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Bad boy down

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To say Chan was upset was an understatement. He was beyond livid. He felt his face heat up with rage and slight embaressment as he saw the other bastards smug face. He rarely looked like that and Chan felt his face heat up even more. No way in hell was that asshole ever handsome to him.

And then he walks off like nothing was even going on, like nothing was happening. He just exited the scene calmly leaving Chan a little dumbfounded.

"Hey! You just gonna leave without finishing?! Pussy!"

Woojin. Fucking Woojin stops for a second and then turns his face toward Chan before saying to him

"I dont have time to meddle with you. Besides I wait for my partners to finish first before im done." He smirks but his cheeks are tinted slightly pink and he walks off, a little bit faster and less controled then just now. He takes in the innuendo and then decides he really hates that bastard.


It all started on the first day of school. Nearly five months ago. Chan was ready to die, he fucking hated the place called school, it was boring and he hated being bored. It was hell in there to deal with all the noisy, brainless fucks in that building and do all the homework and studying. Of course that didnt stop him from trying to pass. Yes he hated it but he didnt want to be jobless and not able to go to college.

He kind of isolated himself, only allowing a few close friends and he didnt join any after school clubs or activities, preferring to just go home and sleep or do his own thing and procastinate on homework for as long as possible.

Despite it all, he thought, this was the last year of school. Less than a year would he have to spend in this shitty place before he could be free. He could smell the freedom in the air and taste the power in his tongue. He would be able to tolerate it... but a certain dark haired, despicable boy came into his life and now he could never tolerate anything anymore. This new kid, Kim Woojin destroyed his life, literally. He was a massive annoying asshole that seemed to make it his life mission to annoy Chan every chance he got.

The worst part was how well Woojin pretended that he wasnt a little devil. He was all smiles and soft boy looks, with those pearly whites and cute oversized sweaters, handsome face with a voice as sweet as honey and his hair looked so silky... and then thats when the train of thought stopped abruptly and gag at the thought of his stupid face.

Usually he wouldnt be so immature but something about him just made him so uncontrolably angry. Maybe it was how he became a prefect in less than three months even though Chan had tried all throughout his lower secondary years to become one only to be turned down. He realized sooner or later that most prefects were, like everyone else, a bunch of stuck up pricks but more annoying. Woojin liked to put him in trouble too but he did it so subtly it made him seem like an innocent angel that was only doing his heroic duty as a prefect by calling out on Chans dyed hair. This made Chris more angry and more violent in class and it only seemed to entertain Woojin. He got even more competitive but only against Woojin. Even if they had both failed as long as Chris got higher than him it was fine.

They mostly bickered, about everything and anything and it didnt help that they shared a lot of their classes. Even when teachers changed their seats to make sure they were at opposite ends of the class, they shouted their arguements rather than whispered them. Almost everyone was annoyed with them and Chan was pretty fucking annoyed too. He had better things to do than to waste time on that little snake. Who managed to find his phone number and now calls him, usually to nag him about homework, tests or to follow the rules mors. Who does he think he is? Theyre not friends, hes acting like hes trying to be his new mum or something. Not even his mum was this obsessed with his life. God he could fucking choke him.

But a good thing was whenever Chris did do something, push him, beat him in a test or mock something about him the boy who was usually bright and sunny would crumble and stutter. It was almost addicting to see him get this way. So he continued his antics even when the other boy suggested that they should stop fighting and simply get along like normal civilised human beings should. Chris would antagonize him and get the victory he deserves and then repeats. Thats basically how the first four months went by.



"You guys are acting like middle schoolers... so immature..."


"Im not in middle school anymore, I just started high school you cant say anything to me now."

"Whatever Jeongin."

"Whatever Chris."

This brat Jeongin wont shut up about him and Woojin but to be fair its only because Chan wont shut up about the other boy himself.

"Seriously you guys should just get like a little spicy and then all your problems and tensions will be solved!"

"What do you know about getting spicy and life problems kid?"

"More than you obviously."

"Hey Innie."


"Shut the fuck up brat."

Evil cackling is heard.


Chris can proudly say he is currently winning the war. A couple suprise shoves in the hallway and mocking him when he tells someone off during his duty and tipping over his flower pot and now he reigns superior as the boy has done nothing back only being silent or shocked. But now that theres no reaction from him anymore, he doesnt get any satisfaction from any of it. Why wont he pay attention anymore? Does that little bitch think hes too good now? Of course he does. He thinks hes better than everybody probably.

The sixth month in and he is killing it. Hes considered riling Woojin up a new hobby of his and even has a little group to join him sometimes. He once even stayed back from school to scare him. He was incredible. It should be harmful or just plain weird to be this into it but Chris couldnt help it. He just loved this and he didnt know why. It can be considered immature or just mean but he didnt care. After only about 2 months and he was out.


"I wait for my partners to finish first before im done."

The words play over and over again in his head and he cringes. He doesnt need to know what he does in bed.

Hes so going to fuck him up tomorrow.


They were just in the corridor, most of it empty as the other students already made it to their next classes, only a few were there, walking by and glancing past them. They had just finished chemistry with a bang. Literally, Chan had pulled a stunt with the other boy. He mixed something random with his substances for the experiments which caused it to blow up and caused Woojin to scream with horror. Chris was hollering and Woojin seemed to sense that it was him behind it and he was right. Then Woojin had went past him and elbowed him in the ribs and said something about being annoying and mean. He only smirked, arrogance written across his face and Woojin scoffed and turned his back at him.

Now Chris had provoked him in the corridor.

"Hey bastard! Meet me after school and i'll show you mean! Infact i'll show you fucking evil!"

"If youre gonna hit me why dont you do it right now right here."

The other replied cooly.

While the other usually got flustered and angry to the point of stammering not once had he been so calm. This was new. He usually wasnt so blunt either, maybe he was trying to one up him or something. Well he could do that all day. But hey! What was up with this new reaction, whats up with him? He should be angry but he looks like almost smiling. Woojin should be upset and it was kind of infuriating him.

His dark hair was styled casually and he had a baby blue sweater on. Man he was gonna turn it red with blood.

His face must have shown his frustration because Woojin smiled as bright as Chans dyed blond hair and crossed his arms. He was giving these eyes that basically just said "come at me bro."

Chris lunged toward him with his fists balled but Woojin grabbed onto his shoulders and shoved him onto the wall with some strength he didnt know he had. He had shoved him really hard too. He growled and tried to push out of his grip and rip his face out but Woojin had him trapped between the wall and him. His face only turned redder. He blamed his anger.

"Argh! Cut the crap and let me go asshole!"

"Maybe i will when you cut your crap in class! Youre always the one provoking me and starting arguments so isnt this what you wanted?! Huh?!"

"Since when?! All i want is for you to stop this and quit being a little bitch!"

Woojin grabbed his collars and slammed him back onto the wall.

"Quit being a little bitch?! Seriously?! Even after i offered to make up and to stop fighting here you are acting like a seven year old! You bully and harass me everyday and you always do these things with no reason! You harrass me for five months straight since ive been here and you dont expect me to be angry! Not even a little bit?!"

Woojin looks almost as red as Chris and so he smirks taking in the fact that finally Woojin has cracked and hes about to lose it, maybe he would cry and then he could beat the shi-

Woojin grabs his collar again and rams him against the wall even harder and he involuntarily gasped with mostly suprise and now the other looked smug.

"Lets see who the little bitch here is."

He muttered as reached for his zip on his jeans and Chris nearly screamed and he thrashed around violently but somehow he couldnt escape.

"Oh my god its so tiny!" He cackled.

He wasnt hard of course it wouldnt be giant. He was fuming.

"We are in the hall! Stop! Someone could see and get the wrong idea! I said stop it! Cut your crap!"


Woojins face gets too close to his neck and he breathes onto it making him involuntarily shudder and then he licks a stripe up onto his jaw and into his ear. Chan lets out the smallest whimper.

"You f-fucking bastard! S-stop! I swear to god i will fucking beat your ass up! "

Woojin still looks smug and unbothered as he whispers

"Whats wrong? Cant handle it baby? You feel bothered right? You just want me to stop harassing you and leave you alone right?"

Chans face is tomato red and hes pinned against the wall and his pants are unzipped with his dick out. This was so bad. He was going to end that motherfucker.

Just as he pushes himself foward with all his might Woojin lets go abruptly and moves out the way causing Chan to fall fowards onto his front and Woojin steps on his back as he tries to get up.

"Next time you provoke me or do something unnessacary against me i can and i will get worse. Ive dealt with your shit for long enough. Okay? Good."

He kicks his side lightly for extra measure which causes Chris to flinch and then he walks off calmly into the distance as Chan finally zips up his jeans and rearrange his shirt. Then he rushes to the nearest bathroom because he thought he just saw a teacher and then he remembers he had a class to go to. Woojin probably didnt get in trouble and made a simple excuse and the teacher cooes at him and lets it go. Chan then realizes with horror that hes slightly hard and he tries to shake it off.

No fucking way that the digusting little shit got him half hard. Not a chance.

He was gonna kill that motherfucker.