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between the sheets

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Tohru whined, high, and Yuki felt his heart beat quicker knowing that he had prompted such a reaction from the other woman. She was on her stomach, red face buried firmly in the sheets, and her rear was raised as Yuki's hands explored.

"Turn over, Tohru." He breathed, pressing a deft kiss against the nape of her neck, and she shook her head, the fire spreading over her shoulders and down her chest.

"It's embarrassing, Sohma-kun." Her voice was muffled but still sent shots through Yuki's spine and down to his groin. Why she had always affected him like that, he could not explain; but he was grateful, at least, that he could spend time with her like this. Despite himself, Yuki smiled, genuine and pure.

"I wish you wouldn't call me that, Tohru." He hummed, his fingers trailing down her spine until she shivered, rolled over to face him, and he grinned at her sudden boldness, taking her breast in his mouth as reward.

Yuki eased himself in, relishing in how Tohru's eyes screwed shut, quivering lip caught between sharp teeth, and let her back arch into the rat's adoring touch.

She was warm, as always, and Yuki loved her, loved her so much he did not know how to contain himself.

"Yuki..." She gasped as he thrust perfectly within her, and he came shamelessly at the calling of his name.

Her hands clutched at his silver hair as he buried himself into her chest, breathing in the scent which was so perfectly Tohru that he let it intoxicate him. Tohru was the one thing that he could not live without, and feeling her pressed so blissfully against him, Yuki knew for the first time what it truly meant to come home.