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Undercover was supposed to be, like, cool and shit, right?

Denki was pretty sure when he’d been excited about this sort of pro hero work in high school, he’d imagined elaborate disguises and dangerous back alley shenanigans and getting to say Freeze, motherfucker, but things hadn’t exactly gone that way.

As it turned out, undercover work was pretending to be a stripper for two weeks and then getting so incredibly popular that you actually.... sort of. Become a stripper. On accident.

It wasn’t Denki’s fault. He was just so good at it, and it was really fun, and sue him, he liked being the center of attention. Plus, pro hero work didn’t actually pay that well.

So. After his undercover stint had ended he’d sort of ..... maybe.... kept doing it? On the weekends?

No one recognized him because no one thought it was really him, everyone just assumed he was playing the character of himself, so he just got to do whatever he wanted. He wore whatever he wanted, he turned away anyone he wanted, he left whenever he wanted. And he absolutely ate up the spotlight in the meantime. It was fucking totally awesome.

So yeah, actually, now that he thought about it, undercover work was cool and shit.

Except for the whole keeping his secret stripper life a secret from his friends thing, which was so ridiculous it made Denki laugh every time he thought about it.

It was just - this was for him , and it was so fun and he felt so different and - it was sort of like getting to be another person for a few hours a week. And he wanted to keep it to himself, was that wrong?

Nah. Nah, it was probably fine.

So. Every Saturday night it was just Denki, and a lot of eyeliner, very little clothing, and a mixtape he’d made personally for just such this occasion. And a lot of weed in the alley outside between songs.

It was dope as hell. It was his time. He didn’t know anyone, nobody knew him, it rocked.

Except for this time.

This time, the universe came hard for Denki’s perfect glittery ass, because he was upside down and halfway through a sick-ass pole spin when he laid eyes on - for the first time in nearly ten years - Shinsou fucking Hitoshi.

Denki came dangerously close to falling on his face, but thank god managed to save himself at the last minute just as the song ended.


What? What? Fuck??

How long had Shinsou been there? Why the fuck was Shinsou there at all?

And why in the seven fucking realms of gods and men did it have to be Denki’s high school crush that he saw like this?

God he looked fucking good, too. Fucking hell. Of course he did. Here Denki was in nothing but a leather choker and some body glitter and a pair of booty shorts that said High Voltage on them and - alright, Denki felt pretty good too, all things considered. Except that he probably should have felt embarrassed, so he did a little.

Denki tottered over to where Shinsou was hiding - lurking, more like, in that dark jacket like some kind of villain - and opened his mouth to say hello before Shinsou shook his head once, sharp and serious.

Denki wasn’t that stupid, he knew what undercover work was, so he put on his best Desperate Slutty expression (not currently difficult) and leaned into Shinsou’s space.

“Hey, gorgeous. Enjoy the show?”

Shinsou looked briefly surprised before his eyes flickered away again.

“How much for a lap dance?”

Fuck. Shitfuck, he’d forgotten in the ten years since he’d last seen Shinsou that his fucking voice was -

There was also that thrill of fear, just for a second, that always came with answering one of Shinsou’s questions. Denki’s stoned, horny brain said He could do anything he wanted to me and he felt his whole body get hot in a big full body blush.

Denki was positive he was still blushing when he said, “For you?”

Shinsou met Denki’s eyes and Denki might have been dying, or flying through space, of falling out of an airplane for all it fucking mattered. God, his eyes were so dark.

Denki took a head count at the bar, registered the regulars and the employees, kept a mental list of everyone who looked especially shady and then bit his lip like he was considering Shinsou’s offer.

“Come on.”

He led him to a particularly dark corner particularly close to a speaker where it would be difficult to be overheard and sat himself in Shinsou’s lap.

God, how many times had he jerked off thinking about this like, exact scenario?

“Hey, man, long time no see and all but you wanna tell me what’s going on?”

Shinsou leaned back and actually spread his legs a little under Denki - god, Denki prayed he didn’t get a boner right now - and said, “Thought you were giving me a lap dance.”

Oh. Uh, right.

Denki started to move - not quite the same as he usually did, because living out your high school fantasy was actually sort of nerve-wracking - and Shinsou just. Watched him. Dark eyes all over Denki’s mostly naked and very glitter-sticky body. His hands were spread across the back of the seat behind him, posture sort of lazily predatory and Jesus Christ Denki was definitely not gonna be able to hide this boner.

Denki leaned back a little and rolled his hips and watched Shinsou’s hand clench into a fist.

Hell yeah, that’s fucking right -

Shinsou’s low, intoxicating voice murmured right into Denki’s ear, “Blue shirt, white hat, don’t look.”

Denki tilted his head back and rolled his hips again, actually getting into it now. This song was his fucking jam, so.


Shinsou’s eyes flickered to the left and then went back to watching Denki writhe all over his lap.

What a weird fucking night.

On the next beat, Denki took a peek and saw the guy - blue shirt, white hat, creepy expression - just watching the two of them.


He turned back to Shinsou, about to say something when Shinsou reached forward and put two big hands on Denki’s hips. Jesus Christ Shinsou was moving him, like he couldn’t help it, why was that hot -

Denki smacked Shinsou’s hands and watched something unidentifiable flicker across Shinsou’s face -

“No touching,” Denki said, and Shinsou raised his eyebrows before Denki added, “House rules.”

“What about your rules, Kaminari?”

Was it possible to die of boner?

Before Denki could gather his single brain cell to reply Shinsou said, “He’s watching you.”

“Us,” Denki said, dragging his arms over his head.

“No. You.”

Goddamn this song was good. Denki felt high as shit.

Shinsou leaned forward and kept his hands behind him on the seat, murmured into Denki’s ear, “He’s got something like a mind-reading quirk. Have you seen yourself?”

Denki blinked, trying to connect those two sentences. Shinsou’s mouth actually touched Denki’s ear. Jesus fuck. Holy shit.

“Makes you feel intoxicated, then makes you say whatever you’re thinking. Tell me if you feel weird. You look...”

Again, Denki struggled to connect those sentences. The villain seemed straightforward enough, but the other thing?

“I’m immune to a lot of mind-control type quirks, which is why they called me - fuck, Denki, your ass -" Shinsou blinked, then said, “Guess I’m not immune to this one.”

Denki rolled his whole body and just sat all the way down in Shinsou’s lap before he found himself whispering, “I’ve always wanted to do this, you smell like lavender, he’s leaving, do you have any other eyes on him?”

Shinsou nodded, long fingers skating up Denki’s naked side. “I was bait, I’m not sorry you got caught in it but I should be.”

“You’re -”

“We should stop until the quirk wears off, you look so fucking good, god, you were always so fucking pretty.”

Denki felt himself blushing all over his body. He got up on his knees just so he could roll his hips against Shinsou again, and a tiny little yellow spark jumped between them. Shinsou’s head thunked backwards against the wall.

“I don’t wanna stop, I like having to tell you what I’m thinking,” Denki said, all in a big rush.  Shinsou’s hair smelled exactly like it looked. His chest was so much broader than when Denki had seen him last, wow he was so -

“I should say something like ‘we shouldn’t, this is a bad idea,’ but -” Shinsou actually rolled his hips up to meet Denki’s that time - and Denki opened his mouth on a surprised little laugh and felt a crawl of lightning over his teeth. Shinsou continued, “But I wanna touch you, I’ve always wanted to touch you, Denki I wanna -”

“Would you use your quirk on me?”

Shinsou’s glassy eyes snapped up to Denki’s. They were bright violet in the middle, right around the iris.

“Never,” Shinsou breathed, eyes intent on Denki’s flushed face. They stopped moving together. “Never, ever unless you-”

“What if I asked you to?”

There was a voice in Shinsou’s ear, tinny like it was from a comm, and he looked drunk when he looked up at Denki and said, “They got him, I couldn’t care less, you want me to use my quirk on you?”

“Yes, fuck yes, so bad, your eyes look like fucking space, I can’t believe this guy’s quirk works like this, please brainwash me, I want it so bad it’s fucking embarrassing -”

Shinsou got a soft pink flush across his face as Denki spoke, and then he was wrapping one big sturdier-than-Denki-remembered arm around Denki’s middle and pulling him so, so close -

“Jesus Christ Denki, I’ve never used it in bed before, I’m - are you - fuck, you always did have a fucking gift for torturing me -”

Denki’s eyes rolled back in his head when Shinsou said always.

Shinsou’s voice dropped to nothing but a rumble in his chest, nose brushing Denki’s jaw and fingers running almost reverently up Denki’s spine.

“I could make you do -”

“Anything, anything you wanted,” Denki finished, so hard it was actually difficult to think. “You could make me suck your cock in the middle of the fucking street and I’d just do it, fuck, I can hardly think about it without coming -”

“Holy shit, Denki.”

“I might do that anyway,” Denki amended, smiling a little. “I’ve always wanted to taste it, you smell so good-”

“Holy shit, Denki, stop.”

Denki felt it in his whole body, immediate and all-consuming. He froze. Everything froze. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move, Shinsou’s hands were still on him and he was completely at his mercy and Jesus Christ what was wrong with him he was so fucking hard -

Shinsou drew in a slow breath, looked at Denki’s face and ran a single shaking finger down Denki’s frozen jaw. Denki couldn’t even shiver.

Fuck, was he about to fucking come ?

Then Shinsou blinked and just - let him go, just like that. Denki collapsed against him and started feverishly whispering into Shinsou’s neck.

“Jesus Christ, I just almost fucking came from you touching my face, Hitoshi, your quirk got stronger and I wanna talk about it but I can’t think about anything besides how fucking hot that was, holy fucking shit.”

Shinsou nodded, eyes so wide on Denki’s face it was almost funny.

“Please take me home,” Denki whispered, faint. He distantly realized he was still rolling his hips against Shinsou’s, whispering into his ear and sinking his fingers into his hair - yeah, he might get fired.



That was how Denki ended up on the subway wearing nothing but his dancing outfit and Shinsou’s jacket, wrapped around Shinsou like he was trying to climb him like a tree.

He still felt weird as hell, high and hazey and oddly compelled to speak his mind, so he hid his face in Shinsou’s neck and whispered, “This jacket smells like you and wow, I’ve never felt real leather before, it’s so soft, I’m so fucking poor, I feel weirdly jealous about how hot you looked in it-”

Shinsou laughed, put a very solid arm around Denki’s middle and pulled him closer. Denki kept going.

“Plus it was kinda sweet of you to let me wear it and I’m living so many teenage fantasies today, Hitoshi, holy shit, would you brainwash me on this train?”

Shinsou’s arm tightened around him and he breathed a long, slow curse into Denki’s ear.

“I want to, I really fucking want to, that sort of scares me a little, you really trust me this much? You look fucking good in my clothes.”

Denki shivered violently, grabbed the subway pole for support and the two other people touching it yelped and jumped off.


“How long is this quirk supposed to last?” Denki asked, looking at his own shaking hands. “It’s sort of turning me the fuck on and I might accidentally zap someone really hard, how the fuck am I supposed to explain that?”

Shinsou’s shoulders started to shake with laughter and Denki hissed, “It’s not funny!”

“It is.”

“Sorry officer, I enjoyed being forced to speak my mind to my high school crush so much that I lost control of my fucking quirk and fried this dude’s brain, please don’t arrest me, I was too horny?”

Shinsou kept laughing, wrapping his other arm around Denki’s back as he did. He was so warm.

Denki said, “You are so warm. You got somehow hotter in the last ten years, that's not fair.”

Someone cleared their throat behind the two of them, and Denki somehow peeled his face off Shinsou’s neck to look up and see some gigantic dude with horns peering down at them disapprovingly.

“You are ugly, my dude.”

Shinsou snorted.

Ugly Dude said, “Do you mind? Some of us are trying to get home without being subjected to your PDA.”

“Listen, Hellboy -”

Shinsou put a hand on Denki’s chest to stop him, then turned around and said, “Hey, can I ask you something?”

All the hairs on Denki’s arms stood up. His dick twitched in his tiny little shorts. Shinsou probably fucking felt it.

Ugly Dude opened his mouth and answered and Denki got a rush of secondhand adrenaline, It worked, it worked -

“What do you want-”

Sit down and shut up.”

Ugly Dude didn’t even go back to his seat, he just sat down right there on the floor of the train with a blank expression on his face, silent.

Denki’s hands in Shinsou’s T-shirt suddenly clenched so hard he was worried he was gonna rip a hole in it. He accidentally hit Shinsou’s chest with a couple volts.

Shinsou turned back to him and said, “Fuck, you really like that, don’t you?”

Denki nodded, shuddering again. A stray bolt of static jumped off his arm and zinged through the air toward the nearest source of metal.

“I shouldn’t - I shouldn’t use it on civilians like that, I know I shouldn’t but I can’t control myself around you, it felt good, it felt really good, is that - does that make me bad, Denki?”

Denki squeezed his eyes shut, “I know you’re trying to be serious right now and I wanna comfort you because you’re obviously a good person but please don’t ask me about being bad in that fucking voice.”

Shinsou huffed a laugh, and it seemed like that helped. His shoulders relaxed and he rumbled, “You’re so fucking nasty.”

“Yeah, just for you though, how nasty do you want me to be?”

Shinsou looked at him intently, eyes dark and focused on his face. Then Denki felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and Shinsou said, “Denki?”

Denki answered immediately, and he was way too hard to be on public transit like this.

“Yes, please, please.”

Close your eyes.”

His eyes slid closed of their own accord and his whole body buzzed with this odd - presence, like there was someone else in -

Jesus fucking Christ he could feel Shinsou inside his mind -

Something in his mind tightened, a little like a fist, and Denki felt just a little bit less in control of his own body. There was a warm, purple sort of misty something in his head and Denki really didn’t want to come on the subway while he was practically naked -

But then the thought that he would come if Shinsou told him to, no matter what, no matter who was watching him or where he was, slammed into him and he was hyperventilating, he felt insane with desperation -

There was a familiar static zap sound and a warm hum over his fingers, his arms, all the way up to his chest and someone on the train gasped.

“Denki, breathe,” Shinsou’s voice said, low and dark and literally the only thing in the entire fucking world, “Relax.”

All Denki’s muscles stopped working at once and he collapsed against Shinsou like a rag doll.

Fucking holy motherfucking -

Shinsou caught him and Denki couldn’t do anything, couldn’t even hold onto Shinsou’s shirt, and had the insane intrusive thought of What if he just shoved his cock in my mouth like this -

Lightning flickered over Denki’s eyelids and without any warning he was suddenly inches away from coming and -

Shinsou grabbed his face and took a breath and suddenly Denki had control of his body back, and he wasn’t sure if he was grateful or heartbroken except that it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea to come that violently on a train full of people while he was limp in Shinsou’s arms.

“Holy shit,” Denki breathed, speech a little slurred. His eyes flickered open and he saw the wild, flushed expression on Shinsou’s face and grinned.

“So, uh, apparently I like your quirk a lot.”

Shinsou’s eyes were on Denki’s too-tight choker, probably on how red his throat was underneath it, and then on Denki’s flushed naked chest under Shinsou’s jacket.

He whispered, “Denki, I’ve never been this hard in public before.”

Denki laughed, dizzy.

“Yeah, man, fucking tell me about it, I’ve been like this since I saw you in my club -”

Shinsou shut his eyes. “Please don’t talk about it, I’m trying to get off this train with any semblance of my dignity and if I fuck you on the floor right here I might get arrested.”

Denki thumped his head against Shinsou’s chest.

“Fuck, I wish you would.”

The subway doors mercifully dinged for their stop - Denki’s place was closer, so that’s where they were headed - and Denki literally tripped over his own feet in his utter desperation to get somewhere private.

They somehow made it all the way to his building without losing any more clothes, and Shinsou looked at his front door as Denki was jiggling the key in the busted lock and said, “You live here?”

The quirk must have been wearing off at least a little, because what Denki thought was We’re not all fancy federal agents, Shinsou but what he said was, “We’re not - Yeah.”

“Seems kinda... dangerous.”

“Hitoshi, I’m a human taser.”

Shinsou actually smiled at that, and it was so startlingly charming that Denki dropped his keys on the ground and just stared at him.


Denki shook his head and said, compelled again, “I wanna kiss you.”

Shinsou leaned his shoulder against the doorframe. The shirt he was wearing was black, and a little too big for him, and so thin that Denki could see through it a little, and was that a pierced –

“What are you waiting for?”  Shinsou asked, grinning again. God, wow, that was really fucking something. His eyes looked clearer than before, but they were still unbelievably dark on Denki’s face.

“No fair,” Denki said, eyes all over Shinsou now that he could actually see him in the light of the hallway, “Quirk’s wearing off faster for you. Your body is insane, I hate you.”

Shinsou laughed, and Denki thought, I will literally never get used to that, that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen –

That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Fuck, it’s not fair now that it’s not making you do it.”

Shinsou backed Denki up against the door and put both hands on Denki’s face. He really smelled fucking good.

“How about I keep telling you what I think, then, fair?”

Denki nodded.

“Open the door, then.”

Denki scrambled for the keys before he remembered they were on the ground, and got to his knees to get them before he even realized he was –

Cool, yeah no just – uh, just like, within kissing distance of Shinsou’s cock, no, yeah, that was – uh, fine, he was fine.

No big deal, Denki, just get the keys, you’re just down here for the keys


Denki looked up, that tingling sensation sweeping over his skin again. Almost like right before he used his quirk.



Denki froze again, whole body going hot when he realized he was on his knees in the middle of his own hallway and anyone could see him like this

Shinsou’s finger hooked under Denki’s stupid choker – which had never felt more like a collar than it did in that moment, and he wished desperately that Shinsou had put it on him – and pulled him forward enough that Denki’s slack, open mouth touched his cock through his pants. The back of Denki’s neck started to sweat. Shinsou’s voice was unbelievably soft when he said, “What would you do? If I just fucked your face like this right here in the hallway?”

Denki’s eyes rolled back in his head but the rest of him didn’t – couldn’t – move. Shinsou slipped another finger under Denki’s collar and Denki could feel it, now, Shinsou’s rough knuckles pressing against his throat, Jesus Christ he was so fucking hard.

Tell me, Denki.

“I’d, it scares me, I’d hate it, I’d fucking love it, I swear to god I’d come just from that.”

The words got pulled out of Denki almost painfully, Shinsou’s fingers on his throat and in his mind and Denki felt – indescribably exposed, on his knees in the middle of the hallway, and – and invaded in a way that made his cock twitch and drool in his tiny shorts.

Shinsou took a step closer, fingers leaving Denki’s too-tight choker and tilting his chin up until Denki was staring helplessly up at him, so hard he could hardly think, tiny sparks of static jumping off his hands and his hair and his tongue where it was stuck inside his mouth –

Then Shinsou was crouching down and picking up the keys, eyes leaving Denki to unlock the door, and Denki was just – just on his knees looking at him, desperate, making a mess in his underwear and charging up his own insides like a battery, and Shinsou still hadn’t looked back at him and – what would anyone else think if they saw them like this?

Denki didn’t realize he was hyperventilating until Shinsou let him out of the brainwashing and hauled him to his feet, pushed him inside and slammed the door shut behind them.

“Where’s your bedroom?”

Denki took the fuck off. You couldn’t have paid him to move faster.

Behind him he heard Shinsou laughing again, and he yelled over his shoulder, “Your laugh is so adorable, hurry up and get in here and fuck me like I’ve been dreaming of for ten fucking years, Hitosh - ”

Shinsou’s hands were suddenly all over him out of nowhere, where the fuck had he come from so fast, and he had Denki flat against the wall of his bedroom before Denki could even turn the lights on.

Shinsou dropped to his knees and practically ripped Denki’s shorts off his body, and Denki could hardly fucking process the fact that Shinsou was on his knees because his brain wasn’t fucking strong enough to handle this shit, his dick was out and he needed to be naked right the fuck now

He scrambled to take Shinsou’s jacket off, breathing way too fast again, before Shinsou’s low, fucking addicting voice said, “ Leave it on.”

God, that power, that fucking power, that overwhelming, mind-numbing, invasive feeling of Shinsou everywhere, it felt. It felt so fucking good, every single time. So good it didn’t seem … possible. Like it must have been a dream, one of those dreams where everything feels a hundred times more than it does in real life.

Denki’s head thunked back against the wall and he spoke out of control again, “I can feel you inside me every time you do that, holy fucking shit, I can’t even look at you right now, I’ve been too close to coming for way too long and I’d –”

Look at me.”

Denki’s eyes snapped down to Shinsou’s so fast it made him dizzy.

Jesus Christ. How did he look like that on his knees, how was that possible, how was he looking at Denki like he was going to wreck his entire goddamn life, like he was going to ruin other men for him forever, how was any of this fucking real –

The only light in the room was from the window of Denki’s 8th floor apartment, from a billboard that shone neon purple light in big dramatic slats through Denki’s blinds and it suited Shinsou so fucking well Denki was almost entirely convinced this was all about to vanish in a puff of smoke.

Denki couldn’t breathe. He opened his mouth again and this time it sounded hopelessly whiny, breathless and high-pitched and so eager it actually made him embarrassed. His eyes never left Shinsou and it brought a furious flush to his face, that he was begging like this with his eyes so obviously on him.

“Hitoshi, I can’t – you look – I can’t think, I can’t, I can’t - fuck, I don’t even know what to ask for, please, Hitoshi, please tell me what –”

Denki couldn’t take it. He wanted to shut his eyes so badly it was building up in his chest, but he couldn’t , he just had to keep looking at Shinsou’s fucking face, so unbelievably beautiful and so calm and so self assured, and losing control like this so visibly was – it was too much. His hands buzzed violently and he balled them into fists and then clapped them furiously together, brilliant arcs of bright yellow lightning spidering out from his palms into the air.

He felt utterly out of control, like he was falling, like he needed Shinsou to catch him -

“I can’t, I can’t breathe, Hitoshi, please – help me, touch me, please, fucking god-”

Shinsou kept looking at him, ran his palms up Denki’s very naked legs and said in a quiet, soothing voice without his quirk, “It’s okay, honey, breathe. Breathe. I’ve got you.”

Denki whispered, “I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you-”

“You’re not.”

“But - what if I -”

Shinsou’s eyes were still so dark on him, bottomless in the low light from the billboard outside. He reached up and wrapped strong, clever fingers around Denki’s cock, staggeringly gentle.

Denki willed himself to breathe.

Shinsou’s voice was so low, still somehow hypnotic even without his quirk when he said, “Denki, hasn’t anyone fucked you before?”

Denki found himself laughing then, a little breathless. He wasn’t sure how long he could stand for.

“Uh, I mean, yeah, obviously - oh, fuck- ”

Shinsou’s fucking hands -

That voice said, “What’s different this time?”

Denki thought the quirk had mostly worn off now, but it must have just been something about Shinsou because compelled or not he still had to answer him, he had to.

“It’s - it’s you,” Denki said, soft and almost embarrassed at how shy he sounded all the sudden. Shinsou’s fingers left his cock and his tongue started tracing little patterns over it-

“Holy fucking shit, it’s you, fuck, I’ve wanted you to fuck me for ten fucking years, it’s - you’re - fuck, Shinsou, I -”

Shinsou’s mouth left Denki’s cock but stayed very, very close to it when he murmured, “What happened to Hitoshi?”

Denki swallowed very heavily.

“I liked hearing you say that,” Shinsou said softly, then took Denki’s whole cock all the way down his throat all at once.

Denki couldn’t stand it. An arc of wild, uncontrolled lightning flashed over his tongue when he said, “Fucking - fuck me, Jesus.”

Shinsou pulled off to look up at him, expression almost - irritated.

“I’m not finished.”

Denki’s knees started to shake. He shook his head frantically, breath coming too fast again.

“Please. Please, I can’t take - I can hardly stand up, I - please.”

Shinsou looked at him for a long moment, eyes startlingly dark.

“You still want me to use my quirk on you? Like, really use it?”

Denki shuddered violently and a bright yellow charge crawled up his whole body. He nodded.

Shinsou huffed a soft laugh and then took pity on him.

“Alright. Go sit.”

Denki scrambled over to the bed, suddenly horribly uncoordinated and desperate, a jumble of shaking limbs and barely-contained electricity.

“Prop yourself up on the pillows so I can see you, I wanna try something.”

Denki had never moved so fast in his whole life. He was pretty sure he’d moved slower in actual life or death situations.

He sat up at the head of the bed, feeling strangely exposed in just Shinsou’s jacket with his whole cock just -out like that, hard as a fucking rock too, holy shit what a weird night -

Shinsou said in a sharp voice, “Denki.”

Denki looked up to find Shinsou sitting himself at the foot of the bed and getting - comfortable, what was he doing, that was way too far away -

“Are you going to answer me, honey, or have you changed your mind?”

The honey derailed his whole thought process for a second before the rest sank in.

Oh. Oh . Right.

Denki took a breath, steadied himself, then said, “Just make sure I don’t hurt you.”

Shinsou smiled at him and it was so dark it was almost frightening, actually, accompanied by that hair-raising pre-storm prickle that came right before he used his quirk, and Denki watched his own cock twitch when Shinsou said, “Don’t move.

It seemed ... more, somehow, this time. It felt like Shinsou’s voice was sinking into Denki’s whole body, curling around his chest, his throat, his brain in a warm purple haze that made it almost difficult to form a coherent thought of his own, like Shinsou had his entire mind in his hands.

Denki saw his cock twitch again out of the corner of his eye, but he couldn’t have stopped looking at Shinsou even if he’d wanted to.

Shinsou was still smiling, and it was satisfied and warm and almost cruel, except for the tiny little undercurrent of affection Denki could feel through his quirk. His hair was long, soft and purple like it had always been, and the way it was falling into his eyes made Denki physically short of breath.

Shinsou propped himself back on his elbows and just looked at Denki like he was watching television.

“How’s that feel?”

Denki couldn’t answer, of course, but the way Shinsou was looking at him was eating him alive. He felt like he could hardly breathe. His fingers tingled, his ears rung, his head spun and spun all full of Shinsou -

God, Shinsou hadn’t even touched him, he was just looking at him and Denki could feel the mess he was making of himself, held fucking motionless and still leaking all down the length of his cock, all over his stomach -

“Oh, right,” Shinsou breathed, like it was just occurring to him. He huffed a soft little laugh that raised the hairs on the back of Denki’s neck. “You can’t answer.”

Denki felt the almost overwhelming urge to moan stuck in his chest, his toes wanted to curl but couldn’t, and he was dangerously, dizzyingly close to coming and Shinsou was just - looking at him.

Those fucking eyes had haunted Denki for ten years and they were absolutely torturing him now. They fell almost lazily to Denki’s cock.

“I think you like it.”

Denki’s breath stopped in his chest.

“If I told you to like it, you would, you ever think about that?”

Well, fuck, holy fucking shit, he was certainly fucking thinking about it now -

“I’ve never seen anything like you in my life, Denki.”

Shinsou’s voice was soft, almost reverent, and he shifted in Denki’s direction and Denki felt an overwhelming rush of adrenaline like he’d just been dropped out of an airplane.

Close your eyes.”

It was a relief, almost. He couldn’t keep looking at Shinsou like that, with those fucking eyes, with that openly predatory expression.

The problem came with that second rush of power when Shinsou used his quirk again, a hazey tingly flood of him inside Denki’s whole mind, his whole body, like a drug. It hit Denki the second he closed his eyes, and an involuntary shudder went through him that not even Shinsou’s quirk could stop.

Shinsou saw it.

“Jesus Christ, you’re - you’re so fucking close, just from this, I can see it.”

Denki was pretty sure this was what it felt like to die of boner.

There was a shuffling sound, then a dip in the bed right next to him, and suddenly Shinsou’s voice was right there, so close -

“Do you know how many times I’ve thought about this?”

Denki felt a spark at his fingertips, where his hands were laying uselessly at his sides.

“A lot. You were always so pretty, you know?”

He still wouldn’t touch him. His voice was warm and soft and Denki felt like he was floating in a haze of nothing but the sound of it, like his whole existence was just this.

“You hit me with your lightning one time senior year,” Shinsou said, voice dropping to a whisper, so close to Denki’s ear, “And I’ve never gotten so hard so fast.”

Denki’s poor cock gave another little twitch, untouched and desperately hard and embarrassingly wet now. He hardly had the presence of mind to be ashamed of it.

“Did you ever think about me like that?”

It was painful to not be able to answer him, it made Denki want to cry, and holy shit, this was insane -

Answer me, Denki.”

“Yes, fuck, I-”

“That’s enough.”

Denki felt his mouth close again and he whined through his teeth, more sparks jumping from his fingers and crawling up his forearms.

Shinsou’s voice was so close Denki could feel his breath when he said, “Do you know what I wanted to do to you when I saw you in that club tonight?”

Denki’s eyes rolled back in his head behind his eyelids. Shinsou’s quirk still had a hold of him, and it was wrapped around him so tight he could hardly breathe, and every second that passed with Shinsou inside him like this pushed Denki closer to the edge.

“Everyone was looking at you, everyone,” Shinsou said, and Denki could feel the heat of his hands hovering over Denki’s arms, waiting to catch one of the sparks. “I almost couldn’t stand it.”

With his eyes closed it was easy to remember, easy to picture the dark hum of the club and the look on Shinsou’s face, surprised and possessive all at once.

“I wanted to bend you over the rail and fuck you on the stage, make you scream in front of all those people, just for me, I wanted it so bad -”

Denki felt the electricity start in his chest this time, and it rolled out bright and gold all the way down to his fingers. Shinsou cut off, gasped very quietly next to him.

“Fuck, holy shit, do that again.”

It was torn out of him. The feeling of it, of Shinsou’s warm purple something reaching into Denki’s chest and yanking his lightning out made everything in his whole body light up, and it felt like a fucking orgasm, too hard and too fast and not at all enough, and a brilliant flash of white went crawling in staticky arcs all the way from Denki’s heart to his toes, and it felt so fucking good Denki couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t speak, and Shinsou just sank his power into him and said, “ Yeah, perfect, don’t stop.”

He didn’t. He couldn’t, and the powerlessness of it made him feel like he was losing his mind, he’d never felt like this, everything was alive with electricity all at once, and he was coming just like that, utterly untouched in every sense and it was almost painful, how hard it was pulled out of him.

He couldn’t do anything but shake, orgasm zinging in a bright white arc through his whole body, trapped and held down in more ways than he’d ever been in his life as wave after wave of it just crashed into him.

Holy fucking shit.

Shinsou suddenly put his hands on Denki’s face and kissed him, released his quirk and pulled Denki over onto his lap almost frantically.

Denki was shaking so hard he could barely think, whole body buzzing with a million different things, tears on his face and come all over his stomach and Shinsou hadn’t even fucking touched him yet.

In between frantic, searing kisses Shinsou murmured praise into Denki’s mouth, little phrases like That’s it, that was perfect and Exactly what I wanted and So good, baby, that was so good-

Denki still felt like he was floating, even though Shinsou’s quirk was gone, and he wound his arms around Shinsou’s neck and hung on for dear life, turning to bite Shinsou’s shoulder with teeth that crackled with uncontrolled lightning.

Shinsou groaned so loudly it made Denki’s heart stop, then slid his jacket off Denki’s shoulders and murmured into his ear, “Please, please let me fuck you.”

Denki couldn’t speak. He tried, but it came out in a jumble of nonsensical noise and ended up mostly just sounding like Hitoshi over and over again, so instead he just held on to Shinsou tighter and nodded frantically.

“Are you sure you’re not too-”

Denki found his voice long enough to whisper all strung-out and slurred and desperate, “Please, please, please please , I need, I - I -”

Shinsou put both hands on his face and looked at him, eyes like the inside of a galaxy. His expression was so soft it looked almost out of place on his face.

“Okay, okay baby, just breathe, just relax, I’ll take care of you.”

Which was how Denki found himself face down on his bed, gripping the headboard in both hands and chanting Thank you, thank you into the pillow while Shinsou eased a third finger inside of him.

“Just - please, just -”

“Be patient, honey, I don’t wanna hurt you.”

Hitoshi -”

“Denki, I’ll make you slow down if I have to.”

Denki shuddered with his whole body, cock somehow hard again despite the fact that it had been barely 10 minutes since he’d come so hard he’d whited out his own vision.

“Hitoshi, please, fuck, I’m - I just - I need it.”

Shinsou paused with three fingers inside him to the fucking knuckle. He took a deep breath behind Denki, fingers twitching a little. Denki cursed when they grazed his prostate.

“You need it?”

Denki was, by this point, a total disaster. He was covered in sweat, his hair was soaked through with it, and his cheeks were flushed and he had come all over him and there was probably lube all the way down his thighs and his whole body was shaking, little zings of electricity jumping over his body every time Shinsou moved even a little.

He nodded. It was all he could manage.

Shinsou paused again, only the slight shake in his voice betraying how much he wanted this.

“How bad?”

Denki couldn’t do anything other than shake and whine at this point, and so he did a lot of both.

Finally, Shinsou was easing his fingers out and pushing just the head of his cock inside and all at once Denki felt the full weight of everything Shinsou had done to him tonight and he just. Went totally boneless. Shinsou slid all the way inside him almost by accident, fingers tight enough to bruise on Denki’s waist.

God, it was perfect. Denki felt a strangely immense sense of relief. Finally. Fucking finally. Everything was all just so ridiculously hot and he felt so full and warm and wobbly and still that feeling of being invaded that made him wanna scream and - just. Finally.

“Oh, holy shit, Denki, you’re so - Jesus Christ, look at you, look at you.”

Denki just drooled into the pillow and made a high pitched whining sound when Shinsou pulled out and then pushed very very slowly back in. His hands sparked on the headboard.

“Pl- please, p- Toshi. Fuck”.

“You want it harder?”

Denki nodded, whispered Toshi again. He could hardly breathe with the feeling of Shinsou inside him.

Shinsou slid out and the back in again, agonizingly slow.


Denki made a pathetic whimpering sound.

Tell me.”

Denki answered so loud his voice cracked, and as soon as Shinsou complied he kept answering, voice louder and higher with every word.

“Yes, yeah, harder, I want it - fuck, like th- like, ye- yeah, like that, please just - please, like that, don’t stop, don’t -”

Shinsou fucked him so hard Denki’s brain just shut down entirely, so hard there was literally nothing in the world except how deep Shinsou was, and how much of him was in Denki, and the way his quirk felt on the inside of Denki’s mind, and someone was sobbing and it was probably him but that didn’t matter at all, and he’d never released his quirk after making Denki tell him so he was still talking in halting, gasping breaths, stuttering in time to -

“-feel s- so good, you’re - so deep, I can - I’m - can feel you so - f- far ins- I can’t - Toshi, Hitoshi, please don’t st- oh fuck , there, right there, pl- oh, thank you, thank you, thank you -”

Shinsou took one hand off Denki’s hip and slid two fingers under Denki’s choker - his collar, his collar, the one that said he was Hitoshi’s -

He’d said that out loud, apparently, because Shinsou suddenly sucked in a very sharp breath and pulled back on the collar a little, arching Denki’s back and cutting off his air and pushing himself just a little deeper inside -

Denki could hardly hear his own thin, choked voice through the ringing in his ears.

“- come in me, I want you t- pl- please, can - I gotta feel it, I need it to -”

As he spoke Shinsou shoved up almost violently against his prostate and Denki lost total control of his quirk, whole body seizing up and lightning zinging dangerously from his chest all the way to his toes. He slammed a hand on the wall to direct some of it away but he still felt it when it hit Shinsou, arcing fast and hot and bright into him.

Shinsou’s movements stuttered when it hit him, and then he dipped his head and bit Denki’s shoulder and choked out a shocked curse. He moaned brokenly and buried himself so deep inside Denki it felt like he was taking up all of him, his whole entire body, and Shinsou wrapped a hand around Denki’s cock and already it was too much, he was everywhere, he felt so good, he felt so good, and the purple hazey feel of him was still so heavy in Denki’s mind that when he choked out, “Come for me,” it was easy.

A long, long time passed with the two of them just panting together, Shinsou still inside of him and pressing lazy, wet kisses to the back of Denki’s neck, before Denki realized what he’d actually done.

It was dark. Like, really dark. No billboard.

“Huh,” Denki said, and it was really all he could manage at the present moment. Shinsou finally pulled very gently out of him - Denki shuddered - and then wrapped an arm around his middle.

He mumbled against Denki’s neck, “Think you just blew the power to this whole block.”


Shinsou huffed a soft laugh against him. “You okay?”

“Huuh. Hm.”

Shinsou laughed again. Denki really, really liked the sound of it. He tried to tell him that.




Okay, well. Maybe later.

Shinsou brushed Denki’s sweaty hair out of his eyes and went to take his choker off. Something about it made Denki want to panic, so he turned around in Shinsou’s arms and shoved his face against Shinsou’s chest.

Shinsou laughed again, soft and wonderful, and made a shushing sort of sound. His fingers were still on the back of Denki’s neck.

“Not goin’ anywhere,” he murmured against Denki’s hair, “Just takin’ care of you.”


“Relax, Denk, just relax.”

Well. Alright, then. His brain was mostly static anyway.

Denki drifted off for a while until the sound of the power booting back up woke him. Shinsou was still there, which made his heart do a backflip in his chest, and he’d somehow managed to clean Denki up and get him under the covers and out of the wet spot.

Denki cracked an eye open and found Shinsou on his side, just looking at him.


Shinsou cracked another one of those smiles that stopped Denki’s heart.


“So that was, uh.”

Denki’s voice was crackly and rough, like he’d been -

Oh, right. Screaming and begging and coming his brains out.

Shinsou said, “Good?”

Denki burst out laughing. He’d blown the power . For a whole city block.

It took a few minutes before he could answer.

“Yeah,” he said, still laughing a little at how ridiculous it was that Shinsou even had to ask , like the two mind-numbing orgasms and the gigantic electrical shortage weren’t enough of a tip off. “Yeah, Toshi, really fuckin’ good.”

Shinsou’s arms got a little tighter around him. There was a smile in his voice when he said, “Good.”

After a second Denki ventured, “You, uh, got breakfast plans?”

“Honey, it’s not even 4am.”

Honey. Denki got chills down his arms at the sound of it. Shinsou ran his fingers down Denki’s arm in response.

“But no,” he continued, low voice soft and gentle and still somehow impossibly attractive, “I don’t have breakfast plans.”



“With me?”


Denki’s chest got all warm and he felt himself falling asleep again. Shorting out the power to an entire city block really took it out of a guy.

The forced orgasms probably didn’t hurt either.

What a fucking night.

There was just one last thing.

“Hey, Toshi?”


Denki turned, feeling a perfect, dull sort of ache in his whole body, and poked Shinsou in the shoulder.

“I wanna be the big spoon.”