- Or maybe people that other people know- Wouldn’t that be fascinating?”

They continued walking, as their conversation progressed, Ciel felt more and more at ease, Alois’s presence was warm and welcoming, almost suspiciously so, in a way it was too good to be true. Despite their clashes in tastes and what they didn’t like they never argued or inherently got mad at each other if Ciel could get trapped with anyone, he was relieved that he had woken up in the same classroom as Alois and not someone potentially dangerous. It wasn’t like someone who danced for a living could cause much harm anyway. As they continued walking they noticed an open door, from what it looked like this was an entrance to some sort of dining hall.


“AH- Get down-!” Ciel shouted while ducking, grabbing Alois’s jacket sleeve and forcing him to crouch down as well, a bunch of pots and pans narrowly missing both of their heads.

“I-I thought you said you could cook-!”

“I was jokin’! If you didn’t make me up and cook somethin’, of course, I’m going to blow it up by accident!”

“WAH- Your hair! It’s all- Puffy!”

These voices Ciel didn’t recognize and from the looks of it Alois didn’t recognize them either when they made sure that there weren’t any more metal objects being blown up towards them, they stumbled to their feet, “We should see if they’re okay!”

“Right behind you!” Both of them ran, the explosion must have been very powerful for pots and pans to shoot all the way across the room. When they made it across the pulled open the door to what was the presumed kitchen. Ciel coughed loudly when a plume of smoke came billowing out of the kitchen, Alois was quick to cover his mouth and nose with his sleeve and Ciel followed his lead.

“Oi! Is everyone alright in there?!” Ciel called out into the smoke, his voice being muffled through the fabric of his dress shirt.


“Y-Yes! Yes, we are perfectly fine!”

“If you really are fine… Then you should leave the kitchen and come out here so you won’t end up getting a terrible lung disease!” Alois coaxed, his voice was also muffled but at the same time it was boisterous and loud like it was never muffled in the first place. The smoke was thick and when it went into the dining hall it was quick to make everything look hazy.

“I don’t want to get a lung disease!” The first person of the three ran out of the kitchen. His hair was a dirty blonde and his barrettes were red just to match, he didn’t really look like a chef, more like some sort of farmer, his gloves and straw hat gave it away, four blondes, four blondes he had seen today, Ciel didn’t know whether or not to be concerned or amused, but to be fair Alois’s hair was a little more pale, like he had dyed it so many times that the natural color was starting to fade. Well, it was better to have some variety than have the same type of blonde.

Yet another blonde came out of the kitchen, could his hair really be considered blonde? It was so covered in ashes that it didn’t seem plausible, Ciel was disappointed when he shook his head and revealed his natural hair color. If this keeps up then he’ll feel out of place, like a black sheep, “Calm down, it’s obvious that guy was tryin’ to rile you up, it’s not like-”

“Woah!! I-I’m sorry! I couldn’t see you in front of me!” Ciel now felt, a little less alone, at least her hair was different, it was a mix of red and purple, a weirdly suitable hair color for someone like her.

Never mind his comparison of hair colors, “What was that explosion just now? And why were you all even trying to blow things up?!”


“Um... The result of you doing something definitely was an explosion sooo… I have a hard time believing that,” Alois countered, placing his hands on his hips and shaking his head, letting out an exasperated sigh before coughing a little.

“We should discuss this somewhere else, or we really will risk getting a lung disease..”

The two other blondes were the first to leave, the girl trailing behind them, Alois and Ciel both following them, it would take a while for the kitchen to actually be available for exploration, that is if there was any kitchen left to explore. For all he knew, there could be a limited food supply inside that was now destroyed because of these idiots. Even when they were out in the main hallway some of the smoke came with them, the three culprits all offering sheepish grins or guilty glances at Ciel and Alois. Alois clapped his hands together with a friendly close-eyed smile, “Now then! Now that we most likely aren’t going to get lung disease, let’s introduce ourselves!”

“Blimey! so we’re not in trouble,” The girl let out a sigh of relief before being elbowed in the side by the tallest of the five, Ciel almost mistook him for an actual adult, with his stubble and cigarette, but he supposed now that he got a good look at him, he didn’t look completely old.

“Shush- Ahem, I’m Baldroy, The Ultimate Soldier and what ya saw back there? Pretend it didn’t happen.”

“The Ultimate Soldier, does that mean-”

“If you’re talkin’ about the weird prison bars, then yes I’ve tried to get them pried open, no luck, sorry,” Baldroy shook his head and sighed softly, well it was nice to know that he had already tried escaping instead of just settling down and not trying anything at all.

“Don’t worry, maybe if we meet more Ultimates then we could all use our talents together and escape!” Alois reassured optimistically, for all they knew there could be an Ultimate Escape Artist and they just hadn’t found them yet. That or the Ultimate Escape Artist just managed to escape without taking other people into consideration.

“O-Oh guess it’s my turn now, I’m Finnian, b-but my friends call me Finny! I’m the Ultimate Gardener…” There wasn’t much to comment on, he had a pretty normal talent, Ciel appreciated that.

“And I’m Mey Rin! The Ultimate Sniper!”

Naturally, Alois and Ciel took a slight step back, Alois being the first to speak up, “Woah- A sniper- You aren’t going to… Hurt us right?”

“Heavens no! I-I’m not like that I swear!” Mey Rin laughed nervously, based on her actions, she must have been asked this question many times before and every time she must have given the same answer.

“No matter, we can discuss that talent later if we have to, I’m Ciel and this is Alois, did you all happen to wake up in classrooms like the rest of us or did you wake up in the dining hall? Also, did you happen to wake up in pairs?”

“Finny an’ I woke up in a pair and in a classroom nearby, we came across Mey Rin when we started lookin’ around.”

“Y-Yes, when I woke up I was all alone, but if you all woke up in pairs then.. Whoever was unconscious in the same classroom as me must’ve wandered off. We’re all from the same class though, so when I found Finny and Baldroy I decided not to look for them,” She concluded confidently with a nod. There was bound to be one person who went off on their own, if that was the case then they should be nearby.

“Alois and I will keep looking around then, perhaps we’ll find your missing partner Mey Rin,” Ciel decided quickly, only to stop when Alois grabbed ahold of his wrist and held up a finger.

“Wait! I’ve got one more question: Your talents have nothing to do with cooking, so why were you blowing things up in the kitchen?” Alois wasn’t keen on leaving just yet, it wasn’t a very crucial question, but at the very least he would like to know before moving on so suddenly, Baldroy already knew what was going to happen if he gave any sort of answer really, Ciel looked especially ready to blow up at him for not being careful about resources.

“Actually that’s a good question, I have another one to ask myself, you do realize you could have just destroyed our food supply right?” Ciel narrowed his eyes a little, okay, now he was getting a tad bit peeved, he was actually glad Alois asked that question, he genuinely wanted to know the answer even though at first he was in a bit of a rush.

“Well- Ummmmmm….”

“That’s not important right now! We should really get going, lots of places to investigate!” Baldroy declared loudly before running off, followed by Mey Rin and Finny who sheepishly looked behind them with an apologetic smile. Ciel could really only place his hands on his hips and shake his head disapprovingly, What a bunch of troublemakers…

“I guess we’ve got no choice but to keep exploring then, we can check the kitchen when it’s less smokey?”

“That sounds like a plan, perhaps we’ll come across the person who Mey Rin must have been partnered up with.”

“If she was paired up with someone, but still, if she’s the Ultimate Sniper, then I don’t really want to meet whoever was in that classroom with her, they could be just as dangerous as her after all… And, well, I wouldn’t trust a murderer’s word so suddenly,” Alois’s voice grew slightly judgemental, but not completely, it wasn’t completely wrong for him to be suspicious, Ciel himself was also concerned about Baldroy, being a soldier was almost if not more dangerous than being a mere sniper.

This won’t go well if we antagonize a person just for their talents, for all we know Mey Rin and Baldroy could just be in training or haven’t actually hurt anyone, “It’s too soon to isolate people we just met, yes, Mey Rin might be some type of delinquent, but she hasn’t threatened to hurt us, so it’s safe to assume we’re safe.”

Alois crossed his arms and rolled his pale blue eyes, “Yeah.. I guess you’re right, I still don’t trust her all that much. But I guess that doesn’t matter! We should keep exploring.”

Like flipping a switch the taller boy’s mood changed from irritated to content, it was unnerving but Ciel ignored it, partially, “Let’s go then. There’s no point in being annoyed right now.”

“You’re such a good leader~” Alois cheered while they walked away from the dining hall that was still spewing out smoke, whatever they used to make the explosion, it must have been highly flammable.

“I’m not a leader but I am a CEO-”

“Same thing just more complicated and involves more work. God Ciel, do you even know what the definition of a leader is?”

“You’re right, but I don’t really lead often, yes Funtom would be chaotic without me but I’ve just been managing since I already established rules. All I really do is just approve things,” In a sense Ciel was a bit ashamed, he hadn’t proposed new products in a while, when he was younger he had plenty of ideas, now he was just bored, well, not completely bored, it was interesting looking at what other people had to offer when it came to making and selling things. And now that he thought about it: His business was going to be in ruins if he didn’t get back soon!

His determination became more ferocious than ever, he had to escape this place if he actually wanted to not go bankrupt, Funtom was actually in a good spot and he didn’t want that to go to waste.

“Leading… Managing… I wonder what the difference is.. It’s not like it matters, you’re still professionally their leader, right? So you’re a leader even if you don’t want to be~”


“Don’t mention it! Besides even if you are just some manager then you’re still keeping the company afloat so no worries.”

“I never saw it that way-”

“Of course you didn’t because you’re not confident enough,” Alois declared affirmatively before walking ahead, a bigger stride in his step than before. As they kept walking some parts of the castle became more plant infested, there were vines growing through cracks in the wall and patches of soft grass growing in any damaged parts of the ground. It was much sunnier on this side of the building as well, there was also a nearby greenhouse with two more people inside.

“Ah! I know these people! They’re my upperclassmen!”

“Your upperclassmen?”

“Yep, yep, I wasn’t really friends with others my age so I hung out with that guy in the glasses, his name is Claude, he’s very clever and intuitive, he’s the Ultimate Critic so he knows what he’s doing! Uhm, I chilled with her too… I guess, she kinda just showed up one day and never left,” When Alois spoke about the guy, he was very excited and cheerful, however, he sounded annoyed at just having to talk about the girl standing in front of Claude. Ciel wondered why but at the same time he didn’t want to push it, already he could tell that Alois must be a serious pain when he’s not in a good mood and based on how his mood changed again, that girl must annoy him.

“If they’re people you know, then you should introduce me to them.”

“Sure, I can do that! I wonder how long they’ve been awake!” Ah… His mood changed again.

“As long as we have possibly?”

“Hmmm… There must be more classrooms around here than we thought, but what’s the point of having classrooms when there aren’t any adults around to teach us?”

That was… Suspicious, perhaps some adults had yet to wake up? But even if there were adults in the same situation then they wouldn’t really be much use either, he wasn’t sure there were any adults who would teach in a castle anyways and they would get arrested for gasing a bunch of students.

“Well! That doesn’t really matter now! Claude is here and I already feel like we’re going to be okay!”

I don’t think that’s really how it works… Ciel countered but not out loud, everyone needed something to put them in high spirits, after all, it was just that they haven’t come across the most delightful people yet.

Alois stopped in front of the greenhouse and peered inside, Ciel took a moment to look inside as well and was surprised at how many plants were there, this wasn’t even a greenhouse, it was just an indoor jungle! There was even a river with a waterfall inside, and was that a large lounge area he saw? Whoever made this must have put a lot of effort into it, not to mention how many butterflies were in this place, it was a shame this was just some sort of indoor resort instead of the actual outdoors. Alois opened the door and stepped to the side, “After you!”

Ciel shook his head and stepped inside, suddenly overwhelmed by the rush of heat and humid air, Alois walked inside next, shutting the door behind him, Claude and the girl had moved farther up the indoor jungle, they appeared to be arguing over something. Alois slid off his jacket and tied it around his waist, Ciel wished he could do the same but that meant actually being shirtless.

“It’s warmer than I thought it’d be…”

“I don’t get why there’d even be a fake jungle in a castle, it’s not like anyone’s been here in a while since this area looks so worn out!”

“Yeah. That is odd.”

They kept walking, the smooth path turning into a more rough cobblestone one, fitting for a tropical setting, this was definitely not a greenhouse. Ciel could already feel himself start to sweat and he blew some of his bangs out of his face, next time he came here he would be sure to be wearing a t-shirt, that is, if there were any available at this place.

“I’m just saying.. This seems to be an area dedicated to the both of us, there’s no need to be so harsh.”

“H-Harsh? How dare you! Can’t you see this entire amusement park was dedicated to me and my acts!”

“Are you certain it’s the entire amusement park and not the large theatre that’s beside it?”

“William! You’re supposed to support me as any good lover would!”

“We aren’t lovers.”

Ciel rolled his eyes at the dispute, who would even argue over territory right now? Clearly, they didn’t understand the situation they were in, at least one of them didn’t that is. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he glanced over at Alois who gave him a confident smile, “At least we caught up to them and found more people right? If our lucky streak keeps up this could totally be enough people to escape all at once.”

It wasn’t like Alois was wrong with his assumption, but the only ones who could really do anything would be Mey Rin, Lizzy, and Baldroy, all of which were skilled in combat and would be stronger than the rest of the students they have met, including themselves. Alois was aware of that too, he was just playing it optimistic and was hoping for the best outcome overall, Ciel would do the same, but from the looks of it, there probably weren’t very many students with combat oriented talents that were here right now.

As soon as Alois caught sight of his friend, he held up a hand and waved, “Heeeyyyy Claaauuddeee! I didn’t expect to see you here!”

Alois was excited but he was holding it back, Ciel could tell since he was holding back a wide grin and was getting more fidgety, his smile was already threatening to become wider. Claude turned and Ciel couldn’t help but compare him to the guy who was standing near him, both of them had glasses and former attire, the only difference was one of them had green eyes, suspenders and slicked back hair. If they truly wanted to, they could switch places and hardly anyone would notice. However, since their hairstyles were different it was easier to tell which was which, otherwise Ciel would question their appearances just a little bit more than he was now.

“Oh, Alois, what a pleasant surprise,” Ciel could just taste the sarcasm, but Alois didn’t seem to care all that much.

“See? I told you he was decent,” Alois whispered into Ciel’s ear, Ciel merely shrugged, Claude wasn’t really ‘that’ decent, even he roused some form of excitement when seeing Lizzy, Claude was just… Strangely blank.

Nevertheless, it would be rude of him to not just introduce himself, “I’m Ciel, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Claude Faustus and likewise. Might I say, your clothing is professional but has personality, I respect that bold choice but whatever uniqueness you are trying to imply with it is falling flat. If you truly are going to be bold about who you are, make sure the vest is grey and has a subtle pattern on it, it will look better opposed to the black that just looks tacky.”

“I- uh- Thank you for the recommendation?”

“Don’t mention it, since this is something that can easily be changed, I expect you to change it.”

Well, Ciel didn’t know about that ‘Claude was decent’ his ass, now he was just a bit embarrassed, it was like getting scolded by a mother in a weird way, but more professional, still Claude knew to hit him where it hurt, he was a world-renowned critic after all.

Through all of this, the two girls were still arguing, or at least the redhead was arguing, the other girl was attempting and failing to get her to calm down, Alois watched in amusement, Ciel was getting annoyed even though he hadn’t even been in front of the two for over a minute. There was an occasion where Alois would hold back a small snicker or the man with slicked-back hair had to remind the redhead that ‘he was not her lover’ but now it was reaching a back and forth point and as funny as it was at first, now it was starting to get annoying.

He supposed he could talk to the other guy while he was waiting for things to die down a little, he calmly approached the man for a moment, examining him just for a split second, unlike Claude, this guy had a satchel to go with his suspenders and oddly patterned bow tie, he looked scarily similar to a stereotypical math nerd. Ciel cleared his throat to gain his attention, “I’m Ciel, a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“William T. Spears, Super High School Level Accountant, it’s better if you don’t talk to me when Grell is nearby, you could be-”

“WILL-” The redhead strayed away from the other lavender-haired girl and shoved Ciel away from William forcefully, standing right next to William and glaring at Ciel despite him not really doing anything wrong.

“You should be ashamed! Absolutely ashamed! I didn’t know you wanted to leave me so quickly!”

“It’s just a conversation-”

“And conversations lead to steamy hot romances!”

“Uhm- I don’t think that’s how romances work,” Ciel cut in, clearing his throat, Alois was laughing quietly in the background, with Claude nearly forcing the blonde to stay quiet. The other girl was holding back an amused smile as well.

“Well, you’re WRONG! I’ve been in plenty of romance movies, I know how love works!”

“Oohhh… So that’s where I know you from-” Alois chuckled nervously.

“Of course! How could anyone ignore or dare I say forget the beauty of the Ultimate Actress! I, Grell Sutcliff, am appalled!” She placed a hand on her chest dramatically and let out a loud huff. Now that she was standing in a less shaded area of the artificial jungle, her red outfit glittered and sparkled. It was practically blinding and Ciel had to cover up his exposed eye while grunting softly in annoyance, even his other eye that was covered up by his eyepatch felt like it was in pain from how bright and honestly tacky her unnecessarily fancy outfit was.

Ciel felt a light tap on his shoulder and was taken aback when he came face to face with the other girl, she offered a gentle and almost motherly smile, “Sorry, we haven’t been introduced yet, I’m Hannah and I’m the Ultimate Botanist, if you have any questions about plants I’ll be happy to help. Also thank you for finding Alois, even though I didn’t know if he was here, I was still very worried about him.”

Now he understood, Alois wasn’t being mean, he was probably embarrassed, Hannah behaved just like a mother, “You’re welcome..?”

“Psst, hey Ciel, I have a feeling this Grell lady is going to start acting up again, and we haven’t come across Mey Rin’s missing partner, maybe we should look around some more? Also, you’re sweating really bad,” Alois barged in before Hannah could say another world, almost self consciously glancing over in her direction before grabbing ahold of Ciel’s arm, Ciel was pretty sure Alois only wanted to leave just to avoid second-hand embarrassment.  Alois was right though, Ciel was sweating really bad, he had no idea how Claude and William were getting along just fine in this heat, Hannah was wearing a purple turtleneck, a pencil skirt and a lab coat with a few flower print designs and she looked fine as well, she was more understandable though, she had probably been in a lot of greenhouses to research plants. Either way, the excessive heat was starting to kill him so he was glad that Alois was ready to go.

“Yeah.. Let’s go, there still might be people we need to meet,” He agreed, mainly so that his pits wouldn’t start smelling or dampen his dress shirt any more than they already have.

“Oh? Where are you two off to?” Grell questioned while raising an eyebrow, did she always have to act like they were suspicious or was that just her usual tone?

“To explore some more! Duh!” Alois was quick to redirect Grell’s sass, she let out a loud ‘hmph’ and crossed her arms. Ciel wouldn’t mind steering clear of her, it was obvious that they didn’t get along well, Alois personally found her to be annoying but funny at the same time, but clearly, they wouldn’t get along very well either. At the very least they already reached a mutual and wordless three-way agreement to not talk to each other unless absolutely necessary.

When they left Ciel was instantly relieved by the cool air that was now surrounding him and he sighed gratefully, normally he hated being cold but now he figured that he should appreciate the cold just a little more. Nevertheless, based on what he observed, it did seem possible to break out of the greenhouse and escape this weird prison completely, that was what he was hoping they all could do at least, after all, how hard could it be to break some glass? Not very hard unless the glass wasn’t actually glass and was something much stronger like a thick layer of plastic. Alois untied his long jacket and slipped it back on, for a second Ciel thought he was mad, how could anyone put on their jacket after being in a jungle disguised as a desert?

Alois and Ciel didn’t even need to walk until they heard the clearing of a throat. Ciel turned and there he saw a very laid back teen who was leaning against the wall, pipe in hand. Great, more smoke to get away from. The teen didn’t seem to care, his more old fashioned Chinese outfit stood out from most of the more modern or formal outfits of the other students, “I heard you were looking for me.”

“Huh?” Ciel was confused for a brief moment, the teen was quick to clarify.

“That sniper’s classroom partner, that was me, I decided to look around just like the two of you, I guess I should’ve stayed and waited for her to wake up,” He admitted with an amused chuckle before blowing out a thin cloud of smoke.

“How do you know that? Are you some kind of spy?” Alois inquired skeptically and a little anxiously.

“Well yes, I guess you could say that it is my talent after all. That girl, Elizabeth, she and her brother came across me first and encouraged me to find some people, which I did, but then I decided to do my own thing. I did end up eavesdropping quite a bit, so I apologize for that.”

“It’s no trouble, right Ciel? It’s not like he’s going out of his way to hurt us so we’re just peachy,” Alois nodded confidently with a smile. So now there’s a spy, that made Ciel wonder for a brief moment, spies were usually sneaky from what he had heard, so it was weird knowing that this one was being so open about it, not like there was anything wrong with taking pride in one’s talent, it still came across as odd to him though.

A spy, a sniper, a soldier, a swordswoman, they all know about weapons, they all could help get us out of here… If they’re willing to cooperate that is .

Most other talents seemed fairly useless in this situation, but he could be wrong. Plus some students didn’t seem to care that much, everyone seemed pretty interested in looking around rather than trying to get out. Ciel wouldn’t be blinded by his curiosity though, his top priority would first be to ensure that there was some sort of escape route.

“I’m Lau, I look forward to getting to know you two in the future, but for now I should be on my way, I want to make sure that I’ve investigated every nook and cranny,” Lau smiles cooly, and Ciel shrugs, he didn’t see anything wrong with that.

“Of course, do what you must, we’ll keep looking around as well, also-”

“We’re going to attempt to rendezvous at the courtyard when we’re all done investigating, right? At least that’s what that Elizabeth girl told me,” Lau nodded knowingly before going on his way.

“See you… later?”

“Absolutely,” Lau waved with the hand that was holding the pipe, the pipe itself being between two of his thin fingers. Alois and Ciel both watched him leave, he was odd but he also had a strangely alluring aura about him, as if he was being mysterious on purpose just to attract other people to him. If that was his game then his game was going swimmingly, Ciel was already hooked and was interested in learning more.

“Well, that was nice of him to approach us, could do without his gross smoking though.”

“Oh? You’re against smoking, but in one of your performances-”

“I got the person who pitched that idea and made me go through with it fired,” Alois cut in with a grin, flicking his wrist as if it was nothing.

“How… Impressive?” Ciel didn’t really know how to respond to that without making it seem like he thought Alois was a bratty and ungrateful person, that dance performance was one of his most popular after all and most people were raving about how cool he looked when he had blown a large plume of smoke out of his nostrils.

“Yeah, I heard that smoking damages your lungs and whatnot, plus I had a really bad coughing fit afterward, it’s cool to look at but I can’t really tolerate it, especially since I’m going to be dancing until I get old and die!”

“Then we’re pretty similar, I plan to run my business until I re-ACHOO!” Ciel sneezed loudly and sniffed, what the heck?

“ACHOO! ACHOO! ACHOO! Ugh... “ He took a moment to rub his nose again, he couldn’t be getting sick now, normally he didn’t sneeze unless-

“Oh good morning, I’m surprised to see other people are around here, I figured I was all alone in this situation,” Tall, black hair, piercing red eyes, he was dressed like a butler but without his coat, instead it was replaced with a lab coat decorated with not only cat patterns, but copious amounts of cat fur. The man’s brooch was also in a tacky cat shape but somehow he managed to pull off such a distasteful fashion sense.

“Y-You- ACHOO! Have you by any cha- ACHOO! Been near cats,” Ciel sniffled furiously, he was allergic to cats. As soon as the teen stepped out of the classroom he was in, Ciel went into yet another fit of sneezes, ultimately resorting to taking out his handkerchief and covering his nose, narrowing his eyes in slight disgust at the thought of cats being around here.

If there are actually cats around here I’m going to lose my mind.. Naturally, that was all the more reason for Ciel to get out of here, he would be back home and free of his allergies entirely.l 

“Why of course, that is my talent after all, as the Super High School Level Felinologist, I strive to excel at any and all cat research-” He began proudly before being cut off by one of Ciel’s thunderously loud sneezes.

“Tut, tut, do you even wash your coat? I’m pretty sure Ciel here is allergic,” Alois bantered.

“I haven’t got the chance to, however I do believe I spotted a laundry room as well as a bathhouse while I was walking over here, when given the opportunity, I will clean myself up,” He bowed politely and Ciel immediately began to doubt that this guy’s only job was to do cat research, he was more like a butler if anything.

“ACHOO-! Well… It could be worse…” He blew his nose and unlike his sneezes, he was cautiously quiet about it, he would be embarrassed if he blew his nose too loudly and interrupted the conversation because of it.

“I’m afraid I haven’t gotten the chance to introduce myself, I’m Sebastian Michaelis, and you are?”

“Alois, the Ultimate Dancer, and this is Ciel, the Ultimate Business-whatever-the-heck,” Alois introduced himself informally and Ciel was promptly annoyed that he wasn’t even trying to pronounce entrepreneur.

“Entrepreneur- ACHOO-! It’s entrepreneur... I’m afraid we can’t stay long- I- ACHOO-! I’m very allergic to cats and I may sneeze on you,” Sebastian seemed nice enough, but because of his allergies and because he hadn’t washed his clothes of cat fur yet, Ciel would have to steer clear of him for now.

“That’s understandable, but I’m not the slightest bit bothered by someone sneezing so, by all means, stay if you’d like-”


“Or perhaps we can talk later after I tidy up a little,” Sebastian added on with a light chuckle. Ciel glared at him a little, Sebastian was starting to get under his skin.

“That sounds excellent! We’ll look for more people and you can make Ciel not sound like he has the plague when we meet again,” Alois grabbed Ciel’s wrist and dragged him away with Sebastian watching them, giving a polite wave and a prolonged, amused smile.

Though it seemed like they had all the time in the world, Alois took it upon himself to start running even though Ciel wasn’t too keen on doing so, at least he stopped sneezing but now his nose was annoyingly stuffy, “W-Why are we running?!”

They continued to run past the supposed laundry room and bathhouse, the two would probably circle back to both rooms but Ciel would have liked to look inside for a brief moment, at least to blow his nose again. Alois didn’t look like he cared all that much about that yet, as tempting as going to this supposed bathhouse was, “To meet the other people faster! DUH!”

The area was no longer overrun with plants, it quickly switched from worn out wilderness to clear and neat palace, it was like a hippy and a prince wanted to build something together but couldn’t agree and just said ‘Fuck it’ an odd but endearing building. Suddenly Alois came to an abrupt stop and Ciel stumbled, crashing into his back. Finally , he took deep breaths before blowing his nose, relieving himself of his formerly clogged breathing. Alois wasn’t all that concerned, but he did give Ciel a kind pat on the back before chuckling softly, “I heard a few people, in that room over there.. Damn, this place is bigger than I thought.”

Ciel took a few more moments, his breathing finally slowed down, he wondered if he had his inhaler still, he fumbled around in his pockets and panicked briefly, whoever kidnapped him took away his inhaler, meaning that he had to limit his running, “Let’s go then, there’s no point in waiting like sitting ducks.”

“You sure? You don’t want to take a moment?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine, let’s just go before they decide to leave,” He shook his head and stood upright before walking ahead, peering into a room, it looked like an AV room, there were movies piled around everywhere and a projector hanging up precariously on a poorly made shelf.

“As the rightful prince of this newly discovered establishment, I demand that you fix this faulty movie projector!” A voice came out of the room, it was demanding yet playful, the voice also had an accent.

“Like I can reach that! You’re gonna have to carry me,” Another accented voice, a German accent, it wasn’t thick but it was still prominent.

“Don’t ask me. I’m not interested,” One more final voice, it was bland as if they were bored with just talking.

“C’mon Doll, this is right up your alley right? You could balance me up there or something.. If he really does want this projector to be fixed.”

“Mm… I don’t think I can, looks pretty high up, and unstable, don’t recommend it,” The bland voice had a bit more emotion when conversing with the owner of the voice with the German accent.

Ciel decided to be polite since they weren’t rushing in or couldn’t really do much to prevent themselves from sounding like they were purposefully trying to interrupt their conversation.. Or argument, it sounded like friendly banter but more aggressive. He knocked on the side of the doorway, garnering their attention. He cleared his throat and stepped inside, Alois following close behind, “Hello-”

“I told you so- You owe me that necklace!” The girl with a German accent shouted loudly while laughing, she was using crutches but otherwise, she looked like any other normal girl, as normal as an ultimate could be at least. Her dress screamed steampunk but more refined and appealing, but she also looked like she came from a garage, some of the items used to decorate her outfit were machine parts. She smelled like she came from a garage too, but it wasn’t an overbearing or gross smell, just a smell that made Ciel jump to the conclusion that she must work hard despite her legs not working well.

“I-I absolutely do not! I was joking-!” This so-called prince shook his head pridefully, keeping his chin up the entire time like Ciel already knew, he had an accent but it wasn’t a German accent like the girl, more like an Indian accent. His jewelry chimed whenever he moved, the gems sparkling and while he wasn’t wearing a crown of any sort he still looked like he was a prince, Ciel had to resist the urge to bow before him. He looked ready to boss anyone around and he would probably the smiling the entire time.

“Ehehe.. Calm down please, it’s just a bet. But if you were actually serious I’d really like to have those earrings-” The other girl looked like a circus performer, she wasn’t actually in costume, like Alois, she was in more casual clothing, the only difference was the ballet shoes, the cargo shorts and the pattern of rose thorns that were protruding out from behind her covered left eye, she also had freckles, a lot of them, Ciel could genuinely make counting all her freckles a pastime. She looked average, when she turned her head in the direction of the prince, Ciel noticed the small white roses that were seemingly barrettes put into her brown hair.

“If you rob me, a prince, then you might get arrested and executed!”

“Well- Before you decided to get these two arrested or something like that, you mind introducing yourself?” Alois butted in though he did take a few steps back, it seemed like he was susceptible to the prince’s charms as well. Ciel figured that backing up wouldn’t be a bad idea, it would be harder for him to be arrested that way.

“Why of course fair peasant! I am Soma Asman Kadar! The Prince of Bengal!” Soma declared with a bright grin.

“Awh, you think I’m fair!”

It wasn’t even a compliment, but Alois was decently hooked, Ciel felt himself grow a little irrationally jealous as he too wanted the prince’s attention for no real reason. He cleared his throat and bowed his head a little, it took everything inside of him not to bow completely, “I’m Ciel, the Ultimate Entrepreneur and this is Alois, the Ultimate Dancer.”

“It’s so wonderful to be meeting more peasants,” Soma cheered lightheartedly, while it was a rude statement at surface level, Soma genuinely seemed interested in meeting new people.

“Don’t forget about us! I’m Sieglinde, the Ultimate Witch!” The girl with the crutches interrupted, annoyed that she and the other girl were almost forgotten about.

The other girl didn’t seem to mind, instead, she leaned over and whispered, “Actually, she’s the Super High School Level Inventor, but I think she just prefers being called the Ultimate Witch.”

“Oh, well, who am I to stop her?” Ciel replied. If she wanted to be a witch then that was perfectly fine, as long as she genuinely doesn’t know witchcraft that is, he could never be too cautious.

“Alright! Brighten up and let loose a little! You bunch talk too fancy, I’m Doll, the Ultimate Acrobat, nice to meet ya!” She smiled brightly, she had the pizazz of a circus performer, even though she wasn’t in costume, even now Doll looked eager to entertain and make people happy, Ciel appreciated that wordlessly.

“Hmmm… Is Doll your stage name or your actual name?” Alois asked, cocking his head to the side curiously.

“Stage name, but I prefer my stage name over my real name! Only the circus knows my real name so if you wanted to hear it then you’re outta luck!”

“Oh, I see! I would introduce myself as ‘Highness’ since it’s my stage name but I think it’s pretty generic,” He shrugged but returned Doll’s smile.

“Wait! Are you royalty?” Soma was quick to ask.

“No, he is not, it’s just his stage name-” Ciel was about to continue, but Alois was quick to shut him up.

“But who knows? Maybe one day I really will be a prince! That would be exciting!” Alois lightly nudged Ciel while winking, it… did seem suitable for Alois at least, for him to be a prince, he was certainly confident and prideful enough to fit the mold for a more stereotypical prince. Ciel didn’t know whether or not that was good.

Bing. Bong Ding. Dong.

“Ahem! Is this thing on and working? Ah, whatever! I know you all must be so confused… poor, poor Ultimates! So to make this easier: All students report to the gym for a very special announcement! You won’t regret it! And if you don’t come then you’ll be forced to so don’t make this difficult!”

Ciel and Alois looked at each other, and then they looked at the people in the room with them. They were all as equally confused by such an obscure and sudden announcement, Ciel himself assumed that the loudspeakers just didn’t work since they weren’t bothered at all when they first woke up and met supposedly everyone.

Footsteps, it started out quiet and small at first, but soon the sound grew as all of the students grew closer together, if Lizzy and Edward got the announcement too, then they would understand why Ciel and Alois couldn’t head to their meeting spot. One by one, everyone funneled into where the gym was, it wasn’t where they had all woken up, in fact, it was in the area that Ciel and Alois didn’t get the chance to explore.

As soon as everyone was inside Baldroy was the first to speak up, “Oi! We’re all here so you’d better show yourself!”

“Calm down… We should be patient, perhaps they didn’t expect us to get here so fast,” Hannah assumed, many of the more mild-tempered students nodded and muttered in agreement.

“That doesn’t make any sense at all, Hannah! If they called us to the gym then they should be waiting for us!” Alois taunted while putting his hands on his hips, the more loud and expressive students agreed with him, though Ciel was surprised to see Claude be one of the people who agreed with Alois. Alois looked at Hannah and stuck out his tongue with a smirk. Ah, I see… Alois probably just doesn’t like Hannah in general.

“The peasant is right!” Soma voiced his agreement and his voice was booming.

“All of you calm down, it’s probably not that serious,” Lau spoke up, smoking his pipe in an almost too relaxed manner.

“Not that serious? Not that serious? Kids these days! So naive, even the older ones are still naive! What gives?!”

Everyone fell silent and looked towards the built-in stage in the gym.

What was going on? Some kind of prank? It couldn’t be serious… But they just woke up in a strange new place…

A bunny leaped on the podium, it wasn’t real, it was.. Stuffed? It looked so harmless. Everyone breathed a small sigh of relief, Baldroy and Grell started voicing their annoyance and others held them back to keep them from charging and punching the stuffed animal, others stayed silent and just waited, expecting something to come out of this ridiculousness. Ciel, on the other hand, was taken aback, that wasn’t just any rabbit... It was one of his products, but the product wasn’t robotic and didn’t move, but the design.. It looked just like one of the Funtom toy products, a direct copy.

“Who are you?! You’re causing us a lot of trouble! And you took my makeup!” Grell shouted angrily, she was being held back by Hannah who kept reassuring her that she looked beautiful either way and shouldn’t worry about her products just yet.

“You took my prosthetic leg away from me too!” That would explain why she had the crutches, Ciel probably would’ve noticed if the room they met in hadn’t been so dim.

He decided to chime in, “As well as my inhaler.”

The bunny’s movements became more prominent and Finny, who was closest to the stage, gasped and took a few steps back, colliding with Sebastian who held him upright and steady, “Quiet down! It’s not that bad! You’re all still standing and happy! To clear things up: I’ve taken something from all of you, some things more important than others! Some of you haven’t even noticed, which means it can’t be that big of a deal-”

“EXCUSE ME? My makeup is a very big deal!” Grell screeched, Claude sighing before slapping his hand over her mouth so that she could just stop talking already.

“Thank you for sparing me of her verbal wrath! As I was saying, I’ve taken something from all of you, whether it’s on you at all times or not! It’s just to make things a bit spicier! You all lost something, but take your missing items as a reminder that you’ve got bigger fish to fry!”

“Um… What does that mean?” Lizzy asked nervously, Edward placed his hand on her shoulder, it wasn’t possessive, it was gentle and reassuring.

“I want to know the answer to that as well,” Sebastian muttered, mostly to himself but most students heard him anyways.

“It means you all have been selected to participate in a wonderful and extraordinary KILLING GAME!”


“Hey! Don’t joke around like that!”

“Y-Yeah, that wasn’t funny at all!”

“Well… WHO SAID I WAS JOKIN’?! I haven’t properly introduced myself yet either! I’m Fun Time! It would be Funtom, but that’s copyrighted, isn’t it Mr. Phantomhive?” The bunny’s beady eyes pierced right into Ciel’s soul, making shivers run down his spine and making him break out into a cold sweat.

Why am I so nervous? This is just a prank by a bunch of delinquents, it has to be!

Everyone was staring at him too, even Alois, and all of them had a look of distrust on their faces.

“Ooo! The tension is already starting to boil over! Wonderful! Let me explain the rules, a game wouldn’t be fair without rules now, wouldn’t it? When three people find a body, a body discovery announcement will play, it is then up to the surviving students to have a class trial and expose the blackened! There will be a time limit given for investigations so you’d better work fast and think hard! If the murder isn’t solved or you guess wrong: you all die and the blackened is home free to leave this establishment! But, if you expose the blackened then they will be the only ones who are punished! Simple I know! But soooo fun!”

“Y-You’re joking! We might not know each other that well.. But still! That’s no excuse to kill each other!” Mey Rin shook her head and covered her ears.

“A-Absolutely! We have no need to resort to violence and as the only prince here I demand that nobody kill each other!”

“Bludgeoning, drowning, poisoning, asphyxiating, stabbing! Etc! Anything goes! As long as your victim dies, in the end, it doesn’t matter how you do it! Just get to killing and you’ll be fine if you aren’t discovered that is!” Fun Time laughed, it laughed loudly and some cowered, Alois inched a bit closer to Ciel as if he were seeking some sort of support, Ciel couldn’t help but move a bit closer as well, they woke up here together, right then an unspoken alliance was made, a pact to not kill each other. Ciel clung to that feeling, he was safe around Alois and Alois was safe around him, but still, no matter what, he wouldn’t hurt anyone standing here.

“One last thing: HUZZAH!” The rabbit threw out a bunch of tablets into the air, each clattering on the ground and conveniently landing in front of each student, all of them blaring to life as if on cue. Ciel hesitated and then picked it up, slowly but surely everyone else did the same.

“There are more rules! Be sure to go over them! Soon there’ll be a motive! And soon you all will have the time of your lives!”

So this… isn’t a joke..? This… Is for real..? No that’s wrong, that had to be wrong, everyone, everyone looked innocent, no matter how intimidating, everyone.. Didn’t look like they wanted to kill. I don’t want to kill.

“There’s also some personal info! And when the first body is discovered these will help you solve your case! I will be playing fair, some of the overviews may be vague just to make everything as mysterious as possible! Now leave and get to it! I look forward to seeing you again! And again! And again! Until only two of you are left standing!” With that, the bunny was gone… Just gone.

Everyone looked around, those who were in the same classes or knew each other stayed close together in packs, Alois was still hanging around Ciel, but Claude, Hannah, Lizzy, and Edward soon joined in on the involuntary group huddle.

This was it.

A killing game between sixteen innocent teens.

This wasn’t happening, it must be a dream. But still, the dream would only become a reality if people really did comply with the sudden allowance of murder. Ciel knew two of the people who were near him, the rest could hurt him at any time. Everyone else must have the same feeling.

Not only that, they would all be trapped in this place, restricted from the outside world until… Until the first murder.. Would two students really be the only ones allowed to leave? Only two? Everyone was out for blood if they really were that willing to make the sacrifice of another life of a human.

Yes. This was it. This really was it. This was the truth Ciel wanted to run from but somehow he couldn’t. This was going to be a school killing life, and there wasn’t anything he could do to stop it.