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Two Halves of a Whole

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1. Adelheid: Tessenjutsu

Each thud made Tsuna wince, but he couldn’t help being captivated by Adelheid’s graceful movements, as she dodged her opponent’s strikes. Granted she was taller, much taller, than the other girl, Adelheid still managed to move around her attacks without missing a beat.

Finally, she found an opening, pivoted on her heel, dodging another clumsy slash, and struck the end of her iron fan in her opponent’s stomach. She unfanned her other one when she moved behind the other girl and forced her to stand upright by placing her fan against her neck, the leaves barely brushing against her skin.

And just like that, Adelheid won her seventh consecutive championship title.

Tsuna smiled when she left the mat and handed her a towel. “You did great!”

Adelheid dabbed her face, even though she wasn’t sweating. She gave her coach a small nod of acknowledgement. “You didn’t have to come.”

Tsuna uncapped her water bottle for her to drink. “I wanted to.”

Adelheid’s pale complexion reddened a bit. She lightly scoffed and ruffled Tsuna’s hair, ignoring his indignant yelp. There was a hint of a small smile on her face. “I can leave now.”

“Ice cream?”

Grabbing her duffel bag, Adelheid took a hold of Tsuna’s hand, easily towering over him. “Your treat.”

Tsuna nodded, his smile gentle. “My treat.”


2. Alaude: Jittejutsu  

He appeared out of nowhere, a terrifying beast that bared his fangs and claws without restraint.

Tsuna scrambled away when another man fell to the ground with a yelp, grabbing his leg in pain. Yeah, he probably wouldn’t be able to walk for months. Now the last man standing, Alaude wasted no time to assess Tsuna’s (nonexistent) injuries.

“Can you stand?” he asked, his baton still in his hand.

Tsuna grabbed his textbooks and shoved them in his bag. “I’m okay.” He grimaced when he saw the unconscious gangsters. They always hung around campus at night trying to score a poor girl’s number or pick a fight to boost their egos. Tsuna was just unfortunate enough to bump into them after leaving the library. Even though he was a pacifist, he did believe that some discipline should be implemented.

Though he wasn’t sure if it should be like this

“That was a little much,” Tsuna said, more resigned than angry.

Alaude raised a brow. “They were harassing you. I was only enacting the rightful punishment.” Truer words had never been spoken by the most notorious Student Head of Campus Patrol to date.

“Yeah, but…” Tsuna let his words trail off. Alaude was as stubborn as a concrete wall. There was no way Tsuna could convince him (unless he allowed lazy morning cuddles). “I’m just gonna go home.”

He blinked when Alaude laid a hand on his shoulder. “I will walk you.”

“I can walk back by myself!”

Alaude gave him an unimpressed stare until Tsuna finally relented. He just wanted to sleep. Before he realized they were in front of his dorm, Alaude had kissed him on the cheek and whispered good night in his ear. And just like that, he was gone again.

Tsuna could only dumbly stare at his back with a blush.


3. Bel and Rasiel: Knife Throwing

The knife struck the wood with a thud, just above a student’s head. An array of daggers outlined his stiff body, leaving him without a scratch, but he’d probably be mentally scarred for life. The audience cheered as Bel took an overly-dramatic bow. Their university thought that having him as the main attraction for their medieval fair would be a good idea. Well, it was. Bel’s act quickly became the most popular event on campus.

But was it really necessary for him to hunt down anyone who looked at Tsuna the “wrong” way?

“Is there a peasant brave enough to take the stand next?” Bel said, flicking his hair. The girls squealed. It didn’t make it any better that the Drama Club went all out with his costume: a rich blue tunic with a belt holding up his trousers and a long black cloak draped over his shoulders. His tiara was the perfect finishing touch.

Some guys snickered and tried to convince each other to go for it, but no one came forward. Tsuna, who was manning the food stalls, frowned sympathetically when Bel’s latest victim walked away on quivering legs. He really didn’t do anything. He just asked for directions to the bathroom before Bel called him out.

Tsuna jumped when an arm snaked around his waist. “Tsuna-chan,” someone said in a sing-song voice, “I found you.”

Several students eating nearby gaped and squealed when Rasiel finally made his presence known. “Rasiel,” Tsuna deadpanned, “where were you?” He didn’t want to think about the collateral damage the older twin caused. Then again, he didn’t hear about anything…yet.

“Ushesheshe, the king is allowed to keep some secrets from the queen.”

Tsuna fought back a blush. “Stop talking like that,” he mumbled with no heat, handing a customer her order. When he turned to face the taller man, he couldn’t help but gape. Rasiel was donned in rich clothing befitting royalty too, his tunic red and cloak fur-trimmed.

Grinning, Rasiel leaned closer. “Is there something the queen li—”

Metal clashed against metal. Tsuna yelped, unconsciously clutching Rasiel’s shirt, and widened his eyes when Bel brandished more knives in his hands.

“Unhand the princess, swine,” Bel said, his grin stretching wider.

Rasiel took out his own knives. “The king doesn’t take orders from insignificant vermin.”

“Is this part of the act?” someone whispered from the crowd.

Tsuna felt like his head would explode. “Don’t you dare, idiots!”

They dared. 


4. Bluebell: Swimming  

She was the shortest among the competitors, but carried herself like the rest of them: shoulders squared and head held high.

The stadium was full of students and parents from other schools. Tsuna wasn’t lucky enough to sit at the front, but he had a decent seat in the middle between some students from Vongola University. They were likely here for their swimmers, Elena Agostino and Kurokawa Hana.

Tsuna hugged his bag closer to his chest when everyone in his section cheered and whooped loudly when the two came out. Before a match, Bluebell would manage to find and cuddle him until the competition started, but not today. Damn it, why didn’t the bus come on time when he needed it? He had texted Bluebell on the way to the Trinisette Athletics Center but she didn’t respond. He hoped she was okay…

“On your mark,” the referee said through the speakers.

The swimmers braced themselves on the starting platforms. Then they dove in the waters, eliciting whistles and cheers from the crowd. They swam with easy strokes, occasionally turning their head for air.

Tsuna only watched one swimmer.

Bluebell was a different person altogether when she swam. Despite her short stature, it looked like she grew a tail as she quickly reached the end of the pool and propelled herself back with a strong dolphin kick. The other swimmers were barely keeping up with her pace.

Trinisette students cheered louder when Bluebell turned again for the final lap. Elena was the only who managed to keep up, but lasted only a few seconds before Bluebell picked up an amazing burst of speed. Her powerful strokes got the crowd going. Tsuna was already on his feet, joining the other students to cheer on for Bluebell before she reached the other end of the pool.

“Holy shit, she’s so fast!”

“Hey, I think that’s a record.”

Removing her goggles, Bluebell leaned on one of the yellow lane lines and looked up at the time boards while the other swimmers finally caught up a few seconds later. She searched the crowd until she found Tsuna. She pouted. “Tsuna-chan!” Her voice managed to beat the others’ applause and cheers. “You owe me lots and lots of cake!” She spread her arms wide in the air. “This much!”

Tsuna flushed when several eyes turned to him. “Ah, um, I’m n—”

Hana scowled when Bluebell wildly flapped her arms in the pool and splashed some water on her face. “Don’t ignore me! I can see you, Tsuna-chan! Tsuna-chan! Look at me! I’m right here!”

“Okay!” Tsuna shouted back. “Stop doing that! You’re being rude to the other swimmers!”

Bluebell’s eyes welled up with tears. “Tsuna-chan doesn’t care about me anymore. He found someone else.” She glared at the other swimmers. “I’m never letting Tsuna-chan go!”

She almost lost her gold medal if Tsuna hadn’t leapt into the pool like an idiot to stop her and almost drowned. 


5. Chrome/Nagi: Figure Skating

The beautiful blend of the violins, piano and cello filled the skating rink with a steadily increasing crescendo. People watched, mesmerized, as Nagi glided across the ice, her skates scraping lightly against the surface. Her arms and body swayed elegantly to the music, before she transitioned into a breathtaking step sequence. Tossing her head back in a sensual gesture, Nagi twirled then slightly bent forward, preparing for her jump. Tsuna almost gasped, but held back his breath, afraid that she’d hear it and lose focus, even though she was at the other end of the rink.

She leapt, and landed before jumping again. A perfect Triple Lutz-Triple Toe combination. The audience applauded as Nagi danced across the ice, skating onward without missing a beat. Her program was almost over, and Tsuna didn’t want it to end. He could watch her for hours and never get tired of it.

Nagi was just beautiful.

Her dance became more desperate as if she was seeking another’s hand. The expression on her face was somber, yearning, and when they briefly met each other’s eyes, Tsuna almost couldn’t breathe. The audience’s roaring applause sounded faint and distant in his pounding ears, before he realized that Nagi had finished.

She smiled shyly at the crowd and curtsied, her movements still graceful and poised after an exhausting program. Stuffed animals and flowers flew across the air, landing on the ice, as Nagi turned towards Tsuna, who was already out of his seat. Cheeks flushed and smile bright, she skated to the edge of the rink and hugged him over the railing.

“Tsuna-kun,” she said breathlessly, “you’re here.”

Tsuna hugged her back, ignoring the whistles and encouraging applause around them. It was just him and Nagi now. “That was amazing, Nagi,” he whispered in her ear.

He could sense her blushing without having to look at her. He smiled when they pulled back, and rested his forehead against hers. Her cheeks were a lovely shade of red, and her violet eyes shone brightly like pretty gems. “Really?” she said, her voice soft. “I—I think I messed up in the second half…”


The young woman laughed. “Okay,” she said. “I know. Thank you, Tsuna-kun.” She drew back, her eyes never straying from Tsuna’s face. “Will you wait for me?”

Tsuna smiled. “Always.”

Her lips were sweet on his before she skated away, leaving only a fragrance of her fading perfume behind. Nagi then picked up a rose from the ground and raised it towards Tsuna with a smile. He didn’t know how he could ever love her more.


6. Colonnello: Long-range Shooting

“You know, rides like this make me miss America.”

Tsuna sipped his strawberry smoothie while Colonnello stuffed his face with more blue cotton candy. Some screams came from a roller coaster nearby. “Oh…” He glanced at the taller blond from the corner of his eye. “Do you miss your home?”

“Yeah, sometimes. I mean, Japan’s not bad or anything. Just, everything here’s kind of tame, you know? Shit, you should go on Kingda Ka. It’s so freakin’ tall and it goes straight down like this!” Colonnello made a motion with his arm to demonstrate, making Tsuna laugh. “I’ll take you there if you ever come to Jersey.”

Tsuna tilted his head. “Jersey?”

“New Jersey.”

“Ah, right.” Tsuna looked down at his sneakers. “Are you going back in the summer?”

Colonnello hummed to himself in thought. “Probably. I’m gonna help my dad out with the store. It’s nothing exciting. How about you?" 

Tsuna shrugged. “I might go back to Namimori and stay home.” He smiled a little. “Nothing exciting either.”

Colonnello laughed. “We’re pretty sad, huh?” He slung an arm over Tsuna’s shoulders and grinned when the brunet blushed. He cooed. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. Till death do us part, right?”

Tsuna wrinkled his nose. “What? That doesn’t make any sense. What are you even talking about?”

“It’s a sin to make your cute boyfriend sad. It’s in the commandments, I swear on my nanny’s grave.”

Looking away, Tsuna tried hard not to choke Colonnello right there in public. “You’re an idiot.”

“Forever your idiot. I’m not sorry you’re stuck with me though.”

Tsuna grumbled under his breath before he noticed a cute rabbit doll hanging above a shooting booth. “Yeah, I guess.”

Colonnello followed his gaze. “You want it?”

“Huh? Oh, um, no, it’s okay. I was just…looking.”

“Come on. I’m a pro at this, trust me.”

Three things happened spontaneously after. One, Colonnello won the doll easily enough. Two, he destroyed the booth after catching the operator trying to rig the game, who almost lost his limbs too. Three, Tsuna forced Colonnello to apologize to the terrified man.

And all the blond did was grin and ruffle Tsuna’s hair like a goof. “You’re cute when you’re angry.”

Tsuna punched his arm, but it probably didn’t feel like anything, and left Kokuyo Land with the doll in his arms and his idiot boyfriend still by his side. They were banned for life.


7. Dino: Cross-country Riding

Gravity might be a bitch for him, but Dino managed to give it the finger when he rode a horse.

Tsuna honestly didn’t think that horse-riding ever looked so imposing. Was that even the right word? He digressed. The weather was beautiful, and the spring breeze smelled like fresh grass and flowers. The sun shone brightly in the sky, which had no clouds in sight. Seeing a wide expanse of greenery always set Tsuna’s heart at ease.

A handful of people were at the start of the cross-country course already, waiting for the next rider to go off. It was about four miles long with several solid, natural obstacles spread out, including ditches, large puddles, and logs.

“Tsuna!” Already mounted on his beautiful white horse, Scuderia, Dino trotted at a leisurely pace until he towered at Tsuna’s side. He looked handsome with his breeches, tall boots, and black riding coat. The girls at school called him a true prince and Tsuna didn’t disagree. “You’re not going to the finish line?”

Tsuna shook his head. “Not yet.” He smiled up at the young man. “There’s still some time before you go. I just wanted to see you.” Scuderia snorted lightly and nudged her head against Tsuna’s cheek, making him laugh. “Don’t worry. I didn’t forget about you.” He patted her cheek, earning a small nip of his hair in return.

Dino smiled at him fondly and reached over to ruffle Tsuna’s hair. “Wait for me at the end, okay? I won’t take long.”

Swatting his hand away, Tsuna huffed. “Just be careful.”

Dino laughed. “I’m always careful.”

Tsuna patted Scuderia’s muzzle. “Make sure he doesn’t die.”


Tsuna fought back a smile. “Good luck, Dino. You’ll do great. I’ll see you at the finish line.”

“Yeah, see you there.” Dino took a hold of Tsuna’s hand, making the brunet blink, before brushing a gentle kiss on his knuckles. “I’ll be off then.”

Tsuna flushed. “You’re an idiot…”

He held that hand close to his chest until Dino appeared at the finish line.


8. Fon: Martial Arts

Today was not a good day. Tsuna was late to his morning lecture, mixed up his papers for two classes, and thought for sure that he bombed his geography exam. Why was he even taking geography? He was a Culinary Arts major! All he’d have to know was that France existed, not where it was on the map. And as if things couldn’t get any worse, he missed the bus to Midori, where he was supposed to meet Fon for lunch, and his phone died just as he was about to text him.

Almost at the brink of a mental breakdown, Tsuna broke out into a run, shoving past the students like his life depended on it and yelling out apologies. Midori wasn’t that far—okay, no, that was a lie. He was going to be very late, but the next bus wouldn’t come for another half hour.

He didn’t know how long he ran. His lungs felt like they’d burst from both lack of air and too much of it at the same time, which was probably not even an actual biological phenomenon, but what the hell. He should probably take Fon’s offer to work out at the gym. Actually, he took that back. He’d seen Fon’s workout once. Never again.

Panting, Tsuna stopped for a few seconds to catch his breath. Something hard knocked into his shoulder, making him fall with a yelp. His legs were practically jello and prevented him from standing again.

“Oi, watch where you’re goin’,” a tall guy in a jean jacket said. Tsuna recognized him from campus but didn’t know his name. More like he didn’t bother to. As usual, the guy was with his buddies, a couple of muscular bums who smoked more than going to classes.

“Sorry,” Tsuna muttered, even though it wasn’t his fault. “Carry on.”

“The fuck did you say?”

Ah Christ, Tsuna really wasn’t in the mood for this. So, he took his chances and laid down on the ground.

“Hey, what’s wrong with him?”

“The hell? Get up, punk.”

Tsuna sighed. He gazed up at the blue, cloudy sky and waited. “Please, at least let me have a heart attack in peace. Thank you.”

“Oi, get u—”

A flurry of thuds and yelps of pain was practically music to Tsuna’s ears.

“Are you alright, Tsunayoshi?” a familiar voice said. “Can you stand?”

Tsuna just sighed and raised his arms towards Fon, who easily lifted him up. “I’m fine. You’re probably the only good thing that happened to me today.”

Fon chuckled. “Only?”

“It’s a really long story and I don’t want to talk about it.” Tsuna swayed on his feet and almost fell if Fon hadn’t caught him by the waist. He laughed sheepishly. “Sorry, I can’t really walk.”

Fon pursed his lips. “Were you trying to run to Midori?”

Tsuna shrugged helplessly. “I tried. Can you help me…?”

He didn’t protest when Fon carried him on his back all the way to Midori for a much-needed lunch break.


9. Haru: Artistic Gymnastics

She didn’t know he was there yet.

Other gymnasts were practicing all around the gym, flipping over balance beams and swinging themselves in the air from the uneven bars. Haru tightened her ponytail before walking onto the spring floor. She was wearing black shorts and a green sports bra. Stretching out her arms, Haru bounced lightly on her toes, getting ready to go. Then, she was off.

Tsuna always thought Haru was amazing. With her abundance of positive energy and infectious smiles, Haru was the most precious light in his life. And watching her soar in the air, spinning and twisting with basic flips, was nothing short of breathtaking. Haru moved fluidly without a misstep, cartwheeling, tumbling, and pivoting on her feet to music no one but her could hear.

As her flip combinations became more complex, more and more of the underclassmen gathered around her spring mat with cheers and eyes wide in awe. A flare of pride sparked in Tsuna’s chest. Haru was an amazing athlete as much as she was an amazing person.

When she struck a little pose at the end of her routine, she seemed to be lost in her high before snapping back to reality and joining the others below in short fits of giggles. One of her seniors gave her a high-five, then pointed at Tsuna’s direction. Haru perked up and turned to him, her grin revealing her cute dimples. He didn’t have the time to react when she leapt towards him with a big hug.

“Tsuna!” she said. “I didn’t know you were coming! What about your advisor meeting? Did you go?”

Laughing, Tsuna hugged her back. “Yeah, I went, don’t worry. It was close by, so I thought I could drop by and wait for you to finish.”

Haru’s flushed cheeks reddened a bit more before she pulled away. “Ah, sorry. I’m kind of sweaty.”

Tsuna waved it off. “It’s fine. How’s practice going? Ready for regionals?”

Haru beamed. “Yup! We still have a few weeks left, but I think we’re good to go whenever!” She frowned a bit. “But I’m not sure if I can go out with you on Saturday. We’re trying to get more practices in. I’m sorry! I should’ve told you before!”

“Haru, it’s fine. I was just thinking we could get dinner later, if you want.” Tsuna waved his hands quickly. “But you don’t have to if you’re too busy!”

“No, I can go!” Haru clapped her hands together. “I still have half an hour, so can you wait until then?”

“Of course. Is there anything you want?”

Tapping her chin, Haru scrunched her nose cutely in thought before brightening up again. “Can we cook together? It’s been a while.”

Tsuna smiled. “We can.” He leaned forward before stopping short when he noticed her teammates giggling behind her. “Ah, um…”

Haru giggled before pecking his lips with a sweet kiss. “They don’t care, silly.”

Tsuna turned redder than Haru, which made her laugh. 


10. Gokudera: Ky ū d ō

No one could ever believe the hot-headed, chain smoking silver-head punk could ever not be angry.

Honestly, Tsuna didn’t think it was bad. Yeah, Hayato could get heated sometimes, but it was more from getting swept away by his passion than anger. People just liked to assume and stick with what they wanted to believe in. It was annoying, and Hayato couldn’t get why Tsuna would ever vouch for his behalf, but Tsuna would tell them off if he had to.

Carefully, Hayato stretched his yumi back, his gloved hand gripping the bamboo shaft against his ear. His face was blank, calm, and his green eyes betrayed nothing but solemn focus. Tsuna always admired that look on him.

Hayato let go.

The shaft whistled softly in the air before piercing the wooden target with a thud. It was a perfect hit. There was some scattered applause, but the competitions didn’t have too much fanfare. It ended quietly too, with Hayato as the reigning champion for the third time. Tsuna waited for him outside the gym as usual and smiled when he exited through the doors. “Hayato, congrats!”

The taller man flushed as he shouldered his duffel bag. He had changed out of his uniform into some red hoodie and jeans, his fingers adorned with several rings, one of them with an orange gem that Tsuna had bought for his birthday. It easily fit his ring finger. “It’s really nothing,” Hayato said.

“Hayato, whatever you do or accomplish isn’t nothing.” Tsuna smiled to himself when Hayato didn’t shy away from him holding his hand. The other’s calloused fingers curled around his smaller ones. They fit perfectly. “I’m really proud of you, you know?”

Hayato ducked his head a bit to hide his blush. “Yeah, I know,” he mumbled.

“So, what do you wanna eat? My treat!”

Remaining quiet for a few minutes, Hayato rubbed the back of his head and didn’t look at Tsuna. “Can we eat sukiyaki, um, at your place…? Only if you want to!”

Tsuna squeezed Hayato’s hand. “Of course.”

He smiled when Hayato relaxed, and squeezed back.


11. I-pin: Kung Fu

He waited until she got off work.

Even though I-pin could take care of herself (better than he did of himself), it’d help Tsuna’s conscience if he walked her home at night. He wasn’t going to take the risk when it came to someone he considered his little sister. “How was school today?” he said, when I-pin exited the busy ramen restaurant.

Smiling, I-pin easily fell into step with Tsuna’s pace. “It was good. I did well on my final exams. Tachibana-sensei said that I can go to a very good university.”

“That’s great! Ah, we should get dinner to celebrate!”

I-pin blinked. “Celebrate? I don’t think it’s something to celebrate for. I always get good grades.”

She didn’t shy away when Tsuna patted her head. “It’s something to celebrate, for sure! Like a reward.”

“Didn’t you say that your wallet is always empty?”

Tsuna almost tripped over his own feet. “I’m going to forget you said that…”

“But it’s true.”

Tsuna waved her off. “Whatever. So, where do you want to go? Tokyo?”

I-pin didn’t miss a beat. “Namimori University.”

Tsuna paused in his step while I-pin continued walking, oblivious to his short-circuiting brain. “Eh?”

Turning, I-pin tilted her head. “Tsuna-nii? Is there something wrong?”

“O—Oh, no, not really, just… Why NU? You can go to Tokyo with your grades!”

I-pin still regarded him with big, innocent eyes. “But I don’t want to. Lambo isn’t going to Tokyo, and Tsuna-nii doesn’t live there.”


Someone snickered. “Well, isn’t it Dame-Tsuna.”

Stiffening, Tsuna moved to hide I-pin behind his back. “Saito.”

Saito and his friends stepped out under the streetlights. “Whatcha got there? A girl? A little too youn—”

Tsuna opened his mouth with some choice words, but they died in his throat when a blur rushed past him. I-pin kicked Saito’s chest, hurling him against the wall, and whirled in mid-air to smack her school bag against his friend’s head. She nimbly dodged several clumsy punches, then responded with an elbow jab to the stomach, making another man choke out a pained gasp. Within seconds, all the guys were sprawled on the ground, twitching and moaning in pain.

“Tsuna-nii always gets in trouble,” I-pin said, as if she hadn’t knocked out five guys twice her size. “Lambo agrees, too.”

Tsuna could only utter a weak, “Oh my God…”


12. Hibari: Okinawan Kobud ō

He confiscated the tonfas when they had lunch on the most isolated quad on campus (courtesy to the Discipline Committee on Kyoya’s strict orders). It pissed Kyoya off when Tsuna did it the first time back in middle school, but gradually, he preferred napping on Tsuna’s lap and being fed like a king over something that was now a trivial annoyance.

“Some professors shouldn’t be teachers,” Tsuna said, letting Hibird eat some bird seeds from his palm. “I swear, if Nara-sensei talks about her dumb grandkids again, I’m going to flip shit.”

“Damaging school property is forbidden,” Kyoya said, his eyes still closed. He sounded more placid than annoyed, with his head resting comfortably on Tsuna’s lap. “And don’t speak in that manner, Tsunayoshi. It’s uncouth.”

Uncouth, Tsuna mimicked mockingly at Hibird, making the bird giggle in the form of sweet trills. “I can’t believe school matters to you more than me. I thought you changed.”

Kyoya covered Tsuna’s mouth with his hand, muffling the brunet’s yelp. “You talk too much, usagi.” There was a sliver of fondness in his dark eyes despite his stern tone. That was the only thing preventing Tsuna from dumping his bento on Kyoya’s face.

Instead, Tsuna fed him an apple slice while Hibird fluttered down from his shoulder to the other boy’s chest and made himself comfortable. They really were a pair, Tsuna thought fondly. Lunch passed by peacefully before they had to go to class.

“Don’t make me wait,” Kyoya said, turning to leave.

Tsuna was already used to Kyoya’s curt, roundabout way of speaking after many (frustrating) trials and errors, so he easily caught what he meant. “I know, I know. I’ll meet you at the g—Oh.” He slowly blinked at Kyoya, who pursed his lips at the sudden pause. “I…don’t think I can go.” He laughed sheepishly when Kyoya narrowed his eyes. “Just, Nara-sensei gave us a last minute project due in two days and I have to meet my group at the library, so…”

A brief moment of silence passed between them, before Tsuna awkwardly slung his bag over his shoulder. “I’m sorry, Kyoya. I know I annoyed you for weeks about it, but there’s nothing I can do about th—”

“Give them to me.”

The look in Kyoya’s eyes was enough to make Tsuna hand over his tonfas. “Um, what are you…?”

Okay, so Tsuna might’ve taken some vindictive glee when Kyoya scared the hell out of Nara-sensei in the lecture hall by smashing her podium in half with a tonfa. Pretty much every student that had her hailed him as a hero after that. She didn’t talk about her grandkids or assigned last minute projects after that.

“You know, you technically damaged school property,” Tsuna said, carding his hand gently through Kyoya’s hair.

Laying down on Tsuna’s lap, Kyoya huffed, as a breeze rustled branches of the newly-bloomed sakura trees. Some petals floated down beside them. “I only enforced proper professional decorum.”

Tsuna rolled his eyes but smiled anyways. “Whatever you say.”

Kyoya snuggled a little closer after Tsuna kissed him on the cheek, and they continued to watch the sakura trees in peaceful silence until sunset.