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Unlikely Reunion

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Emiko stares down at the transfer paper her colleague just handed her in shock.


"What's this?"


"A transfer notice."


"Well, I can see that. Why? I didn't put in for one.."


"A well known hero school called us asking if we had any pros that could come work for them and assist in training students. The board held a vote and you won. You're profile was submitted and they accepted it."




"Yup. You can always decline, but it isn't far from where you grew up in Japan, so we thought it'd be a good fit for you. You haven't been home since you left to study abroad for high school right?"


"That's true.." She pauses as she thoroughly reads over the paper; eyes bulging when she sees the title of the institute. "UA?! The school is UA?" She stares at the paper flabbergasted. "UA wants me to come help train their students?"


Her colleague just grins at her. "Yep! So, do you accept?"


Emiko bites her lip. "I mean, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.. I guess I have to."


"That's the spirit! Just sign at the bottom and I'll send it to them."


Emiko nods and scrawls her name at the bottom before handing it over. "Alright, guess my fate is sealed now." She says with an awkward laugh.


"You'll do fine. They only take the best, so take that as a compliment to your skills."


"I'll try."




Sero, Kaminari, and Mina are out shopping after classes on Friday; just chatting and messing around when a store front window blows out a block or so up; an armed villain jumping through and rushing their direction. The sidewalk is chaos as pedestrians try to scramble out of the way.


"Shit! Should we do something?" Kaminari asks panickily, eyes darting between his friends and the villain barreling their direction.


"We can't, we'll just get in trouble, we better run." Mina says in a hushed tone.


"Agreed." Sero adds and the group rushes into a nearby alley.


"Fuck, it's a dead end!" Mina whispers as they get to the end and nearly crash into the  brick wall.


"Quick, back here!" Sero points to a dumpster just up the alley. No sooner do they duck behind it does the villain stop at the alley entrance. He looks down and they hold their breaths; he seems to realize it's a dead end and heads for the adjacent alley. About half way down he runs into something and can't get loose. At that moment a pro none of them have seen before drops down from the rooftop and shackles him, calling on her radio that he's been captured and for someone to come take him into custody.


The trio watches in awe, staying hidden until everything was taken care of and the area cleared. The girl disappears before they have a chance to go out and ask her any questions.


"Who do you think that was?" Mina ponders out loud as they walk back to the dorms.


"I dunno, but she was totally bad ass! I hope we run into her again, she seems really fucking cool. Maybe I could get her number." Kaminari laughs.


Mina shoves him. "Two things; she's way older than you are and your boy toy is right there."


"I meant to get tips from! Geez. Like I said, she just seems really cool. Don't you think Sero?" Kaminari nudges him with his elbow.


"Huh? Oh, yeah. Definitely." Sero mutters distractedly.


"Dude, are you okay? You've been off since we got out of the alley."


"Yeah. It's just... there's something familiar about that pro, but I can't place what it is."


Mina grins, holding the door to dorm building open for them. "I'm sure you'll figure it out."


"Sero, Mina, Kaminari! Come check this out!" Midoriya shouts, waving them over and pointing at the TV. The trio hurries over to see what he's so excited about. On the screen is an image of the hero from earlier; the news reporting on the robbery and apprehension. "You guys where in that part of town today right? Did you see her?"


"We did! We where right there, we saw it all up close!" Mina gushes.


"Really? What was it like?" Midoriya pulls a notebook and pencil out of nowhere, eyes sparkling.


"It was really cool! The villain ran down the alley and just got stuck! Like a fly in a spider web! Then she dropped down from the roof and cuffed him!" Mina yells exuberantly, startling everyone else in the room.


Kirishima leans over to Ochako and whispers. "I don't think I've ever seen her so excited about a pro before.."


Ochako shrugs. "She must have been pretty impressed."


Midoriya continues to ask questions and feverishly jot down the trio's answers.


Sero's attention is drawn back the television screen where they're again showing a picture of the unknown pro; and he can't shake the feeling that he knows her somehow.




Saturday afternoon Emiko is seated in Nezu's office; though she was told it was a simple meet and greet, she felt like she was at an interview.


"So, I see your brother is enrolled here at UA; did that play a part in your decision to join us here?" Nezu asks calmly, paws folded together on top of his desk.


Emiko shakes her head slowly. "None at all. I left to study abroad when he was only in his third year of elementary school and haven't returned home since. I honestly wasn't aware he was enrolled here when I accepted the position."


Nezu takes a long sip of his tea before he nods. "Will it effect your ability to do the job we're asking of you if you are paired against him?"


"Not at all. He will be treated like every other student. There's a chance that once he knows it's me he'll push himself more in order to beat me."


Nezu nods thoughtfully. "Very good; then I want you to report to 1-A's training at two o'clock Monday afternoon. Is he or anyone else aware of who you are?"


"Not to my knowledge. I've tried to stay on the down low, but with the incident yesterday, I can't say for sure."


"Very well. I'm eager to see you in action. You're free to go for today, I will see you after the training course Monday."


"Yes sir. Thank you very much." Emiko stands and bows before making her way out of his office and hurrying off campus before she's noticed.




Aizawa stands before his class on Monday in the outdoor training arena where they'd be holding their training that day. "Alright everyone, today we're doing another teamwork training exercise. I have put you all in to groups of five based on your friendships. The reason for this is that today's exercise is to test how your emotions influence your abilities. Each group will be paired against a single pro hero; the pro will target a select member of your group, and it's your job to figure out who they're after and how to keep them safe. Understood?" The class nods. "Good. We have some young pros assisting us today; most of which you know."


Four young pros enter the field from the right, among them are Mt. Lady, Death Arms, Kamui Woods, and the new pro that no one recognizes.


Murmurs and hushed whispers pass through the class at the sight of the new hero; Mina and Midoriya being especially excited.


"She's here! She's here!" Mina squeals quietly, fists clenched.


Aizawa raises a hand and the class falls silent. "As you have noticed, we have a new face in the ranks today. Some of you may have seen her on the news the other night. Her hero name is Spider Web; she recently transferred from an agency based in France." He turns to her to give her a turn to speak.


The young woman smiles and bows slightly; her long black hair is pulled back in a high ponytail, she's wearing goggles that make it appear that she has multiple sets of eyes, a black one piece suit with a turtleneck and pink and purple markings along with bright pink fishnets and chunky high heeled ankle boots that have purple soles. "I'm looking forward to working with everyone."


Aizawa nods and returns his attention to his class. "Team one consists of Bakugou, Kirishima, Sero, Kaminari, and Ashido. You will be paired up against our newcomer. You will have five minutes to get on the field before Spider Web chooses her target and comes after you."


The group steps forward, all pumped to be up against the new hero.


"Your time begins now." Aizawa raises and drops his arm as signal and they take off running.


"So, I think her quirk is web? Would make sense with what we saw and the name." Kaminari states as they come to a stop.


"Yeah.. then we have to be careful, she could set up a web and catch any of us rather easily." Kirishima nods, wearing a determined expression.


"Who do you think she'll go for?" Mina asks looking at the boys, her expression bordering between excited and anxious.


"I have a feeling she's going to come after me." Sero says rather confidently. "I've had this odd feeling about her since I first saw her. Something just tells me I'll be the one she goes for."


The group nods. "Then we'll play to that." Bakugou affirms lowly.


There's a rustle behind them and they all turn that direction, scanning the area, but see nothing.


"Let's go the other way; if her quirk works like we think it does there's likely a trap set over there." Kirishima whispers, motioning the other direction.


They start to head deeper into the woods with Kirishima in the lead. There's another rustle, this time from above. Kaminari makes the mistake of looking up; greeted by a hand grabbing his face and slamming him into the ground before he has a chance to use his quirk.


The group whips around in time to see Kaminari get driven into the ground and knocked out. "Kami!" Mina screams, attempting to run over but Sero grabs her.


"Shut up and move! He's done for. We can't let her get anyone else!" Bakugou bellows as the pro grins and charges them; doing a front handspring and vaulting over them, squarely planting her boot between Kirishima's shoulders as she comes down. He hardens in time, but is still forcefully driven into the ground.


The class collectively gasps, several of them cringing at the impact. Midoriya is dutifully writing in his notebook.


Bakugou charges her, aiming a blast at her stomach; she smirks, grabbing his inner elbow and catching the collar of his shirt, headbutting him as he releases the blast. The force sends her in an arch over his head, but she doesn't hit the ground; instead she hovers above them on what they assume is a line of web; coughing from the blow but still smirking.


"Get down here and fight you fucking coward!" Bakugou snarls. She just shakes her head, tsking at them softly.


Sero attempts to capture her with his tape while she's stationary, but she drops to the ground and sprints off just a split second before he can make contact, causing him to get tangled in the branches that where behind her.


Mina is attempting to predict her movements and burn through her web in order to cut her off, but because she can't see what she's trying to melt she isn't having much luck.


Meanwhile Kirishima has managed to get himself out of the dirt and is assisting Sero in untangling his tape from the branches while Bakugou rushes to head her off as she moves to take cover beyond the tree line; however, he quiet literally walks right into her trap, getting snared in a web as if he where a mere fly.


"Shit!" He thrashes around but can't break out of it. Mina goes to free him, but the pro stands between them. Her eyes dart between the two as she tries to think of a way around. The pro crouches down into a sprinting stance; Mina instinctively taking a defensive one. The pro dashes to Mina's left, Mina turns as she moves forward attempting to land a hit but Mina blocks it so the pro simply grabs her wrist, using her weight and momentum to force Mina to the ground where she takes the chance to land a punch square into Mina's cheek, but before she can land another Kirishima tackles her off.


As they're falling the pro grabs the knife off her thigh strap and stabs it into Kirishima's shoulder as he only had his forearms and hands hardened.


"Aizawa-sensei, is she allowed to do that?! She just stabbed Kirishima!" Ochako asks panickily as Kirishima recoils from the blow, giving her just enough room to escape from underneath him, removing her knife as she rushes into the trees.


"Oh, yes. The pros are to use any means necessary shy of killing you to acquire their targets." Aizawa says dully, applying his eye drops.


"What?!" Several students collectively shriek.


"It wouldn't be realistic otherwise. Now pay attention."


While the class what talking Mina had gotten up and run over to Kirishima, frantically trying to think of a way to stop the bleeding.


"I'm alright Mina, don't panic, we still have a mission."


"You are not okay! She just jammed a four inch dagger up to the hilt into your shoulder!" Mina shrieks.


Sero runs over to take a look, scowling as blood pours out of the wound. "Dude, I know you can handle the pain, but it looks bad, and it's not in a place where I can easily tourniquet it."


"Don't you dare fucking consider forfeiting! Treat this like a real fucking fight, take her out!" Bakugou screams from where he's ensnared.


The pro drops down from above him, kicking him directly in the teeth. Bakugou spits out a bit of blood, growling as she hits the ground sneering at him.


"Let me out of this fucking thing and actually fight me you bitch!"


Her sneer widens as she raises a hand, slapping Bakugou across the mouth so hard it echoes and stuns everyone silent; they'd seen him get punched plenty of times, but never out right smacked.


Bakugou struggles, but is silent; as if someone taped his mouth shut.


She steps back and turns to the remaining three huddled on the ground. Sero's eyes go wide as she smiles, snide but familiar. His eyes dart back to Bakugou. You can't tape someone's mouth shut with web.. The pro stares at him and his stomach drops. Tape. Invisible tape.


"Fuck." Sero breathes out. "Mina, get Kirishima out of here. This isn't a fight you two can take in your condition."


"But she's after you, you can't take her one on one, we couldn't take her as a group!" Mina protests.


"Just go, I'm caught regardless, so it doesn't matter."


"What's with the sudden change in attitude? If you know that you should want backup!" Kirishima argues.


"Like I said, I'm caught regardless. She probably wants to test my skills, and you're in her way. Just go."


"But-!" They both start, but Sero cuts them off.


"If she's who I think she is, she just wants to fight me; she's told me that." Sero's mind flashes back to a day somewhere before his third year in elementary school; his family's at the airport and he's firmly attached to his older sister's skirt balling his eyes out.


Hey, it's okay. I'll come back someday, and when I do, we can fight so you can prove just how strong you are, okay?


"She's trying to prove a point. She's had plenty of time to attack us, but she hasn't made a move. Just get out of the way."


Mina and Kirishima look at each other then back at Sero. "Fine. I hope you know what you're doing." Mina mumbles as she and Kirishima head for the far end from the pro.


"Oh, so you figured it out Hanta?" The pro laughs, speaking for the first time since the exercise started; finally moving towards him.


Sero stands upright and grits his teeth, the class staring on confused.


"Did she just call Sero by his first name?" Ochako whispers to Tsuyu and Midoriya.


Tsuyu nods. "That's what I heard. I wonder how she knows him. None of us know her."


"I'm sure we'll find out soon." Midoriya mumbles jotting down more notes.


The girls nod, watching on with concern.


"This is the last place I thought I'd see you again, but if it's a head to head fight you want, I'm happy to oblige." Sero glares at her.


"I hope you're skills have grown as much as you have." She grins, taunting him.


"Come find out."


The entire class stares on even more confused then before, not understanding the context of the conversation they're having.


She clicks her tongue smugly, cocking her head back with a smirk. "Okay." She charges him, only to veer to the left and disappear into the trees again.


Sero scans the tree line, a branch snapping behind him catching his attention. He turns towards the sound, catching sight of her. He quickly tries to catch her with his tape, but she dodges it before jumping off the branch and landing on top of him, knocking them both to the ground and knocking his helmet off.


Sero manages to reverse their positions, pinning her to the ground. "Gotcha." The smile on him lips cocky and prideful.


She grins and spits directly in his eye. Instinctively he goes to wipe in off; which gives her the freedom to grabs her knife again, quickly pointing it at the hallow of his throat. "Think again." She knees him in the stomach, breaking her other hand free and once again reversing their positions; pinning him down and holding the knife to his throat. "Good try though." She sneers.


A buzz goes off to signal that that exercise was over.


After it sounds she sits back and pushes her goggles up, looking down at Sero with apple green eyes, confirming his suspicions. "Long time no see bro."


Sero glares at her, attempting to dislodge her from on top of him. "Yeah, hi. This isn't exactly how I imagined seeing you after seven years."

"Hey, I'm sorry! I had a job to do and was told to do whatever it took!" She huffs, pouting down at him.


"Please get off so I can make sure my friends are okay." He deadpans, aware that his classmates are whispering about them. When she still refuses to move as Recovery Girl arrives he scowls and starts thrashing. "Damnit Emiko! Let me up!"


She laughs and rolls off of him, pleased in having gotten him worked up. "I'll go untangle the mouthy one then." She gets up and heads over to where Bakugou is still putting up a fight against the tape web he's caught in.


Sero jumps up and hurries over to Kirishima just as Recovery Girl finishes her assessment and nods. "It's deep, but nothing I can't fix, let's get you and the unconscious one to the infirmary so I can patch you up." She turns to Sero. "Could you please carry Kaminari for me dear?"


He nods. "Yeah, sure." With Mina's help Sero gets Kamianri settled in his arms as Bakugou stomps over, Emiko skipping up behind him.


Bakugou wordlessly moves Mina out of the way and allows Kirishima to use him as a crutch as Recovery Girl leads the way back to the infirmary.


Emiko stops next to Sero and Mina with a laugh. "That one sure is angry."

Mina looks at Emiko hesitantly, partially hiding behind Sero while rubbing her cheek. Sero just sighs, following the others. "Yeah, he's always like that."


"So, who are your friends and what are their names?" She asks cheekily, as if she wasn't just mercilessly attacking them a few minutes ago.


Sero shakes his head. "You're two different people on and off the field."


Emiko hums in agreeance. "Yeah, it's best that way. No emotions on the field. Now answer the question, who are your friends?" She asks insistently.


Sero sighs again glancing at Mina with a please introduce yourself look in his eyes.


Mina nods and walks a bit faster so she's ahead of them; no longer hidden behind Sero. "Um, hi. I'm Mina Ashido; my hero name is Pinky."


Emiko lights up and hugs her. "So cute! Look how little you are!"


Mina looks up at Sero confused and on edge.


"Emiko, you can't just randomly hug people you punched in the face only a few minutes ago; and almost everyone is little to you, you fucking giant."


Emiko's lets go and takes a large step back. "Oh, yeah. Sorry, sorry.." She rubs the back of her neck awkwardly. After a few seconds of silence she speaks again. "Who are your other friends? The ones that went ahead of us."


"Kirishima is the one you stabbed, and Bakugou is the loud mouthy one."


"And this cutie in your arms here?"


Sero glares at her, trying not to blush; this isn't exactly how he intended to start introducing his boyfriend to his family either.


His silence only peaks her curiosity. "C'mon, tell me! A classmate? Best friend? Maybe your boyfriend?" She grins deviously as his eyes narrow more at the last one. "Ha! I knew it. He's really cute, I'm jealous."


"Just shut up."


"Oh boo you. No need to be sour, I was just doing my job."


Sero just rolls is eyes. They arrive to the infirmary shortly after. Recovery Girl motions towards an empty cot and Sero sets Kaminari down.


"Here, chew a few of these and get back to class." Recovery Girl hands Mina, Bakugou, and Sero a few gummies and shoos them towards the door. "I'll take care of these two, you can come back later."


They pop the gummies in their mouths and reluctantly head back to class.


"And you are wanted in Mr. Nezu's office young lady." She looks pointedly at Emiko.


"Yes ma'am!" Emiko bows slightly before hurrying out the door.


Getting sent to the principal's office is never any less anxiety inducing. She thinks as she knocks on the door.


"Yes, come in." Comes the voice from the other side.


Emiko opens the door, shutting it quickly before taking a seat across from Nezu.


"I must say, I hadn't expected that to play out like it did."


Emiko stiffens up in her seat, concerned she may have crossed a boundary.


"But you did well, though you should try to actually engage in hand to hand combat next time around. While your technique with your tape works well, being evasive will only get you so far."


Emiko nods sternly. "Yes sir."


"Now, let's discuss what else you'll be doing now that you're on staff."