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The Exalt Family: One-Shot Series

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"Hehe, you look so beautiful, Robin!"

A sheepish grin curled the corner of her lips her hands fiddling with the patterns of the dress's fabric brushing at the seams. Two of the Shepards women stood by her, Cordelia messing with Robin's dress and Lissa, gawking at the outfit with bright and sparkling irises, seated in a nearby chair. Both were already dressed in their bridesmaid outfits, both a light purple and flowers abound their hair and right wrists. "Thank you, Lissa," Robin giggled not looking up at the petite blonde. She grimaced glancing down herself in slight dejection. "Hopefully it is the last that I wear something this fancy," she murmured.

A gentle laugh that sounded like bells was heard and it was recognized the laughter of Cordelia. "You wish this now, but unfortunately it's not the last," she replied earning a playful pout from Robin. "You are a queen now Robin," resumed Cordelia, "you will have to show much more elegance rather than walking around in some large robe and worn boots." Robin couldn't fight her own laughter at the red headed woman's nonchalant expression. "Yes, I was afraid of that," she sighed and turned back to the mirror once more.

Her hair, that was always held back into a ponytail, laid above her head, loose curls flowing past her cheeks and hung near her bared shoulders. Robin watched as her fingers graced the white ensemble and observed the texture of the cloth. The blinding white gave her a bright glow to her pale skin, the setting sun that reared the room's large window, cascading an orange aura around them. Her large hazel eyes stared at the stranger that reflected her face, eyes unblinking. No matter how many times she had to convince herself, even having Tharja to do a couple of spells to see if she was dreaming (she immediately regretted this ), she still could not fathom the idea of her getting married and to one of the shepherds for that matter and a prince!

It was only just months ago when Chrom, Frederick, and Lissa all found her in that field. She could still picture the bright grass and litters of insects and pollen that flitted about them, the warmth of the sun upon them. Just those few months ago she was was just a mere helpless victim (well not exactly helpless) among the group, but as those months flew by before their eyes, she became more than some victim founded in a random field. She had become part of the family. Yes, she still could not remember her past, and many questions were raised some of which Frederick was not hesitant on the bring up, but all those had seemed to suppress after so many weeks. She had become not only their tactician but a close friend. 

And before she could even blink she was getting wedded to a simple-minded man named Chrom.

Robin had to keep in her laughter by chewing her bottom lip. Only she could fall in love with someone as typical as Chrom. First addressing her as not a lady and Robin attempting to blunge him with a boulder, then proceeding to catch her in the women's bathing tent (though she was as much to blame when she walked into him bathing as well, the image still...haunted her), what was not to love?

But despite his few instances when he either offended or irritated the Naga out of her, he also had his soft side that won her over. All the Shepard's looked up to Chrom for guidance. They always seek the young prince when in need, they always searched for his protection as had Robin. Loathing to admit, Robin was envious. Even though she hated being the center of attention, she also grew slightly jealous of his high regard. What was it that he did that comforted people?

And unlike Frederick, Chrom was willing to believe her story no matter how absurd it sounded. If it had been her, she too would be cautious around a person who claimed to have amnesia, always keeping a watchful eye to make sure the mysterious stranger would not strike at any given moment, but not Chrom.

He took her under his wing and made her their tactician. If that was not considered just plain stupid and naive Robin did not know what was, but either way, it happened and in truthfulness, she would not change it for anything else in the world. Not especially now that her heart was practically soaring.

"Are you nervous?"

Robin jarred from her thoughts with a start and she swiveled her head to Lissa who was staring at her curiously. A few times she blinked her eyes trying to process what Lissa had asked before opening her mouth and slowly replying, "o-oh well, not exactly..." She turned once more when Cordelia stood in front of her and adjusted a tiara on top of her head and placed a veil over her, fanning the fabric behind her head. Lissa only smirked at the woman, eyes twinkling mischievously. "Not exactly?" she echoed jokingly now standing up and handing her the bouquet of flowers. Already knowing where the young girl was coming from, a frown tugged at Robin's lips and she snatched at the bouquet making Lissa giggle. "Unlike you Lissa, and you, Cordelia"-Cordelia shot Robin a look-"I don't go and throw up all that I ate just because of a few butterflies from a day where you agree to live your life with another."

"Sheesh. You make it sound like it was that bad..."

"Lissa, we all had to wait for an hour."

"It's not my fault that I'm only a delicate flower!"

"I thought you said you weren't delicate?" 

Lissa finally groaned giving up.

Robin only chuckled and sincerely patted the young exalt's head making Lissa pout at her friend. "I'm sorry, dear. I was merely jesting...Somewhat," she responded. Cordelia turned Robin's face gently to her and she began fixing her hair, brushing her bangs that slipped out of their place to the side and maneuvering her veil. Soon, a ginger grin plastered cheeks and she took a step back to admire her work. She giggled to herself and placed a hand to her cheek. "My gods Robin, this is actually the most lady-like you have ever looked!" she gushed. Robin laughed. "I think you have been with Chrom for too long," she teased. Cordelia blushed at this and only stuck her nose in the air making Robin laugh some more and Lissa joined in. Their laughter soon ended, however, when a knock was heard and they all turned to see Frederick peering into the room, a tiny smile traced on his features. "It's time, milady," he said and slipped out.

Robin turned to the two women who beamed at her. "Are you sure you're not nervous? It's perfectly normal if you are," Lissa pointed out. Robin smiled slightly. Her heart was thumping heavily in her chest, threatening to burst from her, but she highly doubted it was nerves. She only shook her head at the two women, bouncing the curled strands near her face. "Nope. Not at all," she said with a dismissive wave. She then gathered up her dress- she didn't want to trip on her big day like Sumia did when she was marrying Frederick- and began heading out the door with a wave of her bouquet. Both Cordelia and Lissa exchanged incredulous glances before shrugging it off and trotted after Robin. They grabbed the laces of her dress and brought them back down, removing her hands and continued to dust at her before looking at her. "Ready, Milady?" Robin knew the day would come when Cordelia would address her by the formality. Robin smiled wearily and nodded. "Yes, but still call me Robin. I prefer you too. I mean, we are friends afterall. Nothing has changed."

Grins beamed at the new 'queen' and Cordelia nodded. "Sure," she replied. The redhead skipped to stand behind her and grabbing the lace that attached to the back of her dress and held it up for her. Robin watched her do so but turned away without any comment. She figured it was a royal thing. Lissa ran over to the door and opened the door to see Frederick standing before them, back straight and posture stoic. He bowed slightly at Robin who quirked an eyebrow at the knight. She hoped Frederick would not do that as much in the future. She loved it better when he would glare at her from across the fields when she was around his lord.

Frederick held his arm out for her and inclined his chin at her. Robin stared blankly at it for a split moment before grinning softly and lacing hers through his. Lissa was heard giggling and met with Maribelle who quickly hugged her and dragged her off handing her a handful of flowers. Robin breathed heavily as Frederick led her down the hall. Frederick had not looked at her the entire time they did which Robin appreciated as her face was lit like a torch. Now she understood where Lissa was coming from.  This must be the butterflies she was talking about.

I'll have to apologize later for teasing her, she thought with a shake of her head. She jumped when something tapped her hand. "Don't fret Milady. Everything will be alright," she heard Frederick say. A chuckle erupted from her glossy lips. "I appreciate your words, Freddybear," she teased the knight. Now it was Frederick's turn to blush. "I wish that you do not address me by that ridiculous name." His brown turned into a scowl.

"But why? Everyone calls you that! Even Sumia does."

"Yes...and you are to blame, milady..."

Robin giggled. "What can I say Fredbear, I have started a trend. Just be glad you are able to eat bear now without repudiation," she joked. Frederick only sighed, utterly defeated by the purpose of Robin calling him by his now new well-known image. Robin continued laughing before she swallowed her laughter, now taking in the surroundings of the grand hall. They neared the end and turned to their left, Robin keeping a tight grip on Frederick. She felt herself beginning to feel faint. Several minutes of silence passed before Robin thought of an earlier question she could not help pondering on. "Frederick?"


"...Do you know if that Marth person will be here?"

The question surprised the knight and he turned his head and looked at her, but Robin did not meet his gaze. "That is odd for you to ask," he muttered to the brunette, looking away. Robin raised an eyebrow. "Is it? I'd figure she would be there as every time we are on the brink of danger. She always appears out of nowhere. It is almost as if we are being watched or something."

"Or it is a coincidence. Since you came, Robin, weird things have been happening."

Robin laughed. "Ah, I see. So, I am the cause of Marth and the Risen, is that it?"

"Perhaps. I have had a few theories and shared them with milord." He hid a smirk.

Robin shook her head at this. "I can only imagine what it is," she murmured, but Frederick did not reply. It was not long before they stopped near glass double doors. Robin inhaled and exhaled once more and Frederick glanced at her. She looked up at him and was surprised to see him giving her a bright grin. "Don't worry, you'll make a fine queen." Robin had almost laughed at this. "You are only saying that because I am the only one who can spit out magic without having to use curses like Tharja."

Frederick chuckled. "No. It's all about courtesy of Sir Chrom, but I know to trust you."

Robin smiled at the knight and turned to the doors just as Frederick had opened them. Immediately Robin's breath was taken away. Stain glass on ever wall allowed multi-colored auras as well a gentle gold of light illuminated the room. Many of the Shepard's chatted amongst themselves, patiently waiting for the new bride to waltz in. Robin spotted Both a tiny Owain and Kjelle fighting for some stuffed animal to which Kjelle grabbed a branch (where she got the branch from, Robin would never know) and smacked it down on Owain's head who cried out, dropping the stuffed animal.

Robin snorted loudly at this and looked at Frederick to see he was already walking up to Libra who was chatting with Sully and her husband and whispered in his ear. Libra turned his head to Robin and sent her a warm grin to which Robin returned the gesture by smiling gently back and he turned back around telling the others to go to their rightful places and made his way to the podium where Chrom was already standing, feet shifting. Robin hid her face from view when Frederick made his way back to her. Robin felt him grab her arm and soon began walking her down the aisle as the ceremony started.

By now, Robin's heart had gone tenfold. She felt a wave of nausea hit her like a sudden curse that was cast on her and her grip on Frederick grew tighter. Chrom stared at her with sincerity and she could tell he was trying to waver off a large grin as she did her own. Robin ripped her gaze from him and stared at the ground, concentrating on the blindingly bright carpet. She felt Frederick slipping his arm away and she lifted her chin to see her being led to Chrom. She swept a quick glance at him who was already back to his seat where his wife was and Robin turned back to Chrom. Her steps were slow and steady as she stepped up to him.

"You look amazing," she heard the blue-haired man purr into her ear. She smiled back in response and stole a quick glimpse of him. "I'd say the same about you," she laughed softly. Chrom beamed back and Libra's voice caught their attention, "are you ready?"

Robin opened her mouth when out of the corner of her eye she caught something move by and she turned her head slightly over her shoulder and saw that nothing was there. Robin continued searching, trying her best to keep the other shepherds from noticing when a tone snapped her from her reverie, "lady Robin?"

Robin squeaked and turn to Libra who was staring at her curiously and Chrom's brow was furrowed. Robin's eyes averted between their gazes when she chuckled nervously and scratched her arm. "Uh, heh, sorry about that. I zoned out," she replied making the others snicker.

Robin only ignored the laughter, turning back to Libra and secret glances at the door.


Lucina pressed herself against the wall, breath caught in her throat and heart threatening to burst from her chest. Laughter could be heard as she eased her muscles, letting out a breath of relief, and peeked out the door frame. Soon a small grin entered her lips at the sight of the couple. When she saw the bride look her way once more, Lucina pulled herself away and allowed herself to slide to the ground, arms splayed out her sides and knees to her chest. She dropped her legs in front of her and reached up for her mask to pull it off her face and her blue hair fell over her shoulders, blue claws gripping the small of her shoulders.

She wiped the tears that streamed her face with her gloved palm and stared down at the mask once more. A breathy laugh escaped her wavering lips as she flipped the mask in her hands, more tears escaping her. Her heart swelled when she heard her parents vows.

"Oh, Morgan," she whispered sadly, a tiny smile touching her lips, "if only you were here to see how beautiful mother looks right now..."