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Digimon Frontier: Full Dive

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Takuya walked in the door, pulling his tie off as he did so. A girl about five years old raced in the door behind him, followed by a four year old boy. Finally, Zoe came in.
“Boy, you both look beat?” Said Raina. “Long day at work?”
“You have no idea” said Takuya.
“My day was just fine” said Zoe. “Mr. Grumpy pants here is just mad because he had to work overtime again.
“Yeah” said Takuya, “well that’s what happens when when they make me lay someone off every other week.”
“You’re the one who wanted to go for that management job, sugar” said Raina. “You can always quit and come work with me, ya know.”
“Something tells me I wouldn’t get nearly as many tips as you, babe” he said, kissing her on the cheek before he sat down.
“Speaking of which” said Raina, “did y’all get a sitter for tonight so you can come see me?”
“We sure did” said Zoe. “Tommy said he’ll be happy to do it.”
“Bless that boy” said Raina. “We should definitely pay him this time.”
“I would if he’d let me” said Takuya. “He insists he do it for free. He thinks we don’t get out enough.”
“Well he may be right about you, Takuya” said Zoe. She checked to make sure the kids were in the next room and not listening, and then sat down with her wife and husband. “Seriously, we’re worried about you.” Raina nodded in agreement. It had been five years since they defeated Lilithmon and saved the digital world, and it seemed Takuya was the only one who wasn’t getting his life started career-wise. Zoe has a job that she loved as a guidance counselor at a school, Raina, not having any education or a real identity in the human world, was working pretty successfully as a bartender. Koji and Koichi had their own martial arts dojo that had really taken off. JP actually owned a magic shop now, and still worked at parties on weekends. Tommy, fresh out of college, was interning with a new virtual reality gaming company. Takuya was the only one hadn’t really followed his passion. He was a manager at a grocery store. Of course, this wasn’t entirely his fault. He was working the job after college, and he got Zoe pregnant less than a year after they got back from the digital world, and got engaged to her and Raina just before that. He needed money fast and had gotten offered the manager position at the right time. Still, Zoe and Raina were concerned that he was unhappy.
“Not this again” he said.
“Takuya, hun” said Raina, “we’re just concerned. It seems like you’re coming home more and more miserable each day.”
“What would you suggest I do? Quit my job? That’s not exactly possible right now.” He got up and headed to their room to take a nap.
Zoe and Raina looked each other. “Did you ask him yet, sugar?” Zoe shook her head. “Well you’ll never know what he thinks if you don’t ask.”
“You saw him just now” said Zoe. “He feels trapped at that hell hole of a job as it is. Even if he won’t admit it. How can I ask him if he wants to have another kid now?”
Raina took her hand. “We’ll figure something out, hun.”


*somewhere in the digital world*
Ophanimon walked into a sacred looking room, guarded by Mercurymon.
“M’lady” said the warrior of metal.
“I understand the eggs are almost ready to hatch” said Ophanimon.
“Indeed” said Mercurymon. “Soon the new DigiDestined may be chosen.”
“Yes” agreed Ophanimon. “And not a moment too soon. Our allies in the human world are gathering the necessary resources as we speak.”


Raina walked into the bar where she worked, Dicey’s. Raina’s boss, Agil, greeted her. “Raina! Just in time. The regulars were starting ask about you.”
“Well, wouldn’t wanna keep my adoring fans waitin” she joked, going behind the bar and immediately starting to poor drinks. The male patrons at Dicey’s had really taken a liking to Raina’s southern charm. “The usual, Kline?” she asked.
“You know it” said one of the regulars. “Are the mr. and mrs. gonna grace us with their presence, Raina?”
“Yes indeed” she said. The guys there, except for Agil who was married, were all very envious of Takuya when they learned he was not only married to their favorite bartender, but a gorgeous blond woman as well. “Soon as the sitter gets there they should be on their way.”
“Man” said Kline, “that Takuya is one lucky dog.”
“Yeah” said Raina as she thought about how her husband was struggling.
“Alright guys” said Agil. “Let the girl do her job.”


Takuya laid in bed. He thought back to when he left work earlier today. He hadn’t told Zoe or Raina, but he was approached by a strange man, saying all sorts of weird things about the digital world and the celestial digimon. “We could really use your help on this one” the man had said. “Just think about it, please.” He had left Takuya his business card.
“How can go back without them?” Takuya thought. “Without any of them?”
“Takuya!” Zoe shouted. “Are you still in bed? Tommy’s here and I told Raina we were on our way already!”
“Sorry babe!” He shot out of bed, changed his shirt, threw on some deodorant, and headed out. “Thanks again, Tommy!”
“Don’t mention it! Just say hi to Raina for me! Alright, kids. Who wants to watch a movie with uncle Tommy?” The kids cheered as Tommy put a movie on and Takuya and Zoe headed out.
“Hey Takuya” Zoe said.
“Just try to enjoy yourself tonight. Please, for me and Raina.” She kissed him on the cheek.
He pushed the thoughts about his encounter at work out of his head and smiled. “Of course, Zoe.”
They got to Dicey’s and were met with cheers. They sat down at the bar, were poured drinks by their wife, and mingled with the regulars. Finally, Agil said something interesting.
“So, anyone going to try that new full dive interface that’s launching tomorrow? Eden, I think it’s called?”
“Eh” said Kline, “I’m more of a gamer. I’m not really interested in diving just to stand around and talk to a bunch of strangers.”
“Not even if you meet a bunch of cute girls from around the world, sugar?” teased Raina.
“Ha” said Kline. “With my like I’d meet tons a beautiful women then Kirito will log in and they’ll all fall for him.”
“Not likely” said Agil. “I was talking to him about it earlier today and he seemed less enthusiastic about it than you. He doesn’t really see the point. Anyway, I heard they’re having lots of serious issues with hackers.”
“What do you mean?” asked Zoe.
“Well” began Agil, “every since our boy Kirito connected the whole VR world with that seed system, hacking as become a serious issue. Hackers use these strange and dangerous programs...what were they called again? Oh yeah, digimon!”
Takuya, Zoe, and Raina all looked at each other. “Oh shit” they all said in unison.