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Chasing The Night.

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One to many times had Zerleg gotten under her skin in public. Making her fluster or flush in an attempt to get her to retaliate or crack. She detested it, to the point she was constantly on edge waiting for him to make some kind of sly remark out of his mouth.

That is, until she got sick of his antics. It was the last straw, the very straw that broke the camel’s back, as they say. It was time for retaliation from her, and by the gods, she would win this little game of tug-o-war if it killed her. Though she knew she would win. Lace Bodoir is a winner, through and through, and the wheels of her plan were set in motion on a particular evening.

It as a normal night for them, Lace having attempted to hold Zerleg’s hand, and him having used the vibrator in his fingers to get make her fluster, and get jade in the face, which had lead to her punching him in the shoulder. Much harder than needed, mind you, considering she didn’t keep her strength in check when it came to him.

He had laughed it off, before taking her hand, and obliging her request. It was all she asked for, was some gentle, romantic affection here and there. He could do that, but it didn’t stop the soft flush creeping up into his cheeks. He never expected tender affection from Lace, of all trolls. Internally, he was thankful his glasses hid his face, and that Lace was busy talking about something work related. Right. Pay attention, dumbass, or else she’d realize he was being a fucking nerd.

It was a lovely night for a stroll to the local fancy cafe Lace loved so much, for a cup of coffee, and that is exactly what they were doing. One of their usual date nights. Zerleg was buying this time, as a way of saying thank you. Either for the seafood places they had been going to a lot to lately, or the fact she had bailed him out of jail recently. Zerleg was behaving on her behest as well for once- which was going to work in her favor for the devious idea she had up her sleeve. He would not expect this from her. Not in a million years.

She truly was putting her moral code, and her boundaries, on the line, for this one, but honestly, if it was to get this man to get weak in the knees for her, and place a reminder of the dominant party was in this relationship? She would do it.

Just as they were strolling by the alleyway that was near the door to the cafe, Lace smirked. This was just the place she could use, there was a few trolls milling about here and there, and it was just out of sight, with a decently dark shadow to hide in. Perfect. Zerleg wouldn’t even know what hit him until it was to damn late.

It took Zerleg by surprise when he was suddenly yanked into the alley, and slammed up against the brick wall. He was literally seeing stars for a moment there, vision going fuzzy. What the fuck hit him? But before he can even get the “Wha-” out of his mouth, it was captured by his kismesis, who was pinning him against the wall with more ease than he’d ever have expected from the woman.

Hell, he never expected this prude “will only shag inside” woman to ever even attempt a stunt like this. Colour him fuckin’ surprised. He could feel his knee going weak, and was suddenly very glad that Lace seemed intent on keeping him pinned up, because goddamn, this woman asserting herself was a reason to go fuckin’ weak. Shit, had she become a mind reader? Or was she just really good at guessing the shit he wanted so badly to happen? Either way, he was in fuckin’ heaven right about now.

Lace had decided she wasn’t going to be gentle, and she knew Zerleg would appreciate that. Wasting no time, Lace is already moving from kissing her rival, to biting down onto his lip. The wince of pain she gets makes her smile into the action, before she takes her (now blood stained) lips to his throat, dragging her teeth across the delicate flesh there.

Hands work themselves under his shirt, nails digging harshly into his flesh. Instead of scratching, she simply impaled her nails into the soft flesh of his hips, mouth forming a sick grin at each muscle twitching, or verbal reaction she was getting. He was unable to get much closer, considering she was literally keeping the boy in place, but it wasn’t stopping him from trying to move his hips against hers. Eager, or trying to distract her? Either way, she wasn’t having it, and a quick slam back against the wall kept him in his place, and she was right back to work.

Her mouth moves across his throat, leaving a trail of hickies in her wake, before she found herself sinking her teeth harshly into his shoulder, claws raking across his stomach, and chest. Some of those gashes were going to scar, but it’s not like she cared. (She did but shh.) It really didn’t take long for it to feel like Zerleg was getting into this, if the fact she could feel his arousal pressing up against her was any evidence.

Being the bitch she was, she shifted her position, and brought her knee up, right into his bulge, harshly grinding into it, almost surprised that Zerleg bucks against it eagerly. She swore she felt the boy’s legs buckle at the action…However, she wasn’t going to be going farther than this, much to his eventual dismay, or horror. Or anger. Getting him all worked up just to leave him hanging? Such a bitch move, Lace.

It’s another sharp, more-bite-than-kiss, kiss later, that she’s pulling away from Zerleg, who seemed genuinely confused. Was she changing positions- did she want him to turn around? He didn’t mind being face first in a brick wall, not at all, but she wasn’t getting back into it, at all. All she does is give him a wide, white toothed smirk, and a wink, as she starts to walk back out of the alleyway, leaving Zerleg to stare at her retreating figure in disbelief.

“Payback, jackass, have fun with walking around in leather pants now.~”

Lace is already out of the alleyway when she hears him shout “FUCKIN’ BITCH!” at the top of his lungs after her…but it doesn’t stop the rapid footsteps that follow after. She looks up at Zerleg as he appears besides her, an innocent smile on her face. He was flushed, and scowling, but he’s quick to twist that angry expression into something akin to snarky amusement.

“You’re sucha fuckin’ cunt, y'know that?”

“I am aware. That is my job, after all.”

“…This means war-”

“Indeed it does. Do your worst, Zerleg.”

“Fuckin’ plan on it…”