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The Escape Club

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It was supposed to be simple. After all, they planned this heist for months! They were supposed to just sneak in, retrieve what they want, and get out. At first, everything was going to plan...but he should have known that nothing ever goes according to plan.

Wilmer, damn him, got cocky and decided to fire his gun out in the open, killing the security guard in the process!

“He saw us!” the blonde man insists. “He had a phone in his hand! He was going to call the cops!”

“That was a candy bar, you dumbshit!” Willy snaps at the wheel. “What part of slow and quiet did you not understand?”

Wilmer shrugs. “That’s not how I roll!”

“Enough!” Nicholas shouts, quieting his men down. He turns to Willy, who, on command, punches the ignition and drives from the museum, leaving hellfire in their wake.

“Boss?” a low voice says from the back seat. Nicholas turns around to face the tech man of the group, who is currently fiddling with his tablet.

“What is it, Benjamin?”

“The guard must have set off an alarm of some sort, because the LAPD detected our presence and have us pinned!”

That is not what Nicholas wants to hear! “FUCK!” he yells, hitting the dashboard. Everyone else goes silent. Nicholas looks down at the black bag in his lap. He has worked too hard, planned so much, and sacrificed everything to get his hands on his prize. It’s not going to be taken away from him!

Willy turns to his leader. “What’s the plan, Nicholas?”

Nicholas glances at each member of his team, who look to him for answers. They have no choice. They need to ditch the vehicle and seek shelter for the time being.

Nicholas looks back at Benjamin. “Anything nearby where we can shack up until tomorrow night?”

Benjamin taps away at this tablet, searching for anything he can find. At last, the tablet pings on a destination. “This will work! Not only is it big enough to hide, but it’s the last place the police will look.”

Nicholas stares at him, waiting for the name.“Where?”

Benjamin flips his tablet around and shows his boss their new hideout. “Everlock High School.”

Wilmer glares at Benjamin. “That’s the best you could come up with? A damn school?”

Willy holds up his hand, shutting the blonde man up. “No, that seems like a good place. As Benjamin said, it’s the last place they would look.” He checks the clock on the dashboard. “It’s almost four A.M., so today’s Saturday. The school is closed for the weekend. No one will be there, especially not at this time of year.”

Nicholas nods in agreement. “Sounds like a plan. Benjamin, how far are we from there?”

After more tapping, the techie has an answer. “It’s about fifteen miles away. There’s a deserted area in five miles where we can ditch the car. As long as we are careful and cautious, we should be able to reach the school by early afternoon.”

Nicholas would rather not be seen in broad daylight, especially if the police are now looking for them. But there’s nothing else they can do, and the high school’s their best option. Once night falls, they’ll find another getaway vehicle but for now they need to lie low. “Alright,” he decides, “it will have to do. Benjamin, link us to the place where we can torch the vehicle and map out our way to Everlock High School!”

“On it!” Benjamin says with a thumbs up.

Wilmer slumps in his seat. “I always hated school!” he grumbles.

The other men ignore him.

Nicholas grips the bag containing his prize. They’re almost one obstacle away from their jackpot. They just have to hide out in an abandoned high school for the day and make their getaway that night. After all, like Willy said, who goes to school on a Saturday?