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Happy Ending

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People always want a happy ending. Many stories, fictions, in this case, have a happy ending, and oftentimes people always prefer the one that ends happily. Justice wins, everyone is safe and happy. Or, a farewell between friends is not necessary, where there is a chance that they can be together forever.


Perhaps, people prefer happy endings because attaining such endings in real life, is almost impossible.


Nozomi wants a happy ending. She wants Mizore to know that she is always supporting her, that she loves the way Mizore plays oboe, that she wishes to be with her together. A happy ending where Nozomi plays the flute along with Mizore who plays the oboe, at the stage, as they continue on to the same college together.


Mizore wants a happy ending. She treasures Nozomi’s existence, so much. The time when Nozomi approached her desk and talked to her was the best moment in her life. Every time she spends with Nozomi is always exciting. The happiness she gets as soon as she sees the girl with ponytail cheerfully walks through the school gate is unimaginable. The way Nozomi always smiles, the way Nozomi speaks—everything about Nozomi is so dear to Mizore, and Mizore wants to be with Nozomi forever. Go to the same college—or music school, whichever Nozomi wants—as they keep playing flute and oboe respectively, together.


But, they cannot be together.




Liz and the Blue Bird is a tale of two friends who want to be together but ended up parting ways. Liz thought that being together with the Blue Bird meant that she would not let the Blue Bird be free. The Blue Bird deserved to be free, like every other bird, not chained in a friendship with an ordinary human being. Liz was aware of how the Blue Bird—who was full of curiosity—wanted to travel the world, to see many things in this world.


The Blue Bird was so thankful of Liz, for being her friend. Liz was always a wonderful friend—no, more than that, she felt like Liz was a family to her. A very important person in her life that the Blue Bird wished to be together. The Blue Bird sometimes wished she could give Liz a pair of wings, so they could travel the world together, see everything from the vast, blue sky.


But, they cannot be together.


As they realized their difference, that Liz was a human without wings, and the Blue Bird was a little bird, with wings to fly across the world.


And so, Liz set the Blue Bird free.


The Blue Bird did not want to go.


But, in the end, they should not be together. They have places to be and places to go. Being together is not what they are supposed to do.


A fairy tale that ends not with a happy ending, but with a sad, bittersweet ending. However, that is how the tale supposed to end.




As Nozomi and Mizore realize their undeniable differences between them, reality hits them.


Nozomi’s talent is far behind Mizore’s. As soon as the latter shows her true capability of performing oboe, Nozomi realizes that Mizore has been holding back for the sake of her. Nozomi’s mediocre performance has been hindering Mizore for all this time, and it frustrates her so much that she cannot match up with her talented friend. Thus, she is Liz, who keeps the Blue Bird from traveling across the world. A normal human being without wings on her back to travel together with her dear friend.


Mizore realizes that she is the Blue Bird for all this time. She has potential that she has not been showing for all this time, for the sake of being together with her friend. She always has the pair of wings on her back, that she has been quietly hiding in order to be together with Nozomi. However, she has reached the point where she cannot deny how much she wants to spread her wings and fly across the world. She wishes that she can grant a pair of wings to her human friend, but she cannot do that.


And so, Nozomi sets Mizore free.


Mizore does not want to go. Mizore wants to be with Nozomi forever.


But in the end, this is how the tale between them supposed to end. They have places to be and places to go.


This, however, is not a fairy tale.




Sometimes, the two of them would believe a ‘what-if’ time where they could be together. Perhaps, in another time and place, Nozomi could magically have a pair of wings as she traveled across the world with Nozomi. Perhaps, in another time and place, Mizore was a human being, as she held hands together with Nozomi, walked together with a smile. The time where they could solve their differences and managed to perform on the stage together.


Happy endings might rarely happen in real life, but it was never wrong to dream for happy endings.