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Milf Next Door

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“Mom,” your son called from the yard as he watched the new neighbors move in, “remember how Dad talked about monsters not being real? And that they only lived in closets and under beds?”

You were busy getting your youngest daughter cleaned up after she had taken a nasty fall in the yard and scraped her knees up, so you didn’t bother to look over to see what your oldest was even talking about. “Yes dear, what about them?” You continued to clean the wounds then grabbed out the bandaids applying it to her wounds. She was only three years old, your oldest being six.

“Well there’s monsters outside of my bed.” Called out sounding happy about it.

Your son had outgrown his fear of the monsters hiding in the dark areas of his room. Your daughter hadn’t gone through that phase yet. But you knew it was coming.

“There all better.” You cooed at your daughter as you kissed her knees earning giggles from the little girl. “Alright, go play now.”

Turning around you finally looked at your son you were about to ask, ‘what are you talking about’? but then noticed he was staring up at a tall lanky skeleton monster who was staring back at your son with an amused expression on his face. You son expression was a mix between awe and I’m not scared of you.

“Oi, Rylan stop staring. It’s Impolite.” You chided as you smacked him lightly on the arm causing him to look at you with an “I’m sorry” look.

“Don’t look at me with the I’m sorry look, point it at him.” Wait was the skeleton a him? Was that speciesist? You weren’t sure, but you were not going to ask and make yourself look rude or anything.

“I’m sorry, he usually isn’t like this. He’s never seen a monster before.” You looked up at the tall skeleton and smiled a bit.

What you weren’t expecting was…

“Pfft, s’fine. No harm done.”

He had a deep voice that sounded like he was from Brooklyn maybe? You weren’t aware that monsters had accents. It was… hot… OH STARS… did you just think his voice was hot? Ok, don’t focus on that, just cause you haven’t been in the dating game in forever doesn’t mean you get to all hot and bothered by his voice.

You could feel your face flush as you looked downward and away from him. “Well, thank you for not being angry. My name is Nilah Vonphear and that’s Rylan and this little one is Krystah. Rylan is six and Kyrstah is only three.” You smiled at him.

Papyrus nodded his head watching as the youngest of your children was busy chasing a grasshopper around. He smiled seeing how carefree she was. “Nice to meet ya. Name’s Papyrus.” He held out his boney hand and you shook it. You didn’t flinch or hesitate and that smile. Stars it was really pretty.

Looking at you he noted that you were dressed in thin looking sweat pants, with a long black shirt on, and a black hoodie with cat slippers. Nothing like pornos made hot moms out to be like, but even better than a porno, your eyes were a beautiful shade of hazel, your hair dirty dish blonde, and peach colored skin. Your kids he noticed looked a bit like you. Rylan had your hair and eyes, but he guessed his Father’s nose. Krystah from what he could see had darker colored hair almost brown, but with the same hazel eyes. She had your nose. A cute little button nose.

He didn’t want to freak out the kids, especially the young one so he would do a check on your soul later, but from how you interacted you seemed like a good person.


Your eyes looked over seeing a shorter skeleton, this one dressed much differently from the taller on.

Papyrus wore a burnt orange almost red turtle neck shirt with black like skinny jeans, a belt, a pair of old black boots, and a hoodie with fur lining the hood down to the bottom of the coat to the zipper. He also had on a dog collar?

The shorter skeleton wore black pants, a sleeveless black top with a purple scarf around his neck, his boots even had heels. They both had sharp pointed teeth, but Papyrus had a gold tooth were a canine had apparently once been.

The shorter one flat out ignored you but you heard your son whisper “Whoa, there’s two of em.”

You sighed looking at the time as you realized it was lunch time. “Alright guys stay in the yard. I’m going to make food.”

You knew Rylan would watch his kid sister, he was always the protective type as he turned his back on the skeletons and went to play with her.

You went inside to fix… what the hell were you going to fix? Looking inside your cabinet you sighed. That’s right, you still had to go shopping for food. Ugh, looks like pizza again. You briefly wondered if your kids would ever get sick of pizza… nah you decided. They were just as crazy as you were and you loved pizza.