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The Beloved Farmer

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Alex x Male! Player: Insecurities


You couldn't forget the day Alex confessed his feelings for you. The dinner date, his smile, his blush, and the way he laughed when Dusty suddenly busted through the window. Man, oh man.. Everything about his is perfect... Too perfect it made you feel a bit... Shy about yourself. You see, you admire the way his muscles move whenever he works out, especially since now you watch him from afar. Today was the Luau party and you've already given your contribution to the potluck Marnie was preparing. Currently you stood by the shoreline, watching as Alex and Haley talk with each other, laughing and joking around. You knew they were friends. Best friends even. Haley's been there for Alex longer than you've ever been with him. You'd be lying if you didn't say you envy her. She's always perfect in every way and the way she looks flawless even under the sun. You on the other hand? You're a farmer. You do all the dirty work, you walk around town looking dirty, you come home dirty and exhausted.

            You sighed and looked back at the sea line. You’ve always wondered what it’d be like if you were her.. Being in a relationship with Alex for a month now sometimes had its ups and downs but you never have the guts to tell him about your insecurities. Sure there were some self-deprecating jokes here and there but it wasn’t enough to make him completely aware of whatever’s going through your head. You felt like you weren’t enough for him.. You subconsciously run a hand through your [H/L] [H/C] hair and unknotting it. You should’ve at least looked presentable for the Luau since the governor’s here! …Especially for him.

            “He’s so perfect it hurts. I’m not good enough for him...”  You muttered as you stuff your hands back in your pockets, kicking a poor little crab to the sea gently. Little did you know Alex was right behind you. You suddenly felt strong yet gentle arms around your figure. You jumped slightly as you hear him whisper softly, “[Name].. You know I only love you and you only right?” You bit your lip as you nodded, not sure how to respond in this situation. Alex sighs and turns you around, holding your hand and the other your cheek, “Look at me, [Name]…” He says softly. You slowly look at him in the eyes, ‘My Yoba look at him...’ You thought as you stared deep into his emerald eyes, “What’s going on in your mind, babe..?” Alex says as he holds you close. You sighed and leaned into his touch, “I-I don’t know… Every time I see you around Haley I keep on thinking you two are such a perfect pair. And here I am just… A farmer… I’m not even that good looking—“

            “Okay. No I’m gonna stop you right there, [Name].” Alex said sternly as he held your shoulders and looked right through you, “Do you know how much I absolutely love it when I see you carrying your heavy bag around? Do you see how strong you are? You’re even manlier than me going to the mines and fighting off whatever’s down there!” He shook your shoulders as you blushed lightly, “I-I’m really not that strong...” You mumbled softly. Your boyfriend sighs and grabs both your cheeks and squished them, “Babe. You’re perfect to me. You’ve always been since the first time I laid my eyes on you and I will say it again. My love for you will continue to grow day after day. Just being with you right now feels like a dream. Always know that you’re my motivation to work out. I wanna be able to help you with your work in the future if we ever get married…” His face inches closer. You could hear your own heart beating fast and loud. Your face was probably red by now. You don’t even notice the governor and mayor judging the potluck and it tasting amazing. You were more focused with your boyfriend. That’s when you realized that you, [Name] [Last], have fallen deeper in love with Alex Mullner (assuming that’s his last name hHh—).


            Both your nose touched and your lips were inches apart. Slowly leaning forward, closing your eyes as you— “Wonderful job everyone! Now who wants a taste?”


Goddamn it, Lewis.