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A Moment

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A moment is all it takes to make a decision. Life can completely change because of a single moment. Minor actions can take on greater meanings or they can bring bigger consequences. Every action has an equal or greater reaction. Sometimes those reactions are easy to see, others are less obvious. They take time, unfolding and digging in slowly making the world wait to see if it’s a flower or a weed.

Wade Wilson is currently sitting in his car trying to exist within one of those moments. The engine is off with the key in the ignition. Both of his hands loosely grip the bottom of the steering wheel.

There’s nothing stopping him from turning his car back on and driving home. He could just quit his job and no one could say anything. His lips tighten as he thinks.

He slides his hand up the curve of the wheel, gliding over the smooth leather, hesitating before lightly grabbing the key. The rounded edges press into his palm. Time spins more slowly in the vacuum seal of his car. It’s safe, a bubble of protection from consequences, bills, and stress.

The shrill beeping of a car alarm breaks the hold. Wade sighs and rips the key from it’s home. He opens the door with a shove, kicking it shut behind him. Stupid car, making him think. Shoving his keys in his pocket, he straightens the loose tie around his neck.

“Wow, that took way less time than normal.” Clint grins over his travel mug. The blond disaster, as Wade lovingly refers to him, leans against his bike watching like a creep as usual. “Are you that excited to get back to work?”

“Gotta stain on your chest, Barton.” Wade hums and starts towards the elevator. He hears Clint’s sad but resigned whine followed by steps.

They walk together, Wade struggling to get his tie tied and Clint half-heartedly trying to rub the coffee stain out of his shirt with a dry napkin. Both men are so focused they ride up to the front entrance in silence.

Clint groans loudly at the arriving beep and shoves the napkin deep into his pocket, mumbling something about the shirt ‘being new’.

“How was your vacation?” He asks, looking down at the stain. “Did you and Ellie go hiking?”

“Don’t sound too happy for me now.” Wade rolls his eyes but smiles nonetheless as they walk into the bustling entryway. He gives up on the tie, wanting to focus on gushing. “It was amazing! We spent a week out in the woods, just us, and it was great! My kid is so smart, she was just this fountain of knowledge dropping facts left and right.”

Bucky gives them a wave as they pass and hits a button next to him, not looking away from his monitor. The elevator doors behind him slide open.

“You were right by the way.” Wade sighs as they walk into the red plush box. He presses the button for the top floor.

“‘Bout what? The midlife crisis thing?”

“I’m not old enough to have a midlife crisis. No, that she wanted to talk alone.” Wade says as the doors start to slide shut.

“You do have a teenager, not a spring chicken anymore.”

“She was telling me-” Wade continues, choosing to ignore that reminder.

“Hold the elevator, please!” Someone yells.

The doors quickly slam back open before Wade or Clint can react. A mop of fluffy brown hair carrying a giant stack of binders and folders rushes in.

“Thank you Mr. Barnes!” The binders calls.

Bucky chuckles and responds with a low, “have a good day,” as the doors slide closed.

Wade’s jaw drops and he spins to give Clint an accusatory look. Bucky doesn’t talk to anyone that nicely, not even his own husband. It’s doubly insulting that Clint isn’t even looking at him, instead he’s smiling at the Binder man.

“Busy morning, huh?”

“Good morning Mr. Barton! How was your weekend?”

‘Mr. Barton’? Oh Jesus, this must be Tony’s new assistant. What an asskisser. Wade rolls his eyes and looks back down at his half done tie.

“It was fine, do you want some help with those?”

From the corner of his eye Wade watches Clint take most of the stack in one hand.

“Oh! No, you don’t-”

“It’s fine! And with this,” Clint kicks Wade’s ankle lightly.

Wade squints and glares in response. Clint has that grin on his face that means he’s plotting. Dangerous.

“Wade meet Peter, he started while you were gone.”

Wade follows Clint’s gaze. The fluffy hair from earlier is accompanied by big soft brown eyes behind thick frames and pretty pink lips turned into a sincere smile. Fuck. Abort. Abort . He was not prepared for this.

“It’s so nice to meet you Mr. Wilson! I hope you enjoyed your vacation.”

There’s obviously something misfiring in Wade’s brain, because he swears everything that’s not Peter just fades to a sparkling pink background, complete with tiny floating hearts. A cold chill sweeps through him. Then Peter closes his eyes and smiles at Wade like he’s something important and the heat rushes all back to his face.

He’s definitely blushing like a school girl but he doesn’t have the brain power to care. There’s a slight tremble in his hand when he takes Peter’s to shake it.

“I- um, Thank you.” Wade stumbles around the words.

“Is that what time it is?” Peter gasps, pulling his hand back to look at his watch. “Oh no!” In a quick movement he looks at what floor they’re on, slaps the corresponding button, and drops the rest of his binders on top of Clint’s stack. “Can you please put these on my desk? Thank you! It was very nice meeting you, Mr. Wilson.”

The doors slide open and Peter rushes out. Wade blinks after him until the elevator doors close again.

Clint makes a fond noise, “man, he’s a great guy. I’m pretty sure he’s related to Pepper.”

Wade covers his face with his hands and takes a deep breath to try and recenter himself. He drags his hands back down, pulling skin with them.

“I’m having a midlife crisis.” He rasps in his deepest voice, turning to look at Clint with desperate eyes and his horror face.

He drops his head in shame at the resulting 'I told you so’ laughter.