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I'll Save You

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My eyesight was blurry as tears streamed down my face. Even though I couldn't see myself, I knew my eyes were red from the waterworks. My mother lay dead in front of me. Her throat was slit, and crimson was pouring out of the cut. I found her laying on our kitchen floor when I got home from school. The moment I saw her, I dropped my backpack and fell to the floor. While I was crying, I heard someone walk up behind me. I turned around and saw a tall man with blue hair, jeans, and a blue sweater. Out of fear, I stood up and backed away. "Shhhhh, child. There is nothing to be afraid of." I trusted him, so out of fear I ran up and hugged him. He picked me (he was able to due to my small size) and carried me out of the kitchen. Outside, there was a man standing by a black car. His head looked like it was made of black mist. His hands looked the same way. He was wearing black pants, brown shoes, a white button-down shirt covered mostly by a grey vest, and a tie with green and black stripes. I climbed into the back seat of the car and put on my seat belt.

We drove to a darker part of town. We arrived at a building covered in graffiti and smelled of alcohol. We walked into the building and the inside was much nicer than the outside. There was a bar on the left side of the room and a couch facing a T.V. on the right. On the couch, a girl about my age was sitting next to a boy who looked a little older. The girl had blond hair tied into pigtails. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. The boy had purple scars that had been stapled to the un-scarred skin. He was wearing black shorts and a black t-shirt.

The guy with the mist looked at me and spoke, "Well little girl, welcome to your new home.". He showed me to my room, which had a black dresser, a bed with black bedding, and a desk with a mirror above it. The mirror had gold trim surrounding the outside of the mirror. The desk had nothing on it other than alone pencil cup. There weren't even pencils in it. Later that day, we went back to my house to get my things. We drove back to the house and I took my stuff to my room. After three hours, I finally had all my things unpacked.

*ten years later*

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I also woke up to the sound of Dabi breathing rather loudly. I stepped out of the bed and went to the desk. I picked up my hairbrush and started brushing. My breasts were in pain. Probably because I went to sleep in an underwire bra (a/n: for those who don't know, an underwire bra is a bra with wire placed under the cups. In other words, you will suffer if you sleep in one). I went to the dresser and pulled out a pair of clean underpants. I put them on along with a pair of black shorts. I switched into a sports bra and put on a black sweater. The sweater was so long, that it covered my shorts. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple. Kurogiri and Shigaraki were sitting on the couch watching T.V.

When they noticed me, Kurogiri gave me a gesture that told me to come closer. I walked in their direction while eating the apple. "Midoriya, we have a job for you, Toga, and Dabi." This was nothing new, so I asked him what the mission was."

"Midoriya, you and your team are going to attack the U.S.J."