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She feels the slight tug at her hand and comes to a stop, turning to look back over. Since when had she fallen out of step with her? It must have only been for a split second.

“Here! Come look at this . . .”

Gelda eyes her calmly, watching as Elizabeth stares in wonder at the storefront. It takes her a moment to realize that her partner has finally stopped, but Elizabeth turns back towards her, smiling brightly with a soft laugh. “What?”

“It’s just like you is all,” Gelda murmurs fondly in response as she takes a step back over, peering into the storefront window with her. Front and center on a mannequin sits a simple white dress. To anyone else, it might seem too simple, but something had clearly caught Elizabeth’s eye.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Elizabeth lifts her free hand up, placing it against the window lightly. Her fingertips brush against it lightly as she leans in, breath leaving a faint bit of fog along the glass.

“Hmm.” Gelda shifts her gaze back to Elizabeth, a small smile beginning to form. “It can be.”

She feels a small squeeze at her hand as Elizabeth turns back towards her, eyes shining with wonder. “You see it too, don’t you?” A quiet sort of excitement was beginning to build within her. “It’s simple now, and— ah, maybe it’s a bit plain? But I think if I added a sash here—” She points with her free hand, tracing the outline of the sash in the air. “Right here? I think that’s a good start, right?”

“It’s a good idea,” Gelda starts, closing her eyes with satisfaction as she brushes her thumb against Elizabeth’s hand. “I’d be interested in seeing where you take it.”